The Problem with Infinite Individual Realities

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There are two major divisions of alternate universes theories.

(1) In addition to this physical universe and its accompanying higher spheres there are an unknown number of co-existing universes.  This number is guessed at being from one to an infinite number. Quantum theory speculates there may be eleven.

These universes are as different from our own as one individual, planet and galaxy are also different  from each other in their distinct way.

The idea that there are alternate universes such as these makes some sense to the rational mind for not only quantum physicists see it as a possibility but the more we examine formless space the more we find evidence that it is not empty but composed of many subtle particles and forces.

(2) We create our own reality of alternate universes.

This idea first seemed to impact public consciousness through the writings of Seth.  His ideas were on the edge of believability but still fit within the parameters of logic with esoteric students.

He taught that alternate realities were created when points of emotional tension were created in life and if the pilgrim found himself wondering what life would be like if he had chosen differently this power of thought created another reality where the alternative decision was made.  This fits in with the esoteric teachings on the devachan, an astral world where unfulfilled desires are lived out until the person feels satisfied.

Then in the past couple decades imaginations of gurus, writers and movie makers have run wild with the alternative reality idea with each new version expanding and building on the last until we now arrive at Inelia Benz and others telling us that there are not only infinite universes, but an infinite number of you and me in our own private universe of creations in addition to other infinite universes. This supposes that there is such a thing as infinity times infinity.

The thinking behind the infinite selves idea is that every decision we make is a choice between two realities.  Rick is considering Bonnie and Sue as marriage partners.  Both of them have their advantages but he can only pick one and marries Sue. This creates quite a different reality for himself than if he had chosen Bonnie – a much different personality. For the rest of his life he wonders what it would have been like if he had married Bonnie.

Not to worry. According to this theory the real truth is that decision points creates an entirely new universe for yourself.  Rick did not just choose Sue to be his wife, but Bonnie also and in that instant he doubled the number of universes for himself.  He also created a double of himself.  One of himselves is living in this universe married to Sue and the other one of himself is in the newly created universe living with Bonnie.

There are only two ways that there can be two or more universes with you, me and everyone else in them

The first way this could happen is if they both had similar beginnings billions of years ago and went through similar evolutions until we have two universes with two earths and two of you and me very similar to each other.

The trouble with this idea is that it is a mathematical impossibility. Let us just look at your two parents on two earths that are just a little different.  Because the two earths are slightly different the circumstances would be different forcing different decisions.  On this earth your father met your mother at a church social but on the other earth he caught a cold and never attended and thus never met your mother and you were never born. It is obvious that within just one lifetime different decisions would produce very different results and if we expand that to a history of two earths over billions of years we can conclude that no two earths would evolve with anywhere near the same circumstances or groups of people. The earth in a parallel universe would be as different from this one as Russia is from the United States.

Some science fiction writers and gurus realized the conundrum here and decided the only plausible explanation for the existence of two or more universes, earths and people who are very close duplicates is if new universes are created with new decisions we make. Thus when Rick reaches a decision point as to who to marry he creates an entirely new universe for himself and lives two realities.

This gets complicated when we realize that we make thousands of decisions within one lifetime; therefore, we would have duplicates running around in thousands of universes – right?

Wrong.  Make that trillions of universes.  Let me illustrate.

When I was five years old I decided to play with a smoldering fire and caught my pants on fire and burned myself quite badly. This created a new universe where I decided to play with my dog instead and was never burned. Now, not only has the present me made thousands of decisions since then but the me who played with the dog has also. In addition to us two creating universes every new version  of me is doing it also. When I figure all the other selves out there multiplying themselves creating new universes then there would have to be trillions of universes out there created by me alone.  In addition to this there are seven billion other people on this planet creating trillions more universes.

This may make good science fiction but seems kind of a silly idea to take seriously when you really think about it.  The creations of God are based on simplicity and when you consider that all possibilities lie within our present universe then trillions more just seems like something that is totally unnecessary and wouldn’t attract any interest to the mind of God.

That said, I am faced with a decision to either post this on freeread or the Keys.  I guess I’ll choose freeread.  Whoops!  There I go again.  I just created an another alternative universe where this post is on the Keys. I hope the other me behaves himself.

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2 thoughts on “The Problem with Infinite Individual Realities

  1. My guess is that we have enough problems dealing with the one universe we live in without being unduly concerned about an infinite number of potential ones. Ok to theorize I guess, but the reality we need to deal with is staring us in the face. 🙂


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