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Two Types of Soul Contact

Duke asks some tips on recognizing true soul contact.  He wants to avoid following a wrong impression.  If it is not true soul contact then perhaps it could lead to undesirable results. On the other hand, if it is true and he doesn’t respond then he may miss an opportunity.

There are two types of impressions that come through soul contact.

(1) An impression that gives additional knowledge or principles.

(2) An impression that gives direction and leads to a decision followed by an action.

When the seeker begins receiving the first he senses the still small voice and it is so subtle that he is not sure if the knowledge came though his own mental activity or a higher source.  In fact, many receive knowledge from the soul and do not realize the source, but believe it just came through their own thinking process.

BUT… as he accepts the knowledge and tests it and moves forward with it he eventually receives greater knowledge that he realizes is beyond the capacity of his normal brain power. As time progresses, he learns to differentiate knowledge that comes through the soul and that which does not. He also learns to run things by the soul to verify whether the knowledge is true or not.

The second soul impression concerns an action that should be taken and this is not as subtle as the first. When this truly comes from the soul it comes with enough power to get your attention.

Even so, the seeker may be confused the first couple times this happens to him because it is a new experience and he is not sure if his imagination is playing tricks on him or if it is really from a higher source. However, after he follows the direction a couple times and finds the results were beneficial he gains the ability to identify that which comes from the soul and trust it.

Here is a rough idea of how the process works.

The seeker feels an energy from the innermost core of his being that he instinctively knows is a benevolent source. It reveals to him a choice that he should make or a direction he should follow. Ironically, this is rarely in answer to a recent question he has or a prayer he has made. It usually just comes as a strong impression out of the blue.

The impression may involve something that can be resolved in hours, but at other times it may be days, years or even a lifetime.

The impression may also be negative in that it is something he must not do. Even though this comes as a warning feeling it is still clear that it comes from God or a benevolent source, or the part of you that is linked to God.

The first few times this direction comes the seeker may not immediately decide to follow. He will most likely think it over for a while or just try and ignore it. If the decision is important in the scheme of things he will not be able to ignore it as the impression will usually come back stronger.  He will normally get the impression three times so he will be left without doubt as to what he is supposed to decide. After the path is made clear to the seeker he will then be left on his own to decide yes or no.

If he makes the right decision and follows the impression from the soul he will feel a sense of relief and have an inner confirmation and comfort that the path chosen is correct.

Quite often, the first couple times this happens the seeker will reject the impression. Since this is a normal part of the adjustment the Higher Self is fairly forgiving and will give the seeker several chances. If he continues to reject the guidance then the soul will withdraw and the time of opportunity will be lost for a season – often for a lifetime or more.

Once the seeker understands the impressions from the soul and has proven them accurate to himself then it is important that he follow the impressions he receives. If he does not, especially if the choice is important, then he may not be given a second chance.  If the soul seems to withdraw and he wants the contact back then he will have to retrace his steps and fulfill the original choice he was given. If this is impossible then he must be open to following a new impression if it should come.  A second opportunity may or may not come in this life.


Oct 14, 2012

Duke’s Vision

He writes

Some time shortly after “letting go”, I seem to be aware of a presence. So I ask a question, something like, “Do you have any messages for me?” POW! I get a quarter-second-long flash. In that flash, I vividly see a very large, very old book. It is called The Book of Innocence. I still can see it in my mind now.

Wow – very cool! I really saw something! I’m really digging this. The Book of Innocence. Hmmm. It probably tells you what you have to do to be innocent. Yeah, I bet that’s it. All the things you’re supposed to do, or not do. Yeah. Hmmm. I wonder… I wonder what it really says. Maybe I could ask? I asked before and got an answer, maybe I can ask again. So I form the question in my mind, and no sooner had I done so when POW!, another quarter-second-long flash.

In the flash, I see the contents of the book. Rather than telling you how to be innocent, it is a documentation of everyone’s innocence. It takes all factors into account and proves and documents and establishes that everyone is actually innocent. This is a totally new concept to me, and it thrills me. For the next several days I’m high, I smile at everyone. I see everyone differently. The idea becomes one of my core beliefs. I move ahead and have what in retrospect was the most rapidly evolutionary period of my life. Now I didn’t go totally stupid – for instance, I didn’t stop packing a pistol for protection (lived in an interesting locale, shall we say), but did see the “bad guys” as mistaken rather than evil. The experience changed the way I see a lot of things; for instance, I went from being a Rush Limbaugh Republican to something very different.

Well now back to the present day. The effects have faded somewhat with time. Obviously that experience conflicts with much of what JJ teaches, and my mind tells me that JJ is pretty reliable and sensible, so he and his teachings generally win out in my mind, though I still resist some things.


I posted your whole interesting account so it will go in the archives.

I think you received a true revelation that pushed you in a direction of thinking that you needed and it does not conflict with my teachings at all, but agrees with them.  Notice the book says we are innocent, not that there are not two paths.  If there were not two paths (the Left and the Right) then there would be no power of decision and without the power of decision you and I would not be.

The fact is that everyone is innocent within the framework of their own minds for we make our decisions based on our self interest.  The difference between the left hand path and the right is that the self interest of the right sees it as encompassing a greater circle than the left.  They see that helping others eventually helps themselves. Those on the left do not understand this and thus make some very harmful decisions.

Here are some previous thoughts I expressed on Hitler that explains this:

Hitler actually wanted to do what was right but he had an illusionary way of going about it. He thought the Jews were from Satan. He was a vegetarian, he was in charge of what he ate and he really didn’t have that much ego. Everybody thinks he was an egomaniac but he wasn’t that egotistical. He let other people share the glory with him. But he was caught in a trap. He had some very powerful wrong beliefs in his foundation system.

Audience: That just goes to show you the danger.

JJ: Right. Illusion is the most dangerous of all because if you’ve conquered maya and if you’ve conquered glamour and you’re in illusion then you think you are a true servant of God and what you say is right. You can’t find any flaw in what you’re doing. Hitler swallowed some teachings that said the Jews were spawned by Satan from the days of Adam and Eve. He really believed that and he thought they caused most of the problems in the world so the obvious solution was to just get rid of them all.

He taught his guys this saying, “I even have friends who are Jews and you can have sympathy for them and feel for them as a human being but you have to transcend that and let it go because these guys have to be extinguished in order to bring in the new age.”

So he had this illusion and it was so powerful that it led him to do very destructive things. Illusions can be a very powerful negative influence. Jesus said to His apostles, “They will kill you and when they kill you they will think they are doing God’s will.” That’s because of the illusion they were in. Hitler thought the Jews were evil and the early persecutors of the Christians thought the same way. Just about every other religion had its persecutors who thought they were doing God’s will by killing somebody with a different belief system.

Here is another excerpt:

If you’ve ever read the book by Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People, it starts with an interesting story about a guy who was on the most wanted list — “Two-gun Willy” or something like that. The police were chasing him and they had him cornered and he was perhaps the most wanted guy in all America and the most hated guy in the country. The papers portrayed him as the most evil character you could imagine. When they had him cornered and he just had a short period of time before he was captured he started writing a letter just in case he was gunned down. He wanted the world to know something. He wrote in this letter that he thought he was a good person, he never wanted to hurt anybody and he only wanted to do good all his life. The way he wrote it he portrayed himself like he couldn’t see anything wrong with himself. Yet he was the most hated man in America at the time.

Dale Carnegie pointed out that though it may sound odd to us to hear this letter from this killer, this most wanted man that everyone hated, but he said everybody feels that way about themselves. Everybody feels that they’re a good person. Sometimes we put ourselves down but inside we think we’re really pretty good. Most people feel that. He says everybody, no matter how bad they are, no matter what they’ve done, they think they’ve done the best with their life that they could’ve done. Therefore, he said, you must be very careful how you criticize or how you look upon the other person because they think they’re okay. He said if you want to win friends and influence people we must play upon that idea. Play upon the idea that they are a good person. Look upon them as a good person then they will start responding as they are a better person.

Innocence is really defined by the person’s point of view. Because a person operates in his best interest does not mean that he doesn’t make mistakes or is not guilty by some type of standard.

For instance, let us say that you were late to a meeting and thought it was in your best interest to run a stop sign and you cause an accident that results in the death of an innocent person. On hindsight you kick yourself and wish more than anything you had it to do all over again. On top of this everyone seems to find you guilty for breaking the law.  All this does not negate the fact that at the time it just seemed like running the stop sign was the right thing to do.

Dan writes:

Mine, as best I can put it in words, was more that the whole universe is not only innocent but utterly and completely benevolent in all its machinations.


This harmonizes with the teaching of the Dominating Good. Because good dominates in this universe when all is said and done even that which appeared to be evil was a necessity.


Oct 15, 2012

Re: The Book of Innocence

JJ quote Because good dominates in this universe when all is said and done even that which appeared to be evil was a necessity.

Judy writes: This statement above and others statements you have made defining evil seems contradictory to my mathematical logical brain. You have said in the past that evil is live backwards and is anything counter to God

• plan or the progression of God

• plan. Now, today, it seems you are saying evil is not only a proponent of God

• plan but a necessary element in God

• plan I will have to put this paradox on the shelf until I can get my head around it. How something can be a drawback and a necessity to God’s plan at the same time?

JJ The statement does not contradict my teachings at all. I have always said that duality is necessary for the creation of the universe and all the forms in it. Good and evil are just one expression of duality.

The main thing that causes the confusion for the many is the looking at the part rather than the whole. When DaVinci was painting the Mona Lisa he first visualized a good end – a near perfect painting that would be a masterpiece.

As he proceeded toward this good end he had to make thousands of small decisions between good and evil. Good was that which moved his work toward the visualized finish and evil was that which took it backwards.

Because his brush strokes were guided by intelligence progress toward the good end dominated but in this process he made many strokes that were not good and had to be corrected. He selected many color shades that were not quite right and also needed correction.

Let us suppose an aide stumbled across an object and spilled some colors an on the canvas causing a lot of work to repair. In the scheme of things this would be considered a great evil.

Even so DaVinci moved forward and completed the painting.

Now that the painting is complete we can look at it and admire it as a good or great work. We do not think of all the struggle with duality in making the finished product. We forget that the painting needed the choice between many good and bad strokes to be created.

Because evil is a necessity this does not mean that we should ever choose or support it. Jesus spoke wisely when he said: “Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!” Matt 18:7


Oct 15, 2012

Re: The Book of Innocence

Judy: However, just because in the big picture then evil is necessary does not in my opinion justify that all are therefore innocent because of that fact.

JJ One has nothing to do with the other. Just because when a creative work is finished and declared good does not mean that all the problems along the way were made in a state of innocence. I have said nothing in this direction.

What I did say is this. All people are innocent in their own minds as they always make their decisions based on what is in their best interest.

What innocence is depends on how it is defined. I would guess the Book of Innocence defines it as the state of mind one is in as he makes decisions. Everyone is doing his best to serve his best interests. Even if one commits suicide he is doing this because he thinks it will give him some peace or escape from reality.

If one defines innocence according to the law then none of us are innocent for we have all broken some law.

If one defines innocence as one who has done no harm then again, none of us are innocent.

None of these definitions tell us that there are no consequences to our actions.


Oct 15, 2012

Re: The Book of Innocence

lwk: I don’t agree with JJ on this. I think there are people who are convinced mentally that one thing is in their best interest but do something quite different for various reasons.

Sometimes those reasons are things like addiction, self-hatred, or taking the easiest path (studying to pass a college course you know is in your best long term interest, but you just really want to watch American Idol on TV, or something).

JJ Let us take drug addiction. Yes, that is definitely not in the addict’s best interest but in his altered state all he can see is that the relief he will get from the drug is in his best immediate interest. He is wrong, of course, but that’s what he thinks when he takes the drug.


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