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Jan 17, 2012

Glenda Green & Jesus

Glenda seems to claim much more than an impression. Here are some quotes from her book – love Without End:

Jesus appeared to me and was with me for almost four months between November 1991 and March 1992.

In the fall of 1992, much to my surprise, those special circumstances were arranged and another vision was brought to me. It happened in a little country church where I had given the evening presentation. During the closing prayer, I noticed the rare fragrance I always sensed when Jesus was in my studio. Lifting my head and opening my eyes brought confirmation of what I suspected. He was there! Without a word to startle the others, I quietly beheld a fascinating process. With every passing second He regressed in age until He became an infant in His mother’s arms. Mary was young and classically Hebrew in appearance. In her loveliness, she was the image of innocence and barely more than a child herself. After a few minutes, the vision stabilized and remained unchanged for the two months required to paint it. The Flame of Love, as the painting came to be called,

A wry grin began to take shape on His face as He focused a quizzical look at me.

“His eyes were like clear pools of water, as I gazed into them, and beheld the simplicity of His succinct reply.

While nodding to the reality of our history, His countenance remained calm and serene. A comforting smile spread across His face…

In His presence there was love overflowing. Glowing with an aura of contentment and happiness, His face radiated joy, and He often smiled from ear to ear. I was fascinated, however, by the fact that I never saw Him laugh.

Jan 17, 2012

Sarah’s Story

Sarah: I was diagnosed dyslexic at the age of 7, as well as intellectually gifted. At 15 I was diagnosed ADD and medicated with stimulants. At 21, I was diagnosed Bipolar and they added an anticonvulsant and an antipsychotic to the mix. At 24, they added a sedative. At 25, I found, got off all my meds that very night, told my doctors an parents I was not mentally ill…then I went crazy for a bit as I withdrew and then I changed my diet to predominately raw vegan and added vitamins and supplements including Klamath lake blue green algae.

And now I’m perfectly normal.

My cousin is diagnosed with Aspergers as well as other labels. His mother, my aunt, is a biologist as is a clinical coordinator of some kind for

There is no real biological evidence that famous people who are no longer living had Aspergers. They also say most of them were ADD and Bipolar as well…back when those diagnoses were up and coming.

Just my two cents. I am also an artist. I believed I was mentally ill my whole life because doctors labeled me and plus artists and musicians usually are crazy. But, I decided that was bullshit and I had control over my own mind.

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JJ I would think that i would have a heck of a time typing a message like that on an iphone.

I’m really glad the writings helped you. I’m curious what you read on freeread that first night that altered your course so.

My boy asked me which supplement I would recommend if I was limited to just one and it was the one you mentioned – the blue green algae from Klammath Falls.

Jan 19, 2012

Can Love Be Defined?

JJ DK didn’t say that there are things that cannot be put in words but that we lack the words to define some things. He often complained that AAB had a limited scientific vocabulary and this limited his ability to explain some things clearly.

Some languages completely lack words that are common in English so this would limit their ability to put some things into words. If I am trying to explain a concept for which we do not have words I will usually put a new twist on an existing words – such as my use of Purpose in the Molecular Relationship.


Jan 19, 2012

Newt Gingrich Handwriting?

LWK asked me to take a look at Newt’s handwriting. It looks like only the first link supplied has a serious attempt to analyze Newt. I’ll make a few comments.

Lets look at the sample here:

Let’s examine some of his analysis.

1. Major daddy issues. This is probably true. He thinks he can greatly exceed the accomplishments of his parents. There are things about his childhood and upbringing he would just as soon forget.

2. He points out an undotted i. I checked out other samples and he seems to leave around 20% of his Is undotted. This can merely mean absent mindedness, but in Newt’s case it seems to mean lack of attention to details that are not essential in his view.

3. “Maniac d” then he says – “yes, the trait that is in serial killer’s handwriting.”

This is a d with a slant that shifts quite a bit farther to the right than the surrounding letters. I checked out two other samples of his handwriting and this shift in slant did not occur there. Strange shifts in slant of the letters whether they be Ds or other letters is a sign of inner emotional turmoil. These shifts often occur in teenagers as they are trying to figure our who they want to be. Newt does indeed act like an emotional teenager at times, but then other times he has pretty good control. This shows up in his various handwriting samples where some are more stable than others.

Looking at the handwriting as a whole there is not much likelihood he would be a serial killer but he is likely to react strongly to an attack as evidenced by his reaction to Romney’s ads.

4. Explosive. He will explode now and then but not an abnormal amount. He’s very sensitive and when offended he feels like lashing out but usually just lets off enough steam to stay sane.

5. Nasty, nasty, nasty temper. Yes he has a temper and lets off enough steam to avoid dangerous explosions.

6. A seriously mean person.

Sometimes uncaring, neglectful, and capable of vengeance, but I wouldn’t call him seriously mean.

7. Is dishonest. Actually in normal circumstances he is quite honest. He likes to be direct and to the point. He enjoys openly and honestly sharing his conventional thoughts. On the other hand, he has secrets, perhaps a secret agenda that he keeps to himself. Aside from these things he likes honest sharing.

8. Ruthless towards his enemies. This could be true if his feelings are stirred.

9. Careless. Yes, sometimes, but not always.

10. Unethical. Probably about like your average politician.

11. Greedy. Sometimes.

12. Skirts the rules. He will do this when it makes sense to him.

13. He says Newt Gingrich is The Inventor – INFP (Introvert – iNtuitive – Feeler – Perceiver) + Analytical. I agree with this.

14. He says Newt Gingrich is unqualified for leadership.

He’s better at coming up with ideas than gaining the trust of his fellow men in carrying them out. How effective he will be as a leader will largely depend on who he chooses for his inner circle. The trouble is that he will ignore the advice of his inner circle if convinced his ideas aren’t being advanced.

Overall he is very intelligent, never at a loss for words, intuitive, fiercely independent and determined to go his own way. He’s also very emotional and overly sensitive. Sometimes he’s at peace with his inner feelings and other times he is in conflict. He has a big ego and loves to be the center of attention – not as bad as Obama, however.

Jan 22, 2012

Possible Life on Venus Found


Jan 27, 2012

War with Iran

Ruth asked me to comment on this: “Ramtha has warned on several occasions war with Iran is likely if Republican is President.”

JJ There is a danger of war with Iran no matter who is president – except for maybe Ron Paul. We may avoid war for a while by following a pacifist policy as we did before WWII but the best course when you have enemies is peace through strength – as well as smart policy.

Jan 28, 2012


Rut asks about the timeframe before great destruction will come.

JJ I’ve never placed a time on a scenario of great destruction but have merely said that the gathering needs to have a serious beginning between 2025-2030. It may be 100 years or more before something is created that could really be called Zion where the inhabitants see eye to eye or soul to soul. The gathering will provide a refuge from all sorts of possible calamities that may befall the planet as the communities will be self sustaining. The work I am involved in extends way beyond this life.

Jan 28, 2012

Re: Bill Wood Interview with Project Camelot

JJ Even though we do not have video there were dozens of witnesses who actually saw the plane hit he Pentagon and none of them saw a Tomohawk missile. They all saw a plane and I hear one guy interviewed who said he was close enough to see the windows of the plane and people inside.

Jan 28, 2012

Re: The Literal Gathering of Israel, Chapter Four

Ruth: So there needs to be a small gathering first of 24 or 144,000 people? and then a major gathering might take place later on.

The people that gather first are the ones who are directed by soul to get together in the flesh at a specific destination? This is where I am confusing the time lines and phases of Zion.

JJ No, that’s not what I said. We may have to gather thousands before we find the 24 capable of creating the first molecule. The first 24 gathered will not create a working molecule. How many we will have to sift through before 24 can be found who can take all kinds of grief yet remain firm in the soul is hard to say. Time will tell.

After the gathering begins it will continue from henceforth for thousands of years with gatherings from the gatherings and regatherings as time goes on.

Feb 2, 2012

Possession Problem

Stephen, The fact that you are experiencing this problem after attempting automatic writing indicates that you opened yourself to an external entity or at least elemental negative forces. It doesn’t sound like the Dweller experience proceeding the third initiation because you have not mentioned anything indicating the Angel of the Presence.

You mentioned that things seemed worse after saying the Song. This could indicate the entities revulsion toward the Song and that you should say it more not less.

Reread everything I’ve said about the principle of attrition in Book 3 and the archives. Even though you undergoing a painful experience proceed with your life as if nothing negative is affecting you or even in your presence. This is a state of mind you must acquire. Don’t do any type of meditation until you are healed. Prayer is fine.


Feb 2, 2012

UFO Crash Site?

To this Dan writes:

I can do ya one better:


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