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June 10, 2012

Benjamin Crème Again

JJ Quote: “I was surprised to hear him declare boldly that Christ was going to appear in about two months from the date of the lecture. He was going to be on television and his presence would be so powerful that the whole world would just know who he was and accept him.”

Sorin: The last sentence sounds uncharacteristic of Crème. Crème is more nuanced than this. He did not and he would not say in what I’ve read and seen something as categorical and naive as “so powerful that the WHOLE world would just know who he was and accept him”;

JJ Evidently you have not been following Crème for that long. I have been following his progress since 1982. He is fairly nuanced now but he wasn’t in the beginning. In his teachings during the Eighties and Nineties he made many bold and literal predictions and none of them I heard came true. After a while, even his close followers became concerned so he became more nuanced and started avoiding making specific predictions that made him look like a charlatan in the eyes of many. For the past decade or so he has just been saying that the “Day of Declaration’ is near.” He now says that Maitreya (Christ) has appeared on television interviews 59 times by March 10, 2012, but he refuses to say who it is.

JJ Quote “Well two months passed and this glorious event did not happen. Later I heard he moved the event forward, but still it has now been over ten years (Now 23 years) and no mass TV appearance of the Christ with every eye recognizing Him.”

Sorin: Crème says Maitreya has had around 60 presences on various television channels around the world up to the present. Now, the following must be considered with a grain of salt and only as a hypothesis: many people say Raj Patel is actually the physical vehicle of Maitreya. I’ve watched a lot of Raj. He seems an intelligent and reasonable young man, apart from his stuttering. One thing that is very curious about him (you can clearly see this on his first TV interviews) is that he doesn’t blink!

JJ This little mystery is easy to solve with Crème’s own words. Here’s the headline in an article he wrote: “Raj Patel is not Maitreya, but the World Teacher is here – and needed.”

Larry said: JJ stated a simple fact that he witnessed.

Sorin: Full objectivity is rarely (if ever) achieved. Nobody states “simple facts”, one colors “the simple facts” with his own subjectivity, experience and his present state of being.

I would say JJ’s opinion was colored by his feelings on Crème. That happens to people all the time, via the universal law of attraction and repulsion.

JJ What someone actually says has nothing to do with opinion or feelings. Either someone says a thing or he doesn’t. For instance you just wrote, “Full objectivity is rarely (if ever) achieved…”

Is it my opinion that you said it? No. There it is in black and white. You wrote it and there is no opinion or argument involved.

Even so, I heard very clearly with my own ears Crème say that the Day of Declaration was going to occur in the next Spring from the time of the lecture I attended, which was a couple months away. He gave a definite statement that Maitreya would appear on worldwide television and communicate with viewers by mental telepathy and people would be convinced that the Messiah had come.

When I tell Crème believers of this their eyes just seem to glaze over and either outright reject what I am saying or rationalize it. I get this same effect from Mormons when I tell them of my meeting with Mormon authorities Mark E Peterson and Bruce McConkie. The just cannot accept I am telling them the truth because my account does not fit the thoughtform they have of their leaders.

I am not the only one who recalls Crème making such a prediction. Crème verifies this in one of his own books. He says that when the “Day of Declaration” occurs, “The Christ will come on the world’s television channels, linked together by satellite. All those with access to television will see… [His face]. He will establish a telepathic rapport with all humanity simultaneously”. While the Christ is speaking… everyone will feel far more love than they’ve ever felt before, that massive outpouring of love will cause hundreds of thousands of ‘miracle’ cures [to] take place simultaneously.” Quote from Crème’s book Maitreya’s Mission I 1986 Page 23

It is interesting that he wrote this years after I heard him set a date in the lecture I attended.

Crème kept making this same prediction over and over setting new dates. The last one I know of occurred in 1997 where this was broadcast over the media:

“British Futurist Says ‘World Teacher’ Will Be Seen On TV Within Four Weeks”. Canada NewsWire. 2 December 1997. “British futurist Benjamin Crème states that Maitreya — ‘World Teacher’ for the coming age — will be interviewed on a major American network before the end of the year. This will be followed by appearances on other networks around the world and, within months, will lead to a global satellite hook-up where Maitreya can speak to all people simultaneously — in their own language.”

If Christ is speaking through Crème then he is one mixed up Messiah who doesn’t have a clue about his own schedule for he has made dozens of wrong and unfulfilled predictions about his appearance.

Here’s an interesting tidbit I just came across:

Q. Will Barack Obama be the last president of the United States? I believe it was either Maitreya’s associate or your Master who said that eventually the US presidency will be replaced by a group of wise elder statesmen and that former president Jimmy Carter (in office, 1976-1980) will be invited to join them if he lives long enough.

A. That is still the Plan so there is every chance that Mr Obama will be the last President. Dec 2008 Article

JJ I assure you that Jimmy Carter will not participate in such a thing in this lifetime.

June 10, 2012

Re: Crème Again

Sorin We’ll wait and see I guess.

Thanks for your reply again. It offered me a very important point of view.

JJ You are definitely the most open minded person who has come here and brought up Crème’s teachings.

June 11, 2012

Re: Crème Interview

JJ Quote: Here is an interesting interview with Benjamin Crème by Sean David Morton in December 1994:

RJ Isn’t Sean Morton sort of in the same “league” as Crème anyway?

So it is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, because both are tapping into the same psychic abilities of the Atlantean consciousness and using the knowledge for various reasons and to make money etc.

JJ Quoting an interview where he is recalling actual dialog is a much different thing than supporting his philosophy. An interview is something that can be proven to have happened. Many parts of a belief system cannot be proven.

June 11, 2012

Measuring Success

Tom: I was wondering how one measure success and why some people seem to have their own opinions about success.

For example, I am an artist? Am I a successful artist or not?

JJ Measuring success is quite easy. Are you achieving the goals you have set for yourself? If so you are successful. In doing this I would suggest you not set a goal of having everyone like you or your work. Anyone who does this will never feel successful.

June 11, 2011 Re: Crème Again

Soryn: Here is another “witness” on Crème’s work with the Masters:

He seems reasonable and honest. Should I trust him 100%? Wayne Peterson supports Crème’s work. He actually said having met Maitreya (that appeared to him as an Asian, if I recall correctly) at one of Crème’s lectures. He also offers his account as a participant at Crème’s transmission meditations – and I can relate very much with what he’s saying.

JJ I have come across all kinds of people who have claimed to have contacted masters, Christ, Sanat Kumara, resurrected beings, beings higher than God and famous people of the past and my criteria is the same for all of them.

Are they bringing forth any light that they could not have received by reading a good religious or metaphysical book?

Do they bring new light on old principles or teach new ones?

Do they show any potential of initiating anything that can improve the world?

Do they support the principle of freedom or are there part of their teachings that count on enslaving mankind – such as forcing men to do good – forcing them to share their wealth for instance?

Wayne Peterson’s message of loving each other seems benevolent, similar to what we would hear from an average minister or Sunday school teacher so that is well and good but one doesn’t need contact with a master to teach this.

I can’t find anything malevolent in the video but neither do I find anything that inspires me as much as a paragraph from DK. It is possible Peterson received some type of positive contact that is distinct from Crème where he will avoid the wild-eyed wrong predictions which obviously came from a confused source.

Here is just one of many who have as credible of story as Peterson. PDF Download of another with outstanding claims.

It doesn’t matter how strong the claim is the important thing is to run the teachings by your own soul. Paul said this:

“But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” Gal 1:8

I would reword this as follows:

“But though we, or an angel from heaven, or a Master, or God Itself give any teaching not in harmony with your soul, or that will enslave mankind, let him be rejected.”


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