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Oct 28, 2012

Crazy Study

The media seems bent on proving that we live in a racist society. An AP poll is supposed to prove that 51% of us are prejudiced against blacks. This is crazy talk in my opinion and I can’t find anything in their poll to back things up.

You can read this infuriating article here:

The poll that is supposed to verify the article is here.

The poll seems to have sampled more Democrats than Republicans as Obama received higher marks than did Romney. One kind of funny result is that only 49% of those polled believe Obama was born in the USA.

Another part of the poll I found interesting and encouraging was that 53% favored “Small federal government providing few services.” Only 39% favored “Big federal government providing many services.”

It appears that many do not vote the way they believe or are just deceived by political rhetoric.


Oct 30, 2012

Interesting Study

I knew there was reason I enjoyed some wine with my evening meal.

Check this out.


Oct 30, 2012

Re: JJ, said the storms are often hype up. Sandy, Storm is bad!!!!

Tom writes: JJ, you say that storms are hyped up by the media because of that I paid no attention to the storm Sandy and was not even worried about it…now it have killed 28 people and it would have killed more had they not evacuated most people. My friend Paula lives in NY where the storm hit. Should I be worried about her safety if storms like this one are hyped up by the media? It has killed already!!!

JJ Just because the media over hypes many storms and disasters does not mean that there will not be bad ones from time to time. One just has to look at the real facts that come forth and make a judgment.

Actually from the media hype I had heard it would seem there should be thousands of deaths so 28 is much less than the danger I saw presented.


Nov 3, 2012

The Weather

Only three days left until this most important election. This election will determine whether we take a road to survival and possible recovery or continue on the path of restricted freedom and an economic black hole.

I had a gut feeling that some type of event would happen that would move the people back toward Obama. I thought it might be some type of October surprise masterminded by Obama. It’s not through lack of trying that one didn’t materialize. Gloria Allred sued to release a Romney testimony in a child custody case. They hoped to unearth something damning but this didn’t receive much traction.

Obama’s problem was that Romney is a fairly squeaky clean candidate. This was not the case when Obama was running against a very popular candidate, Jack Ryan, in 2004 for the Senate. Ryan’s sealed divorce records were leaked to the press and unseemly sexual activities were revealed forcing him to drop out of the race.

In 2008 the polls showed that McCain was leading Obama heading to victory. Then at a pivotal moment we had the financial collapse, which was largely blamed on Republicans. McCain’s poll numbers dropped like a stone and Obama coasted to an easy victory.

This time, as we headed into the last lap of the election, again Obama’s opponent was leading in the polls by five or more points. Then we had hurricane Sandy which gave the fawning press the opportunity to portray Obama as looking presidential in handing the crisis. He meets with Romney supporter, Chris Christie, who heaps all kinds of praise upon him. The press runs with this quoting Christie over and over. Within a few days the race has tighten up to a dead heat.

Now the destiny of the country will be determined by which side gets the greatest voter turn out.

One may wonder why God or the benevolent Powers-That-Be would have allowed a storm to happen with such timing to give an advantage to Obama if his election will hurt the country. My observations tell me this. Good or bad weather does not seem to coincide with good or evil happenings or even divine purpose. I do believe that weather is influenced by the emotional mood of the people. The tremendous emotional conflicts at play in this country did much to call forth an excess of water which is a symbol of emotion.

Think back to D-Day – the invasion at Normandy. The weather was extremely uncooperative and came close to destroying the allied effort. You’d think that God would have made things easier since Hitler was the greatest arch villain of all time.

On the other hand, Hitler was also frustrated with weather when he invaded Russia. His troops faced a record breaking cold and many froze to death.

It appears that the weather is not an instrument in the hands of the light or dark side where it is manipulated according to will. Instead, it appears that it is a force that both sides merely have to deal with when it manifests its destructive head.

The bottom line is that the hurricane and floods tightened the race up but I still think Romney has a good chance to take the prize. If he wins expect to see some very angry Obamaites who are willing to cause damage to the country and advocate violence.

Nov 5, 2012

Re: The Weather

Larry W. Writes: This may sound silly, but I ask this as a serious question. The end of book four inspired me to actually try out some stuff, such as teleportation and/or levitation. Will someone watch over me to make sure I don’t get it? If I do get it, will someone show up and issue restrictions?

JJ Why would you even think someone is going to restrict you? Any restrictions we have are caused by two things.

(1) Ignorance and lack of knowledge and ability. (2) That which we impose upon ourselves by our free will.

These restrictions apply to all living things from the amoeba to humans to the masters.

You are free to learn anything you want. No one is going to stop you unless you become a major threat to the planet.

No one comes to the Masters and says, “Hey, don’t help the humans out. We forbid it.” They can do what they want but have come to the conclusion that the more we do for ourselves the more we will learn and the knowledge will be used with greater safety.

If you are teaching your kid how to play basketball you do not do the playing and shooting for him but realize he will only learn by getting in the game and playing himself. This does not mean you are forbidden from playing but reflects a decision you have made about guiding your kid.

Meanwhile, your kid also is not restricted. He can apply himself according to his will to increase his skill.

Obviously in the case of Sandy and other storms the Hierarchy is not interfering but letting things play out. I do not believe they see the re-election of Obama as a good thing but they did not interfere and guide the storm out of the way. As it is, the storm gives Obama a chance to look presidential and has gained him a few crucial points.

Notice that the devastation of the storm occurred in states that voted heavily for Obama for emotional reasons. The great destruction is a symbol of what his misdirected policies can deliver. The partial destruction of the country is a symbol of a greater one to come if he is elected again.

Yet the funny thing is that many are voting for him because they think he will save us from the destruction of global warming.


Nov 5, 2012

Re: The Weather

Larry W Below are a few examples from your writings that speak toward such restrictions. There are many more but I found these examples.

JJ To understand this, think of power being in the form of money. Once you have it you can use it anyway you think best.

Let us suppose that you created a business and now have $10 million in the bank. You can do anything you want with the money and several things run through your mind. If you had no responsibilities you figure you would just by an island in the South Seas and relax in the sun with a iPod in hand for the rest of your life.

You sigh and think of your responsibilities. Your business employs over 200 people and no one can operate it the way you do. Many of your employees are good friends and you know that if you sold it or turned it over to someone else that things would go downhill. For the good of the whole you do not buy the island but stay and oversee the company.

Because it is well known you have money you get a many requests for handouts. Sometimes you get a request that deserving and touches your heart and you send a check but most times you do not. You have a lazy alcoholic brother who is always asking for money but you rarely help him because you see that as enabling his weakness.

Some of your requests are for healing services. You have a relative who is always ill that wants money to go see a controversial doctor in Mexico. You look into him and decide he is a charlatan so you say no to her. She is upset and accuses you of wanting her to die.

You now look at what you want to buy for yourself. A part of you wants to buy a new Lamborghini, but you decide that would be too extravagant and buy a new Pruis instead and donate the difference to charity.

The point is this. Just because you have power doesn’t mean you just follow the line of least resistance in its use but have to make judgments, step by step.

Now some powers you mention are not in the actual hands of the individual, such as prophets and holy men who at times heal, bring famines etc. These powers come from a Higher Source and the Source much be checked with before the power can be used.

But once you have a power that is in your hands, such as money, you are then limited by circumstances and your free will a to how it is to be used. You can use the money any way you want but your wants are determined by many things.


Nov 6, 2012

The Election

Rob: Remember, JJ also said Romney had a good chance of winning because he had karma on his side.

JJ I guess it looks like there was not enough good karma left over from the sacrifices of the early church to help him out.

All things being equal I thought Romney could pull off a win unless there was some powerful October Surprise. As it turns out there was a powerful one but it was not Obama’s doing but nature’s and the Republican, Chris Christie.

Before Hurricane Sandy Romney was looking good with a 6 point lead according to Rasmussen, who was the most accurate pollster in the 2008 election.

Then when the hurricane hit, Romney and the election, and Libya were wiped off the news and all we saw was the devastation and Obama showing up with great concern looking presidential and the fawning media highlighting him at every opportunity while ignoring Romney. Within three days Romney lost 5-6 points, which amounted to losing the election.

This was why I brought up the subject of the weather and how we are sometimes subject to it, powerless to do anything to change it. Obviously the workers of light with power didn’t move the hurricane east as usually happens but let lower lives suffer from the results of their own emotions and intent as well as random activity.

Of the six points lost Chris Christie probably cost Romney two of them. Obama called Bloomberg and Christie wanting to pay them both a visit, realizing the power of a photo op. He knew the damage to Bush when he just flew over New Orleans after Katrina. Bloomberg, who supported Obama, refused because the presidential entourage would just hinder the salvage work and this was why Bush didn’t take the photo op because his presence would have hindered rescue efforts.

Obama getting in the way did not bother Christie who welcomed him with open arms and provided Obama, not only with the needed photo op, but gave the false image of a president who was crossing party lines to work with the keynote speaker of the Republican convention. I think Christie will go down in infamy in the Republican party as one who changed history for the worse.

Obviously, the Powers-That-Be figure that the last four years have not taught us the needed lessons that we need to digest and that we need to slide further down into the pit before we can truly wake up.

I plan on working on that awakening effort in the coming years and hope to see some success. If the lights are not successful in turning things around then we will slide into a collapse followed by some kind of rebuilding. If rebuilding should come we will again see a monumental struggle between the forces of freedom and enslavement.

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