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Dec 8, 2012

DK Quote

Justin Probably no blackout then. HOWEVER, the date Dec. 28, 2012 IS a very special one if I understand this DK quote correctly:

“In 1942, there will come another PLANETARY INFLOW of which we are all begged to avail ourselves, and for which we are urged to make due preparation. This ‘week of group impact,’ occurring EVERY SEVEN YEARS, will run from December 21st till DECEMBER 28TH, and if this should at any time fall at the period of the FULL MOON, the opportunity will be MOST SIGNIFICANT. This possibility must be watched. This week should be regarded as pre-eminently the ‘festival week’ of the New Group of World Servers, and AFTER 1942 advantage must be taken of this period, and special PREPARATION made. This fact invites the attention of all of us.” Esoteric Psychology II, P 195 (capitalization emphasis mine)

So the Friday after Christmas meets all the criteria for a time of heavy inflow of the type of energy the lights were supposed to take advantage of in 1942 but failed. First, it occurs every 7 years, and it is now 70 years hence (7×10). Second, the full moon falls on the 28th which date is within the range of “most significant” opportunity.

So here’s hoping that all true World Servers are now preparing for this as admonished by DK.

JJ Great discovery of that DK quote, Justin. Normally I do not pay that much attention to alignment predictions but because DK is an earned authority with me I will pay extra attention to this one. Apparently this is a cyclic period of planetary inflow and the seven tens plus the full moon does indeed seem to make this one significant. This ironically coincides with e Mayan prophecy. This would be a good time for individuals to concentrate on picking up inspiration from higher lives and the group as a whole to meditate and send energy for the success of the work of light and for the greater dissemination of my writings.


Dec 8, 2012

Shamballa Energy

Ruth quotes me: “Now the Shamballa energy has been released again. It is more important than you know that the Workers of Light tune into it to bring down the baptism of fire. There is a certain window of opportunity that we now have, but it will not stay open.”forever.

Then she asks: Did we/you miss that opportunity back then? If energy was released in 2008, then the next 7 year cycle would be 2015?

JJ That wasn’t written in 2008 but in 1994. In this series I gave out some past teachings that I gave out to a group on AOL before the Keys list was formed.

I picked up my first and largest dose of the Shamballa energies in 1978. It set my mind on my life’s mission to create positive change for humanity. Since that time I have felt it in circulation a couple of times but never as strong as it was back then.

Just because a disciple or dark worker tunes into its reverberation does not mean explosive things are going to immediately happen or even that the worker will be successful. It merely means that the ideas that can transform the world are put in circulation. However, when the Shamballa energy is in circulation the disciple will have a greater than usual inner drive that propels him toward change.

Right now, as far as my work is concerned, all the ingredients inspired by the Shamballa energy are in place, but the energy itself is at a low ebb. There is a possibility that there may be a new release during the Dec 21-28 cycle of this year. Time will tell.


Dec 9, 2012

Dose of Shamballa

JJ wrote: I picked up my first and largest dose of the Shamballa energies in 1978. It set my mind on my life’s mission to create positive change for humanity. Since that time I have felt it in circulation a couple of times but never as strong as it was back then.

sh asks: Was that when you first discovered the principle of the Molecular Relationship? If not, can you tell us what it was that showed up in your life at that time? And, has it changed or shifted or evolved since then? Of course if any of this is personal or otherwise not mesaage board fodder, no problem.

Yes, it was shortly after I received the Molecular Relationship that I consciously perceived this energy. In reality it is not energy as we normally think of it but it rearranges and moves energy through the consciousness of receivers.

JJ: Right now, as far as my work is concerned, all the ingredients inspired by the Shamballa energy are in place, but the energy itself is at a low ebb.

sh: Why might that be?

JJ There are windows of opportunity that open and close in cycles. I try and follow the example of Paul and work “in season and out of season.” That way the worker is prepared when a new day of opportunity comes.

Because we are on the cusp of a greater new age disciples on the Right and Left are having difficulty in using the Shamballa energy toward solid ends. Fortunately for us a new Hitler has not surfaced who has picked it up though Obama may have picked up a dose of it back in the 1990s.

When tapped into the results are quicker on the path of materialism and slower but more permanent on the path of light.


Dec 10, 2012

Shamballa Continued

Duke writes: It sounds like you’re saying that Shamballa energy can be picked up and used by a Hitler-type. I would have thought that energy from a good source would resonate with the good guys but not with the bad guys because they’d be tuned in to a totally different wavelength, so to speak. What makes it a source of power for either side?

JJ The energies of the rays are like gravity. They are neither good or evil but can be used in either direction.

For instance, both Jesus and Hitler had seven centers and were influenced by the energy of the seven rays. Obviously, they used those energies in different directions.

Let us suppose that superhuman powers decided it would be an advantage for us as a whole if they increased the power of gravity. A stone that used to weight 100 pounds now weighs 150 pounds. A bad guy pushes a guy off a ledge and uses this extra gravity to do extra damage. On the other hand, a good guy uses the extra gravity to produce additional energy with hydropower. The increase of gravity could be used for good or evil but the end situation would be the result of an intelligent design.


Dec 12, 2012

Preparation for the New Energy

I read before and after the quote and discovered that DK indicates that the energies of Capricorn will be augmented by this inflowing energy. Capricorn is symbolized by the mountain goat, which is able to overcome all obstacles and scale to the top of the mountain peak. If Capricorn energies are enhanced the disciple will have greater power to achieve.

Blayne’s question caused me to reflect and as I did the inner voice spoke and said:

“Remember the invocation for the Avatar of Synthesis. Now is the time to put it to use.”

To refresh your memory, DK spoke of this avatar as one from another solar system that is coming here to assist the Christ. The Christ is second ray energy but this avatar adds power since he is on the first ray. He can only descend to the mental place so disciples must raise their consciousness there to share his consciousness.

Here is the invocation for the Avatar of Synthesis:

From the center where the Will of God is known, let Purpose guide the little wills of men.

Let the One Great Life manifest His Purpose and send forth His Avatar.

Let this Master of Purpose come forth and amplify our wills to synthesize them with His own, giving us power to serve.

Let the Avatar of Synthesis manifest to the group of which I am a part. That we may prepare the earth for the Lords of Light and Love.

Let Will and Power and Purpose manifest the Christ on earth.

Those that wish to prepare for this inflow of energy should begin saying this every day until the 21st and then say it three times a day until the 28th. Those who have experiences or impressions should share them here on the forum.

It should be helpful for the group to study how we used this invocation at the 2004 gathering. Here is the link:


Dec 12, 2012

More on Shamballa

Ruth writes: I have to ask, if Justin did not bring this to our attention, then perhaps you (and the group) would have missed out on this “significant” cyclic period energy release?

Or was this cycle not as important to the bigger scheme of things to come?

JJ If an energy release is to occur it will happen whether we know in advance or not and those who are sensitive will be aware of it. It is helpful to know of such a thing in advance to make sure you can give it appropriate attention.

Ruth: I guess that this non attention to alignment predictions could have happened before in Germany when the significant Shamballa energy was released, and perhaps Stauffenberg and some of the other Disciples didn’t realize that the Shamballa energy being released was as significant back then?

JJ Neither the good guys or the bad guys in Germany knew anything about the Shamballa energy but they both picked it up. Hitler had the advantage of being 18 years older than Stauffenberg and was in a situation to be able to make quicker use of it. By the time Hitler was beginning his organization Stauffenberg was still trying to formulate his philosophy and figure out what his mission was. Stauffenberg was just getting his formula of approach together when the Nazis took over and he was swept into the new order making the work of light almost impossible.

I’m not sure what kind of energy release is coming or how significant it will be but Capricorn conveys Rays 1 and 3 so the opportunity to garner some will-power-purpose energy may be at hand. I’ll know more on Dec 29th.


Dec 15, 2012

The Shooting

By Now I’m sure all of you have heard about the school shooting by 20-year-old Adam Lanza in Connecticut. This is a particularly disturbing event because 20 or so of the victims were young elementary children. It makes me think of how disturbed I would be if something like this happened to my sweet grand kids. I’m pretty good with empathy but one thing I have difficulty with is understanding the mindset of a person who wants to hurt or abuse little children.

I can much easier identify with the mindset of Jesus who said: “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matt 18:6

Sadly that which outweighs the grief the nation suffers over this disaster is the glee many on the Left take in seizing this as an opportunity to enact gun control.

Yes, they have called for gun control with every shooting disaster we have had in the past but this time the atmosphere is different. We are kind of at a point of tension and this event along with the reelection of the most liberal president in history has created momentum.

The President gave a hint of the battle to come in his innocent sounding remarks after the catastrophe:

“We are going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this regardless of the politics.”

The statement “regardless of the politics” tells us that the “meaningful action” will be action that will be resisted by many.

I’m not a big fan of Alex Jones but he does make a good point that they are coming for our guns. Check this out.

It is certainly true that people on the Left all across the country are calling for gun control. Politics seems to be more important to them than comforting the bereaved families or giving them time to grieve.

So what is the solution? Would more gun control solve the problem?

In answer to this we must consider that Connecticut already has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country. It’s up there with Washington DC and Illinois. These two states have lots of gun control but high murder rates so strong gun control measures don’t seem to work for them.

Even if we banned all guns crazy people would still find a way to commit mass murders. They could make explosives, poison the water or kill with knives as is happening in China despite their ban on guns. This is from the AP:

BEIJING, China – A Chinese teenager has killed eight people and wounded another five in a knife attack in the country’s northeast.

The official Xinhua News Agency said the attack took place last night in Liaoning province.

It did not immediately give any other details in its report today, such as the ages of the victims.

Violent crimes are growing more common in China.

There was a string of knife attacks against schoolchildren across the country in early 2010 that killed nearly 20 and wounded more than 50. (End Quote)

What then is the solution? There are three things that can be done.

(1) Stop making drug addicts of our kids. It’s bad enough that the average adult is taking a half dozen or so drugs but so also are our elementary kids taking many prescribed drugs, and many of them are mood altering. Almost all the mass school shooters were taking a lot of prescription drugs. The two at Columbine did as well as the Virginia and Batman shooters. After taking these drugs long enough depression often sets in and they become disconnected to the real world. Shooting a bunch of kids seems like a fun video game to them.

(2) Allow teachers and adult staff to take guns to school. Some will say they could go crazy and become shooters themselves. To this the answer is simple. If they wanted to shoot up the school they could do it anytime now. Even though it is against the rules they could still bring a gun to school and create havoc. If a teacher had been armed in any of these school shootings much of the tragedy could have been prevented. They might have been entirely stopped because what kid wants to start shooting if someone will shoot back?

(3) Hire an armed security guy at each school. If we don’t allow teachers to carry guns then this is the next best thing. The trouble is it would be expensive, and if there is just one guy to take out, many shooters could figure they could subdue him and have the element of surprise.

During all the years I attended school I never heard of one school shooting anywhere in the country? What has changed? A fewer percentage of people own guns today than 50 years ago.

There have been two main changes. The first is our culture itself and the second is the forcing of mind-altering drugs on our kids.

May sane minds return to government.


Dec 15, 2012


There are some kids that are truly depressed for which some medication may be appropriate. The trouble is they are way over-prescribing and also prescribing at a much younger age than they should. They are giving kids drugs just so they will be easier to control rather than to help them with their problems. No one I knew took prescription mind altering drugs when I was in elementary and high school and all my friends had guns. No one felt like shooting up innocents just to take out their wrath.

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