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June 3, 2012

Finding Light

It’s been a while since I gave any group assignment so I thought it was about time for another one. Here it is.

There is now more information available at our fingertips than any time in recorded history. This means there is not only more falsehoods in circulation but also more truth. Many here are seekers of truth and have found some good information on the web so it is time to share. Each of you who are willing I ask you to do this. List for us the three sites that you believe to have the most light available to the public. If you cannot think of three then list one or two. The Keys and anything to do with me is not to be included in the list.

Have fun.


June 4, 2012

Re: Finding Light

Thanks for your participation in naming your favorite enlightened sites. There were some good ones but Johann wins the gold star for the best one that was new to me which was: HERE

I would suggest that everyone bookmark this for it contains references to all the Alice A. Bailey texts and quite a bit more.

I have to agree with Adam in naming South Park as a source of light, unorthodox though it is.

One of my favorite quotes from the archives is that “One with soul contact can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.”

I’ll name a few sites I use a lot. These are not known for metaphysics but I find then very useful.

(1) Drudge Report – I probably use this site more than any other. He is very fair in presenting news that may be disturbing to both sides of the isle.

(2) Wikipedia – I find this to be very useful in giving a good synopsis of just about any subject.

(3) Sacred Texts – You can find the text of thousands of spiritually entered books free of charge. HERE

(4) Blue Letter Bible – If you want to research the Greek or Hebrew of the Bible this is a good place to start. HERE

(5) Science Daily – I like science sites like this one. HERE

(6) Google – I not only use Google for regular searching but to find free books – many recent ones. Here’s the key. Find the book you want a copy of and retrieve a sentence out of it from somewhere in the middle. Then place that sentence in the extract phrase blank in Google search. If text of the book is anywhere online this will find it for you. If you can’t find a phrase from the book you want go to Amazon and pull up the book. With most books Amazon will allow you to look inside where you can retrieve the sentence you need.

Feel free to inform us of more of your favorite links.


June 4, 2012

Re: Finding Light

Yes, I see you posted that a couple years ago and Larry Woods and I both referenced it. I must have forgot about it. Even so I do think it is the best site for light that was referenced in response to the assignment, so Johann still would have gotten the gold star. Your references to the theosophical; sites were good too. They have a lot of good books and articles available free.


June 8, 2012

Romney and Philo

Wow, Dean… I have no idea how you got the comparison of Philo to Romney. Romney’s the type of guy I would get along with pretty well if I had the chance to sped some time with him but I am repulsed by a guy like Philo within seconds.

I don’t think Romney is running for power’s sake but think he has a sense of mission about saving the country economically and thinks he is the man for the job.

I do not have a picture of the guy who I patterned Philo after but he is nothing like Romney. A picture of this guy will give you a rough idea of the look, even though the guy here may be a decent fellow and has darker hair.


June 8, 2012

Obama looks more like Philo than Romney

Obama definitely looks more like Philo than Romney even though he is black. The first one may be Photoshopped though.




June 8, 2012

Boring or Not

Keith: The first few times I saw Romney he immediately reminded me of ‘Woody’ from the Toy Story movies. Just a nice puppet with a geeky look. I guess J.J. likes to hang around with the upstanding, boring geeky crowd. Wow! Maybe the keysters list is made up of bunch of over the hill geeky nurds just like Romney. I would find it much more interesting to sit down and have a private discussion with Obama than Romney any day. Who wouldn’t want to sit down with a Napoleon/Hitler type. It’s has a macabre type of attraction – like going to see some guy on death row a few hours before they are going to be executed.

JJ While I would find it interesting to interview Obama he is not the type of person I would like to hang out with. I think he is closed-minded and if I presented ideas he would pretend to consider them but nothing would come of it. I do not like hanging out with these type of people though I would enjoy confrontations with them.

I would enjoy discussing business ideas with Romney as well as ideas to improve the economy. I sense he is somewhat (but not entirely) open to ideas of this nature.

Since I have a Mormon background I would enjoy talking Mormon doctrine with him and would be interested in knowing if he thinks he is part of the fulfillment of Joseph Smith’s prophesy that the Mormon Elders will save the Constitution.

I do not consider someone boring because he is not wild and crazy though there are a lot of politicians I do consider boring and have little desire to even interview or have a beer wit them or ask them any questions. Among the ones much more boring than Romney are, John Kerry, Al Gore, John McCain, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Bob Dole, Rick Santorum and a host of others.

I would enjoy having a beer with Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush (even though he doesn’t drink), Carl Rove, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair and a handful of others whose names escape me.

As for politicians that I would like to hang out with just because I would enjoy their company the names would be few – maybe JFK and Carl Rove – but you never know until you actually hang out with someone for a while.

My close friends in life have been few but they have not been boring but have all been thinkers in one way or another. On the other hand, thinkers are boring to non thinkers and visa versa.


June 9, 2012

Re: Boring or Not

Eke If I’m not mistaken, you did mention that you can hang out/have a beer with Obama back in 2009. You even mentioned about his charm and nice guy personality which Larry K did not find funny. I guess you must have backtracked from these opinions of him

JJ Having a beer with Obama would be fine but he’s not the type of guy I would voluntarily hang out with.

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