McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 20

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The Mystery of the Female

JJ: If we could just understand the female energy we would understand a great mystery. What is interesting is gravity, which is a female energy, was completely a mystery until Newton came along and is still pretty much a mystery but Newton was the first one to really pay attention to gravity and study it. Up until that time many people did not even question what makes us fall. They did not even think to ask that question in those days. It was like the female energy was invisible and they did not even ask any questions about it. But as soon as Newton came along and started asking questions about it in the 1700’s, from then on people have been paying attention and asking questions about the female energy, female rights and starting to understand women and their own power.

The female energy since Newton has been aroused to the possibility that they have within them a lot of potential that has not been released. But unfortunately, like I said, they have been deceived into thinking that the way to release it is through the male approach but at least they have the idea in their minds that they have unlimited potential within them just like men do. Now what they have to understand is that they have to have increased understanding of their power and how it works. It will probably take another 100 to 200 years in this Aquarian age to get this roughly in the consciousness of humanity and when it is achieved, there will be something even better than equality and that is what the equality of male and female will bring about, and that is a lot more creative energy.

This is one thing that DK teaches – is one of the glory’s in the Aquarian age is we will see this tremendous creativity. We will see creativity like we have never imagined before. Much of this will take place because the females will begin to understand where their power comes from.

Audience Dee: You mentioned Margret Thatcher as a woman whose dominant energy was male, I remember when Bill Clinton was elected president and it was the strangest thing that I felt such a masculine feeling from Hillary Clinton, very forceful and I thought, gee is this just me that is getting this vibration? Then later on I heard a story of a physic that would blindfold them selves and was able to tell the difference in the male and female energies by what they were saying. The physic had gotten them all right and he went to Hillary and said this is really strange I am getting a masculine energy from her.

JJ: Yes, that is the interesting thing about Hillary Clinton is that a lot of people don’t like her and they do not know why they don’t like her. Others don’t like her and they know why they do not like her. Much of it is that she is trying to work with the male energy and it goes against the grain of some people.

Dee: She worked as an attorney and I got the feeling that is partly where it came from. She is a smart lady and I got the feeling that she wanted her opinion to matter as much as her husbands did. She knew that this would not be possible so I think she stepped back a bit.

JJ: And you notice that she always wears these pants suits and I heard on the news the other day that Hillary was showing cleavage and they were making a big deal about and when they showed this it was such a small amount of cleavage that I said, “that’s cleavage?” The reason they probably made this a big deal is because Hillary really does not try to use her female energy at all. I think she was thinking that she would let the female side of herself show a little and it really created a stir in the news and the fact that it did create a stir by letting just a thimble full of her female side out. What could she do if she let a lot of it out and concentrate on her female side.

I notice a lot of female politicians are very masculine in their approach and I also notice that a lot of people just do not like them. There is something about them that just rubs people the wrong way. What creates this feeling is the masculine approach that they are taking. But, when the female takes the female approach then the males are not rubbed the wrong way. Females are not rubbed the wrong way as much as the males are. The males can really sense the masculinity coming out in the female and many of the females believe they have to think and act like the male and cheer each other on in being male.

Guys, do not cheer them on because we want the females to be females and it is in our nature to want that. And it is in the nature of the females to want the men to be in the masculine energy as well. It is very interesting how females will really grumble about men being in the masculine energy, but then you give them a really wimpy feminine guy and they will not be attracted to him at all. They would rather go with a guy that has strong male energy that they are grumbling about. The reason they grumble about us is because the energy is different from their own, but they are still attracted to that energy.

For instance, Artie is really neat and clean and I am more disorganized. A lot of us males are more disorganized than the females. That is one thing that the females complain about. There are some males that are organized and it is not necessarily a 100% male trait because we are into scattering and throwing things out and it is much more difficult for us to be tidy and organized and neat like the females. This is one thing that Artie complains about me a lot but still she would not trade me for the guy who has a really neat desk that is a wimp, I do not think she would trade me off for that guy. (Laughter) I guess I better not give her any ideas. (More laughter.)

The interesting thing about relationships, as a whole, is that they are so simple yet so difficult at the same time. Why is it simple? To have a good relationship with anybody you basically follow the golden rule: Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. There are ways to interpret that in a weird direction so that one can get out of it, but everyone understands that basic principle. I like to receive love and praise and so I give out love and praise to others.

If all of us just obeyed that basic principle with everyone that we had a relationship with and if every country obeyed that basic principle with other countries the world would be a great place. There would hardly be any divorce or a nasty fight going on. That is basically it and it is extremely simple.

Why do we have such a problem with relationships? Anything else that simple we can do very easy on the plane of the mind. If I ask Larry what is 2+2? He will tell me 4. This is very simple right? The golden rule is like 2+2=4 and this is very simple, so why can’t we add it up and always do it? Let me throw this out to the group, why do we have a difficult time in just obeying this one simple principle in all of our relationships?

Audience: I think following a simple rule involves just using the logical part of our brain but in day to day living our emotions get all tangled up in that and that is why it becomes so difficult to follow that golden rule because we let our emotional nature take over and color that.

JJ: Why do you think we do this? Why do we even allow that when it creates so much of a problem? Pass the mike to someone else and let’s hear another answer.

Audience: I remember when I was young and reading the Bible and I thought if I am going to read this then I am going to follow the teachings. I found that it seemed to be that I was the only one that was doing anything good and it got to a point to where I had to modify it a little bit and that is the only thing I can think of.

JJ: Here is a basic problem then, you may obey the golden rule but the other person is not obeying it. Does any one else have a comment?

Audience: JJ you are competing with the chipmunk. Can you hear him?

JJ: Yes, maybe it is a love song he is singing and is trying to attract the attention of his female.

Audience: I think it is a lot to do with application of this principle. You could take it and apply it to some situation like, I am hungry give me food and then you give food to someone who is hungry. You have to have an understanding of the situation and if you run into a situation that you do not understand you have go into it and experience it and then you can apply the principle when you have a feel for it.

JJ: Okay, Susan has something she wants to say.

Audience (Susan): I think it goes back to what John Gray teaches in the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Women are giving to men what women want but men do not want this, and they want something different. So you kind of have to modify the golden rule and you have give unto others as they would desire and not as you would want for your self.

JJ: Yes, you have to take that into consideration. It is funny with gifts for instance; a lot of gifts I receive are gifts that people think I need. I do not really want them but give thanks, and then re-gift it to someone else. In giving a gift you need to find out what the person wants and the hardest part about giving a gift is this: Suppose a person wants a gift that you think they should not really have. Should you give it to them? I would say yes unless it is something really harmful like drugs or something. When I try to give a gift I try to get them what they really want because I think that if I were in the same situation then I would want them to get me what I really wanted.

Audience: I think that it comes down to perception because everybody sees thing from their own point of view so there never is a true leveling of that perception from person to person.

Audience: As I think about why some of the reasons why this principle is so difficult to follow. I think at the very fundamental root of it men and women typically follow the path of least resistance. To do unto another as you would have them do unto you often times requires great effort and energy, So for me to love my wife the way I would want her to love me would require me to do the laundry and to do the dishes, to do everything that is not easy. And for the natural man being selfish, I know what I want for them to do for me, it is much harder to put that effort out there for others.

JJ: Question, you try to obey the golden rule and no one else is doing this back to you. Everybody else is doing to you what they think you deserve to get and they seem to think that you do not deserve very much, what should you do? Should you just say well, this person is not obeying the golden rule so I am going to let them have what they so richly deserve. Should we have this attitude or should we continue to try and live it and what will this accomplish? Who wants to comment on that?

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Sorting Out the Message

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Posted July 25, 2010

A reader makes an interesting statement:

“I had assumed that it didn’t matter who the messenger was, so long as the message was true.”

Actually, both the messenger and the message matter, but even though this is true it is also a fact that the message can be true no matter how corrupt the messenger is.

For instance, we all acknowledge that Hitler was a bad guy. Even so, he still had some good ideas such as the Autobahn, which still receives praise by millions that use it to this day.

Then too the development of a small economical car available to the common man that became known as the Volkswagen was also a Hitler idea that became embraced by millions.
Hitler also supported the development of the V2 Rocket. After the war the United States had the presence of mind to gather all the technology around this and entice Hitler’s chief engineer to work for us. Warner Von Braun, Hitler’s chief rocket engineer then went on to create NASA and the Saturn Rocket that sent our astronauts to the moon.

In other words, if we had not accepted the truth that Hitler had developed then we may not have went to the moon.

Now let us look at the one of the main guys who defeated Hitler, FDR. He was all good right?

Not so fast.

Remember that he interned Japanese citizens who had done no wrong. Almost everyone today sees that as an injustice.

He tried to violate the constitution by increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court with people he could control so he could become a virtual dictator.

During the creation of the New Deal he had innocent people prosecuted and thrown in prison for no cooperating.

The key point is this. Our heroes were not all good and our villains were not all bad. This is why the scriptures tell us to not rely on the arm of flesh. We must look at each message as a separate entity and run it by the spirit and soul within. Then we must use the power of our own judgment and determine the truth.

It comes down to this. If the devil himself tells us a thing yet it registers as truth then one should accept it, but, on the other hand, if an angel of light presents a message that registers as incorrect then that should be rejected.

We would be in error to look at a teacher such as Joseph Smith and his flaws and then reject his entire message as evil. Instead we must break down the teachings as well as his actions and sort them out using the power of the Spirit within. On each of then we must ask ourselves, “Is this true or not?” Is the glory of God intelligence or not? Is man co-eternal with God? Did he live before mortal birth? etc.

Of course, one must do the same thing with self proclaimed prophets such as Chris Nemelka. His main teaching is the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you wish others to do to you?

Is this true? Basically yes. Did it originate with Chris? No. Jesus said it and earlier than that Buddha said something similar.

Is it true that the Golden Rule applies to all but Chris as he says?

Absolutely not. Principles apply to all beings in the universe.

With each teacher one must look at the message and how that message is to be applied and then only support those things that register as true with one’s own soul.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey