Predictions 2011, Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 50 in the series 2011A

Apple will continue to put out innovative products that will keep it on the cutting edge and its popularity will increase when it markets a 3-D monitor.

Obama will work toward normalizing relations with Cuba whether Congress cooperates or not.

There will be several weather related disasters and flooding will be a problem. Problems will be worse than usual but not cataclysmic.

With the high price of gold staying up there and unemployment high more people will prospect and mine for gold. There will be a gold rush in several parts of the world and gold production will go up.

The danger of China having a monopoly on rare earth elements will finally dawn on the public consciousness and there will develop a push to mine theses elements in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Prices of essentials such as food, fuel and power will go up and many non essentials will go down. This will create the illusion that there is not as much inflation as there really is affecting he average household.

Talk of global warming will become a joke except during the summer when it does truly get warm.

The Patriots will win the Superbowl.

Academy Awards
The King’s Speech will win best Picture and Colin Firth who stars in it will receive Best Actor

Natalie Portman will receive best actress for Black Swan.

No direct pipeline to God claimed for these predictions.

Predictions 2011, Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 50 in the series 2011A

Many thanks to those who posted predictions. I’m impressed. I’ll bet your accuracy will be better than professional psychics.

The last time I took a stab at this I was about 80% accurate. I’ll be surprised if I can duplicate that again as not even God knows all the details of the future, though the mind of God is aware of how creation will unfold and the ending results of the various cycles.

First, let us take a look at President Obama.

The big democratic defeat has done nothing to change his mind on his basic goals. He wants a single payer, government controlled health care system and as much redistribution of the wealth as possible by 2012.

However, the Republican victory has for the first time caused him to modify his approach. He realizes he must now make some adjustments if he and his party are going to have any power over the next few years.

Here is his strategy.

He plunged ahead with his leftist agenda unapologetically for the first two years thinking this was the time of opportunity which may not come again. Now the backlash has come he will attempt to create the illusion that he is listening to the people and moderating his position. He will present himself as the common sense guy in the middle whereas the Republicans, especially the newly elected tea party supporters, are right wing extremists unwilling to cooperate.

The term “reaching across the aisle” will be stressed many times while doing very little reaching but lots of condemning the other side as being inflexible.

Obama thought that his big spending practices would make him beloved of the many and he would be hailed as greater than FDR. This has backfired on him, but not changed his mind. Some economic advisers are still telling him that the problem is that he has not spent enough. Now he is not personally sure what to do, but is addicted to spending and will continue to spend all that is possible to further his goals and win the next election.

The whole country is shifting toward the conservative view of financial responsibility and even some of the liberal mainstream media will shift and be more supportive in the direction of economic common sense. This will put pressure on Obama to follow and by the end of the year some will think he has gown while in office and is now able to govern more from the center than before.

This shift of perception will make Obama harder to beat even if the economy declines. Mitt Romney and Chris Christie are the only Republicans that are a sure bet to beat him. But Christie will not run and Mitt may or may not get the nomination. Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee have a 50/50 chance of beating him and Ron Paul has a slimmer chance because of the attacks that would come from the media if he gets the nomination.

One of Obama’s advisors has, or shortly will, place an ingenious idea into his head in hope of turning public support in his direction again. The idea is to get Michelle pregnant again and have a new baby in the White House just before the election of 2012 takes place.

Since most view Obama as a great Dad a new cute cuddly baby will be just the ticket to draw attention to Obama in a positive way and take the public’s mind off his shortcomings. The only problem is that Michelle isn’t excited about having another kid right now and may not cooperate, but could give in if the right incentives are given her.

Obama’s health care plan will face serious challenges. It will not be repealed by 2012 but there will be a growing dissatisfaction and the Republicans will slow its implementation through defunding and other means.

The requirement that everyone has to purchase health insurance will continue to be challenged by the courts and go all the way to the Supreme Court where it will be declared unconstitutional. This will not discourage liberal Democrats though who will still attempt to give us universal health care through every back door possible. They correctly believe that once a give-away program is implemented that it will be almost impossible to eliminate.

Rumors of Obama having an affair will circulate and some type of another scandal will surface that he will be linked to but not destroyed by. Wiki and other leakers will embarrass the administration and world leaders and give them an excuse to push for internet regulation. Most of the media will work to smooth over the damage to Obama that could have destroyed a conservative president.
To be continued.