False Prophets

2004-3-14 20:50:00


You need to realize that you are defending Richard's false predictions with the same type of reasoning as is used by the followers of Benjamin Creme who claims to represent the false Maitreya that you so adamantly fight.

As far as being accurate prophets, Richard and Benjamin are in the same boat as far as failure rates are concerned.

I don't suppose you have any explanation for this - or do you maintain that both true and false prophets make false predictions close to 100% of the time.

The hard-to-face truth is this. If a person continually makes predictions that do not come true and does so as a representative of God, the Brotherhood or angels then he is a false prophet plain and simple. There is no getting around it.

Let me give you a true principle that is badly needed by the gurus of the world.

No one, not even God, can make consistently accurate predictions of detailed events to come for many of them are predicated on free will which is just not 100% predictable. Therefore when you see someone come up with exact dates of future events you will know with a fair certainty that they are a false prophet, even before the time comes to pass.

The only exception to this is when a powerful life makes a decision to make something happen in the future and then proceeds to make that decision a reality.

The Christ made a decision 2000 years ago to come again in a future age, but exactly how that will occur is not clearly revealed.

The next prediction everyone is getting upset about is a Mayan prophecy about Dec 21, 2012. Some feel that the world will end or have a big cataclysm at that date.

Chances are that Dec 21 will not be that much different than June 21 and 2012 will not be any worse than 2011.

Douglas, you say I am evil and you give no evidence.

You say I and others in the Keys are hypnotized when all think for themselves.

You say that I am like Hitler and will be in charge of death camps - an outrageous charge again with no evidence.

I know you're probably frustrated because your guru Richard has let you down, but that is no reason to take out your frustrations on me and the good members of the Keys here.

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven a hell, a hell a heaven. -- John Milton