Messages from the Future? — Part Two

Messages from the Future? — Part Two

Here’s some more info from Schyler who  says he is from the future. My comments are not included as they were saved in a separate file.

Post Number Six — From Schyler

Sorry, I cannot take the time now to really address the questions you pose, but I’ll do what I can.

First, nothing that has happened is cast in stone. What I describe is earth/human future as it now is progressing. It is not really “dismal” in the long run, but I suppose you see it that way in the short (next several centuries) run. None of it need be dismal, except that as the planet’s population grows and civilization(s) expand and become more complex, it is likely (highly likely, I’m afraid) that the wars within and between nations will occur. Nationalism is the curse of the human race in the near future. If it cannot be surmounted, we are doomed to see human civilization pounded back to a more base time and manner of doing things. Even the great “super power” the U.S. may find itself torn apart by regional conflicts which never have been resolved since the beginning of the nation and even after the war between the states, 1861-65. Isn’t that self-evident? Nationalism also is progressing rapidly like a terrible cancer in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. It afflicts the Middle East and could even in time ravage large countries such as India and China. All of this is to say, leaving out the natural calamities which humans could overcome if united, the political situation in the world might be the determining factor. No one needs Nostradamus or any other ancient prophet.

There are damn few records because much of the world apparently in the late 21st and 22nd centuries were severely ravaged by natural disasters as well as a series of wars that eliminated records from that time, as well as wiping out vast electronic libraries. It is a bad idea not to put some records in stone. A massive electrical storm from space could wipe out many important records now. Think about where our computer world is headed. But then that is why I’m here now, and my successors for the next two centuries also: to try to reconstruct the records. Does this make any sense? We do not want to change the outcome of what happened, to be honest. We don’t want to change our future. We like it, in fact. But we are carefully studying it, just as you would if you could go back to study the origins of America. Would you want to change the course of the American Revolution? You could. But in “fine tuning” what was done in Philadelphia, you might just screw up the rest of history. Trying to make it better could make it worse. No, we want to understand, so we can make it better much later, not in the near term.

In the year 2500 plus we have reached far beyond the solar system. The sea is our home.

The well prepared and most able of humans guide the affairs of the human race on planet earth in 2500. Election is an outmoded term. Do we really elect our leaders now? Study Socrates and Plato. They had a much better idea about the nature of democracy. Unfortunately, we think that by having elections, with anyone able to run, and usually the most popular, or made popular with money and influence, we have genuine popular government. Alexander Hamilton deserves more study. Although I’m a life-long Democrat, mainly because I think the present so-called Republicans are self-serving and selfish people in too many cases, I find that Hamilton understood the true nature of democracy better than did Jefferson, and definitely better than Andy Jackson. As I say, this is written at high speed and deserves better attention. I’m only throwing out some ideas to study.

I don’t think it would be good to explain to geographical location of my personal community in 2500. Humans do live on the planet in a number of places, including a major civilized center off the coast of Florida. We also reside in an area that is now Texas, too, but it no longer is above the sea. I think I’ve written more than I should. I personally reside off the planet as Tellus Telegari in 2500 plus. But of what importance is that?

I believe that in my later time, the planet has achieved a good balance between the human race, other intelligent species native to the planet, and with intelligent beings who are from places not native to the planet. These “aliens” by the way are here, and have been working with the planets rising and falling civilizations for much of human existence. You must know that, of course. Best to you. Must go and get some work done.

I’m teaching several courses this summer. One is in basic media writing, although you wouldn’t know it from my hasty writing here, and also I have a “class” for people here and now who have indicated a willingness to explore the possibilities of raising the self-awareness of themselves and learning ways to affect the course of human events. I am just one of a great many teachers located all over the planet who are doing this, and have been doing this for a long time. I am very happy to be a part of this great work, even though we know we will not be entirely successful. Just remember, if we were not doing anything at all, I wouldn’t be writing to you now. I wouldn’t be here at all, nor would you, my inquisitive friend. But you are, after all, with all your questions, just the kind of individual who will make the difference.

Peace Profound,


 Post Number Seven — From Schyler

Wars always change humanity, and not always for the good.

Ok, you ask about records. I need to address that in this way: We have some records about this century in which you are living, but I’m here, along with others, to learn more and reconstruct lost records, especially from 2025 on to 2340 or so.

We chose leaders by merit, as noted before, and they serve as long as they display merit. They do not choose their careers, but are chosen, usually by the Supreme Council and its allied bodies, and are invited to undergo the necessary preparation. No, to anticipate a question, Adoph Hitler, or even Richard Nixon, would have little chance, because of their psychopathic natures, to achieve consideration, but other good uses could be found for them: such as running a forest and/or seaweed management program.

We live under the seas by choice, but now that the atmosphere is improving after decades of effort, more are venturing the pioneering effort to live on the land. No need to “push” the water back. We have technology and adaptation to make living beneath the sea as natural as living now on the land, but better. We began with “bubbles” and biospheres, yes, but we have produced an intelligent race of humans who can live fairly deep, at least 300 feet beneath the water. After that, one needs pressure suit. I can’t begin here to explain technology.

We have “colonies” on planets within, and beyond our planet. Yes! But it started the other way. Planet Earth is a colony of a local celestial body. My soul connection, Tellus, is originally from Europa, by way of the colony Io, see Jupiter. Tell me if you figure that out. Yes, we are still active there, and awaiting a “fireworks,” this year, but not one of life-threatening nature. We originated (Tellus and his connections as well as mine) from a place located 32 light years or so from here. Not good at details at high speed typing. Tellus is only part “human” since he has, and I think my present physical body could claim the same, DNA or genetic origin from Sirius Two, binary system, “Dogon Origin.”

That’s it for now. Continue to ask questions. Answer some. Why do you want to know? Who are you. Where were you born (are from), Where are you going? What do you want?

These are the last communications I had from Schyler. This was in 1994. He left with mysterious abruptness. and I never heard from him again. Google searches turn up nothing on him. Encountering him was a little like the John Titor mystery.


Post Number Eight — From Schyler

First, let me say that your questions are good ones, for the most part. They stimulate some thinking. I’m sure they will get better, and maybe then I will have time to ask some of you.

[1] Yes, World War 2 was a terrible world-wide disaster from which the human races has not yet recovered, and may not for a long time. It’s outcome could have been far worse, of course. Best, as in case of American war between the states and World War 1, would have been had these wars not been fought. Without the first, no U.S. as known, and the second, World War 1, no need for World War 2. Yet, as I’ve said, one terrible event may produce in the long run a good eventuality. Even the American Revolution, had it not occurred or been lost, might have produced a very different power dynamic that also would have changed the world, for better or worse?

[2] 25th Century has massive historical records from 2300 and on. But we still are reconstructing the “dark ages,” in between. I’m one historian and teacher of many working on history of this time. Clarify question if this does not satisfy you.

[3] Leaders of our civilization are selected on the basis of ability and criteria, over which we continue to debate, but no one becomes a leader for psychopathic reasons! That is, because he or she aspires for some ego trip leadership. Once a leader is recognized and placed in proper office he or she serves until there is reason, based on continual evaluations, to remove that officer. An exception, however, is the Supreme Council (SC). It serves for life, and decides its own membership. It is very hard, I’m sorry to say, to drop a SC leader. The U.S. Supreme Court is something like the guiding council of Io and Europa, and the Galactic Federation, both. I’ve put in too much there, but you figure it out.

All effort is to keep the most enlightened in leadership areas, not only on the Council, but other important leadership areas. Unfortunately, as today, humans still err.

Most live beneath the “atmosphere” of Earth’s seas, for one simple reason: The planets above sea atmosphere is still polluted and hard to deal with. Sorry about that. But you should have seen and experienced what the above sea atmosphere, even at ground level, in 2300. Efforts are continuing to restore the “surface” areas, but most humans and other fortunate life forms prefer undersea and other beneath water areas, with some strong exceptions: adventurers and all.

Yes to your last question. And we have many friends from outer space. More later. I see “instant messages coming in.”

Best to you and your inquisitive spirit.


Post Number Nine — From Schyler

Hey, I was expecting that you would drop in about now. I really have faith since it is 1:50 or so your time, but only 11:50 here. Or. . . You are the only one who asks intelligent questions of someone like me. Amazing. Yes, we have much technology in our time beneath the sea. Why shouldn’t we? What do you take us for? A school of unlettered and stupid fish? It works very well. The sea is only a thicker atmosphere than what you know, and much more pure.

The Supreme Council scares me, as does your government now. But we live with our “Great Masters” trained in the art and/or craft of government. No some things will never change. Just think how the average Roman felt about government in 200 AD, etc.

It has checks and balances. Each member is responsible to the Law. Each member must each cycle render a complete accounting which can be thoroughly checked against what has happened. It is a little neat thing that keeps even a potentially corrupt person from doing something less than serving the whole. It is sort of like being monitored on a continuing basis. Remind you of the IRS [Internal Revenue Service], with good intentions?

You have only my word and what it is worth. I offer no proofs. No way of confirmation now. It hasn’t happened yet.

It is possible for the human race to achieve peace and stability in ten years, or less, but it won’t. And when the natural course of things cut in, it will be less possible. No, sorry, we must have the times of darkness. I think so, if only that out of that time came my time (Tellus’ time).

Okay, dear Joseph. I’d love to know more about the “certain knowledge,” which I suspected you had all along. I’ve answered your questions. Did I pass your preliminary test? If so, tell me what you know. I see your direction, but need a destination. That is my question. What is your next port of call?

Yes, and thank you for your dialog. Glad to be in touch, dear kindred soul.


Post Number Ten — From Schyler

Thank you for a most fascinating message. Your answers are as good as your questions. I’m in the middle of grading papers and preparing for class tomorrow. I want to read your letter carefully, and then answer when I have more time. But I appreciate your communication. I acknowledge that you may have received knowledge “that will prepare man to step from the human kingdom to the God kingdom.” I think my own near death experience gave me an insight, and I definitely saw the light then. The great difficulty, dear brother, is convincing those around us without having them crush us with a label of crazy, or worse. I try to be careful. The more one knows, the more one is likely to be hurt or killed. I will read your postings in the Keys of Knowledge and study what you’ve written here and also there.

In respect and sincere wish to know. Goodbye for now.


Post Number Eleven — From Schyler

Thank you for being patient with me and offering most excellent intellectual and spiritual challenges. By the way, I am writing that book you suggested. It might, however, or I should say, will shake up readers, especially New Age types. Not orthodox. Not what most want to hear. Definitely not comforting to those who think we can save the planet and this current civilization. You are correct in one way, dear Joseph, we can modify the future. At least you can. No, you won’t change my future, nor the one you would have if you never had been influenced. Explain someday.

Best to you on the path. . . with Love, Schyler.

Faith declares what the senses do not see, but not the contrary of what they see.  Blaise Pascal

Posted Nov 15, 2008

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