Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I have made several statements about ourselves and our origin.

First. We are not our physical, emotional, or mental selves. These are instead called our three vehicles. Our true self uses these vehicles to explore the three lower worlds. Just as you put on a diving suit to explore underwater, so must you acquire the right “equipment” to explore the lower worlds.

In a way we are like the diver who is under the sea with limited oxygen and gets hit on the head and winds up with amnesia. When he sees his reflection, he assumes that the diving suit is himself and that is what he looks like. He must soon rouse himself and remember who he is or he will think the sea is his home and die for lack of oxygen. That would be a pity, for if he knew who and where he was he would know that he needs air and where to get it. But if he remains in deception then death is certain.

Second, I have stated that we as entities are eternal, yet all that has vibration has a beginning and an end. All matter, all form, all energy has vibration which will someday end. Just as when you pluck a guitar string it will not vibrate forever, so does the vibration off all things in the universe eventually run down.

On the other hand, the eternal part of us has no vibration. Everyone thinks that to travel to the various worlds we need to speed up our vibration, but could the opposite be true? Could it be that we need to still vibration instead? The truth is a great secret.

You may ask: “If that eternal part of us has no vibration, no form and no energy then it appears that it would not even exist. How do you explain that?”

The answer is another great mystery, but even mysteries are simple when they are understood.

You as an individual entity consists of a musical chord of four notes at any given point in time and space. Your physical body vibrates on a certain note as well as does your emotions and your mind. Then your soul vibrates on a fourth note. You also play your notes in a certain key. Altogether you incarnate through a very large number of lives and in each life certain notes will change. As your higher self “listens” to the music you play he/she/it will enjoy a piece of music more beautiful than anything we can comprehend here, but the music of your whole self can only be heard from the “Eternal Now,” because in our time frame it takes millions of years to play the piece.

In my journey through time I am playing one symphony for the ears of the One Great Life and in your journey you are playing another and altogether there are endless pieces of music being played for the enjoyment of our Creator. This is the true meaning of the term “Music of the Spheres.”

The playing of a melody is created by vibration, but the actual melody and notes themselves exist independent of vibration and are without beginning and without end.

Let us take a familiar tune by the Beatles — “Yesterday.” We think that it had a beginning when Lennon and McCartney wrote it. But in reality that is not so. Every note that we use to play it on the piano has existed from eternity as well as did the combination of notes that make the melody of “Yesterday” has always been in the mind of God. Vibration of the notes makes us aware of the tune, but the music still exists even when it is not being played. Even at this moment, when no one is playing it, when there is no vibration, the song lives within you and it can be recreated at any living moment.

The melody which is distinctly you has existed in the mind of God from eternity. But when you were given vibration, you received a form manifestation that makes you and others self-aware.

Once the children of God become aware of their melodies the melody is realized to be eternal. Just as no one can destroy the song “Yesterday,” no one can destroy you. Even if this planet were blown up and every piece of music destroyed with it, the song still exists; and somewhere, some time, someplace, a musician will recreate the tune and it will be played again.

You will be played again and again in newer and better versions, worlds without end. You will play until you and your Creator are satisfied. Then you will rest. After that you will play again.

In response to the above a reader asks this:

“Four notes? I thought there were seven notes in all.”

The four notes are predicated on the worlds of form. Three correspond to the physical, astral and mental. The fourth is a synthesis of the three corresponding to the whole personality.


Attention is an attribute that belongs to the real you. Attention uses your vehicles and is not created by them. Attention is enhanced by the vehicles, however.

A reader uses the word “humble.” That is a word very few use in the New Age community yet it is an attribute one must have to unlock the doors of greater knowledge.

Many who believe themselves to be great and wise are stopped in their tracks when they lose humility. This is what is meant by “the first shall be last and the last first.”

Those who are the most intelligent are “the first.” But then when they believe no one can teach them they stop learning and after a period of time sink to great ignorance and become “the last.” Many who are the least in intelligence seek in humility to learn wherever there is knowledge and advance from “the last” to “the first.”

Then there is the rare person in the third category. He or she stays humble in the midst of glory and ends the cycle of first and last and finds the way home.

God help those who do not help themselves. —Wilson Mizner

Nov 20, 2008

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