Messages from the Future?

Messages from the Future?

When I first came online around 1996 and joined America Online I came across a very unusual character named Schyler Rehart

who claimed to be from the year 2500. He didn’t travel here physically but said he switched bodies with a person in this timeline.  The following are some of his replies to me.

Post Number One — From Schyler

Sorry, meant to add, I know exactly who I am, but I’m more interested in who you are. Until I know, I don’t chose to tell you who I am, since obviously you are new to this system. But I have your best interest and love at heart, if you have mine.

Post Number Two — From Schyler

I think you should be more specific. My life is rather long and complicated. I am of this world and time, and then way beyond. Or maybe you’ve figured that out. Check my profile. How much are you prepared to know? What can you understand? I’m from the 25th Century, but I’m also living here and now, and I can’t get back. What the hell do you care about that? Ever read anything by Mark Twain? I’m his “Yankee” in an earlier time. Not entirely happy about it. My name from Io and/or Europa: Tellus.

Want to continue?

Schyler Rehart

Post Number Three — From Schyler – answering some of my questions:

You’re are the first to ask. Remarkable.

Okay: from Tellus Telegari direct, on Io and/or Europa.

[1] Yes, but there are only millions, not billions of individuals on the planet Earth. More elsewhere, however.

[2] Of course there were terrible conflicts (“bones of contention”) We had a series of wars and natural disasters, and for a time, the human race was pounded back to a desperate state.

[3] No shift in the Earth’s axis. That is not going to happen for 50 million years at least, no matter what Velikovsky or whatever “Worlds In Collision” tells you.

[4] The continental shifts occur only over great periods of time. The Earth, in 25th Century will pretty much be as now, except that the landscape is very different — more the thanks of the human race and what it wrought, than any major shifts in the tectonic plates or anything like that. More humans will live beyond the planet Earth than on it by the time you give.

Your experience could be your soul-being of a time that has, as did Tellus Teligari, my soul-being visited me. In the future, time travel of a kind is possible, but not to change the future, but only to communicate. You’ll find all this to be true in good time. I would suggest you do not try to exchange time-periods, whatever, at least until you are fully prepared and feel it would be mutually beneficial. It can be life-threatening. I know.

More later, dear Joseph.

Post Number Four — From Schyler

Oh, I forgot, 500 years from now we finally establish a government that is made up of what Socrates would call, rule by the capable and able, not of the masses: that is, a government of enlightened people who are concerned and sincere, not ambitious and ego entranced. But that is beyond us at this time, obviously. No, not a perfect government, but one as far superior as say, well, compare that of Attila with the one we have now. Believe it or not, we have made some progress, but not all we could do. Government of the able is far beyond us right now, obviously! But we are on the path, after a few more wars and the temporary collapse of a few civilizations. The human race will prevail.


Post Number Five — From Schyler

You ask very good questions, and I wish I knew all the answers. Unfortunately, between this time and the time from which my future soul came, in his time he was named Tellus Telegari, and he lives (will live) in a place I will for now merely refer to as the Great Forest Io. It is located far from here, but on this planet.

You are the first to ask on-line. I have come across people with well-developed curiosities in my life.

The reason that Tellus opened the connection with his former life, namely me, is that he also is seeking answers. We don’t know much about the period between 2025 and 2350. Civilization took a bad turn at that time, and was set back to a kind of “dark age” that we want to know more about.

I don’t have time to go into details now. Maybe you will have to wait to read my book. But I’ll tell you, as much as you are better off knowing for now, and all I can tell you without sounding off-the-wall.

[1] Avatars are among us in every age. Great spiritual individuals, men and women are here now. We are reluctant to know them, or trust them. It is a wise prophet to tread carefully. We all know what happens to individuals who appear to know much and tell the people what they don’t want to hear. It is a good way to anger individuals who can cause serious harm, and an early transition from this life. J.

Krishnamurti, for example, was a great avatar. He wisely refused to accept the role, and taught, or rather, offered guidance to those of us willing to sit and listen and ask questions. He went through transition after a long and successful life on earth. He taught in a place called Ojai, California. You can check him out, and decide whether he was a wise man. I was privileged to know him for more than 25 of my years, and loved to be with him summers when he was available. There are others, but it is the fate of such people to be lost sometimes in the babble of those who would put themselves forth as prophets. Never expect a true sage to go public and proclaim his real status. Anyone who does that is asking for rejection and worse.

[2] Yes, earth has made contact with representatives of other planets. As with avatars, the contacts are carefully arranged, and take place at the will of the aliens who are wise enough to know just how much they can accomplish. As with wise individuals, they know how humans react when presented with knowledge that upsets their cherished ideas and beliefs.

[3] Don’t understand have we explored under the earth. We have, but we need to explore the seas. There is intelligent life in the oceans of the world. Eventually, as in the case of Tellus, humans will live in places beneath the oceans where life began, and where it will end for this planet.

[4] The average life span when? In 2500 or so — about the same as now, except that the environment is more difficult to deal with and it requires much greater effort for humans to live well on the planet. Some individuals, however, have learned to live as long as 100 to 120 years. But that is true now.

[5] Religion is an obsolete concept in the future. We retain belief systems, but the idea of what you, I believe, understand of religious orders, cults, etc., were replaced by a basic acceptance by humans that life is meant to be lived and experienced. We generally, but not all, reject the idea of a set of orthodox ideas set down and established as “The Way.” We continue to believe in the Creator. The Soul is understood much better, and the need, as Avatars of the past have insisted, that we each go forth into the “wilderness,” be tempted, and find for ourselves the truth of life, and learn to live according to our discovery of the meaning of life. Much more on that, of course. Read K., as noted above. We have before us now the necessary information and inspiration. We need to grow spiritually and learn to deal with our realities in the light of the actuality, and stop depending on “enlightened ones” to tell us what to believe and how to live. This is not to say there is no first principles and verities. There certainly are. But we must do more than believe in them. We must learn to live by them, as we come to reconcile ourselves to them, and then to live in accordance to them, not pretending to believe or processing to be good believers. By our thoughts and deeds we will be judged, not by our professed beliefs, no matter how fervently held and loudly proclaimed.

[6] The next great war. Who knows? We would like to know that. But the next several decades will not be a peaceful time. As the Chinese curse, may we live in interesting times. We will do that. Civilization will change dramatically. At some time in the not-too-distant future, the planet will suffer some very bad times, and most of the human race will die violently. Not all at once, but as our civilization evolves and comes more interdependent and complex, so it also moves toward its down destruction.

[7] I’m sorry, but Nostradamus was a man who had great insight for his time. We read much too much into his quatrains. The Middle East will explode first, then India and Pakistan, but that will be only the beginning. The idea of an Antichrist is a simple metaphor for something too complex here, but it is a religious notion and has no real validity.

[8] Don’t know about human future in space. We apparently will make some progress to reach Mars. No known planets near us can support our human life, but the attempt to reach planets will hasten this civilization’s downfall. There are, by the way, many planets in the universe that support intelligent life. Some of them, traveling in ways that defy our knowledge of science, have reached us long ago, and are among us.

That’s more than enough to unsettle you, I’m sure. But the government I suggested will exist, but not soon, sorry to say, although it is worth the effort to achieve it. None of what I’ve said has to happen. Worried about changing the future? Why not? This is a complex notion. The future, as the past, is very large and has its own destiny. We can, however, make some changes, and for the betterment of the human race. It is predicted, I am reliably told, we will. But that won’t change our overall fate, because the human race is as I write making its own destiny. Sorry I can’t be more clear and understandable here. But since you asked. . . . Love and best to you, and peace profound.

Your Friend in return,


Our goal must be – not peace in our time– but peace for all time. – Harry S. Truman

Nov 13, 2008

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