One Path Many Forks

One Path Many Forks

The group was discussing the reasons behind our separation from Deity.

If I were to pinch you it may hurt me (in an emotional sense) as much as it hurts you, but if you were to pinch yourself and not tell me about it I would not register the pain in the slightest. For instance, I just pinched myself and it caused a twinge of pain. Did you feel it? I think not. I certainly hope that you do not feel all the pain on the planet.

That is one reason God is divided on the physical plane — so the pain can be shared and endured.

I have never claimed that “the Path” was “my path” as I am accused. I have always called it “the Path,” because it belongs to us all. Some seem to believe that we all have different “homes” to go to and thus different paths. In the end there is only One Life to merge with and thus in the perspective I am using there is only one home and one path. I can easily see that given a different perspective from mine one would see many paths.

I believe that Christ was the greatest teacher because his words have a greater impact on me than any other teacher with published words.

Even the Bible does not say he was perfect. The word “perfect” in the Greek in reference to Christ merely means that Christ did the job he came to do. The word “perfect” as we define it (without flaw) was applied to the thinking of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

Some think I am closed minded because I do not agree with them on all things. I believe I have been listening here very intently. If I do not agree I will not change my mind unless higher understanding is presented. Others are the same way though.  Most do not change their minds because I disagree with them. In fact, that is pretty rare.

I intently believe in us helping each other. We cannot go home alone and he who is my teacher will not lift me higher unless I lift others higher.

A reader asked me about Paul Twitchell, founder of Eckankar. I have read his book “Key to Secret Worlds” shortly after it was published. The first thing that concerned me about Paul is that he presented many flowery pieces of data, but he did not teach me one new principle. I do not consider anyone’s teachings inspired unless they can teach more than purported facts that can me made up by a creative mind.

He teaches a shortcut to the highest heaven, similar to the born again Christians. They say to just believe in Jesus and you will go to heaven. Eckankar says: believe in the Eck Master and go to the highest heaven. What is the difference? Not much.

The living Eck Master is looked upon in a similar vein as the way the Mormons look upon the prophet, the Catholics look upon the Pope, and the Moonies look upon Reverend Moon. Those followers also see their master in their dreams at times. Acolytes will deny this correspondence, of course, but so do the other religions.

When I have attended Eckankar I have found them to be engrained in their way of thought as much as the Jehovah Witnesses when I have attended their meetings. When I have asked questions, I get stares and cold silence just as when I ask questions in a Mormon church. They remind me of a Mormon Church with a fancy vocabulary.

I find the current living Eck Master to be a very mediocre man. On TV I saw a minister out reason him. How humiliating for one who is claimed to be the most intelligent man on earth!

Even though it was a core teaching I found that no one I met in Eckankar really knew anything about soul travel, or could do it, but were deluded into thinking they could.

Paul Twitchell obviously is not advanced enough to have freedom in even the lower three worlds. He has died and his body is no more. He has no power to manifest another physical body at will and appear among us. Therefore, he has no freedom in the physical world, unless he wants to be reborn like the rest of us.

I hope my critics can “become as a little child” and discard everything they have learned, and start over, looking with a new perspective, but seek for principles, not a flowery vocabulary.

Many who have escaped from the grip of conservative religions cringe at the idea of any one teaching them — yet such a person will often immerse himself in books without thinking of the correspondence. Books are written by people and if we allow ourselves to be taught through books then those authors are our teachers.

There are teachers who seek authority and dominion over you — then there are others that only seek to elevate you.

There are hierarchies that crush and destroy; there are others (few at present) that elevate and give life.

To say all teachers and hierarchies are bad or useless is like saying all Chinese are bad because I had a bad experience with one.

One must keep open to the possibility that perhaps there are beneficial Hierarchies and Teachers.

Words in the physical realm are not the highest form of expression as some assumed that I meant. Nevertheless, I stand by my conclusion that anything that can be understood in the physical body can be expressed in words. That doesn’t mean that everyone will understand the words perfectly. It’s obvious that some do not understand all of mine, neither do I understand all I read. Nevertheless, through the process of correction we can all come to understanding.

As an example, a reader points out a person who knows how to make something, but cannot describe the process in words.

The fact that you know how to make something does not indicate an understanding. My body synthesizes Vitamin B12, but my thinking self, residing in my body, knows nothing about it. I don’t even know when it is happening, therefore, I cannot put it in words. I cannot do so because there is no conscious understanding.

What is overlooked in my explanation is that I was referring to conscious understanding, and understanding is only conscious.

A computer program works, but there is no understanding in the computer.

The man that can tie a knot or make something, but not explain it step by step, is a person responding to training or programming, but does not have conscious understanding. If he did understand, then he could put it in words.

All the lives that make up our bodies have a great amount of knowledge, but it is “below the threshold of consciousness.”

The example presented of Tae Kwon Do illustrates my point of the oneness of the path. It was mentioned that in the higher degrees there are few differences. To get to that point where the differences merge, they had to learn the same principles. These same principles are the one path I talk about.

Lord, take my lips and speak through them; take my mind and think through it; take my heart and set it on fire. —W.H. Aitken

Nov 4, 2008

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