Thoughts to Words

Thoughts to Words

A reader criticized me for delving into the mysteries of God and putting them into words,  stating that we need God to remain  a mystery else God  would be taken down a notch.

In my humble opinion this is a very delusionary thought. Every hour on this planet earth more of the mystery of God is discovered by us humans — and put into words. Are you saying that God feels that he is losing His grip more with each passing hour?

Does God hear that great sucking sound of knowledge escaping from him, never to be used again and passing to us mere mortals?

Can mere mortals make God less than God by understanding him and putting that understanding in words?

The opposite is true as usual.

God is not diminished but glorified when we discover His/Her mysteries and understand them to the extent that we can place that understanding in the “Word which is God.”

You say you hear my (and other’s in this forum’s) call for Love. I do not believe that is what I am calling for right now. Leonardo DaVinci was right when he said, “Before something can be loved it must first be understood.” I first call for understanding, not of me as a person, but of the teaching method I am attempting to initiate, of my intentions and of my words.

I differ with you that the bantering on this forum is motivated by fear. Not so my friend. Those who step forth to battle on the plane of the mind are those who have overcome many fears whereas those who tremble at confrontation do so because of a multitude of fears, many of them disguised as virtues.

I may have my disagreements with some here, but I greatly admire them for their “guts” (best word I can think of) for entering a realm where few have had the courage to venture.

Emotional courage is greater than physical courage, but mental courage is greater still — and yet there is greater to come.

There is a lot of truth in old clichés. It is said “God hates a coward.” I never want God to hate me for this reason. The courageous person will face his fears and work through them — without changing their names.

You say: “I defy you to at this moment to describe any color without using reference points, or anything else for this matter. When you experience that which is beyond the physical senses we employ no reference points.”

You say this as if it contradicts my statement as follows: “I still maintain that if you cannot put a piece of knowledge in words, then a full understanding is not realized.”

It is true that you cannot describe a color or anything else without reference points, but that agrees with what I teach and in no way contradicts it.

When you experience something beyond the physical there are reference points. I have had many conversations about spiritual experiences with friends and we use the various spiritual reference points. We thus put the experiences into words by using the reference points.

I have also seen colors not of this physical plane. If I want to put the color it into words then I merely show someone else how to see the colors and then we use that color for a reference point. I can also describe some of the colors of the next plane up to some degree of accuracy to someone who has never seen them. The orange there, for instance is a little like a florescent orange, but brighter and has an almost living essence about it. Everything on the next plane is a higher correspondence of this one. The “Law of Correspondences” provides a set of references between the planes so some degree of understanding can always be communicated. But because all are capable of going to the higher planes all are capable of full communication of all things.

Anything that can be understood while the consciousness is in the physical body can be put in words. Things understood in states way beyond the physical are also put in words, but they are not words as we understand them — but they are words nevertheless though the understanding may be partial.

Some phrases of words hold great meaning that is locked away for thousands of years. Then eventually some seeker reaches the correct level of understanding and sees the meaning, as did the original writer.

If you or anyone else do not yet accept what I say here then go ahead and challenge me to put something else in words.

I have often heard on this forum: “It’s only words.” Literal words by themselves do not offer us full communication but if the receiver contemplates through the soul he will sense the complete meaning as intended by the writer.

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below; Words without thoughts never to heaven go. — William Shakespeare

Nov 2, 2008

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