The Coming of Christ and Questions

The Coming of Christ and Questions

The coming of Christ is in three stages.

The first stage is the permeation of the teaching of the Christ consciousness and the rising of the Christ consciousness in the hearts and minds of numerous individuals.

This first stage is nearly complete.

The second state is called the “Overshadowing.” Preparations have been made, but this stage is not yet complete. In this stage the Master teacher who was Melchizedek and later as Christ in the body of Jesus of Nazareth will come in and share the body of one of more disciples. In this stage the actual presence of the Christ will be on the earth, yet unrecognized.

In the third stage the Christ, if he deems it necessary will materialize a body for his own use. When, how and if this third stage will happen is a secret kept within the mind of God.

Many believe that the coming of Christ is merely the raising of the Christ consciousness. This is part of the entire plan, but only the first part. Such people forget that there was and is an individual Master who is the Christ and that every individual entity reappears periodically on the earth. The Christ is not an exception. He will indeed come again.

Now we hear that several gurus and teachers who claim to be the Christ. Not even Jesus publicly made that claim. His works and his teachings claimed it for him.

Anyone who   claims to be the Christ should be asked at least one discerning question. Ask him to teach us just one principle or at least a piece of knowledge that is not found in a commonly published book. I would prefer a principle because principles bring forth a flashing forth of light from the soul. If this light is stimulated it is evidence that a true teacher has arrived.

Question: DK teaches there are seven planes.  How far up the ladder can one go through out of body travel?

Exploring the worlds of form is a much different thing than exploring the formless worlds.

Astral travel can involve the astral body leaving the physical yet still being connected by the silver cord. In this case the person can do a certain amount of exploring the physical and sometimes other worlds.

A higher form of traveling is through the mental body. Here the person travels by bringing the world to him rather than going to the far places of the world. This is like sitting in your chair, not leaving your body but watching a 3D screen that takes you where you want to go.

When the seeker travels in the formless worlds he doesn’t see things in the earthly sense but sees in different ways. He sees through the eyes of understanding, through the soul, through impression, through seeing principles and others. The trick for him is to register these impressions sufficiently on the physical brain so he can retrieve them in regular consciousness.

Learning to see auras helps prepare for mental travel for when one can see the outer film on the aura, he prepares himself to see things in the far distance.

Question: “Are you also suggesting that we too should be devoting our ‘free time’ and/or focusing our attention (activities, etc.) to serving others versus ‘personal progress’”?

I wasn’t suggesting anything for anyone else but only dealing my own path.

The disciple on the path goes through cycles of receiving and sending. The first 30 years of my life was spent in receiving and then I reached a point where I sensed the world need, and that I had much to give. My polarity thus switched. I moved from a top priority of inner development to outer sending.

Of course, in the sending mode, I still learn but learning is not my main focus at present. I see ways in which the world can be changed for the better and that is where my focus is.

Each person seeking the path must search their own souls to see where their focus must be. If it feels right to concentrate on inner development and learning then that is most likely where your main focus should be. If you feel a responsibility to serve and send, then put your focus there. But always remember the Middle Way of judgement, and remember that in the midst of receiving there are times to send and give and vice versa.

Never feel guilty or ill at ease for following what seems right to your inner center.

Sometimes a seeker will devote a whole life to inner development and then spend most of the next life in sending forth the light he achieved.

A reader disagreed with my view that two who are in touch with the Holy Spirit can always reach agreement.

Two can have spiritual contact on different points and disagree, but the disagreement will be on personality views, not what has been received from within.

As we ascend back toward spirit we are guided toward union, harmony and oneness, yet maintain our individual identity. I know from personal experience that it is possible to reach agreement on any point of truth. The trick is that one of the parties in the disagreement must have a point of truth because the Spirit of Truth will only affirm truth. If two people capable of spiritual contact seek that contact together, then the point of truth will be revealed without fail and unity will result. I have never had a failure in this as long as the other person is willing to take the steps to make the spiritual contact. When a point of truth is revealed through your soul it is impossible to deny to yourself unless you risk taking the dark path.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” — Robert Frost

Dec 3, 2008

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