Tribes, Atoms and Decision

Tribes, Atoms and Decision

A reader made some comments indicating that the Native Americans lived in a virtual utopia with no leadership being necessary. This was my response.

Where do you get the idea that they did not have leaders? There were a handful of wandering nomads that were fairly leaderless, but that was because there was virtually no one to lead. Theses nomads also accomplished little of value except wandering the countryside and eking out survival.

Some tribes had a fairly loose hierarchy and some had a very structured one. Some leaders were very dictatorial and others were democratic. In fact, it is said that the founders of our nation were inspired by some of the Indian hierarchical structures. Many Indian tribes had a very hierarchical priesthood also, others were less hierarchical like the Shamans, but they were still looked upon as teachers and leaders in spiritual affairs.

The Natives are a great example of hierarchy producing order. The nomads had minimal hierarchy and the only thing they accomplished was survival. The Incas and Mayas had strong hierarchy and built a significant civilization.

You mention “the chiefs counseled with the people and followed their will.” That is very close to the principle governing the hierarchy of light. Even including the American Indians, we do not have an example in recorded history of the government of the hierarchy of light which is to come. There have been a number of brave souls who have sought to manifest it, but all have failed. In another way of looking at it there is no real failure because the seeds of the brotherhood of light have been planted in many individuals who roam this earth and the day will come when they will be gathered again.

The utopia you speak of describes mankind in a state corresponding to sleep. When your body is asleep there are no decisions that need to be made for it. This utopia or state of sleep that you describe can only occur when humanity has satisfied its desires. As long as we as a people have group desires that need fulfilled then there will be hierarchy and leaders to stimulate progression. Your utopian sleep is millions of years in the future and is not practical for the next step for humanity. There are not two people in a million capable of such unity. Perhaps when you get married you will understand the difficulty.

I don’t expect you to believe anything I say just because I say it. Your soul has the ability to verify all truth. That which I cannot prove to you with black and white facts can be verified by your soul, but you have to bypass all the programming of your body, mind and emotions to reach the Presence.

You say that I am too much in the male energy. That is all right because I am a male and am supposed to be more male than female. You, on the other hand, also have a lot of male energy and this may make you seem out of balance for a female. Balance is necessary for soul contact. The male energy is sending and the female is receiving. I would suggest that you try an experiment and receive from me just to see how it feels.

Permanent Atoms

The dominate atom is the initiating atom of an atomic structure. It is the first one that started a particular atomic organization.

Humans are correspondences of atoms. It is not a coincidence that the first man was called Adam (Atom). Buddha was the initiating Adam of Buddhism. Jesus of Christianity and so on. However atoms of the atomic world are much more advanced in their sphere than we are in ours and hold the key for the next great evolutionary step for mankind.

There is a “permanent Atom” in your physical body that survives death. You will take it with you into your next life and in it is the coding of every physical body you have ever had. Your soul reprograms it to create your next body which will hopefully be superior to the last one. You keep this permanent atom with you until you overcome death. Your whole body is a hierarchy of atoms and molecules with the permanent atom at its head recreating the great power of organization necessary to create your physical structure. This feat is greater than we can imagine.

On balance: The whole universe is created by being out of balance. All energy is out of balance and seeking balance. When perfect balance is obtained the form disappears and goes back to its source. The fact that we are even here is evidence that we are out of balance to some degree. We reach new degrees of balance until we go back to our pure essence.

The Masters are able to walk through walls because they have learned the principle of balance.


The Power of the Gods

“For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good from evil.” (Genesis 3:5)

Decision is the power of the Gods, but if this is hidden from us and we don’t think we have permission to decide then the power that is in us is hidden by illusion. If our power is hidden then the antichrist powers [of outer unjust authority] make all important decisions for us.

Readers may find it of interest that the Judges in the Old Testament were called Gods by Moses. Moses was also called a God. In most cases this is mistranslated in today’s Bibles, but it is in black-and-white in the Hebrew. Those who made decisions and assumed power to do so had the power of the Gods, so they were called Gods.

Decision is the key to the door that opens to all worlds, even immortality.

Contemplate the part of you that actually decides and you can feel that link between you and God. It uses your bodies but it is not your bodies.

If our consciousness is polarized in the lower worlds many decisions will bring some pain, but in the end that is not bad. We came here for the experience and we can only go through the experience through the power of decision. Those who can’t decide remain still. The best decision is that which pushes us forward somewhere where we are forced to look at a different horizon.

The phrase “I AM THAT I AM” originally comes from the Bible. After wandering in the desert herding sheep for forty years Moses did a lot of contemplating about God and what he would ask him if he should ever get a chance to talk to Him. When he finally got his big chance — what did he ask?

He asked God for His name.


Because in those days the name revealed something about the destiny or the character of a man or woman. It still does today but on a more subconscious level.

To this great question that Moses spent decades contemplating, the answer was “I AM that I AM.”

Or was it?

Think about it. This statement makes no sense at all and all the scholars in the world have not shed any light on it — Neither has any channeling or New Age Book even though many use the phrase on a regular basis.

The reason it does not make sense as quoted is because it was a mistranslation.

What God really said to Moses was:

  “I AM BECOMING that which I DECIDE TO BECOME. Go tell Israel that HE WHO IS BECOMING has sent you.”

For us to cross the threshold to the kingdom of God we must become whatever it is that we decide to become. Fortunately, in the end of time we all make the right decision.

A teacher once wrote: “Without decision there is no life.” What does this mean and what is the greatest hurtle we have to cross to fully use the power of decision?

I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do. That is character! —Theodore Roosevelt

Nov 23, 2008

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