A Master Plan

A Master Plan

A reader complained that I had appointed myself to be a spiritual teacher, as if that were a bad thing. To this I responded as follows.

You and some others seem to feel that I am a self-appointed teacher and indicate that this is wrong for some reason. What makes you think I am self-appointed. You would be completely unaware if I was working with some higher life.

To the world Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were self-appointed teachers. They felt they had something to say and they said it. They had free agency and they used it. Many resented them, but a few learned.

What kind of teacher do you want? Do you want some council to pick a person at random with no knowledge as to whether he can teach or not and say “be our teacher.” Chances are the poor fellow will have nothing to say.

Every true teacher will use some self initiative and test the waters by writing books, giving seminars and teaching those with whom he comes in contact. Self-initiative is the only way to commence the path of a teacher.

What would you have me do? Stay silent and never appear on-line again? I give you the freedom to teach or not teach to your hearts content. Will you not grant me the same privilege?

You believe that somewhere there is a master plan. You are not alone. Most religious people as well as New Agers do. However, the truth is often upside down to the way people think.

There is no great master plan — at least, not in the way people perceive it. In the beginning we all existed within the mind of God as one great life. In order to know itself God multiplied itself. He/She/It (He for simplicity) did this so his numerous parts could have every possible experience and learn to know the other parts. The only master plan is to put the puzzle of scattered parts back together. In the process of putting the puzzle together, however, every possible piece of knowledge is learned and every possible experience is lived.

There are lives in this universe that are put together or less fragmented than we as a human race are. These beings have great plans that will aid in putting the pieces of God together. If they were to share them with us they may seem so deep and beyond us that we would consider that a master plan, but in reality the only true master plan is the union of souls — “putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

The atoms, molecules and cells have put themselves together in alignment with the One God, but we have not, and the galaxies have not.

We have a long way to go and man is the point of tension for the life of God in our current universe.

We’ve had some new Alice A. Bailey students join the group lately and am sure they will be a good addition.  Years ago, I joined their Arcane school, but the teacher assigned to me couldn’t answer any of my questions, so I couldn’t see any value in continuing. So far I have found no one that has been able to shed any light for me on DK’s teachings. There’s a group in Los Angeles, California, USA, that claims to be channeling him but I feel little light in their words. Then there is the Summit Lighthouse that claims to channel him and other masters. I feel no light there either.

Throughout my life I have been unable to find a physical teacher and have been driven to explore the books of the world. Through them I received much stimulation, but my greatest questions have been answered through revelation and inspiration and my inner master has instructed me to take certain steps in reaching out and assisting mankind to prepare for the reappearance of the Christ. How the steps are taken is up to me and this on-line communication is an experiment in disseminating the teachings.

I find that “A Course in Miracles” [ACIM] does seem very elementary from the viewpoint of technical knowledge, but from the viewpoint of the love-wisdom aspect I would say it is unsurpassed. Having the love-wisdom aspect of ourselves stimulated allows us to assimilate technical teachings, such as AAB much more. The main purpose of the book (ACIM) is to stimulate soul contact. Unfortunately most who believe they have reached “the atonement” have only touched some high emotional energy.

One can only go so far until a solid soul contact has been made. Then there is the baptism of fire from and through the Monad. A group must experience this “fire of the Spirit” and partake of its power to prepare the way for the Christ.

Many of the Hierarchy incarnated in Germany with the intent of picking up the Shamballa energy and Hitler beat them to it. These disciples were thus caught with their pants down and found themselves in a horrifying situation. Stauffenberg and Rommel were two disciples in on a plot to remove Hitler and were themselves killed along with 5000 of the greatest lights of Germany when the plot was uncovered. Some were strung up with piano wire and their death put on film to show the other German troops the fate of traitors.

I do not expect readers to believe any of my words just because I say them, but I feel that some could be of great assistance and whatever proof they need is available if answers are sought from the Inner Christ.

I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers. – Khalil Gibran

Dec 2, 2008

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