Detecting Hierarchies

Detecting Hierarchies

I have made a few brief comments about Hierarchies and have received several comments back indicating that the enlightened way to believe is that there should be no hierarchies.

I can understand this way of thinking if when I say “hierarchy” that the Piscean age authoritarian view comes to mind. One of the great causes I personally espouse in my own life is to eliminate the slavery that the old-style hierarchies create.

On the other hand, another word for hierarchy is “order.” Order is only created by a hierarchy of some kind, subtle or otherwise. Therefore, if one is against hierarchies period, one is also against order. Without order no permanent change, good or bad, will happen. The only change of sorts would be disintegration.

There are hierarchies, or orders, of darkness and those of light. The basic difference is this:

In the hierarchy of darkness there is a very structured order that the individual cannot deviate from. If he does, he is eliminated either by death (if possible) or cast out. The leaders in this hierarchy seek to be served and to receive praise whether they deserve it or not. The leaders often see themselves as better than their brothers and sisters, and as the center of their universe, and feel that they have some divine right to force their will upon others because their will is somehow better.

This hierarchy does not allow questioning unless they are in some position that forces this. They often rely on mysteries that no one can explain to keep people in the dark and deceived.

They may teach free will but they will do everything in their power to discourage it. They rely on illusion. They project the illusion that they are better, more powerful, more virtuous than the rest of us, but in reality they are about average people.

They obtain their position, not by the free will of their group, but either in seizing it by force of deception.

The hierarchy of light is quite different. They obtain their position through the power of election. This is the true meaning of the teachings of Christ about the “gathering of the elect.”

This hierarchy does not force its will on the group. If anything, the group forces its will on the leader making the leader the “greatest servant.” All leaders are chosen by the group as a servant to help them in their chosen goals. The leaders see themselves as servants and seek not to be served for the ego’s sake. They see themselves as one with their brothers and are willing to do the most menial work of the group if necessary.

The leaders of the Brotherhood of Light can and will initiate, but there is complete free will whether or not one is to follow. The only punishment for not following is like those who did not help the little red hen. They will not share in the benefits.

Any time a leader is not doing his job he can be voted out and there is no fear of reprisal.

The order in this light hierarchy is not so tight, but allows and encourages individual thinking.

The leaders allow any question and will answer them to the best of their ability, unless the answer would create some harm. Everything is out in the open and done in the light of day with no deception.

The greatest advancement we have had toward a hierarchy of light is the creation of the Constitution of the United States. Unfortunately, a lot of deception and manipulation has crept in, but still the power of election has created much more freedom than the world had in the “Dark Ages.”

In the future there will be hierarchies based on cooperation rather than competition and the freedom of the individual will be great, but the other benefit is that the abundance of the many will overflow.

Those who are against hierarchies answer me this one question. Where has there ever been an accomplishment in the history of the planet that has benefited the world where there has not been some type of hierarchy involved? If you cannot name one then how can you say that having no hierarchy is good?

The subject of hierarchies within atoms and molecules came up again. Just because they look the same from a distance means nothing. From a distance every one of our McDonalds looks the same, but they are governed by a very strong hierarchical structure. In fact, THE ONLY WAY that each McDonalds has the power to keep its uniformity is through hierarchy. This is also the only way the atomic world keeps its order.

If you look through a powerful electron microscope you will discover that the atoms always gravitate into hierarchical orders of various numbers, such as three and then often twelve. Other times there will be a leading atom at the center of a circle of fellow atoms. Atoms, electrons, protons may seem the same, but they are not. Atoms of the same element all have approximately the same charge, but not exactly. One will always draw or repel the other because of its differentiating charge. Atoms of different elements have very different charges. One will have power to pull or repel and the other will be unable to resist that pull or repulsion.

In any atomic order there is always an initiating atom or molecule. This atom will be the head of its particular order. The others are the same because they are following a leader, just like McDonalds does.

In fact, the order in the atomic world is much greater than that among humans because their hierarchies are much more developed and refined. This relative perfection which has been achieved makes any hierarchical activity minimal and difficult to detect.

A reader accuses me of lacking in love and placing too much emphasis on the mind.

You ask me where love fits in? Reading between the lines here it sounds if as you are crying out for more love in your own life. I speak sincerely, not sarcastically. You seem to have a strong need for me to express it toward you almost as if you have some link with me in a past life. Do you feel anything in that direction?

Perhaps more has been written about love than any other subject. I will be writing about it off and on, but at the present I feel that it would be of most benefit to emphasize the keys. Actually love is at the center of all the keys because they open the door for greater love and union.

The feeling of love is not related to another person by merely speaking and theorizing about it. Nor is love entirely emotional. You have heard of “loving thoughts” have you not? How about loving actions? Some of the people who talk most about love communicate it the least.

You say you have felt no love in my words. Others would disagree. I have received many good reports on my parables. Some have said that they brought them to a point of tears because of the love in them, yet the word love is generally not mentioned. Some have said my writings have changed their lives.

Love was felt in the parables because love was behind the writing of them. Did you not feel that my brother?

True service is love in action and the true servers of humanity are love incarnate.

Because one incorporates mind in his makeup as well as emotion does not mean that he has pushed love aside. If he stays on the path of light then he greatly increases his power to serve, to enhance and free up the love energy. Body, mind and emotion are all vehicles for love to express itself. Mind has even greater power to give love than emotion because Mind was before emotion and has the power of decision over emotion. Emotion can influence mind and mind can influence emotion, but mind has the final say on any decision. That’s why we say “make up your mind,” and not “make up your feelings.”

Mind on the dark path becomes the dictator of emotion. But mind on the path of light becomes the liberator of feelings in denial. Suppressed emotions cannot free themselves. The mind must free them. On the other hand, mind is captive to illusion and cannot free itself. It is at the mercy of Spirit to free it.

Your posting is a strange mixture of words. I know you are a disciple of “The Right Use of Will” books. They contain some great truths, especially the teachings on denial and the fact that we should express our true feelings with no denial no matter what they are.

The ironical thing is you seem to be telling me that my feelings are not true and that I should express something else. That is not what your teacher teaches to do.

I think it would help you to read some other metaphysical books like “A Course in Miracles” or “Seth,” and get a little balance in your life.

You say I resist you and distance myself from you. Could it be the other way around? Could you be the one resisting me and distancing yourself? If feel no resistance or distancing within me. I am here for you my brother as much as I am able.

You tell me that I am playing the same cosmic tapes over and over. Why don’t you tell me of a new cosmic tape then? You think I need to learn about love. Teach me something about it. You want me to learn from you. How can I unless you say something I do not know or demonstrate something I do not have? It would be nice if you were to spend as much time sharing love and knowledge as you do criticizing.

You say there is no heart vibration in my words. I say there is. What my words do lack is solar plexus vibration which turns the heart energies upside down and deceives the whole world. Those who have felt the true energies of spiritual love from the heart will feel spirit in my words when I teach. I’m not sure how much they will feel when I am answering criticism such as now, but when I teach, they feel it. I wish you could feel it my brother, because I know from experience the spirit of love is in the teachings I relate.

“The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.” — Robert Frost

Dec 10, 2008

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