Imperfect Initiates

Imperfect Initiates

There has been speculation that Barack Obama may be an initiate so I thought I would make a few comments. Identifying initiates is a tricky thing. For one thing, many expect an initiate to be near perfect, or at least have a similar belief system to themselves. In the past I have identified George W. Bush as a second degree initiate, and some who dislike Bush thought that this just couldn’t be.

Why did they think this?

Most likely because they strongly disagreed with Bush.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. First and second degree initiates are still subject to illusion, and therefore will often strongly agree with each other as well as many non initiates.

These initiates will work in all fields of endeavor and will often promote things that you or I may find repulsive. There are initiates who strongly believe in communism, socialism, free enterprise and some close to anarchy.

The reason the first and second initiates are so diverse is they have not yet mastered illusion and are unable to see all the flaws in their foundation beliefs.

They have, however, reached the stage where they tend to follow the highest they know.

I use the word “tend” rather than giving an absolute because a handful of initiates get frustrated with their slow progress and leave the highest they know behind and gravitate toward the selfish side. As they progress and learn they see through much illusion so unlike average selfish people they pursue selfishness knowingly.

Both selfish and unselfish second-degree initiates eventually reach a point of realization where they are able to make the great choice. They are able to make this choice because they see the two paths in front of them.

One path leads to spiritual light, love and unselfish service.

The other leads to lower light, self-love and selfish service. The wayward one sees that this produces more immediate and easier to attain results.

The first path leads to oneness with Christ and the Brotherhood of Light. The second leads to associations with the brothers of darkness.

Only a third degree initiate or higher who has seen the two paths and chosen correctly can be trusted by the Brotherhood of Light. Lower initiates, even though they be of pure intent, can still be sidetracked by illusion and for a period of time promote the cause of darkness rather than light.

As a whole those who have attained the third degree or higher will sense the Oneness Principle and will rarely disagree, especially where principles are involved. When a principle enters the communication two third degree initiates will see the core of it in a similar fashion though they may disagree in the working out of the details and minutia.

That said let us ponder again on the status of Obama.

An initiate is one who initiates. An initiate for the light initiates things that bring greater freedom and light. An initiate for the dark side initiates works that bring less freedom for the whole.

Has Obama initiated anything? As far as a work of some kind he has done very little and I see no qualifying thing here. (written in 2008 right after the election) He says he will hit the ground running as soon as he takes office and make many changes. Let us see if he creates a work of lasting value that brings greater freedom.

On the other hand, aside from a lack of work he has initiated, a thing of importance was accomplished by being the first black man elected President. In doing this he has set an example for his race which may give them a greater faith in their own accomplishments and bring greater freedom for them.

I would guess that Obama is a second degree initiate around the same level as Bush. The difference in the two is that they both have different illusions in their foundation beliefs, giving them both much different world views.

Even so, I will tell you this. When the two men meet and work out the transfer of power they have and will both feel a rapport with each other. It will feel like they are both part of a brotherhood, but the feeling will not make sense to them, especially to Obama who wants to dislike Bush. Obama will go away from those meetings liking Bush more than he wants to.

Now if they were both third degree initiates they would have more than a sense of brotherhood, but a knowledge. In private they would embrace as brothers and see eye-to-eye on the direction the nation must take.

As an initiate Obama is in a dangerous position as a believer in sharing the wealth by force of law. If he is to choose the path of light, when he arrives at that point, he must work to expand rather than to contract the freedom for the whole. Assisting the black race is not enough, the third-degree initiate must seek the welfare and greater freedom for the whole.

In about two years from now (maybe sooner) we should have a pretty good idea if he will be making additional progress toward the light.

On another  subject a reader says I am working on the assumption that “the spiritual essence has no form.” Not so.

I recognize the form of the spiritual essence as I understand you as defining it.

When you describe the egg shape you seem to be describing the shape of the astral body which circulates around us. Is this correct?

This is the second world of form. Still higher is the mental world. Then there are the four formless above that. Even there we have wombs of circulating energy ready to give birth to words of form.

All the seven worlds have either form or a correspondence to form and thus are filled with vibration. All vibration has a beginning and end.

But what is it that is vibrating? That is the eternal part of ourselves because it truly has no form and is not influenced by time.

To overcome death one does not continue existence in one single form. This would eventually cause retrogression. To overcome death one must learn to still the vibration and go back to our source and then recreate a body (the “Mayavirupa”) by creating the necessary vibration.

The vehicles of human awareness have form, but the power behind the awareness does not and is eternal.

On the other hand, the way you now think, feel and believe will not exist in the far future, but that which causes them will.

A reader mentions forces that are “glue” that hold our bodies together. These forces are basically earthly prana directed by soul energy and is not claimed by me to be eternal or responsible for awareness.

Awareness as we know it is caused by our perception through our vehicles. If we lose our physical body our attention is shifted and our awareness changes. Some people lose most of their awareness because of the strong identity with the body, others have an enhanced awareness because they can let go and adapt to the new circumstances. We are not rendered “something else” any more than falling in love makes us something else. An experience of different energies alters us but does not make us something else. It only seems that way.

“Will” is still an illusion, albeit a very high one and is created by Purpose. Purpose creates awareness; therefore, awareness does have a strong link with the Eternal. Awareness is created and recreated eternally by the eternal ray of Purpose making you an eternal being.

Our “will power” and “intent” can prolong life, but has nothing to do with immortality. The Great Initiator created the power of the wavelength that multiplied itself creating the Illusion that the Creator divided itself. To find immortality we must unite with the other parts of ourselves and tap into the creative Ray of Purpose.

I agree that time is different in the various worlds of vibration, but maintain that it does not exist when Purpose is found, because there is no vibration to cause time or beginning or end. There is only “Eternal Now.”

In response to a comment suggesting there were good and bad rays I said this:

The rays are neither good or evil but all work toward the dominating good. Good dominates because there is intelligence dispersed throughout the universe and intelligence eventually sees the correct path and chooses to follow it. As long as intelligence exists in the world of form, good will dominate. Of course there will be temporary pockets and cycles where evil or error will dominate, but intelligence will eventually see the error and correct it.

Nov 14, 2008

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