Hierarchy and Unity

Hierarchy and Unity

A reader had some criticism of my post on Hierarchy thinking that I was in support of some singular physical leader who dictates orders.

I never talked about a hierarchy with a single physical leader. However, it is true that the hierarchy of light does have a single leader. This is the Holy Spirit. The reason the hierarchy of light is one is because they all receive confirmation from this single source. Without this confirmation oneness is only achieved by force, fear or deception as with the dark hierarchy. Yes, I agree with you the darkness is a necessary part of the program.

There is no physical hierarchy in the human kingdom today that achieves oneness through the Holy Spirit. The difficult thing, however, is that hierarchies are necessary to accomplish anything of note. It doesn’t matter whether the dominate force is male or female. You never gave me an example of an accomplishment done with no hierarchies that benefited the world.

You mention the [American] Indians, but all Indian tribes had Hierarchies. You have heard of Chiefs and medicine men haven’t you? You have thousands of books with proven historical events to examine and cannot find me an example of your belief. I’m sure there will be none. The reason? Hierarchy is a prerequisite to order in our past and foreseeable future.

In the hierarchy of light, one is not “better” than another. The leaders do not force. They are true servants. In the dark hierarchies the problem is that the leaders control the people. In the light hierarchies the problem is reversed. The leaders, not the people are the servants and the people try and control the leaders. The servants are always the ones who are in danger of too much control because those being served always want the service enhanced and continued.

You seem to have a strong resistance to the possibility that anyone can teach you or lead you. Is this correct? If it is why do you feel that way?

Concerning the atomic world what makes you think there is not a dominate atom or molecule in the various atomic orders? You have no proof of that. On the other hand, I do have proof based on the law of correspondences. As above so below, as below so above. This is a basic metaphysical principle, but you won’t learn it in chemistry class. McDonalds will have a correspondence in the atomic world and the principles that govern will be similar, but not exactly the same. All things in macrocosm have a correspondence in the microcosm.

You accuse me of being very black and white yet you are the one who teaches the one way to salvation: “through the heart only.” I’m the one that teaches that mind and heart are two parts of a greater whole and both have necessary doors to take us back home. Who is really black and white here?

Love is bigger than the heart only. Love permeates mind, heart, solar plexus and even the body. You are limiting the power of love to a small part of ourselves. Love embraces the whole person, even the mind if we allow it. The whispers of Love can come through both the heart and mind, and the intuition is only correctly perceived when heart and mind have been balanced. Without balance great deception will be present.

Another reader expressed perplexity that intelligent seekers can be so diverse in what   they see as truth. She wonders why there is not more unity among the spiritual seekers.

There are three reasons for this problem.

First, few people in the public arena have passed the third initiation where illusion is dispelled. All who have not achieved this will still cling to their foundation beliefs which have illusion or untruth within them. Such people are unwilling to let them go unless the truth hits them over the head with great force so it is undeniable.

Therefore, you can have two advanced people teach inspiring material yet in certain core areas the following can happen:

[1] They both can disagree on core issues and each be wrong.

[2] They can disagree on core issues and one be right and the other be wrong.

[3] They cannot both be right and disagree.

Secondly, two people of equal advancement can be polarized in the right or left brain, or the emotions or mind. Those who are polarized in the emotions see solutions that feel right as being right. Those polarized in the mind see solutions that make sense as being right, even if they may not feel right.

The Republicans are basically left-brained and the Democrats right-brained.

These two individuals may fiercely disagree and argue, even if their spiritual evolution is similar.

The true disciple who has transcended illusion will balance the two energies and weight the tug from both feelings and mind. Then he will use the Second Key of Judgement.

Both of the above two individuals will argue with him from time to time and see him as in error.

A major problem the Brotherhood of Light is working on at present is moving the polarization of the world from the emotional base of the Piscean Age to the mental perspective of the Aquarian Age.

A third cause of the problem is focus. Many teachers are narrowly focused on areas of importance to them and they are not rounded off with information about opposing belief systems and thus do not know their reasons for the belief and action of others. These will often criticize that which is not deserving of criticism setting off a no-win disagreement.

“By faithfully working eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.” — Robert Frost

Dec 4, 2008

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