Ten Horns Revealed

Nov 24 1998

Ten Horns Revealed

Rick was close enough that we will just list the ten. One way to interpret this is that the ten divisions of the world are the ten horns and the ten divisions of religions are the ten crowns. The churches and temples are like crowns upon the land.

Note that the division of the world is more along the lines of consciousness than strictly on boundaries.

The Ten Horns:

(1) North America

(2) Central and South America

(3) The United Kingdom—Includes Australia & New Zealand

(4) Europe

(5) Russia and neighboring countries

(6) Africa

(7) India

(8) China and Taiwan

(9) Japan and Korea

(10) The Middle East.

The Ten Religions or crowns are:

(1) The Roman Catholic Church

(2) The Eastern Orthodox Church

(3) The Protestant religions Includes the Mormons even though they claim not to be protesting.

(4) Judaism

(5) Islam

(6) Shinto,

(7) Taoism

(8) Confucian

(9) Buddhist

(10) Hindu.

Atheism and the New Age are not religions in the Piscean sense. For instance, they have no churches or temples and what religion there is among New Agers is often closely aligned with Buddhism.

These ten religions account for about 99% of the church affiliations in the entire world.

Thus we have then ten horns and ten crowns who have given life to the beast even in our modern times.

Now for one more question and we will be done with verse one!

We are told that on his heads are the names of blasphemy. The King James says “name” but most modern versions correctly translate this as “names.”

What are the blasphemous names on the heads of the beast?

Nov 24 1998

Finding the Beast

I would like to point us in the right direction in looking for the beast here. Because all the religions have told us that this beast will surface at the end of time and be so evil that Hitler will look like Snow White. We tend to look at the bad things going on around us and figure that must be because of the beast.

The power of the beast is much subtler than that and sometimes when the power of the beast is diminished things will seem to get worse.

For instance: When The Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall fell, the power of the beast (unquestioned authority) was greatly diminished. Because the power of the beast was so strong there before the fall, the power of decision was diminished and the power of the people to do either good or evil was low.

But when the people were granted the power to question the Beast and the power of freedom was greater, crime and many negative things actually increased. This is a normal result of an increase in freedom. An increase of freedom brings an increase of both good and evil for a period of time, but then as people solve their problems the evil is brought under control.

Believe me the US Constitution was not brought about by sitting around and talking about peaceful things. The friction was so great that they almost came to blows and some thought nothing could ever come out of so much fighting.

What is more evil than crime, immorality, corruption, bickering etc. is the controlling use of subtle authority that removes our power of Decision so we do not even recognize the enemy and no longer “know good and evil.”

So in looking for the beast in Politics or anything else we do not look at all the normal things that infuriate us about it, but we look at where the control is.

What could a good conservative or liberal do to help the country that would bring the wrath of his party down on him?

Nov 24 1998


Garrett Wrote:

J.J. Dewey posted:

“…One way to interpret this is that the ten divisions of the world are the ten horns and the ten divisions of religions are the ten crowns. The churches and temples are like crowns upon the land.”

“And now a quote from The Immortal (page 234): ‘So did Jesus or Joshua as you call him live the 1000 lives?” “At least that many,” said John. “I indicated this in my Book of Revelations Chapter 19 verse 12. I stated that on the head of Christ were many crowns. Tell me: how do you suppose Christ received many crowns when he is only recorded as living to the age of 33?” “Could the many crowns have something to do with many lifetimes?” I asked. “Correct,” he said. “Each crown here represents a life where a great victory was achieved…

“J.J.’s revelation on the symbolic meaning of the ten crowns on the beast in Chapter 13 verse 1 from the Book of Revelations does not seem to mesh with Chapter 19 verse 12, which is revealed in The Immortal, on page 234.”

Excellent question.

A crown represents an achievement or victory. The crowns on the head of Jesus represents past lives where there was great achievement.

However in the eyes of those who are deceived by the beast the churches themselves are more important than the teachings of the great men who founded them and represent crowns of achievement and glory to them. In addition remember that there are several levels of interpretation to each symbol in this book.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Recognizing The Beast

23 Nov 1998

Recognizing The Beast

How to Recognize the Beast

You have given some good answers about the beast (blind authority) in our schools. However, some have pointed out the effects and symptoms of the beast rather than the beast itself.

Blind authority is administered through government organizations, unions, teacher organizations, textbooks, school administrators, principles and even the teachers themselves. Remember the beast is a power rather than a simple object we can point out with black and white certainty. This blind authority is a shape shifter moving from place to place. You have to learn to recognize it and then be eternally vigilant to rise above it.

Here is how to find where the beast is raising its ugly head. First realize that a just set of rules or laws is not necessarily from the beast. A certain amount of rules and laws are necessary. Order and stability in society demand that we respect all laws and rules supported by an informed majority. But you can spot the beast when you operate within those laws and rules and still get in trouble. Observe how the line of authority is administered and you can then run down the workings of the beast.

The Student

He is told by the teacher that he is supposed to be learning, be creative and use common sense.

So for political science class he writes a paper presenting a totally different view than his teacher has. He has followed the rules and was creative, did good research and all his facts are reliable, but the teacher gives him a D and refuses to discuss the merits of the paper.

The Teacher

A certain teacher teaches everything required by the rules, but goes the extra mile and also teaches some Phonics which is not the standard authorized method but it seems to work better than anything else available.

He is then called in by administration and told to cool it if he wants to keep his job.

Next this same rebel teacher publishes a letter in the local paper stating how he supports competency testing for teachers. He does not name names but presents several examples of incompetence in the school where he works.

From that point on he is treated very coldly by all authorities over him (and some teachers) and is passed up for promotion and even has some trumped up charges brought against him.

A School Administrator

Bob, a fair-minded authority figure decides he wants to do more to help the kids so he works for a proposal to cut administrative costs by one percent and give the money to teachers so they can have a good miscellaneous account to buy badly needed materials for kids. He realizes that the average teacher only has about $60 a year to spend on the kids whereas administration wastes thousands on expensive conventions, travel and entertainment. He thinks that his group should be able to sacrifice a little for the greater good they claim to support.

He is aghast when he is called in by superiors and told to lay low here and not upset the apple cart. Sure the kids could use a miscellaneous account but that can be handled through a tax increase. Administration needs every dime it can get and more. He now realizes that if he does not play ball he will never move up the ladder and may even lose his job.

The Parents

This is a true story I saw on TV a while back. A school was in desperate need of a ball field and the school was low on funds so the parents in the district got together and built one with their own funds.

However, school authorities told the parents that no one could use the ball field unless they built a second one because if the school has a ball field at all it must have two, one for girls and one for boys. There must be equal opportunity, even though the girls weren’t bothered if they had one just for them. Consequently the ball field gathered dust because the school was threatened with lawsuits if it was used at all.

Sad isn’t it, but that’s the way the beast works. All seems well as long as you play along, but when you disturb the power of the beast you then find where his presence is.

Next Question:

Where is the power of the beast manifest in Politics? We won’t pick on one party here over the other. For the sake of this discussion we’ll talk about politics in general.

24 Nov 1998

2nd Horn

No one seems to be taking a stab at the Ten Horns so I will give a second horn. On the Physical level the first horn is North America and the second is South and Central America. These are two divisions in consciousness on the planet that rule with the beast for “one hour.” What are the other eight?

On the spiritual level the first is the Roman Catholic Church and the second is the Protestant and related Christian churches. Again, what are the other eight?

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The Seven Heads

22 Nov 1998

The Seven Heads

A mountain symbolizes many things in various writings. The lifting up of consciousness is one common interpretation.

However on the basic level in Bible interpretation a mountain stands for a kingdom. Thus the “mountain of the Lord” is a symbol of the kingdom of God.

The fact that the beast has seven heads symbolizes seven world kingdoms from the viewpoint of the Biblical writers.

Glenys hit the nail on the head by naming six of the seven heads; they are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia (Includes the Medes), Greece and Rome. However, this is not new. Some astute Bible scholars have guessed that these may be six of the heads. Nevertheless Glenys is to be praised for digging it up. The seventh head is what baffles them. Many think the seventh head will be a great world dictatorship that will be controlled by the UN or something like that.

Actually the beast has never been without an active head. After the fall of Rome the seventh head became active, but instead of one kingdom representing a head the many authority figures of the world under numerous kingdoms became as one head and still is. This idea will seem very fitting as we continue.

Verse one continues by saying there are ten horns and ten crowns on the beast. What could they be?

Hint: These are prominent on the seventh head.

22 Nov 1998

Ten Horns

Let’s continue with the “ten horns and ten crowns.” These exist in the seventh and final head of this period. Within this seventh head or kingdom there are ten divisions that John saw as ten kingdoms. Additionally it is written:

“And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him [are] called, and chosen, and faithful.” Rev 17:12-14

Notice that in the past the beast always overcame the saints (or lights of the earth), but now the ten horns of the beast shall be overcome by the Christ Consciousness.

Some of the most astute Bible scholars think the ten horns represent Ten European nations who will combine to make one superpower from which the beast will emerge. The trouble is that these do not correspond closely to the scriptures including the fact that there are now eleven members. (Note: As of June, 2016 there were 28 member nations)

The ten horns are dual which duality has a correspondence to the two horns of the second beast. The first part of the duality are ten divisions of political thought and consciousness on the earth. If we consider the world instead of just the part, the first one is North America. What are the other nine? The second aspect is the spiritual divisions. As a hint, one of these is the Roman Catholic Church. What are the other nine? These are called kingdoms as seen by John because of the subtle use of authority. They can still herd us as animals just as much as the kings of old did.

22 Nov 1998


I’m sure we all found Ruth’s letter very interesting. The fact that she had such an encounter with dark forces indicates that she is a “light worker” and on the verge of an expansion of usefulness in the field of service.

I would advise her to put full attention on the positive aspects of the spiritual work as if negativity does not exist, yet be prepared as if it does.

She was chanting: havara havara havara havarum

This is not part of a language as we understand language, but is a part of a method of invocation understood by some of the ancients. She probably retrieved this from a past life memory as it was one of the best phrases from all her past to use to call upon the power of God for help.

Havara basically invokes “God the Father” and Havarum is a symbol of the Trinity. There is more to this but the full details are a part of the final set of keys.

There is also a Hebrew phrase Seudat Havra’ah which was intoned for condolence at funerals that could have some link to a past life memory.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Beast in Our Lives

Nov 22, 1998

The Beast in Our Lives

The last question was: “What other areas besides religion is the beast at work? Give an example where the beast is in control.” The answers so far are: morality, the media, schools and taxes.

It is true the beast controls all these categories, but this is not really what we are looking for. Since the beast controls all categories you can’t be totally wrong here. More exactly, what we are looking for is how and where the beast pulls the levels of control. Remember, in religion the sources of black and white authority are the ministers, leaders and the Bible.

So let us pick the category mentioned by LeLona – the media. How does the beast work through it? Before we continue here, keep in mind that uniformity of philosophy, thought or teaching is not the object of the beast. The object is unquestioning acceptance to whatever is presented.

In religion we have many different teachings presented through numerous teachers, but all are successfully controlled by the same beast. Control is the prime objective, even if the teaching is good. If the Dark Ones can control you and take away your thinking process with good things, then they can also manipulate you with selfishness when the opportunity arises.

So it is with the media. It doesn’t matter if the person telling you what is the truth are conservative or liberal, right or left, for the beast seeks to control both sides. If an authority anchor on the left reports with a frown on his face: “Ken Starr has been leaking right and left from the beginning…” and you are anchored in the left (and respect the anchor), and you believe this without even thinking about it, then you are controlled by the beast. Similarly if a conservative media talk show host says: “Ken Starr has never leaked anything and has never broken any law…” and this media person is an object of your great respect, and you believe what he says without thinking it through, then you are a part of the beast.

What is the attitude of one who is free from the beast? No matter what the source is, even if it is an angel of God, the person will at least use his mind to sift out the true from the false. Then to completely escape the beast, he must run his mental perceptions by his soul. This final act is the only way to know for sure he is free from the control of the beast.

Escape from the beast is a very subtle thing because most people believe they are thinking things through when they are not. For instance, most people in a tightly controlled religion believe they do think for themselves even though one in their group will believe exactly like the other—not because of soul contact, but because of the master handbook of the church doctrine.

Curtis and I at least met an honest church member a while back. When asked what he thought on a point of doctrine he replied: “I don’t know. I’ll check with my minister and find out what I think about it.” This is the exact procedure the beast wants you to follow. Check with your authority and find out what you think.

We do get some truth along with falsehood through the beast, but that doesn’t matter. You can’t really appreciate the truth until you can verify it with your heart, mind and soul. Then and only then can you apply the truth to an area of real good.

The chain within the beast starts like this. You accept an anchor person as being correct without checking facts or thinking things through. Another thing few do is examine what was NOT reported. Perhaps there are other important facts that are left out of the report. The anchor senses that many people do this and this gives him a sense of power.

He discovers he can influence listeners toward his own belief system by a certain manner of presenting (or leaving out) his “true facts.”

He can relate certain influences while still maintaining he is objective: he sways his listeners by the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes and his ordering and selection of the material.

The belief system that he subtly tries to pawn off on you was received by him from some other authority. It could have been a college teacher, a religion or the group approval of colleagues that he has coffee with. The anchor thus cooperates with the beast because he seeks to pass the authority he has received on to you—with the premise that he is being objective and not trying to influence you.

The true power of the beast lies in making you think you are not being manipulated when you are totally manipulated.

As we get into Revelations chapter thirteen and learn more about the beast, the number, the mark etc. this power of authority will make more and more sense. In the meantime, how do you see the beast using his authority in our educational system? Where and how is the unthinking authority filtered through and hindering, rather than helping, education?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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What is the Beast?

This entry is part 28 of 57 in the series Mysteries

Question Twenty-Nine

What Is the Beast?

For thousands of years believers have been asking this question and coming up wit all kinds of answers.  Many books have been written on this subject alone.  I have also written quite a bit on it myself, but since I want to keep these chapters short I’ll just cover the subject briefly and refer readers who want to know more to my other writings.

So, what are the common ideas on what the Beast is?  Here are a few.

(1) A dictator worse than Hitler that shall arise and control the world.

(2) An evil one-world government headed up by the European Union, or some other country.

(3) The Internet.

(4) Some evil business group

(5) The Muslims, Mormons, Catholics, Jews or even a new age religion.

(6) International bankers

There is one giant clue given in the Bible that eliminates all of these guesses.  Most are aware that the Beast is an antichrist, often called the antichrist.

“And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” I John 4:3

“…even now are there many antichrists.” I John 2:18

So the antichrist, or the Beast was already in the world 2000 years ago. Could it have been here even longer?  Perhaps so, for here is what we are told of the system ruled by the Beast:

“And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of ALL that were slain upon the earth.” Rev 18:24

So all the prophets and saints who lived even thousands of years before Jesus were slain by the beast.  What in the world could this beast be that has always been here fighting against the saints and taking away lives and freedom?

Paul gives us a clue in a famous scripture usually linked to the antichrist:

We are told he “opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.” II Thess 2:4

Most Christians suppose the temple here will be a building but there is another interpretation given by Paul:

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” I Cor 3:16-17

So then the temple of God can be the physical body. Keeping this in mind the antichrist or beast could be just a human in a physical body representing himself as speaking for God.  In other words, this guy’s words are to be seen as God’s words.

That said, I will now summarize what the beast is and you will see that he has indeed been here on earth for thousands of years. This will make even more sense after we cover the mark of the beast and the mysterious number 666.

The beast represents a man or woman, any human being, who replaces the voice and authority of God with his own.  In other words, it is a false outer god that replaces that inner voice which is within.  After all, Jesus said,  “the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

If the Kingdom of God is within us then so is God, or the Spirit of God. We are supposed to look within for verification of knowledge, but when a person comes along and demands we follow his words blindly without understanding then he has replaced the true God, setting himself up as a false god.

The beast represents unearned authority throughout the world and there are thousands of people who are agents of this false authority. Many of them work through various religions and cults but the beast is not limited to spiritual matters.  Unearned and unjust outer authority that tells us what to think is found in all departments of life.  We find them in politics, education, science, medicine, the arts, many businesses and organizations.  When a member challenges this beastly authority he is attacked and ostracized from the system.

These powerful unjust authorities that take the place of the inner voice were here in the days of Jesus and from the beginning of civilized society. Just about all of us have the mark of the beast now, as we shall see.

Copyright by J J Dewey 2014

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Keys Posts 2012, Part 16

This entry is part 29 of 40 in the series 2012A

June 14, 2012

Question on the fate of the universe

Tom When you say God has to let the old universe go…does that mean it will all go back to a point known as the BIG CRUNCH? and no longer expand, but come back on itself and die out…then GOD creates a new universe?

JJ Essentially, yes. The universe will eventually die and matter will return to spirit for billions of years of pralaya. Then a new universe will be born slightly more complex than this one.


June 16, 2012

Rehash of DK?

Ruth: No I do not agree that much of what JJ teaches is a rehash of DK and others.

JJ I’m glad you see it that way because I have gone out of my way to insure that the teachings I present are not a rehash or merely a rewording of something already presented. I think Larry realizes this and if his point is that many of the components of my teachings have been presented in some form in the past then this is true to a degree. However, probably the only thing I have taught that could be considered a real rehash would be my classes on White Magic which did indeed elaborate on DK’s book.

On the other hand, most of my teachings either present new material or new light on old principles. For instance, the Keys of Knowledge presented in the Immortal series along with other teachings there are not found anywhere else. Then no one wrote about the Molecular Relationship before me. In fact I had to invent the phrase to even intelligently talk about it.

In the Gathering of lights I present the gathering as a principle behind evolution, something no one did before me that I know of.

I was the first, about 40 years ago, to write a whole book proving reincarnation from the scriptures. Since then many others have used my ideas and references.

The Gods of the Bible presents the idea that man and God are one with a thoroughness from the Bible and the Hebrew in a way that has not been done before.

My new book, The Unveiling, gives a totally different interpretation of Revelation that nothing else out there even resembles.

Then, if you go through the archives and pick any article the chances are you will find no other teacher, past or present, saying the same thing. I might add though sometimes I have explained esoteric teachings of the past for the purpose of bringing students up to speed with concepts often discussed in metaphysical circles. These could be considered a rehash though there are not a lot of posts dealing with this.

As far as facts that are used in many of my writings – yes many of them are used by others and where pertinent I reference where they came from. but facts are much different than a picture painted though the grouping of many facts and ideas. Einstein used many facts readily available when he presented the theory of Relativity, but that did not diminish the value of the new picture he presented.


June 26, 2012

Negating the Beast

Maryellen: Aren’t we all sick of hearing how this one channels Seth or Ramtha or whoever? I got SO sick of hearing everyone say they were channeling someone, it brought me to a place where I couldn’t read another channeled book. Then suddenly JJ’s first book just appeared on my computer screen and I’ve been here ever since.

JJ Fist let me note that I took some time off after the gathering but am now back. We had a great gathering and another fine group of people.

Have you noticed, as Maryellen has, that most of the spiritual teachers of this generation have called upon the authority of the Beast to support their words? Here are some of the ways:

(1) I am channeling this great entity therefore you need to believe my words because they are not mine but are from a Master or great Spirit.

(2) I am the reincarnation of ___ therefore if you reject me you would have rejected ___. You need to believe me without question.

(3) I have been visited by the great being who is ____. Therefore you need to believe me or you will be cursed.

More could probably be listed, but you get the idea.

One of my most important missions is to expose the source and power of the Beast and the means to destroy it. Therefore, the fewer claims I make the better for it gives readers the complete freedom to reject anything I say and not have any guilt from the possibility of offending God or some great being.

Many there are who have merely done a good job of creating writing and claimed to channel someone who was a figment of their imagination or lay claim to an experience that never happened. The writings of The Teaching of the Masters of the Far East is one example. It is said that Spaulding never even wet to India but had a good knowledge of metaphysical principles and wrote them in story form – but instead of stating they were fiction he published them as a true account. This has happened many times and it causes numerous seekers to not question any of the teachings – some of which are not true.

Jesus said the path to the Kingdom of God is narrow and few there be that find it. Few find it because they are distracted by the need for the authority of the Beast. Many want to know for sure if my account of John is 100% true or false so they can either cling to him as a Beast or seek another Beast.

As it is, the acceptance of all the teachings through me are left up to the readers own soul. Progress is slow at present for “few” can handle this path but the numbers will grow during the Aquarian Age.


June 27, 2012

Re: Negating the Beast

Dean: Well as Ruth references you have said you are the reincarnation of a friend of john, of someone planning Hitler’s assassination.

JJ Stauffenberg was not a person of any spiritual authority and a virtual historical unknown when I made mention of him.

Dean: In your books you make reference to people in the past who you were a reincarnation of that did significant things.

JJ This was in a book of fiction with no authority attached and no historical figure that I was a reincarnation of was even named.

Dean: You have wrote in your book how a great entity of light went into your body and overshadowed you.

JJ Again, this was in a book labeled fiction with no authority attached. It may or may not be true.

Dean: That all the dark forces were attacking you. All this people on the list from reading your book, have taken this all seriously. I can tell by reading the posts.

JJ So dark forces attacking you makes you a beastly figure? Wow. A number of people on the list have recounted a number of attacks. Do you view them the same way???

Dean: And you claiming that you are the disciple of john in your book.

JJ You’re making things up. I make no such claim. Making a statement in a fiction book is not making any claim. The only claim is the actual teachings are true as far as my ability to discern and teach it is concerned.

Dean: I don’t think you are that much different in this way JJ. To the others claiming something. Like at our number 3. lol.

JJ I doubt if anyone but you will be stretching his imagination that much to make such a wild connection.

We covered this subject thoroughly in the past and I do not like to repeat myself so I do not know why you keep bring up your grudge on the way I have presented teachings in the Immortal books. Your grudge is duly noted and yet I proceed on the highest I know.


June 29, 2012

Fabulous if True

Maryellen: This is SO fabulous if true! And what a great example of the means justifying the end! Hats off to Roberts!!!!!!!

Interesting point of view. Worth the time to read.

http://www.ijreview.com/2012/06/9398-why-chief-justice-roberts-made-the-right-lo\ ng-term-decision-with-obamacare/

JJ It’s not as promising as the article says. He writes:

“His ruling means Congress can’t compel American citizens to purchase anything. Ever. The notion is now officially and forever, unconstitutional. As it should be. Next, he stated that, because Congress doesn’t have the ability to mandate, it must, to fund Obama-care, rely on its power to tax.”

Justice Roberts stated that the Court does not have power to mandate but the Court actually gave no ruling related to this or the Commerce Clause meaning that the whole matter could come up again on this or another illusion.


June 30, 2012

Einstein Quote?

Francine writes: The professor of a university challenged his students with this question. “Did God create everything that exists?”

A student answered bravely, “Yes, he did”.

The professor then asked, “If God created everything, then he created evil. Since evil exists (as noticed by our own actions), so God is evil.  The student couldn’t respond to that statement causing the professor to conclude that he had “proved” that “belief in God” was a fairy tale, and therefore worthless.

Another student raised his hand and asked the professor, “May I pose a question? ” “Of course” answered the professor.

The young student stood up and asked: “Professor does Cold exists?” The  professor answered, “What kind of question is that?…Of course the  cold exists… haven’t you ever been cold?”

The young student  answered, “In fact sir, Cold does not exist. According to the laws of  Physics, what we consider cold, in fact is the absence of heat. Anything  is able to be studied as long as it transmits energy (heat). Absolute  Zero is the total absence of heat, but cold does not exist. What we have  done is create a term to describe how we feel if we don’t have body  heat or we are not hot.”

“And, does Dark exist?” he continued. The professor answered “Of course”.

This time the student responded, “Again you’re wrong, Sir. Darkness  does not exist either. Darkness is in fact simply the absence of light.  Light can be studied, darkness can not. Darkness cannot be broken down. A  simple ray of light tears the darkness and illuminates the surface  where the light beam finishes. Dark is a term that we humans have  created to describe what happens when there’s lack of light.”

Finally, the student asked the professor, “Sir, does evil exist?” The  professor replied, “Of course it exists, as I mentioned at the  beginning, we see violations, crimes and violence anywhere in the world,  and those things are evil.”

The student responded, “Sir, Evil  does not exist. Just as in the previous cases, Evil is a term which man  has created to describe the result of the absence of God’s presence in  the hearts of man.

After this, the professor bowed down his head, and didn’t answer back.

The young man’s name was Albert Einstein.

JJ I thought this didn’t sound like Einstein talking so I checked it out and it appears to be a creative story merely attributed to Einstein in 2004. Here is a good article on it: http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/religion/a/einstein_god.htm

The article nevertheless does contain some good points for consideration.



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Knowing the Truth, Part 3

This entry is part 15 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

JJ: The beast represents an outward authority which takes the place of God and this is very precarious. We have these outward authorities everywhere and not just in religion. A doctor can become an outward authority. A person goes and sees a doctor and they will believe them no matter what and often follow the doctor’s advice to their own peril. It is interesting in Israel a while back they had a strike of the doctors and the death rate went down 25%

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: So the doctors are the greatest authority in health and when they are not around the death rate goes down 25%. The average life span of the doctor is said to be about 55 years and the average life span of the average person is 76 so the doctors life span is about 20 years less than the rest of us.

And who are the ones teaching us to be healthy mentally? The psychologists.

Audience: We have two here in the audience. Laughing!

JJ: In this case I had better be right. But I have heard that they have one of the highest suicide rates of any profession, is that right?

Audience: There is probably some truth to that.

JJ: Every time I go to my dentist I always compliment him and I say you are one authority that whenever I go to you I am better off when I leave. I get the filling in my teeth or the crown and I am better off and I say congratulations. I go an attorney and I am always worse off.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: You go to a doctor and you still have the cold. You go to hospital and you catch some germ that you did not have. So every place you go where there is an authority set up you often become worse off. You go to a minister he teaches you about the God without and he does not tell you to go within and find the answer. Almost every authority that exists are the last ones that you really want to go to. Now there are exceptions, there are doctors, psychologists, ministers that are really good, like Mother Theresa was really good example of what a minister should be. But when the authorities of the world tell people, “follow me and do not think for yourself” and take away your thought and power of action then they set themselves up as the Beast and they become and unearned authority.

An earned authority is really a teacher who teaches you how to recognize what they are telling you is true. If you go to a doctor that what represents what a doctor really should be – instead of giving you a prescription, they will sit down and explain what is wrong and explain what needs to be done to get well and you can understand why a certain direction needs to be taken. But you go to an authority that represents the Beast and they will say do this, don’t ask questions just do it. You are left with having to accept what the authority is telling you without getting verification within and when your life is at stake, as it often is, you should be able to find out the reasons why you are expected to do what you are doing.

So the greatest authority is where?

Audience: Within.

JJ: Within ourselves; so when we come across somebody that is questionable claiming to be a guru or the second coming or whatever you need to see how it registers within. Now the strange part is that I have been to presentations that are really outrageous and the group mind thinks that everything is really great. It is amazing how this happens. One of the things that is the trickiest and deceptive is what is called a thought form. Does anybody know what a thought form is?

Audience: A group mentality.

JJ: Right, have any of you ever read the Napoleon Hills books? He talks about a mastermind created by getting together like-minded people, six people or so. He talks about drawing from the intelligence of the whole group that one person in the group seems to have the intelligence of everybody in the group. He talks about this as a principle that will bring prosperity because of the intelligence of the group mind. The group mind can be used either positively or negatively.

When I was in the Mormon Church I found that no matter where you go in the world that the Church was exactly the same. And they thought that was evidence that they were completely united under God. But I found the same thing to be true with all the tight knit religions. Any Jehovah witness church is exactly the same everywhere you go and certain types of new age religions are exactly the same every where you go. So is the fact that they are all similar indicative they are all inspired or does it tell us something else? Does it tell us something about a thought form, a group mind? There is a conformity because of the group energy.

The lowest type of group mind is of course a mob and it is amazing what a mob will do. When a mob gets together it can do an outrageous thing and everybody will be cheering. We’ve see cases where someone is standing on top of a building and group begins to watch and someone yells out jump and then everybody joins in and says jump. Even people that would normally not do that participate, and then afterwards they think, “why did I do that – I would not have done that on my own.”

Hitler was so powerful because he understood how to use the group mind as a means of control. He had studied it quite thoroughly. The reason these different groups are the same everywhere is that when you are a member of a group you are pouring forth group energy and this group energy produces a thought form. This thought form accumulates energy and intelligence within it so when you go to the group meeting you draw from this thought form which is created in the astral world that has a real existence.

As a matter of fact, it is so real that when you die you can actually go to a Mormon heaven or a Seventh Day Adventist heaven and they have different places there that are created by the power of the group mind. If their consciousness is not high enough to see beyond this they will be trapped there for a period of time after death thinking they are in their final destination and they are just in a thought form.

The thought form controls them in this world and the next. The power of the group mind is something that they tune into and this is why in the various groups the sameness is so powerful. This is why I am careful with the group that I have on the Internet that I have taught for a number of years. I try to recognize the certain power of the group energy no matter what you do and have always put a lot of emphasis on checking out everything I say. I tell them that everything I teach could be 100% wrong so check with your soul.

Now the soul has a language of its own. We have a language, which is composed of individual words, but the soul does speak in words. The soul speaks in what I call the language of principles. What is the difference between a piece of data and a principle? We as individuals speak with individual pieces of data but the soul speaks in the language of principles.

Audience: Principles are eternal.

JJ: Right, let me give one difference between a principle and a piece of data, 1+1=2 that is a piece of data, but suppose I were to teach you the principle of addition. If I teach the fact of 1+1=2 that is one piece of data and once you memorize it you only know one thing but once you learn the principle of addition how many different additions can you come up with? Millions of them right? You can have millions of pieces of data derived from one principle and this is the language of the soul – the language of principles.

This is why the soul can communicate so much to you instantly because when you have a principle dawn on your consciousness then you can figure out all the data. The temperature in this room on this day – lets say it is 68 degrees and I tell that. This is all you know, but if you understand the principle of registering temperature of expansion or contraction from mercury or whatever element you are using then you can put together a contraption for measuring the temperature. So from now until the end of time you can figure out what the temperature is. You do not have to memorize the temperature from now until the end of time because you now have the principle of how to register the temperature. You can find it out using this principle anytime you wish.

Do you remember the movie “The Matrix? They gave a principle in that movie, “If there is a beginning there has to be an end.” A few teachers have taught principle over the centuries. If there is an end then there has to be a beginning and if there is a beginning there has to be an end and if there is no beginning then there will be no end and if there is no end then there will be no beginning. By using this principle you can find out many things that dispel many religious and philosophical teachings that are out there. For instance the Christian world says they are going to live forever with God. So if you are going to live forever with God then what does that tell you about your past?

If you are going to live with God forever in the future then that means that you have been with God forever already. Now Mormonism teaches that we are going to be gods forever if we overcome all things. But f we are going to be gods forever then what does that tell you about our past? We have already been gods forever. So if one is true then the other has to be true. Once you understand the principle behind things then you can figure out the data. This is the main point I want to put across.


Copyright by J J Dewey

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 22

This entry is part 7 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Healing session

JJ: We will cover a few areas of healing here, some of which we have not covered in the past. This will give us a little variety. Every year we have a section on healing and then I give a dissertation on healing.

JJ: What does it mean to be healed?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: That is part of the healing process. What other thoughts on healing?

Audience: I think it means to be restored to the original form because when I reading about sounding the original sound it occurred to me that if one knew how to do this that you could heal all areas and restore the body to it’s original form.

JJ: Okay, restore to the original form, this is a good answer as well. The question is this, what doe sit mean to be healed?

Audience: To made whole again.

JJ: What are the levels of healing – is there something more than just physical healing? If someone has a broken wrist or has a disease, when and if they eventually get better are they now whole or could there be other things wrong with them?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: So we have mental illness as well, emotional illness, what is the difference between an emotional illness and a mental illness? Do they discuss that in psychology?

Audience: Perception

JJ: There is a definite difference but I do not recall orthodox scientists talking about that but there is a definite difference. I think the world as a whole just lumps mind and emotion together and the do not really understand the difference or how that the two are actually separate.

Audience: For the most part psychology will say that you do not have emotional issues they say you have thought process issues. It is said by those in that field that your thoughts cause your emotions so they do not work on emotional issues they always work on mental issues.

JJ: Okay. What is the difference between an emotional problem and a mental problem?

Audience: 1st member: I think emotional problems are caused by childhood.

2nd member: A mental problem can be a dysfunction of the brain.

3rd member: I believe one is physiological which has to do with some kind of illness where is the other is just dealing with your own feelings.

4th member: (Wayne) I know! I know! (Laughter) Okay you can divide the senses that we all have into somewhat distinct lines. We have sensual response like say you bump your elbow or something like that and there is whole range of senses that cover that. Then you have emotional responses where you feel a surge of energy like getting angry or being unhappy with someone so then it depresses. Then there is exaltation and stuff and then we break things up mentally where it is an analytical process. We have more control over mental and the others in a progressing or descending order are more of knee jerk reaction. We can learn to control our emotions as we should but we have emotions and the senses whether we control them or not.

JJ: Both the mind and the emotions play tricks on us. They cause us to have many things to deal with that give us numerous problems. As a matter of the fact, if our minds and emotions were healthy, we would very seldom have physical diseases unless you are breathing some type of toxic fumes or something like that. However, even people that are around chemicals but have a good attitude may not get sick. It just seems to get filtered through their system very well.

There are some people that smoke all there life like George Burns, who smoked cigars and drank all of his life. He lived to be a couple months over 100 years old, and he had a great attitude – very positive, always upbeat and he is a very interesting example. Your state of mind and your emotions has a lot to do with your health as well as how you deal with your emotions along with exercise and diet. If we are master of all these things then we are going to be pretty healthy overall. I know many people that are really into health foods and very fussy and careful on their diet and will not deviate from it at all and they are always having health problems. Have you ever known anyone like this?

DK explains why this is so, He states some people are putting too much attention on the body, and energy follows thought, so when one is focusing too much on your physical health it puts energy on your health in a negative way and sometimes it will make you sick. He states that we need to balance out the energy and put a certain amount of energy outside of ourselves and a certain amount inside ourselves as well to balance out the energies.

Some of my family members, like my Mom over here, 95 years old and still in relatively good health, except she is not as exuberant as she used to be. When we grew up we ate the worst foods. I grew up on potatoes, gravy, cinnamon toast, margarine with trans fats, the worst type of margarine, Karo syrup, lots of sugar and Mom was not into health foods at all. She smoked and drank most of her life with my Dad and she divorced him and then quit smoking and drinking that probably helped out her health a little bit. But in her younger years for about 20 to 30 years she lived that lifestyle. She just recently switched to whole wheat bread. She is as far away from being a health food person as possible yet she is 95 years old and had cancer a few years ago with chemotherapy and survived it along with everything else. How long has it been since you had the chemo?

Mom: About 10 years.

She survived that and the only thing that it affected was her short-term memory. Before the chemo her memory was in good shape and after the treatment she has a hard time remember short term. That is why I thought it was great that she could recite that poem because her memory is not at the optimum level anymore. I think her memory would still be up to par if she had not had to have the chemo, which she had twice, for her original cancer came back. Chemo probably takes about 10 years off your life so she would probably live to be 130 had she not had that treatment process.

The fact of health is a mystery and there are a number of things bringing it all together. So let us examine the emotional and the mental, the simple emotional reactions that really hurt an individual’s health. Number one is guilt if a person carries guilt it really takes a toll on them and devitalizes of their vital energy and will cause them to be self-destructive. This is one of the main benefits in “The Course in Miracles” and it is really a course in how to resolve guilt. How many read this book?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: It is a very interesting book and it claims to be given by Christ Himself. It is up to the person who reads and interprets it as to where it comes from. There are a couple things that I disagree with in the book but overall the principle of removing guilt is extremely important. What causes guilt?

Audience: Judgment of man.

JJ: The cause of guilt that we are going to present is not directly presented in the Course in Miracles, but this I find to be very effective.

Audience: Judgment of man outside of authority, if I am born without guilt than it has to be taught to you by someone.

JJ: Correct; guilt is not natural. As a little child you do not feel guilty about anything until someone teaches you to feel guilty. Lorraine says it is outside authority, what kind of authority?

Audience: (Lorraine) Unearned or unjust authority.

JJ: Yes, but what is different about this authority that produces guilt?

Audience: It is beastly.

JJ: And it is beastly why?

Audience: Because it is fear based.

JJ: And why is it fear based?

Audience: Critical

JJ: Yes it is critical. The authority it purports to come from where?

Audience: God

JJ: God, correct. In other words, the parent will say to the child, “God does not want you to do that.” Projecting to the child an outside God that has total authority to annihilate your body and soul and telling you that if you do this naughty thing that God and is going to be very displeased with you and He may punish you or whatever. You do not know what God is going to do and He has total authority and He is not a nice guy like me, he is a mean son of bitch!

Audience: (Laughter)

JJ: We say God is love but when we teach it, we teach that we have a really mean God, right. Is that not what people really project. God is love but he is going to wipe out these people and burn them to ashes because He loves them! Basically the message of many is this, God is really mean but He loves you.

JJ: We start with children when they are young and say, “God does not want you to do that.” A little kid will do things like steal a cookie out of the cookie jar or something like this and eats the cookie and then thinks, Oh, boy, God did not want me to do this. God can read my thoughts. God is watching me and He knows I am doing wrong and now I can’t even enjoy this cookie. What is he going to do? Oh my! Am I going to burn in hell!

And we start to implant guilt in children from the time they are young. Think back to a scripture where Jesus says, it is better to have a millstone hung around your neck and drown in the depths of the seas than to offend one of these little ones. Many of us offend these little ones not realizing what we are doing by planting these seeds of guilt in them. Now we can teach them right from wrong, but how should we teach them? Should we say, now this is wrong and God does not want you to do this. What should we say instead?

Audience: By setting and example.

JJ: Right by example, we can say that Mommy does not want you to do this. But, when we tell them that God does not them to do it then this plants the seeds of guilt. You do not know what God wants or does not want. Are you His spokesman? No, when we say God does not want you to do this then we are setting ourselves up as being in the place of God, sending a message from God to the child. This is the power of the beast in Revelations that is spoken everywhere. And it starts with Mom and Dad planting these seeds in the little children.

Audience: 1st member: (Annie) would you say that you have guilt because God is mad at you.

2nd member: I think you can have guilt from failed expectations and can do this to yourself or someone else.

JJ: Everybody in the universe has the God Within and if we are not going by a God Within then we are substituting it with a god without. Even if one is a hardened atheist he has  a God Within and part of his being recognizes this. Any atheist that is subject to guilt gives proof is proof that he gives allegiance to some type of god. Because offending the God without is what produces the guilt whether you are a believer or a non-believer. When the person looks inside no matter what their belief or non-belief he sees the same thing. A non-believer or a believer is going by a God Within or a god without.

If parent is a non-believer he will probably not say God does not want you to do this. He may use a different authority. In other words, Mommy and Daddy or the state become the outside god instead. The God in heaven is actually more potent to use for the young child because that god can seem to be everywhere, but the child of the atheist can think that mom and dad can’t see me and I can get away with this. The child that thinks “God can see me and I am stealing this cookie.” He then is bit more nervous.

Audience: (Wayne) Don’t most people atheist or not use a reward and punishment system for their children?

JJ: That has something to do with it, for the atheist there is there is going to be an outside authority and reward and punishment always enters in. How this is done is the key. For an atheist family they will substitute something for God in the child’s mind. If we raise our children right and let them exercise their free will as much as possible and do not bring in any outside authority in an overwhelming way then the child can grow up without this terrible guilt, and it will not matter whether his parents are atheist or believers.

But it does matter to both that if they have an outside god affecting the child’s mind. For an atheist the outside god could be the parent, an authority figure like a police officer or any state official or party leader does not want you to do this.

Many atheists are into philosophy and they may teach the kid that a philosopher really knows what is going on and build him up like a god. The state or the parents could be an outside god, even for the atheist’s child. His parents have taught him right from wrong and in a way it is important to teach that stealing is wrong but it needs the balance. If the child thinks that is the end of the world and they are going to be punished in a terrible way somehow for stealing a cookie then the kid will feel some guilt. I would imagine it is probably a little bit of a benefit for a child being raised in an atheist family in that the outside god thing does not come across as powerful. It is still there and there is either the god inside or outside, one or the other, and if the parents are not allowing the inside God to manifest then there is an outside god that is going to manifest guilt within the child.

Copyright 2006 By J J Dewey

The Song of the 144,000

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The main purpose of the Song in this age is to protect the Lights as a group from the negative energies that would like to see them being thrown to the modern day lions, but it’s power also extends to many personal benefits.

2  The prime reason for the the Song of the 144,000 is to protect the Lights from the destructive forces of the “Beast.”

3  The second stanza of the Song protects from attacks on the Spirit by filling us with the “fires of Love.”

4  The songs we may sing are but symbols of the new song that the soul of every man is waiting to sing as he becomes one of the redeemed and firstfruits of the Lamb, and tunes in to the “music of the spheres.”

5  We are told that only the 144,000 can sing the Song. Those who are not ready may try it for a while, but will drop it or lose interest. Then there are others who will quit singing it by changing the meaning through altering the words.

6  The Song is more than words. The true song is sung through the attunement and the harmonious vibration given off by the seeker.

7  The true disciple may be sitting still and silent, yet singing the Song with his radiating being.

8  To attain the vibration of the Song one must be redeemed from the carnal mind and be dominated by the spiritual.

9  When the higher consciousness is achieved the vibration of the Song radiates throughout the mind (the throne) the lower self and the emotions follow it (the four beasts) and the wise people (elders) of the earth acknowledge the wisdom of the disciple.

10  Each person singing it [the Song] according to original intent creates a note which is a part of a great symphony that we are beginning to create in time and space.

11  The Song does not have a physical melody and would probably be difficult to put to regular music, but is a song of the soul and the music is exuded in physical silence.

12  No group of people who say this song need ever fear mother earth.

13  The power of negativity as a natural consequence and also as directed by the Dark Brothers is a powerful reason for the Song of the 144,000.

14  From my experience those who “sing” the Song regularly are the most pure in heart people I have ever encountered.

15  All should be willing to say the Song of the 144,000 as one voice.

16  By focusing Attention on the Light with the Song you do not destroy the darkness, but you shine a great light, which reveals the illusion of the darkness and as you are thus filled with light you create a place where darkness cannot penetrate.

17  True negative destruction is retrogression or paralysis on the spiritual path and this is where the Song will help.

18  No great destruction will occur until there are 144,000 that will correctly sing the Song of the 144,000. Notice the word “correctly.”

19  I personally find it interesting that whenever I seem to have a bad day it is during a time when I did not say the Song for at least a day.

20  The grand purpose of this earthly verse of the Song is to reverse the tremendous blockages caused by negative and illusionary thoughts of all kinds.

21  Evidence that the Song is inspired is contained in the Song itself.

22  Singing the Song [of the 144,000] with the Soul and directed thought can cause over a thousand negative thoughts surrounding you and others to flee.

23  It is important that when saying the Song we say it with the visualization that everyone else saying it is present with us. This will cause the power of the Song to amplify in power individually and collectively.

24  It is easier to feel the full effect of the Song when two or more can physically say it together, but this is only because it is easier to direct our thoughts and feelings in this situation.

25  When you sing the Song you can think of loved ones who are troubled in spirit and see the light and love as descending upon them and elevating their spirits.

26  When saying the Song we should only visualize Light and Love descending on people who are open to it and will use the energy for good.

27  Because the thoughts of the person saying the Song directs Will in a positive way, he or she has power to counteract many thoughts which have a negative effect.

28  Imagine the day when 144,000 here on earth will sing the Song at one time for the first time? I’m not sure myself the full implications of this, but I know the results will be wonderful.

29  The third stanza [of the Song] protects against destruction through illusion for if you are one with God you then see through the eyes of God and with such vision you will see through the illusions that attempt to steer you off the Path.

30  Various problems will still come even with the Song, but the Song provides three points of focus that will give you power to guide your ship safely to the new land or new age.

31  Another extremely important reason for the Song to be sung in this age is for the protection of the workers of light.

32  In every age in recorded history the negative forces have prevailed against the light. This time it will be different. The Song will give the workers the power to peacefully prevail against the dark ones for the first time in a very long time.

33  I would advise everyone who is saying it regularly to memorize the song so the right words will come out without even trying to remember. That way you can put your full attention on the meaning.

34  Those who do it [sing the Song] in union focus on the same Song, but sing it according to their own individuality and tone. Two singing it has a different effect than one and three different than two and so on.

35  By forming your own local study groups you can then say the Song of the 144,000 with others in your physical presence and receive more energy than saying it alone. When you feel the charge of saying it with a dozen or more then you will never want to retreat from moving forward.

36  Remember this. Anyone who is willing to say the Song of the 144,000 on a regular basis has good potential for peaceful group work. These people will come from many backgrounds.

37 The Song of the 144,000 is not a song one sings to a melody, as is our custom. It is composed of words representing grand thoughts that are vocalized externally and internally making it  a song of the soul.

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Teachers and Students

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “If I am right about everything, and you believe it and follow the teachings without confirmation from within, you have found nothing.”

2.  “It is much easier to attempt to distort a true teaching than it is to be a true teacher.”

3.  “To be a good student takes as much wisdom as it does to be a good teacher.”

4.  “When the chord of truth is played by the God within it rings the same strings in the neophyte’s soul that also vibrated in the teacher, and in an instant they understand each other.”

5.  “Perhaps philosophy and religion are the most ephemeral as far as proving reliability because of the number of forms the various doctrines will take and the difficulty in proving the teacher right or wrong.”

6.  “There are three major tests to apply to a spiritual teacher before he should earn any of your trust for reliability. Can you guess what they are?”

7.  “The student and teacher who start in harmony together will eventually meet conflict that must be resolved. In that resolution comes greater soul contact and vision of higher truth. If the conflict is not resolved and the teacher possesses the greater light the student will then carry the conflict within himself and often hold a lifelong grievance toward the teacher.”

8.  “Take the things you have learned to be true with reasonable certainty (especially from soul contact) and compare them to those of the spiritual teacher. If there is a high degree of complimentary thought this is a sign that you have a good starting point and a certain amount of trust is beneficial.”

9.  “Examine the teachings of the potential earned authority over a period of time and range of material.”

10.  “Any true student or teacher in this age will not depend on lower psychism for guidance, but will test all things against their own soul and that shall be their guide.”

11.  “As the Christ solidifies his work he will have within his association about 9,000 who will have a clear enough vision of the work to be an associate teacher, ten times more than the Buddha and his 900 in ancient times.”

12.  “To follow is a virtue if you are following someone who has something real to teach.”

13.  “If a teaching just seems to make no sense do not trust it until it does make sense.”

14.  “No earthly teacher is flawless.”

15.  “If you limit yourself to learning exactly according to the mindset of a teacher, you will also inherit his flaws.”

16.  “The more directly teachers become involved in doing for us what we can do for ourselves, the more things get screwed up.”

17.  “Receiving from two teachers brings two points of vision that can slow down the learning process and sometimes bring confusion.”

18.  “It is always difficult for a spiritual teacher to get the attention of the masses without some strong astral attention grabber.”

19.  “Many of the teachings I have given out have been either new, or a new slant on the old, and cannot be found in any book. This is what the student must look for in any teacher who works through the soul.”

20.  “It is always a big temptation for the beginning server to create the illusion that his borrowed material is his own so his ego will be fed by the praise and adoration of his students.”

21.  “If one teaches that the world is round that does not mean the teacher is claiming to own the world. If one teaches about the creation of the universe this does not mean the teacher lays claim to all of creation.”

22.  “The rising teachers of the human race will teach through the authority of the soul instead of through the sanction of an organization.”

23.  “We do not need the same old precepts that we should have mastered years ago drilled into us over and over with a sledge hammer. A light threshing of the simple doctrines is all we need so we can withstand the heavier.”

24.  “Do you teach of a way to discover whether or not your teachings are true?”

25.  “When Jesus appeared he did not concentrate on the standard teachings of Moses, but presented new concepts. The true teachers in this age are the same. They will not just rehash the old, but present the new, for after all, God says,  ‘I make all things new.’  (Rev 21:5)”

26.  “The true teacher in contact with the Brotherhood is very humbled; he realizes that there are many far above him, and when in touch with these greater lives through the Oneness Principle, it seems absurd to announce himself as a great one.”

27.  “No great teacher has expected to be a light to the world all by himself.”

28.  “Many illusionary teachers want to oversimplify things and present one giant step to a point of understanding or some type of liberation.  ‘Accept Jesus and be saved’ is a popular one. This is one giant step that is advocated and nothing more will be required for all eternity.”

29.  “What I look for in any teacher, is how he defines his terms and then go with it. This is the only way to clearly understand the teacher.”

30.  “The false teacher will seek to be fed by the sheep. The true teacher will seek to feed the sheep.”

31.  “Subtlety and disregard for the will of the group does not help your credibility as a teacher.”

32.  “You know a teacher is doing a reasonable job when he finds his students can get along fine without him.”

33.  “The best any teacher can do is relate the truths he has received and wait for the seeds to grow in their proper places.”

34.  “If a teacher has a truth to reveal, but finds that he is unable to communicate it in such a way that his vision is perceived correctly then the truth stays with the teacher and nothing is given out.”

35.  “The natural man instinctively rejects the message of a true teacher.”

36.  “The deterioration of teachings after the death of the teacher has been a major problem through the ages.”

37.  “One of the problems with students is that when they go out of alignment with the soul they often think their teacher has gone astray while they believe they have now passed beyond their teacher.”

38.  “There has been only a handful of teachers working through the Oneness Principle.”

39.  “It is silly to see all student/teacher relationships as a beast. This would mean that since the Christ is a disciple of the Ancient of Days that Christ is subject to the beast and the Planetary Logos is under the beast of the Solar Logos.”

40.  “Many religions use the title of Holiness or Holy in reference to their leaders. Many New Agers use the title Master when talking about a teacher, but there is one Master and that is the Christ within all of us. If a teacher does not speak to that center within us then we should ignore him.”

41.  “The true student tests the teacher and makes sure that the teacher is one who is capable of leading him or her to greater knowledge.”

42.  “Teachers of Light will teach many who are in the churches and this will cause the leadership of all churches to lose hold on its members over a period of time.”

43.  “Often times when leaders are dense to impression, the teachers will work with the leaders assistants who will then advise their superiors.”

44.  “The true student (or one who is really learning) does not see himself as on a ‘lower level.’  Instead, he sees himself as one who is progressing to a ‘higher level.'”

45.  “No matter what we teach all will not be happy.”

46.  “Teachers do not look for one who performs the appearance of work, but a student that one can truly depend on who will be a great asset to accomplishing the goal.”

47.  “Isaiah tells us that those who are supposed to be the spiritual teachers of humanity will not fulfill their roll, but instead be lifted up in pride to the extent that their teachings may be compared to that of a drunken man.”

48.  “The true teacher will dedicate his excess abundance not to self, but to the benefit of the whole in the way he sees best.”

49.  “The Will of God is a concept that is very misunderstood even by many of the teachers of the planet.”

50.  “All of us have within ourselves the capacity to recognize at least seven aspects of the Will of God and if we follow all of the Will of God that we understand then we will have the power to recognize teachers who are in harmony with that Will.”

51.  “Many feel that if there is a student teacher relationship, it means that the student must experience the humiliation of being at a ‘lower level.’  Since this seems disgusting to many, they instead teach that there are no teachers and no leaders, but all are teachers and leaders and all are students and followers. Unfortunately, this is an illusionary concept that interrupts evolution as all illusion does.”

52.  “School and learning can be painful but when the whole picture is seen no one would want to deny this to the students.”

53.  “If you believe we need no teachers then you must believe that we need to eliminate all schools with their teachers and all books which were written to teach.”

54.  “A matter of prime importance to each student is not the fact of a particular teacher’s personality but the measure of truth for which he stands.”

55.  “The method of teaching through hints stimulates the power of the soul and intuition which empowers all who are willing to participate.”

56.  “One who teaches through the reasoning of the mind is often perceived as an illusionary threat by one who has his decisions based in the emotions only.”

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