The Beast in Our Lives

Nov 22, 1998

The Beast in Our Lives

The last question was: “What other areas besides religion is the beast at work? Give an example where the beast is in control.” The answers so far are: morality, the media, schools and taxes.

It is true the beast controls all these categories, but this is not really what we are looking for. Since the beast controls all categories you can’t be totally wrong here. More exactly, what we are looking for is how and where the beast pulls the levels of control. Remember, in religion the sources of black and white authority are the ministers, leaders and the Bible.

So let us pick the category mentioned by LeLona – the media. How does the beast work through it? Before we continue here, keep in mind that uniformity of philosophy, thought or teaching is not the object of the beast. The object is unquestioning acceptance to whatever is presented.

In religion we have many different teachings presented through numerous teachers, but all are successfully controlled by the same beast. Control is the prime objective, even if the teaching is good. If the Dark Ones can control you and take away your thinking process with good things, then they can also manipulate you with selfishness when the opportunity arises.

So it is with the media. It doesn’t matter if the person telling you what is the truth are conservative or liberal, right or left, for the beast seeks to control both sides. If an authority anchor on the left reports with a frown on his face: “Ken Starr has been leaking right and left from the beginning…” and you are anchored in the left (and respect the anchor), and you believe this without even thinking about it, then you are controlled by the beast. Similarly if a conservative media talk show host says: “Ken Starr has never leaked anything and has never broken any law…” and this media person is an object of your great respect, and you believe what he says without thinking it through, then you are a part of the beast.

What is the attitude of one who is free from the beast? No matter what the source is, even if it is an angel of God, the person will at least use his mind to sift out the true from the false. Then to completely escape the beast, he must run his mental perceptions by his soul. This final act is the only way to know for sure he is free from the control of the beast.

Escape from the beast is a very subtle thing because most people believe they are thinking things through when they are not. For instance, most people in a tightly controlled religion believe they do think for themselves even though one in their group will believe exactly like the other—not because of soul contact, but because of the master handbook of the church doctrine.

Curtis and I at least met an honest church member a while back. When asked what he thought on a point of doctrine he replied: “I don’t know. I’ll check with my minister and find out what I think about it.” This is the exact procedure the beast wants you to follow. Check with your authority and find out what you think.

We do get some truth along with falsehood through the beast, but that doesn’t matter. You can’t really appreciate the truth until you can verify it with your heart, mind and soul. Then and only then can you apply the truth to an area of real good.

The chain within the beast starts like this. You accept an anchor person as being correct without checking facts or thinking things through. Another thing few do is examine what was NOT reported. Perhaps there are other important facts that are left out of the report. The anchor senses that many people do this and this gives him a sense of power.

He discovers he can influence listeners toward his own belief system by a certain manner of presenting (or leaving out) his “true facts.”

He can relate certain influences while still maintaining he is objective: he sways his listeners by the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes and his ordering and selection of the material.

The belief system that he subtly tries to pawn off on you was received by him from some other authority. It could have been a college teacher, a religion or the group approval of colleagues that he has coffee with. The anchor thus cooperates with the beast because he seeks to pass the authority he has received on to you—with the premise that he is being objective and not trying to influence you.

The true power of the beast lies in making you think you are not being manipulated when you are totally manipulated.

As we get into Revelations chapter thirteen and learn more about the beast, the number, the mark etc. this power of authority will make more and more sense. In the meantime, how do you see the beast using his authority in our educational system? Where and how is the unthinking authority filtered through and hindering, rather than helping, education?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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