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Seeker’s Guide, Introduction.

Class One – Who or What Am I?

Class Two – I see my body for what it is.

Class Three – I see this world for what it is

Class Four – You are not your feelings.

Class Five- I use my feelings; my feelings do not use me.

Class Six – My feelings hide the light of the soul.

Class Seven – I will examine my feelings today.

Class Eight – I will find my grievances.

Class Nine – The two grievances.

Class Ten – I will change my mind today.

Class 11 – I will communicate my grievances and let them go

Class 12 – I will let my feelings express themselves

Class 13 – I will be honest about my feelings

Class 14 – I will discover the cause of guilt

Class 15 – I see a difference between guilt and regret

Day 16 – I will find the source of guilt

Day 17 – I accept the true God over the false today.

Day 18 – I will obey the first commandment

Day 19 – I am discovering the key to recognizing the true God

Day 20 – I will replace theory with experience

Day 21 – My first false gods.

Day 22 – I will identify my outer gods

Day 23 – Words hide truth as well as reveal

Day 24 – I will trust the Inner Voice over the outer

Day 25 – I will begin the journey home

Day 26 – False gods are sustained by desire

Day 27 – I will find the source of my fears

Day 28 – I will understand why I fear

Day 29 – I will shift my focus to Spirit

Day 30 – I will not see the material world today

Day 31 – I will see beyond the physical

Day 32 – I am extending my vision today

Day 33 – I will not see fear today

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