The Foundation Note


The Foundation Note

John makes the following observation:

“Instead, all chords in music are built from the “root” and continue through the most logical chord tones, then, if desired, reaching what are called the chord extensions. The reason for this is that if a chord is built from the higher to the lower, there is no base/bass note for which to identify the chord desired. In fact, the entire chord, built from the higher to the lower, can become “altered” simply by altering it’s bass note. So if a musical reference were to be applied to this lesson it might be more readily understood if it went in this direction; The higher entity, (or even one of us lowly ones 🙂 when building the desired resonance of their energies, or chord structure, understands completely the basis/bass of the chord. Then with understanding, can apply as many chord tones as desired until the full range of harmony is attained. All of this being done before ever sounding the chord, or from the perspective of relationship, “acting” on the impulse. This seems to be much more congruent to the rest of the lessons on the molecular relationship. That is, that the building of the structure must first be accomplished by an understanding of it’s foundation, as well as the desired direction or resonance that is sought. Thus the intelligent composer builds the whole chord at once, because they have already understood the full resonance of the desired chord, before they ever “pen” it’s structure.”

Thank you John for seeking clarification. My knowledge of musical notation is very elementary, but if I understand you right, in music the lowest note in a chord is the foundation note from which all other notes spring and are dependent for harmony.

It may seem then that the building of a relationship from the top down is not a correspondence.

Actually, it is, but a correspondence in reverse, for correspondences reverse from plane to plane. For example all correspondences in the astral plane are often reversed from the mental plane. This is why a mental person arguing with an emotional person becomes very frustrated.

Whereas the lowest note in a chord is the foundation from which all other notes are placed, even so the spiritual vibration is the source of creation for all the lower worlds. Without the physical the spiritual would still exist, but without the spiritual there could be no physical. Therefore the root of creation is the spiritual just as the root of the creation of a chord is the base note.

In the ideal relationship there are two sequences of evolution before complete harmony is reached. In relationship, attraction does begin with the physical. When we first meet another person we see the body before we see anything else (including non romantic) and some inner opinion is instantly registered. If we are attracted because of the body then more relationship is sought. Next as we talk and interplay with the person we see their personality and sense how he or she feels about things. Finally as you become friends you share deeper thoughts on a mental and finally a spiritual level.

Then after this is accomplished (building from the bottom up in association) the creation of an intimate relationship can begin from the top down as given in my examples.

The reason I can say this is accurate is because it works, just as it works to build a chord from the bottom up.

I received another question off line which may be of interest:

“I’m thinking here of you and Artie and your telling us that Cupid struck and you asked her to marry you soon afterwards.

“Or to put it another way, I assume that consciously going through the steps you’ve described can be missed if you receive clear and unequivocal confirmation from your soul that the person who has just appeared in your life is your soul mate.”

Actually, none of the steps were missed in our relationship. Unfortunately, I have only been able to give you the readers digest version of the details. Here are a few more.

I had known Artie about a year, as a student, before the lightening struck, but we just had a casual relationship up to that time.

The first time I met Artie I was attracted to her physically, but that was not a big deal for I have found many females to be physically attractive. Then when I had my first conversation with her I found her personality and astral side to be very attractive. As she got involved in my classes and I also analyzed her handwriting I discovered that she was also very intelligent. This was another attractive feature.

Finally, when opportunity came to present spiritual teachings I discovered that she had soul contact and was capable of understanding higher principles. This made her a candidate for a companion of high sharing for me, but I did not act upon it on any level because both she and I were involved with someone else at the time. The time I described earlier where we instantly fell in love was just several days after her relationship ended and she was “available.”

As I mentioned earlier the whole relationship progressed to the marriage proposal within a few days. But what I did not tell you was that all hell broke loose and our whole relationship would have been destroyed if the romantic part had not been built from the top down.

Artie’s daughter was happy that she broke off her previous relationship and was looking forward to some time alone with her mom. When I came into the picture so abruptly she came unglued. She called everyone she knew and painted a picture of me that would scare off the bravest of souls. She called her biological dad, Artie’s mom, friends, everyone who might talk Artie out of this madness. Here is basically what she told all who would listen.

“My mom has fallen in love with this freaky weirdo guy who is a dangerous Jim Jones type character. They haven’t even dated yet but he’s hypnotized her into getting married. I think he wants to totally control her life. This guy gives me the creeps. Please help – we’ve got to talk Mom out of making a big mistake.”

This may not be the exact wording, but let me assure you it was that bad or worse for everyone she talked to became extremely alarmed and seemed to think that Artie was getting involved with the devil himself.

Her daughter’s father was very alarmed and decided to do what he could to get his daughter away from Artie, out of harm’s way. Her daughter, her only child, threatened to cooperate and live with her dad in California.

Her mother, who lived in California at the time, was terrified beyond measure and got on a plane the next day to Boise to save her daughter from this monster. Others came forward telling Artie she was out of her mind. The least she could do was to give the relationship some time.

All this went on within a space of about a day and in the midst of all this pressure she was receiving I called her. When I heard her voice I sensed great stress as she related the distress of her daughter and all the pressure she was under from the phone calls she was receiving from her daughter’s contacts.

Then she said something that made my heart sink.

“I think maybe we are going too fast here and it’s creating too many problems. I think we should back off a little here and go slower. Let’s lay low for a while until things calm down, then we can start the relationship going again.”

When she said this I had the feeling that if she gave into this pressure that our relationship would be destroyed and that I would loose her so I said a prayer within myself asking for the help of the Spirit. Next I tried to direct her attention away from her distress and started talking of spiritual things and of the night we fell in love. As I was talking to her I felt the Spirit descend on me and knew it was on her at the same time. Then in the midst of this feeling that I knew we were both experiencing, I made perhaps the wisest move I have made in my life.

I said to her: “What are you feeling at this very moment?”

“Good,” she said

“Would you say you are experiencing the Peace of the Spirit of God?”

After a moment of reflection she admitted, “Yes, I guess I would have to say that.”

“And do you think that Spirit is here because our relationship is supposed to be?”

“Well yes, I feel that may be true, but it wouldn’t hurt to slow down.”

“Be still and ask yourself. Shall we go ahead as planned or shall we slow down or stop? What do you feel inside?”

She signed and replied softly, “All I can say is that I feel a wonderful peace from the Spirit when you talk about going ahead.”

“And what kind of feeling did you have when everyone has told you to slow down or to end the relationship?”

“I felt terrible,” she said.

“So, do you want to go where the terrible feeling takes you or do you want to go where the peace of the Spirit takes you?” I asked.

“I want the peace of the Spirit.”

“So the choice is yours,” I said. “Which do you chose?”

She paused a moment and said: “I want the peace to stay with me.”

“So is this your choice?”


“Let me warn you that you will suffer every possible temptation to take you away from this choice, but I promise you that if you stick with it that no matter what turmoil is going on around you that the peace will stay with you and in the end you will know your decision is correct. But you must now make up your mind with great resolve that no matter what happens, even if your daughter leaves and your mom disowns you, that you will still follow the inner peace.”

To her credit Artie was divinely careless and followed this advice and we got married a couple of weeks later. Her daughter did not leave home but was so upset she did not attend the wedding and it took about a year to make friends with her. It took a couple years for me to smooth over the relationship with both the daughter and mother, but now her daughter respects me more than her biological dad and her mother and I have a good relationship. But most importantly, my wife and I have laid the foundation for a relationship that can continue to unfold spiritually without end and this could not be taking place if I had started the romance from the bottom up; for if I had I would not have had power to call down the Spirit to influence Artie of the correctness of our choice.

Whenever an opportunity for spiritual advancement comes for an individual, couple or group, there will come some type of test to tempt you to hold back. This temptation must always be surmounted in order to move ahead.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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