Your Place Upon the Path


Your Place Upon the Path

Marylin quotes me as saying:

“When we have been lifted up by someone above us, then it is our mission to lift or deliver others to higher ground also.”

Then she says: “It would seem that people have done this for years in the process of raising children.

“The teaching of proper vs improper behavior, I would think, is in line with higher ideals. At least, that was my way of thinking, and strictly for the sake of the child. I did not expect anything in return; my intent was to help them find a healthy, happy path through life.”

JJ: All life forms follows this process in one way or another. The lower life forms help each other instinctively, but humans learn to help consciously beginning with our children. With them we go beyond instinct and consciously decide how we can go about lifting them to a higher level, perhaps even higher than we are.

Then there comes a time that we discover the spiritual path, but even this is found through the help and stimulation of another who has found it first. Then after you enter someone pulls your teacher ahead and you take his place and pull others up to where you are. After you have then brought others to the portal you are then given another helping hand until you finish your first major journey on the path. This pushing and pulling continues for eternity, as long as Becoming continues to exist.

Next she asks:

“And does it really matter whether or not we know “where we are” on the learning scale?”

Let me answer this with another question. Let us suppose you were in a school with twelve grade levels and you had just completed the sixth grade and were ready for the seventh. Now in this grade system you have to complete one grade before you can go to the next. For instance, knowledge from grade six is essential for a successful grade seven.

Now let us say that you forgot which grade you had just completed and you had to make a decision as to which grade you had to take. If you chose grade three you would learn nothing new and be bored out of your mind. On the other hand, if you mistakenly thought you were on the last rung of your schooling and picked grade twelve you would fail miserably because you do not have the prerequisite ability and knowledge. Any thought of success at this grade would be pure illusion and waste of time.

Thus we can see that in this situation it would be wise for you to honestly examine your place on the path of schooling until you arrive at a true evaluation of where you belong so true progress can be made. It is obvious here if you see yourself as too low or too high then you will waste your time – a year in this analogy and a lifetime or more in our reality.

Now some may say that it doesn’t matter if we waste a lifetime or two, but even a wasted day matters to me and I’m sure many of you – so a wasted lifetime is a relative disaster.

It behooves us therefore as students along the path to find our correct place and discover the next true lessons we must learn. We must not fall into the temptation of repeating lessons of the past because they are simple, or to tackle lessons we are incapable of comprehending, but to find out true place.

What are signs we are not on the path, but below our potential?

(1) You will feel that you are not being challenged

(2) You will feel like the knowledge you are applying has come to you very easily with little struggle on your part.

(3) It will seem like the past had much greater opportunities than the present.

(4) You will yield up your thinking ability to some prophet, priest or guru and believe whatever they say without checking with your own soul or mind, yet you are not satisfied with what you are learning.

What are signs we are not on the path, but are trying to be above your potential?

(1) You will feel that you have found some ultimate truth or reality.

(2) You will not be able to put into words many truths you think you have learned. They are beyond words you will tell yourself and others.

(3) You will not be able to put your ultimate experience into words in a way that will even give others even a rough idea as to what you are talking about.

(4) Some (but not all) will feel very isolated, as if they are a lone pilgrim on a lonely path and that no one understands their high level.

(5) For others the power of the ego will be amplified and the person will never admit he is wrong and tends to speak with greater and greater authority and gets disturbed when his statements are questioned.

(6) When he teaches he expects to be believed just because he (or God or some channeled being) says it is correct.

Signs that you are at the correct place on the path:

(1) You have had to struggle to attain your spiritual knowledge and position, but you feel good about it and would not trade the experience for anything.

(2) You have a sense of peace about where you are and where you are heading.

(3) The teachings on Becoming, rather than just Being register strongly with your soul.

(4) You receive much help and stimulation from others who have accomplished what you have not.

(5) As you look over the last ten years of your life you can see you have grown in spiritual strength and knowledge.

(6) You feel a strong desire to learn and move forward.

(7) You can see that there are many different places on the path and that some people are ahead of you and others behind, yet you feel satisfied no matter where you find yourself because you realize it is the moving forward that brings joy

Because of illusion these are not infallible guidelines. They will have the most meaning to those who see their correct place on the path.

Concerning the path I like a statement of DK through Alice A. Bailey who said something like this:

“True humility is recognizing your place upon the path and acting accordingly.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Fine-tuning Meditation


Fine-tuning Meditation

With visualization (a female power) you can see what is already created out of more refined matter, or images that are presented to your consciousness by a higher part of yourself or some inner teacher.

With imagination (a male power) you create and manipulate more refined matter and mold it according to your desires or the instructions of your Higher Self.

Once a thing is properly created through imagination then it exists independently in higher vibration and can be seen by a person with good powers of visualization. Then too, he who successfully creates with imagination gains greater power to visualize when that which is created has a life of it’s own.

If you cannot visualize all the steps in getting to the New Jerusalem do not let that stop you from concentrating on creating your room. You can backtrack later and get down the rest of the visualization.

It is fine that you put a window in your room and it doesn’t matter where it is. Decorate your room however you like it. When you want to contact your partner you can keep the window there or make it disappear and replace it with a regular wall if you want.

The important thing is that you start creating in your room and that you start with the energy that comes easy for you whether it be visualization or imagination. We will need both these male and female powers to create the intended baby here.

We need imagination to create the form and visualization to hold the form together.

Also keep in mind that some males will have greater powers to visualize and some female will have to start with imagination. Generally, the females will be better at visualization, but because of our life experiences this is not a hard and fast rule. There are exceptions to almost all things in nature.

So Alex and the rest of you – if you have to create and put in details by using your imagination – go ahead. This is the start of a creative process that can construct images that the female power to visualize can see and experience.

The only thing in this visualization that is already in existence is the New Jerusalem you see from the outside and the Master you meet inside. From the starting point of your room you will assist in the creation of a mansion in the Father’s House.

Jesus said: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions: if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” John 14:2

Not only can the Master prepare a place for us but we can participate in preparing one for ourselves and others. If we are to become Sons and Daughters of God we must also learn to prepare “a place.”

Each time you visualize or imagine the meditation you do not have to take the journey from the beginning. Once you get the essence of your room down you can see yourself instantly transported there as you begin the meditation.

Do some more work on the three walls covered so far and trust me for the moment on the future self. It may sound fantastic, but let me assure you that you have one and certain types of contact are possible.

After making a review of the three walls concentrate on the fourth wall. On the other side are at least twenty-four others doing this same meditation – twelve male and twelve female. Some of these twenty-four may be doing the meditation a little in the future; but nevertheless, you sense at least twenty-four, but more is OK.

As you begin to sense the presence of these people the wall fades away and you walk toward them and join then in an unbroken circle.

I liked Marylin’s comment on her room:

“To draw my room you would need at least 20 square acres.”

Even though this may seem to be far from what many thought was the goal of our rooms this thought illustrates individuality and creativity. There is no right or wrong about what you can have in your room, how big it is or what the shape is.

If you have six walls and I guide you through four walls then you must use your imagination to make things work. Either transform your room temporarily into one with four walls or use four of your six walls. The fact is that this is your room and you are to create it to serve your purpose and desires..

I understand that some of you are not participating at present. That is fine. You may or may not want to join in later. If you have reservations do not force yourself. I would encourage some experimentation as time goes on and curiosity may be aroused.

(To access the New Jerusalem Meditation go HERE)


Evolution After Age 21

I received a question around the teaching that we repeat our past evolution in miniature until the age of 21 and then we painstakingly go on to learn one or two major lessons. Do not many make major advances after the age of 21?

Several of you were wondering around this train of thought. It does seem to many of us that we made a big jump in evolution after the age of 21, perhaps even into older age.

Tracy makes a statement that seems to indicate this is true:

“If it’s not, then just call me Abby (Normal)! I was almost totally uninterested in matters spiritual until around age 28, at which time I practically lived at this bookstore called East/West Books in Menlo Park.”

I also have experienced great changes in my belief system and thought processes after the age of 21, but what we need to understand here is that a change in direction, belief or thought process toward what seems to be the light does not indicate a leap in spiritual evolution.

Gaining much knowledge does not indicate advance in spiritual evolution.

True steps in evolution are often difficult to perceive and often read incorrectly.

For instance, a person may go from an orthodox belief in God to being an atheist and actually make progress upon the path in the process.

All his believing friends will judge him as retrogressing believing they are progressing while the truth may (not always) be just the opposite.

Perhaps the God he is rejecting is a very illusionary one and no God for a period of time is nearer the truth than one who is more like a devil with great authority.

“But aren’t we making a giant step in evolution when we move ahead in the discovery of real truth?”

Answer: It is not the discovery of truth that is an indication to you evolution. Instead it is your power to perceive truth and act upon it.

You may have had the same quality of perception of truth when you were twenty-one as when you are forty, but the only difference between then and now is that you now have a chance to test that perception.

This concept I am teaching is also borne out in my studies of handwriting analysis. From the age that the person learns to write and the age of twenty-one there is always (especially in evolved souls) many changes in the handwriting indicating evolution of the personality, feelings and mind. Then from the age of 21 until death there is very little change of intelligence in the characteristics of the writing.

The person may say: “At the age of 38 I had a life changing experience that caused me to take a much more enlightened path.”

Yet I look at the handwriting and there is virtually no change in intelligence.

Don’t get me wrong, we do grow in intelligence after the age of twenty-one, but this growth is very much slowed compared to advancements before that age. We usually learn no more than one major lesson in each life, even though it may seen that we learn many. Outside of this one major lesson we generally are just relearning and perfecting past lessons.

Let us use the book, The Immortal, as an example here. Many have said it changed their lives. The thing is that this book may not have been available when you were 21 so it couldn’t have touched you at that time, but if it was and a friend told you _ “here read this, it’s a great book!” there’s a good chance you would have perceived as much truth in it then as now.

The forty or fifty year old has more knowledge and experience to draw from than does the 21 year old and this can sometimes give the illusion of greater spiritual evolution, but remember the real key here is your ability to perceive truth.

To give yourself a real test at say 50, in comparison to your evolution at 21, you would have to forget everything you have learned since the age of 21 and then test your perception of truth against your younger self.

We kind of get a chance to make comparisons when we are reborn with no memory. In life B did we progress any faster than we did in life A? That is the real test. As we go out of incarnation and we compare our last two lives we can then see if we have made any real progress.

As for myself, I have probably had as many life changing experiences and periods of enlightenment as most people have, yet I can see that my basic intelligence has grown at a painstakingly slow rate. I can see that if what I know now was presented to me at the age of twenty-one I would have probably accepted it after some soul searching. Even so, I personally had to learn my one major lesson before the teachings I have can be successfully presented. I hope that I have learned it well.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Questions on the Molecular Relationship


Questions on the Molecular Relationship

My friends,

I received some interesting questions that I feel that may also be in the minds of others in the group, so I received their permission to post them here.

First, let me say that it is commendable that group members are putting what their soul says to them above me as a teacher. All souls are one and when we all speak the language of the soul together we will see as one body. But even those who do their best to retain soul contact can question and disagree because of incomplete communications.

I love the Rick’s attitude in his questioning. He is not challenging me or trying to show any superior intelligence, but just shows a sincere desire to find the truth and to serve. What more could a teacher ask for?

Now I’ll quote from his letter:

“… I’m hoping you will provide more information, on the subject. My soul tells me that I can still be complete by being a bride of Christ. It also suggests that it may be possible to link up with one’s “soul mate” without actually being together physically.”

I’m sure your soul is guiding you correctly here. Sometimes when our soul points a direction, we cannot see all the ingredients in the upcoming path. But when that direction is followed we always discover that the soul pushed us gently in the right way.

It is possible to have various types of non physical contact with a potential mate. A soul mate is, however, created rather than some special split off of yourself at creation. From a higher point of view we are all soul mates. When you find a person that you can be one with then you will have a mate that you can communicate with soul to soul, which is a true soul mate.

Let us suppose you met a potential soul mate on the net or some other way. There would come a time that you would want to complete the relationship on a physical level.

Completeness in relationship comes through interplay of all levels. Nevertheless, it is possible to go quite a distance through non physical interplay.

Rick responds, “There is so much here that I wish I could have known about when I was younger. I forwarded a copy to a friend and plan to give copies to my daughters. I have to admit that the information has truly left me in a spin. If creating this “perfect” marriage bond is a prerequisite to getting into heaven, then I fear I have thrown this life away and have little hope of salvaging it, at my age. At 49 years old, 3 times divorced, a single parent and all the other stuff I’ve already told about, I seem to have little hope of ever connecting with Ms. Right.”


All of us go through many lifetimes without finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. Although it is indeed a heavenly experience to find a soul to soul mate there are many spiritual experiences along the path to this union. If you follow the highest you know at all times you will build a heaven for yourself right here on the earth and beyond, even though you have not found the person of your dreams.

All of us have a hope of becoming Masters and overcoming all things, even death, but because we have not arrived there yet should not become a point of discouragement. We must smell the roses along the way and enjoy special moments of progress as we proceed toward the goal.

Rick continues:

“And just how did all my heroes manage to get to such heights without the benefit of a good woman beside them? Was there a Mrs. Moses or a Mrs. Christ? Ben Franklin was a womanizer. Thomas Jefferson slept with the help. Edison had a rocky marriage. Einstein married his cousin, because she was a good cook. If all these great men had such a hard time of it, what chance have I?’


Moses was married twice. His first wife was an Egyptian lady he married and quickly dropped in order to conquer her city when he was in the Pharaoh’s army. Later when he was on his spiritual quest he married Jethro’s daughter Zipporah who was his faithful wife.

Christ had several women in his life who inspired him.

But you are right. There are numerous fairly great men who were womanizers, John Kennedy for one. Nevertheless, all these men who dissipated their energies will eventually have to learn to intelligently direct sexual energies toward union to achieve their full potential.

Lincoln is an interesting study. He had a relationship that was much worse than no relationship. His wife Mary Todd was the worst first lady in history. It is said that the reason he entered politics was so he could be away from his wife for greater periods of time, so perhaps history would be greatly changed if not for his bad marriage.

She had a terrible temper and was always embarrassing him. For example, when he was President and they were having an important dinner for dignitaries she threw a plate of food in his face because he did some small thing that offended her.

She saw herself as co-president and asked to be called Misses President. She was also a spendthrift and always kept the family in debt. She eventually went insane after he was killed and was put in an asylum.

Even though Abe had good reason to get something going on the side he was a faithful husband through all his days. If he lived in this age he would have probably got a divorce, but a divorce in that time would have ruined him politically and he knew it was important to fulfill his destiny as president.

Even though he was a faithful husband he did have several female friends that gave him access to female energy which inspired him.

If I remember right Einstein’s first wife was a mathematician who was a strong motivator for him in coming up with the Theory of Relativity. Some believe that she actually came up with some of the ideas. I believe she drew them out of him.

Rick continues:

“The latest chapter of the molecular relationship is both the best and worst news I’ve read in some time. We’ve just rebounded from one downswing in membership and now I wonder what will happen to us, when even I question if I belong here. I hope we will pause and discuss this, before getting any more, so that we can all have time to digest such a large mouthful. It usually takes a lot to rattle my cage, but this one has left me dazed. Rick”

I’m not sure what all you are referring to here. For those of you who have specific questions I would hope that you ask them.

One thing I want to clarify is that the Molecular Relationship does not require that you have an ideal mate. We will go into more detail in this later on as we explain how it works.

A single person or one with a spiritually disinterested mate will pick a working non romantic partner to create male female units in the soul for the creation of human molecules. In many cases these couples will work together in the soul better than the married ones for they will not be carrying around the baggage from a bad relationship that so many have.

I would suppose that the idea of commitment in sex is disturbing to some. Many have left the old time religions because of the restrictions there. There is a big difference though. The religions say: “do what we say because God says so.”

I am not doing this. Instead I am attempting to teach the true principle governing the ultimate positive use of sex, money and power. These energies should be directed to fulfill Purpose, or be in alignment with Purpose so the higher energies of the soul can become manifest.

No one wants to judge the purity of your sex life. Instead what the teachers look for is your purity as a vessel for the higher spiritual energies. If one is governing his life with soul guidance then there will be endowments and manifestations of the Spirit of God through the soul. That which comes through you and out of you is evidence of your correct use of higher principles.

Glenys also had some questions. She asks:

“If I have to develop more masculine energies to serve in a proactive, ‘sending’ way, then the chances of finding someone to balance me become even more remote. As it is, I’ve always known that one of the reasons I’ve never married is that I haven’t been able to find someone who is my spiritual superior (and I don’t regard myself as a 10 by any means). Is that the price women have to pay for being spiritually aware?”

Answer: I know I’m going to have to give some more clarification on this for the female tends to think she is at a disadvantage in many ways, but she is not. The objective is to deliver teachings. For the male it is easiest just to throw them out to the audience, but on the female side, her energy is to pull out the teachings from the souls of the students. One is not more powerful than the other, but the male has an easier time in his energy as well as the female in hers. The trouble is that the female is often deceived into thinking the male energy is the better way. The female should only use male energies that feel natural to her and not try to force them.

It is not only difficult for the advanced female to find a mate in suitable evolution, but also the male. Notice Rick’s previous comments about his difficulty in finding a companion.

Glenys continues:

“Various other comments relating to the two energies I was interested to read that a woman with strong male energies needs a man with strong female energies to give balance. In my experience, strong women seek a strong male and find men with female energies good friends but bad partners. I find such men boring as they don’t challenge me at all.”


Keep in mind that a strong woman is not necessarily one with a lot of male energies. The strongest of all women are those who successfully use their female energies.

If the female dominates with male energies then her male companion turns female as far as energy is concerned.

On the other hand, she can also dominate with female energy. When she does this the male energy in her mate is amplified. Even so this dominating male will be a willing servant for the female in her energy.

Glenys also asks:

“I was also interested in your comments about teachers choosing a male body. I have had a teaching urge for most of my adult life so wonder why I chose a female body this time round. Does it mean that if I teach and it becomes a focal point of my life that the most I can expect is to communicate others’ teachings like Bailey did with the Tibetan? Does it mean that I will probably never have any original teachings of my own in this lifetime because it would require more ‘sending’ masculine energies? If that’s not right, then why didn’t I choose a male body? I can only assume from what you’ve written that I chose it because the emphasis this time round was to be on learning, receptivity etc.”

Choosing a female body is a sign from your soul that you came here with the intention to learn, especially for the first half of your life. That does not mean that during this period you will not teach but it does indicate that you, in connection with your soul, saw that there were important lessons to learn that required that you be in the receptive female energy.

Now if you learn the needed lessons that you set before yourself before you were born, then in the second half of your life you can be an effective teacher of those lessons as well as applying the female energy to learn new ones.

As for the rest of your questions just remember the first key. You are Decision and you can become whatever it is you decide to Become. Tune into the male and female energies within you and use their forces to best serve the direction you wish to take.

We’ll be talking more about male and female energies as time goes on as the correct understanding of them is a key to the successful creative path.

Susi asks:

“On the subject of male/female energies and the facts being presented as to the separateness of these two energies: I have a question. Many things in nature currently possess both male and female energies I think you wrote that JJ, and eventually all things will go back to possessing both of these energies just like Source (The One God). Do I have this theory correct so far?”


Let me clarify. All things living and existing in the worlds of form not only possess these two energies but are created by their interplay.

After the division of the Purpose energy into male and female and the amplification thereof, all lives have sought to balance these two energies. Form is basically energy slightly out of balance and the fact that we are still in a world that has form tells us that we have not achieved perfect (or relatively perfect) balance.

If you could achieve a balance of the two energies and “be still and know God,” then your body would disappear until you let the energies slip out of balance again.

This is one of the reasons that the Masters can transport their bodies instantly. They do not increase their vibration as many teach. Instead they still their vibration through the balancing of energies and can move through a door or wall as easily as an imaginary point of thought.

Susi continues:

“My main question is that I feel we all as humans posses both of these qualities and ultimately do not need to have a mate if we are able to utilize both of these energies and maintain a balance within ourselves separate from a mate, just as Source (The One God) is able too. Am I way off on this? I have this on a soul level and so far am unable to accept that it is just not possible to obtain this state in the human form.”


It is interesting you received a soul confirmation on this and it would be a good time to say a few words on this subject.

A soul confirmation always points you in the right direction to enhance your spiritual evolution, but it does not reveal to you all the knowledge and principles around the subject you may be contemplating.

Let me give an example:

Jim has been struggling to make something of his life and makes a decision to seek God believing this to be his next step. He has never been active in a church and checks out a few. Something about the Catholic Church stirs his soul and he senses the inner voice telling him to join the church.

Does this mean that the Catholic Church is the ultimate truth?


Does this mean that all the Catholic doctrines and teachings are true?


It is interesting that because of the confirmation of the inner voice Jim may be self-deceived into thinking that the above two items are true, but the real question is what is the true confirmation coming from the soul?

Answer: His soul is leading him into the Catholic Church because this organization has an important lesson to teach him. The church will be a stepping stone for him that may last a year, ten years or a life, but as imperfect as it is, the Church is a necessary step before he can catch a glimpse of his next vision quest.

The soul often gives us an inch of truth and we make it into a mile of truth. It is important that we take these inner messages and narrow them down to the core of what the message is rather than what we want it to be. I’m not picking of Susi here. But merely giving out a general teaching for the benefit of all.

Now getting to Susi’s question.

Yes, we can balance the two energies of male/female within us and establish a peaceful and contented state, but this is just a step in our evolution and far from any ultimate.

When reasonable inner balance is obtained then one can go through life as a single person without a great sense of loss or missing out. Some single people receive guidance from their souls about balancing the energies within so they can free up their attention and focus on the spiritual path for a life or two.

Nevertheless, we do not get out of relationships that easy, for relationship and the establishment of new and greater relationship is an eternal principle.

Balancing the male/female within is merely practice for the greater balance that comes with another person of opposite polarity to yourself.

If you want to learn to fly a plane the first step may be to study all about the art of flying. But you can read every book in existence and still not be prepared to actually fly. There comes a time when you have to step into the plane and physically fly it. In between flying practice you might want to do more studies on the ground and quiz your instructor. But then to master the art you have to fly again.

So it is with male/female relationships. We can seek inner balance of the energies and this is comparable to studying flight when you are on the ground. But then you need to test yourself to see how balanced you really are and that test comes through relationship with your polar opposite. By yourself you may think you have mastered the energies just as one who has studied flight may think he can fly a plane, but when you put your knowledge into practice through real relationship you then discover rough corners within yourself that you never knew existed.

Believe me my wife reveals many rough edges I need to work on that I would have never discovered without her.

I did not mean to imply that anyone is at a disadvantage for being single. You still have interplay with your polar opposite through friendships and family. It is possible that your soul wants you to take a rest from the intense relationship of marriage and better prepare yourself for your next one. And I guarantee that you will have a next one.

Many have been married three or more times and are too frustrated or discouraged to try again, but let me assure you that each of us learns a lot about ourselves from each failed marriage. Sometimes a failed marriage will teach us more than a smooth one.

Let me also assure all: if you are single, you will seek a mate again, if not in this life, the next.

The reason the drive to mate always returns is because it is a necessary relationship to establish to create higher evolution. Go back to the Molecular Relationship book and look at the diagrams of the atoms combining into molecules. This foreshadows the next great step for mankind. Each person will eventually unite with a mate or a non romantic working partner and create a finished atom (ADAM). Then these Adams will unite with other couples and create human molecules with properties more than human. This is our destiny and nothing can prevent it from coming to pass.

When human Adams establish relationship with other male/female couples there will be more balancing to do on a yet higher level. Next human molecules will establish relationship with polar opposite human molecules and more balance still will be required. This evolution continues without limit.

Susi asks one more question:

“Do you believe that some people here on earth currently had already achieved the mastery of both energies and all other prerequisites which enabled them the choice of not reincarnating yet they are here now to help with the current awakening and volunteered to reincarnate?”

“This sounds like you are asking if some of the Masters who have overcome death have chosen to incarnate as regular humans at this time in order to serve.”

Yes. A small number have. But when a master incarnates as a regular human he has to start again from point zero and regain all his ability and knowledge. He will not automatically have the energies balanced within him and he has to pass through all the lower initiations again. Thus it is not only a great sacrifice for a master to do this, but it also is quite a risk. He could get caught up in illusion and it could take several lifetimes to climb out of the mire he has found himself in.

When such a Master, or disciple becoming a Master, does achieve relative balance then death will not even be able to hold him or her.

Now I know that there are many false teachers and new agers out there who believe they are masters come to earth, but if they proclaim themselves as such it is a sure sign that they are far from being a master, but an ordinary human.

An advanced disciple or master incarnate will never reveal his point in evolution publicly. He will never say something like : “Hey! I was Moses in a past life so listen to me.” Such an attempt only gives more power to the beast of authority.

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The Search for Unity

This entry is part 14 of 34 in the series 2011C

Blayne basically ponders this thought:
There are about 7 billion people in the world yet after all this time there just doesn’t seem to be 24 people on the planet who have enough soul contact to create the unity to forge even one molecule. He has received a taste of what spiritual unity feels like and it seems frustrating that there does not seem to be people available for the consistent unity required of a working molecule. Is there any hope for this generation or is the day of spiritual power yet a hundred years or more in the future?

I share your frustration. I first received the revelation on the Molecular Relationship around 1979 and have been searching for the first 24 ever since. Like you, when I found good prospects for unity, a dark force seemed to enter the picture and hamper progress.

Even with all the difficulties I am convinced that there is enough good people out there to not form one molecule, but many of them. One of the problems is this. Some of the most advanced souls out there have very strong belief systems and when others in a group veer off from that, unity becomes difficult, if not impossible. It may be quite possible that a number of those in the first molecule may not be that advanced in learning and thus not have their minds cluttered up with too much data to prevent unity.

Of course, it would be most desirable to have all 24 be advanced souls who can tune into the soul at the drop of a hat to solve the differences that arise, but this is the type of disciple that is sadly rare in this present world.

Let me give you an example concerning one of our most cherished and beloved members who passed away a few years ago. I’m talking about Glenys.

Glenys was very enthused about the teachings and the prospects of being in a molecule, or creating one. Everyone on the group admired her and many felt that if there was anyone that was prepared to join a molecule then it was her. In addition she was a devoted student of the Alice A. Bailey writings and other metaphysical works.

She not only posted regularly but wrote me privately quite often. In one of her letters she informed me that her best friend had taken ill and was in danger of dying. She felt that she would be devastated if she lost her and told me that after much meditation she was sure she would recover and asked me to tune into her and see what I would receive – hoping I could add some energy to her recovery.

I did my best to comply and was somewhat surprised to receive a message through my soul that her friend’s time had come – that she had work to do on the other side. I get messages like this now and then but often I get nothing one way or another so don’t expect me to produce physic impressions on demand. I have found though that when I do get a message that there is some greater purpose than the mere information involved.

I debated over whether to tell Glenys and then decided to do so. I told her that I had received a message that her friend would be taken and the best thing to do was to make her passing as pleasant as possible and prepare herself for the loss in the physical. I then told her that her friend would still be close to her spiritually if she tuned in to her.

She was then somewhat upset with me and insisted my message was wrong for she had received a message that it was her friend’s destiny to live.

Unfortunately, a few weeks later her friend died. I did my best to console her and in midst of the exchange of private emails I received the reason I had been told of her friend’s impending death. I then explained it to her. I told her that the reason I had been given such a jolting revelation was to get her attention and establish me as an earned authority in her independent mind. This was necessary because the time would come in the not too distant future that she would doubt me again. I told her that when this time comes that I would remind her that she was wrong about her friend and should have considered my words. I told her the next time we have a similar disagreement it will be important that she consider what I say and verify it through the soul.

I had no idea what conflict was coming that this set the stage for, but I knew something was on its way.

I did not have to wait for long as a short time later Glenys developed cancer, starting in her sinus area. This time I didn’t get any impression as to whether she would live or die but did my best to offer her encouragement. All the Keys members were very concerned for her and sent her their prayers but she slowly got worse.

Then, one day she sent me an email asking for my opinion as to the root cause of her cancer and what she could do.

I contemplated the answer and received an impression and sensed that the answer was not something she wanted to hear. I wrote her back and told her I was reluctant to give her my answer for she may not like it.

She basically told me she was a big girl and could handle anything I would dish out.

I wrote her again and told her I would only give her my answer if she would assure me she would look at it dispassionately and not take offense.

She assured me that would be no problem.

I then wrote her back and explained as honestly and clearly as I could that the core problem that caused her cancer was a martyr complex that caused negative suppressed feelings to take root and express themselves as cancer. If she wanted to be cured she had to search herself with all honesty and find the cause of the martyr feeling, face it and remove it. I told her this would be difficult because denial is usually involved and she probably does not see this in herself. It would take all her strength in keeping her mind steady in the light to accomplish this.

I anticipated this answer would be difficult for her to take but not the intensity. She responded with extreme outrage. I can’t remember the exact words but the message was something like this:

How dare you accuse me of having a martyr complex! I am about a million miles away from this and everyone who knows me is aware of this except you. Where you got such an idea is a mystery indeed. And I do not suppress emotion – I let people know exactly what I feel.

She went on and on and I got the impression that she wanted an apology from me if our friendship were to continue.

After several heated exchanges I then wrote her back and reminded her about the reason I received the correct impression about her friend. I reviewed with her about my prediction that something would occur where it would be important to trust me as an earned authority. I then told her this was the time.

Unfortunately this reminder had no positive effect. Next I received a very angry letter from her boyfriend. He told me that I had made Glenys extremely upset and this was a very heartless thing for me to do to someone as ill as she was. I was just making her worse and should cease even contacting her.

His tone was so angry that I was glad he lived in New Zealand – too far for physical contact.

We didn’t communicate much after that though she did keep me updated until the end which came a few months later.

I write this not to diminish Glenys who we all loved but in an attempt to derive some good out of the awkward situation. She was indeed an evolved soul, yet with all her aspirations, knowledge and keen mind she could not harmonize with me through the soul.

And why was that?

Not because she couldn’t, but because she would not consider that she may have been wrong. This created a blockage that would not allow her mind to verify my words through the soul, even though the Powers-That-Be provided a witness in preparation for her test.

Blayne writes:
Here is one of the problems as I see it. There is a fine line between seeing one as an earned authority and blind trust. Myself for instance I do not have reliable enough soul that I trust enough to be able to see eye to eye on all things. So I am wary of falling into a blind trust over something just for the sake of unity which is not real unity anyway and will not last. Therefore I require a certain amount of facts and evidence etc. and things to make sense and if that does not satisfy me I will not change my stance. Now this is where a real strong soul impression could make a difference. So it really seems to boil down to reliable soul contact being the issue.

You have very accurately described the problem the disciple has as he develops his mind and reasoning powers. We just talked about the problem that Glenys had which involved keeping the emotional body at peace, but the mental makeup also presents a tremendous challenge. It was accurately described by DK when he stated the “the mind is the slayer of the real.”

Let is first talk about the problems with the emotional self of the disciple as he treads the path toward unity. To illustrate the problem let us suppose we are observing two students who are strong seekers but still strongly influenced by their emotional bodies. These we will call students A and B.

These two find two different teachers. The first teacher is very deceptive, manipulative and many of his teachings are full of illusion. However, within these teachings are morsels of truth that cause some sincere students to gravitate to him.

The second teacher is an initiate with reliable soul contact. Of course, no one is perfect but his teachings are inspired, have true principles and touch the soul. His teachings basically lead students in the right direction.

We will call these two Teachers A and B.

Student A is captivated by Teacher A. Because his teachings seem harmonious to his emotional body he doesn’t use the mind to question or discern the flaws. Student A finds others like himself in the group and they unite in support and are willing to do anything asked of them without questioning.

There is great unity in the group. They raise money, begin projects, sing songs and seem happy as they press forward. The group grows but because of many flaws in the foundation teachings very little is accomplished that will further any type of constructive progress.

Then one day Teacher A criticizes Student A in a way that feels wrong to him. He tries to shrug it off but then the next time he hears him teach he finds himself questioning and analyzing the words much more than before. It isn’t long before he sees gaping holes in the teachings. He openly questions the truth of the teacher’s words and the teacher now lashes out and condemns him.

Now the student’s feelings are really hurt and he finds fault with most everything the teacher says – many things that he previously though were true and wonderful. He leaves the group and becomes an outspoken critic of the teacher he once adored.

Student B is at a similar stage of spiritual evolution as Student A but he has the good fortune to become involved with a true teacher – Teacher B. His journey with the true teacher is very similar to Student A’s with the deceptive one. He becomes enthused, supportive and willing to do most anything asked of him. He finds himself sharing unity with others like himself but is disturbed by some of the mental types who demand proof, reasoning and logic. Teacher A didn’t allow dissent so he didn’t have this questioning to deal with. These mental ones want all the pieces to fit together before they accept the teacher and support him 100%. This student often finds he is in conflict with a couple of these doubting Thomases.

Then one day this student has a heated argument with a mental type and the teacher seems to side with him. Now student B is offended and from that point on looks at the teachings that come forth with a jaundice eye. Suddenly it appears that the teacher has lost his light and is now fallen like Lucifer of old.

He now questions everything the teacher says. This teacher though does not lash out but patiently tries to explain things to him and attempts to nudge him back toward the soul where he can verify the truth of things.

What Student B hears though is a criticism that he is not good enough the way he is. He becomes very upset and quits the group. He also becomes an outspoken critic of his group and teacher.

It is interesting that these two students had two very different teachers, but the end result of the two was very similar. Student B has an apparent advantage of having some true principles planted in him. This will be an advantage if he is true to them. On the other hand, it will be a great disadvantage if he is not but continues to rebel against the light because he holds on to negative feelings and does not let them go.

Our next illustration involves the more left-brain seekers or the mental types.

We have the same teachers, A & B, but instead of two students we’ll use just one, Student C. He relies mostly on mind but has had some soul contact.

Student C is invited by an emotionally polarized friend to come to a class taught by Teacher A who mixes much illusion with some truth, but presents himself with great emotional vigor which gives the illusion that he knows what he is talking about.

After a couple hours in the teacher’s class this student is somewhat perplexed as to why his friend is so enamored with this guy. He said a couple of things that made some sense, but several others that he was sure were incorrect. He mentions these flaws to his friend and was surprised that they completely went over his head even though they should have been obvious. Instead, his friend defended his teacher by claiming that the real truth cannot be proven in black and white and the teacher has insights not available to the rest of us. Basically, he was telling Student C to have faith in the teacher or to recognize the unearned authority of the Beast.

He went back a second time at the insistence of his friend and this time he was more impressed. The teacher taught around an illusion for the whole class period, but it was an illusion held on to dearly by Student C. Because the student had an error in his belief system through an unresolved illusion the teacher seemed to make sense this time and he attended regularly for a while. He aggravated the teacher though when he questioned him openly on some flawed details on various subjects. Finally, the teacher couldn’t take it any more and lashed out and belittled the student in front of the whole class.

The student had the mental composure to not react in kind but to merely defend himself with logic and then left the class no longer to return. His controlled reaction made the teacher look small in some eyes, but most held the student at fault for the conflict rather than the teacher.

Student C did not hold a grievance nor become an enemy to Teacher A but did not hold back giving a frank opinion when his name came up in conversation.

This student was then invited by another friend to attend a class given by Teacher B who has a high degree of soul contact and accuracy.

During the class everything the teacher spoke of made sense to the student and the members of the class also seemed intelligent as well as friendly. He thought he had found his long sought for place that seemed like home.

As the classes continued Student C felt that he could just not accept everything without question so he let his critical filters remain open. Most teachings made sense but there were others he was not sure about and several errors he thought he spotted. After his last experience he was a little reluctant to challenge the teacher, but finally he thought he must.

He openly challenged the teacher in class and was impressed that the teacher did not lash out or avoid answering the question. Instead, he calmly answered questions and defended his point of view with good reasoning and data. Some of the answers caused the student to reconsider his opinion, but others did not alter his view.

Even though this student did not agree with everything being taught he figured he had found the best game in town and decided to continue attending. After all, he was learning some new things and there’s probably no one on earth who agrees with him on everything.

Then one day a real conflict emerged. The teacher gave a class centered on Student C’s illusion. This was the illusion that Teacher A had embraced and was about the only thing the student liked about his teachings.

Teacher B saw through the illusion and taught the truth as seen through the eyes of the soul.

Because this was a cherished illusion held by the student an immediate red flag went up. He was a logical person, but on this subject his reasoning began with the assumption that his illusion was correct. He had not examined his illusion closely enough and with enough dispassion to resolve it.

This seemingly illogical teaching affected his emotions quite strongly and it took a lot of self-control on his part to maintain his normal composure. He immediately challenged the teacher in no uncertain terms and the teacher responded with as clear reasoning as he could present.

Over the next couple classes the two went back and forth numerous times with neither one convincing the other. The reaction of the students in the class was interesting. A few held on to the same illusion as Student C agreed with him and were also sure the teacher had gone astray on this point, except for one with some reservations.

The rest of the class was divided into two categories. Part of them were somewhat familiar with the illusion-based subject, but had not put enough attention on it to have strong opinions or to have embraced the illusion. Some had been mildly disposed to the illusion and some against but it was not a dogma with them – they were not entrapped by the illusion. The other part of the group had paid little attention to this subject and hadn’t given it much thought in life. They did not have enough information planted in their brain about the subject to have been trapped by the illusion.

After hearing the dialog between their teacher and Student C every single person that had not embraced the illusion sided with the teacher and could find no flaw in his reasoning, nor could they find any conflict with their own soul contact.

On the other hand, those who embraced the illusion had great difficulty in even registering the possibility they could be wrong. Even though they had respect for the teacher they could not even consider that he could have been right on this subject. They believed that their conclusions harmonized with their souls so it never occurred to them to check anew, as if they were a little child, starting fresh. Their opinion registered strongly with their emotional bodies but they would not concede they had never received soul confirmation on the subject.

And one more thing added to the confusion of those caught by the illusion. To understand the subject around the illusion one had to comprehend a number of different principles. These students correctly saw a couple of the principles involved and had received some soul contact concerning them. This caused them to be completely sure they were correct on the whole matter and refused to openly consult with their souls on the whole of the matter as taught by the teacher.

After the class exhausted all the points of the debate the two groups were beside themselves. Those caught in the illusion filtered their reasoning through the illusion and couldn’t for the life of them see why they could not convince even one person who had not believed as they did. Similarly, the other members could not understand why Student C and his few dissenters could not see what appeared to them to be the obvious truth.

The end result was that Student C became very discouraged with the teacher and began to wonder how many other errors he made that he may have overlooked. He absolutely could not wholeheartedly support any group goal that embraced the teacher’s views on this subject.

He thus had a powerful debate within himself as to whether to stay or to leave the group. After much thought he decided to stay for despite this problem, this was still the highest light he could find with which to associate.

Two others who thought as himself though took different routes. The first left the group in disgust and sought to fellowship with others who embraced the illusion.

The other one was approaching the Third Initiation and, after some time, had an epiphany. He reflected on the teacher’s words and examined his own core long held beliefs for flaws. After much soul reflection his mind, in harmony with spirit, instantly saw a greater picture and the illusion dissolved just as does the midst with the morning sun. That which was not seen before was now seen. Now the greatest mystery in his mind was why it had been so difficult for him to see it.

This student went on to be the greatest defender of the true principles as taught by the teacher as well as others that he saw for himself that was taught him by no man.

These examples paint a picture that illustrate to us the difficulty in creating a united group without violating free will. Let us list a few of the areas that cause separateness and prevent unity.

Unity problems arising from the emotional body.

(1) Any criticism or correction real or imagined can cause the aspirant to withdraw support or become negative.

(2) A feeling by the seeker that other members of the group are not doing their share.

(3) Any type of irritation toward the teacher or members of the group.

(4) Impatience because of apparent imperfection in the group.

(5) Any glamour held by the seeker can produce separateness, especially one that causes him to see himself as more spiritually evolved than he is. A feeling of superiority is a great hindrance to unity.

Unity Problems centered on the mind.

(1) The big problem originating from the mind is illusion. If the seeker sees a thing as true that is not true then he will oppose the real truth on the subject when it is presented. Because the soul always takes the side of real truth he will have much difficulty in uniting with a group that seems to be in error when it is not.

(2) The mind slays the real. If he relies too much on the mind and too little on soul contact he will find flaws in many small details causing him to reject the big picture and miss many points of truth.

(3) Unless he learns patience he can get irritated with the emotional types and want to distance himself from them.

(4) He can also become impatient with members and the group as a whole.

(5) He may have a fear that merging or supporting the group may cause him to lose his identity or intellectual discernment. He may be overly concerned about giving in to the Beast. This is a legitimate concern, but must be tempered with judgment and he must find the right time to trust.

(6) If either the mental or emotional types have their ideas rejected by the teacher or the group they are likely to feel separated and rejected unless they have soul contact.

The ideal group, or molecule would be one where all members have soul contact and can resolve any difference by looking trough the eyes of the soul together and seeing the same thing. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find even two people who can do this.

When one sees the difficulty he can understand why Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet of them all. He prepared a group that had enough soul contact to create a working molecule.

The Twelve and the Twenty-Four were not perfectly soul infused and they sometimes drifted off the mark but they were sensitive enough to realize when they needed to come back to the center and see the Christ within each member of the group and drink of the same spiritual cup together.


Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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