Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 19

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Why Jesus Should Show Up

Every scripture has about three different meanings. The ancient Jews called them  the body, soul and spirit of the scriptures. And some more devout Jews believe there are as many as  seven or more different interpretations of every scripture. Now I do not believe the righteous are going to be taken in the air but always keep in mind anything is possible. Let’s suppose that we had a nuclear war and it appeared to the powers that be that unless something was done, humanity would be eliminated. If this were the case we may have some supernatural event to save humanity so that we may repopulate the planet.

At the end of Malachi it says the hearts of the fathers must return to the children and the hearts of the children must return to the fathers or else the earth shall be smitten with a curse and it is speaking of the coming of the Messiah. The word “curse” comes from a Hebrew word (Cherem) that means. “total destruction.” So what does this mean? The hearts of the fathers must be returned to the children. This means our hearts must be turned to future generations and make this earth a safe place for the people to live. If we do not do our part in disarming the world so there are no weapons of mass destruction anywhere then the earth will be smitten with utter destruction because sooner or later if everyone has nuclear weapons it is only a matter of time before they use them.

The nations of the world have to lay down their arms and if they do not lay down their arms then we will reach a point where the words of Malachi will come to pass.

My family had a mini family reunion just the other day and Artie and I were the only ones that were not solid in the Mormon Church. My sister said, what do you want to accomplish anyway? And you know they realize I think very different than they do. What they want to accomplish is to be good members of the church.

I quoted Malachi. I said, after I am gone I want it to be said, that I did something to make the world a better and safer place. Then one of the other family members said, well, I just leave that in the hands of the Lord. (Laughter)

And I said, well you cannot just leave this in the hands of Lord because if we had left World War II in the hands of the Lord then Hitler would be our supreme leader right now. Jesus said that we are the hands of the Lord. If you meet someone that is hungry, starving, or wounded by the side of the road and if you just say a prayer for them do you honestly believe that would help them? He basically says, no you are the hands of the Lord. He says you have to help that person and when you help that person, God is helping them. They will give thanks to God that God has helped them but you as an instrument of God were the one who helped; you helped them – this, was your action that accomplished this. It was not because you prayed and God sent some angel to feed, mend or clothe this person. That is just not the way it works.

If we do not do something about all these weapons of mass destruction that are pointed at each other, it says that it is only a matter of time before Malachi’s destruction comes to pass. “Unless the hearts of the fathers are turned to the children and make the world a better place for the children the earth could be totally destroyed. The prime directive of the Powers That Be and the Hierarchy is a little bit like Star Trek, non interference is essential but if it came down to humanity being completely eliminated They may interfere.

It may be possible to do this without incurring any negative Karma. It just depends on how we are about to destroy ourselves. If the Powers that Be in our planetary system look down and say: Well, looks like they deserve to destroy themselves then there would nothing that could be done. If there were enough of us in the state of innocence then it would be within the perimeters of the Spiritual Hierarchy to take action and save humanity. I would give it about a, 75% chance that we move into the new age without a major nuclear war, the way Shirley sees it happening. Let us all hope that this happens and it will happen if each one of us does our part.

What we need to do is sense the responsibility. One of my favorite movies of all time is “Oh God” with John Denver. George Burns plays God. How many saw this movie? That movie depicted God probably more accurately than the religions out there. God appeared to a grocery clerk named Jerry Landers, who is played by John Denver. He says to God, well what are doing are you going to save the world now and eliminate hunger, poverty and war and all that stuff? And George Burns says, nothing, that is up to you.

John says, Up to us! What do you mean up to us? We can’t do anything; it is up to you! And God says, no, it is up to you. If you want to make the world a better place then you must do it yourselves.

Now John Denver was beside himself because he always thought it was up to God to do that and this was a big revelation that came to him – that it was our responsibility to do this. I thought that was a good part and also presented a great truth. I really liked how John Denver was exasperated and surprised by that answer from George Burns because that answer is in reality up to us.

If we look all through history there are periods where can see there was divine influence but nowhere did the hand of God come in and completely take over and do our work for us. God never does work for us that we can do for ourselves. There is only divine interference when we do everything that we can do. If we really need assistance and we have done everything that we could possibly do and sometimes more than what is possible, then that is the time when the miraculous can occur and there can be divine interference.

Outside of this we are expected to do all that we can do and generally there is not Divine interference because all we can do is usually enough to get the job done.

Getting back to World War II again, from about 1939 to about 1942 it looked as though we may not win the war. It looked like everything was against us, but we did everything that we could. We finally got stirred up; and decided to do everything in our power to defeat Nazism our selves. We did not sit around and pray for an angel to be sent from heaven, but using everything within our power we decide to do this. There may have been some divine interference along the way but as it came, we were doing everything that we could do.

That is the way it is in our lives. So many people get frustrated because life is hard and they get mad at God for not helping. This is because you have not done everything that you can do yet. We have to do everything that we can do. A lot of people expecting the Messiah to come back  think that He is going take over and make life wonderful for us. He is going to take the earth and snap His fingers and make it into a Garden of Eden and we will be able sit under the fruit trees and eat fruit and we will not have to work. Jesus is going to appear to us and love us and we will kiss His feet and play some harps and it is just going to be so wonderful! (Laughter)

Audience: (Wayne?) I was ready to sign up until you got the part where you have to kiss His feet! (Laughter)

JJ: What will He do when he comes; is He just going to come here and do everything for us?

Audience: (Suzy) I say no, He is not!

JJ: Why not?

Suzy: Because it is up to us!

JJ: Do you not deserve a reward?

Audience: Well yes, but,

JJ: James has to take care of that huh!

Audience: (Laughter)

JJ: Does anyone remember what it says about Jesus in connection with rewarding us?

Audience: It does not mean anything unless you have earned it.

JJ: That is a true principle but that is not what it says. There are prophecies about the return of Christ and the word “reward” is used in connection with it. Does anyone remember what it says about Christ rewarding us?

Audience: I remember the parable of the talent. And He comes back and says for the work that you have done you will get this reward, or something like that.

JJ: Yes, that is true. Okay here is what it says, it says, When he comes “his reward is with him.” What do you think that means? Susan Carter, you are a student of the scriptures what does that mean?

Susan: I would say the reward is in us as we accomplish things and that is our reward.

JJ: I find it fascinating that no one has ever contemplated that scripture before. It is another one of those scriptures that sometime they even quote in church but never explain. Well what the dickens does that mean? Okay, well his reward is with him. Is He going to come down and bring us a plate of food or what? How can His reward be with him? The reward that He brings in other words, what is it?

Audience: The Christ Consciousness, His Presence, Himself.

JJ: Yes, what else?

Audience: He showing faith that your faith that you have in Him was valid.

JJ: That could be part of it.

Audience: He said the kingdom of heaven is within.

JJ: That is part of it and is there more? Why do we want Him to come in the first place?

Audience: To establish the kingdom of heaven on earth, an outer confirmation?

JJ: Yes, everyone is overlooking the main reason. Okay James, if The Christ was here and you invited Him over for dinner, why would you want Him there?

Audience: To teach us!

Audience: Correct, and what is with him? His teaching’s are with Him and that is the reward for the righteous, He will come and He will teach them.

Audience: So, only the righteous will be taught because only the righteous will be able to recognize it?

JJ: Yes, for one thing, only the people that have soul contact will be able to recognize Christ and not only Him but, His teachings as being eternal words that touch the soul.

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True Past Lives

This entry is part 36 of 62 in the series 2010

Posted Sept 6, 2010
I thought I would make a few comments on the recent round of conversations concerning past lives of famous figures and the persons identified in “Secret Places of the Lion.”

George Hunt Williamson claimed to have discovered in Peru a manuscript kept by the White Brotherhood that revealed the essential information in his book. Whether or not this is true, it is true that there is a Goodly Company of advanced souls that incarnate again and again in the service of humanity. One can surmise that a significant person in history who has accomplished a worthwhile service of value may be one of them.

The question is which one? Was Brigham Young Solomon? Was Joseph Smith, Joseph the Father of Jesus or Peter as I indicated or someone else?

Were some members of the Keys back there with Jesus and the Apostles?

It is interesting to speculate, but unless there is some message from a past life that your soul wants you to know the chances of knowing the exact truth is fairly slim.

I have had past life readings from a number of psychics and no two have told me the same thing. There has, however, been a common thread among all the readings, as I recall, and that is they all perceived me as some sort of teacher, shaman or magician that knew things that the people as a whole did not. It would make fascinating reading to reveal some of them.

What does this tell you?

It says that they tuned into the basic true vibration from the Akashic records but could not tune into the fine details with accuracy.

The most likely person to tune into his own past lives is himself. This is because he has a right to know providing his soul is in agreement. We are also the most deceived about our own past lives. Because of glamour we often see ourselves as being more important in the past than we are in the present. If a person claims to be a great one from the past yet does nothing great in the preset then you can be assured that something does not compute.

It is possible for a third party to read our past lives but accuracy is rare unless that person is a master or close to it.

It is a positive thing that we do not remember our past lives for it forces us to focus on the present. After all, the reason we die when we do is that the life has served its purpose and the soul wants to place us in a new and different situation where we will cease concentrating on the old and concentrate on the new.

In summary, Secret Places of the Lion gives us food for thought but I do not think it is 100% accurate. Past lives given by Sharón, me and others are also good food for thought but may or may not be true.

What is true is the present and our power to make something of it. What is also true are all the principles that have been covered on the Keys. These can be taken to the bank of the soul and once understood can be used for the rest of the current life as well as future ones.

A principle truly registered in the psych stays with us for not only the present life, but all future ones. Facts come and go. Therefore, seek understanding of the language of the soul, the language of everlasting principles.


Ruth writes:
I hear what you are saying JJ and I understand the fact that one must not live under a pretense or glamor about one’s past lives, however, as you have discussed past lives in your teachings, I assumed that we could still piece some things together in the present to get a bigger or better picture and understanding of ancient history etc.

It’s always good to piece together any truth you can from various pieces of information that is available.


“There is a book that comes to mind that I believe to be about 90% accurate. I found it to be one of the most interesting books I have ever read. It is called “Secret Places of the Lion: Alien Influences on Earth’s Destiny” by George Hunt Williamson.” JJ


I would say that 90% accurate is a high level, leaving only a margin of 10% error.

Was there a particular reason for you including this book in the Archives, so people could delve into past lives etc?

Just wondering……

I first read this book many years ago just as I was discovering the principle of reincarnation. It helped to open my eyes to the principle. The 90% figure was a guess. It could be less but probably not more.

JJ Quote:
The most likely person to tune into his own past lives is himself. This is because he has a right to know providing his soul is in agreement. We are also the most deceived about our own past lives. Because of glamour we often see ourselves as being more important in the past than we are in the present. If a person claims to be a great one from the past yet does nothing great in the preset then you can be assured that something does not compute.

What about if that person who had been great in a past life was now having a life of rest? This would mean that this person had spent 6 lives doing possibly great things for humanity, and then would have one lifetime of “rest” or one lifetime wherein he or she spent receiving higher teachings.

If Einstein was having his Sabbath life as John Doe, he would still have the intelligence of Einstein. When one has a Sabbath life he just doesn’t sit around and do nothing. Often he will do as great a work as ever. Instead of being boxed in with many problems to solve he is freed of many restrictions and can do whatever is fun to him. For many people work is fun. Others just want to go fishing or play golf.

If Abraham Lincoln were here among us enjoying his Sabbath life he would still be a fascinating person but instead of having a great burden of saving the union he would be free do something he liked that was less strenuous.

Quoting JJ
It is possible for a third party to read our past lives but accuracy is rare unless that person is a master or close to it.

So someone with soul contact could possibly be wrong on the past life vibration of another? (I am asking this for a particular reason.)

Many who have occasional soul contact are incorrect when trying to figure out the past lives of others. I’ve only had my soul give me a past life impression on a couple people and that was because they have been close to me for numerous lifetimes. One of them verified I was correct when I took her back and she revealed the name I was given and information she couldn’t have known from this life.

Was it correct of you to state that Susan is a walk in? Would that produce a type of Glamor in her, or within others who would think of her as someone more important now, because she is a walk in?

I didn’t state positively that she was a walk-in but that her handwriting showed a significant change in personality which could be caused by being a walk-in.

There’s not a lot of glamour over being a walk-in for a walk-in is not always a high initiate, but someone who has a strong desire to serve and pay off karma.

This is kind of confusing to me, because in one instance we are allowed to learn about past lives, and you even do past life regressions through hypnosis, but in another instance, we are told that it is more important to focus on true principles, which is understandable, but then you have stated who you were in a past life and mentioned about Susan, so I am wondering the reasons why you stated these facts?

I’m confused about why you are confused. I have never said anything to indicate that it is wrong to use means at our disposal to discover past lives. Past life regression has nothing to do with soul contact. Much investigation can occur without having soul contact. I have said that our soul will not reveal them to us unless it is important for us to know. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with using our own resources to learn whatever we want whenever we want. What we learn on our own through using regression techniques usually doesn’t usually distract that much, but it could if a person becomes over obsessed with a past identity. Putting too much attention on anything can be a distraction.

By being born with no past life memories we are freed up to concentrate on the present, but that doesn’t mean we do not incorporate the knowledge of discoveries we make along the way.

I have revealed only one past life and that was harmless because it carried with it no authority that I must be followed because of my greatness. There is nothing wrong with revealing who you think you might have been in a past life as long as you do not try to claim you must be followed because you were some great being or use it to establish beastly authority or enhance glamour.

Jesus said the first shall be last and the last first. Some of those who saw themselves as the first in past lives because they were close to Jesus, Buddha, George Washington etc may find themselves unable to deal with the next steps that now have to be taken that are different from the past. The only way out of this cycle is to stay open to new truth as a little child is.

Tom writes:
I know about walk in….but I have a question on overshadowing. I know
that Christ overshadowed Jesus. Can more than two or three souls/ or person’s occupying the exact same body at the exact same time, or overshadowing the body or only one soul overshadow one body at a time? Does it has to be a master or can if be an advanced soul?

It is obviously possible for more than two to occupy one body at one time. After all when Jesus cast the evil spirits into the swine they said their name was legion because they were many.

On the side of light there is not the need for such multiple occupations as that would be a waste of time. On the other hand, when Jesus was sharing a body with the Christ he was sharing consciousness with a great host of intelligences connected through the Oneness Principle, but only one other actual entity was dwelling in his living space.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Health and Healing

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The first job of the spiritual healer is to discern whether or not a healing is permissible.

2  All true spiritual healers (with rare exceptions) start with an accurate diagnosis.

3  If karma dictates that a person suffer through disease or other means there will be nothing the disciple can do to heal the person.

4  All illness is created through cause and effect of which karma is an aspect, but not all illness or accidents have their root in karma (or cause) from an error from a past life.

5  A physical accident or disease can produce problems (and be created by problems) beyond the physical. But such things can be overcome and neutralized thus making the pilgrim stronger and more whole than he would have been had he not had the problem.

6  He who follows The Middle Way discovers the path which will bring health at the earliest possible moment.

7  Djwahl Khul [DK] tells us that disease is a distorted reflection of divine possibility. Even so it is with disease among humanity itself. People see an idea they consider good and seek to implement this idea of good through the restriction of the freedom of others.

8  Even though much energy comes into play in the cause of illness, they all fall within two categories. Category One:  Diseases of congestion. Category Two:  Diseases of inflammation.

9  We often think of disease as being of a physical nature, but there is also social and spiritual disease.

10  Sometimes the cause of an illness is as simple as eating the wrong foods, and the cause of an accident can be as simple as not watching what you are doing. On the other hand, some illnesses and accidents are arranged by the soul to teach us lessons as well as pay a debt from past karma. In this case is a healing impossible? Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

11  Disciples will have bodies of refined atomic substance whose molecules are in a state of high evolution and advanced disciples will usually have good health.

12  None of us want disease and pain, but disease and pain are often caused by what we want.

13  When negative emotion is dissipated our physical vehicles will vibrate in much greater harmony with nature and much disease will no longer consume man.

14  There are times that the person is not prepared for a spiritual healing, but there is always a way. One must find it and tread the path.

15  When spiritual healing is not permitted, then medicine, herbs and other physical methods are in order.

16  If you contemplate the lesser lives within your own body, you can sense their desire to know you, and in a sense you are a god to them and they seek to be one with their god. Their god also should seek to be one with them. This is one of the secrets of perfect health.

17  I found that there were certain people who could not be healed by faith – that to learn a lesson of some kind they had to endure certain maladies.

18  The true unselfish servant often will experience miraculous healing which will give him more power to serve and thus pay off his debt to humanity quite quickly.

19  We need to stay emotionally and mentally healthy if we are to be good servants for humanity.

20  Whenever I have a physical problem the first thing I do is go on a fast.

21  We need to allow people to do whatever damage they wish to do to themselves, as long as they are aware of what they are doing.

22  What are the attributes of the throat center and what about this center could be misused or frustrated to cause a problem with the hearing?

23  Beginning disciples (and some advanced ones) will often have great health struggles as they have not yet learned to overcome the dark attacks.

24  Those who have the mark of the Beast will suffer ill health, will labor in drudgery as if they were a slave and work to support organizations and stone buildings rather than the living spirit.

25  Health conscious people with health problems have those problems not because good health practices do not work. But because of a wrong direction of a flow of energy.

26  By adding fasting to any healing technique your spiritual power will be amplified.

27  If you are serious about it and want to do something for both your health and spirit go on a fast. The first time I saw an aura clearly was after a ten day fast on lemon juice and honey.

28  By adding fasting to any healing technique your spiritual power will be amplified.

29  Concerning the name of Jesus, in The Immortal Book I we are told that the entity Jesus does not even like the modern name Jesus and only uses it when He has to for identity purposes. Nevertheless, because of the thoughtform behind the name it does have a powerful healing energy that can be harnessed in connection with the power of faith.

30  An inclusive attitude was one reason that Jesus had such ability to heal. When He looked at a poor ragged cripple He did not allow himself to see a person excluded from the gifts of God. Instead He saw one who was equal to himself, deserving of all the fruits of the Spirit. When that vision that Jesus saw was glimpsed by the cripple, he became a Son of God himself for an instant, and was healed.

31  When the eyes of the downtrodden meet the eyes of the soul, healing begins and vision is restored.

32   There are two methods of healing. One is called magnetic healing and the other is healing by radiation. With magnetic healing you actually touch the physical body. With radiation you don’t touch the physical body.

33  The mind must see the name BECOMING perfectly manifest. If a healing is being performed then the vision of wholeness (holiness) must be seen.

34  I submit that at least half of those who die at the hands of mistakes caused by doctors could have been returned to health with only a minimum of education in the true science of healing available to all.

35  Is the American Medical Association avant guard in promoting a cure for cancer or do they resist the real cures?

36  Zion will have the healthiest people on the planet, not only because of good physical environment and minimal pollution, but the emotional and mental conditions will prove to be as great of a boon to health as good nutrition and clean air.

37  Often times a search for a cure or improvement in health will wind up leading a seeker toward embracing the Light and following the highest he knows.

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Karma — or Cause and Effect

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “True karma is true cause and effect, not perceived cause and effect.”

2.  “The only way karma is altered by belief is when belief initiates a new cause and produces a new effect. It does not negate a past effect, but joins in with it.”

3.  “All lives, even Masters, have negative as well as positive karma.”

4.  “Cause and effect reaches into all kingdoms in all spheres. Even a plant operates under this law but the dynamics of the law as it affects the lower kingdoms are much more subtle as far as karma goes.”

5.  “We have all been under the authority of the Beast at one time or another — either in this life or in past lives, and have accumulated much negative karma because of it.”

6.  “Because decision originates cause does not mean that it is the same as cause. Cause is an aspect of Decision.”

7.  “It is not for us to judge the karma of another, unless a revelation is given in the matter. There is no sure way of knowing if we are correct or not without such a revelation.”

8.  “Baptism and confession are designed to remove guilt, not karma. Of course when guilt is removed the person is free to take more productive moves to pay off karma.”

9.  “The dead and the living have a karma that is intertwined, and they must work together in the flesh again to correct the problems of the planet.”

10.  “Karma is not negated, for cause and effect is an eternal interplay, but the one who knows can pay off karma much more quickly than one with no understanding.”

11.  “When we thus increase our power to serve, we increase our power to pay off karma.”

12.  “You can make your future more positive by changing your feelings, but karma has to do with causes from the past and you cannot change that.”

13.  “To say a thing is not good or bad at any level is to say a spoken word or action has no effect. Every spoken word and action has an effect.”

14.  “Forgiveness releases yourself from guilt and grievances but does not negate karma.”

15.  “To say there is no bad karma is the same as saying that when you drive over a cliff that only good things will happen.”

16.  “The time will indeed come when all karma will be played out and we will enter into a peaceful rest to contemplate the experience. But then we will plunge again into the rippling world of cause and effect and play the game one more time, but a little wiser than before.”

17.  “When the initiating cause is love in the direction of another human being, we then have the effect (karma) of love coming back to us from an opposite direction.”

18.  “Misapplied teachings of karma have indeed been used to enslave the minds of many.”

19.  “I exist, therefore there is cause. I DECIDE therefore there is effect. To go where there is no cause and effect is to go to a place where you do not exist or have power to decide.”

20.  “It does not matter how important the work one has to do — the basic rule of karma for the planet prevents the Great Lives from assisting us on a physical level, beyond that which we have earned.”

21.  “In Newton’s law, as well as cause and effect which is basically Newton’s law, like creates like. The Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Note that it DOES NOT say that the opposite reaction is a different type of force than that created by the action but an ‘equal’ one. The word ‘opposite’ refers to the direction of the force, not the force itself.”

22.  “There has not been any negation of cause and effect since the beginning of the universe. Not one example can be cited.”

23.  “Change is the cause. Time is the effect. Change and time are as different as cause and effect.”

24.  “Cause and effect was initiated through the principle of Decision within the life of God. All cause and effect, or all action, is motivated by some decision which has been made.”

25.  “Cause and effect has always been here and always will.”

26.  “Existence can only be if there is cause and effect and cause and effect produces.”

27.  “If there is debt to be paid off here the Lords of Karma will take care of it.”

28.  “The commandments focus our lives so the law of cause and effect (karma) works for our good so our free will is eventually expanded. They also direct our minds toward the soul.”

29.  “He, who is not attached to outcome or the time frame involved, changes the causes as necessary until the plan (or picture) is manifest.”

30.  “As more advanced entities pay off their karma, they can choose the sex where they can accomplish their work.”

31.  “If the dead are judged according to their works and their works follow them, then the doctrine of karma coincides perfectly with the Bible.”

32.  “Even if a person is in a state of complete forgiveness, or complete peace of mind, he is still subject to the laws of karma or cause and effect.”

33.  “Feelings, thought, preprogramming and other influences cause action. The best we can do with energy set in motion (effect), is to direct it wisely.”

34.  “Karma is like this: If we set causes in motion the effects come back to us.”

35.  “When I have sacrificed to help others I had love in mind rather than karma.”

36.  “You cannot give or receive without eventually giving or receiving in return.”

37.  “Since disciples were supposed to have absorbed the lessons of sacrifice during the past 2000 plus years the emphasis will also shift. The emphasis on service will revolve around cause and effect or karma. Instant or more immediate karma becomes the ideal.”

38.  “If you therefore claim to live in a world where there is no effect that is good or evil, pleasant or unpleasant, blissful or painful, hot or cold, light or dark, I would say you are in a place that is different than that occupied by anyone I have ever met or could meet.”

39.  “I see that when I create cause, like effect is at the door. I do not seek to gather to myself more than the effects that I create.”

40.  “The true Aquarian seeks no more in reward than that which is the just effect of his service (cause).”

41.  “You created certain causes in past lives and the effects are working out in this one.”

42.  “Both separation AND oneness are effects initiated by some cause.”

43.  “If you misstep and fall down some stairs, this is a result of your not playing along wisely with cause and effect created by gravity. No matter how much forgiveness you have been given you still have to watch out for this law because cause and effect and forgiveness have little to do with each other.”

44.  “I spend a lot of time inside myself and have to remind myself regularly that there is a world out there of cause and effects so I can avoid accidents.”

45.  “He who is attached to the result is also attached to the cause; therefore, he refuses to change them.”

46.  “Cause and effect (or karma) applies to the universe, galaxies, suns, planets, humans and even atoms — there is no escape as long as we are experiencing the life principle.”

47.  “Look in the mirror. Do you see yourself? If you do then you have not left the world of cause and effect. Are you conscious of time and space? If so then you are subject to the law of cause and effect. Do you use money? Then you are in the world of cause and effect.”

48.  “Any time we see an effect produced here; there is a cause that is linked to ‘here.’ If we were totally operating in some other reality the effects would show up in that reality and would completely bypass this one.”

49.  “Seen from the reality of cause and effect there is nothing to forgive and even if we think there is, nothing changes.”

50.  “The first cause was the DECISION of the One Life to reflect Itself to infinity and the first effect was the infinite reflections, you and me.”

51.  “Karma is effects that are waiting to materialize because a cause has placed energy into motion.”

52.  “The meaning behind cause and decision are different. A decision by itself does not make cause, but the execution of it by intelligent will does.”

53.  “Purpose, duality and Decision are always in existence and had no cause, but originate cause.”

54.  “Love and forgiveness are causes which produce the effects of joy and peace and thus the law of Dominating Good works through cause and effect for the long term benefit of all.”

55.  “That which is responsible for all creation is either a cause causing itself to do things or a causeless cause. Which is it?

56.  “Even a dream has a cause and then within the dream itself there are causes and effects. When I have a good dream with good causes and effects (karma) I often reflect upon it during the next day or so and feel that it adds to my quality of life. Thus even if it turns out that this life is like a dream we will still take the experience with us to a greater reality and this life will be a cause to ongoing effects in higher realms.”

57.  “The true Law of Karma illustrates that all punishment is not eternal but has a beginning and an end.”

58.  “Karma exists whether you are one with love or separated from love.”

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Service and Sacrifice

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “In true sacrifice of self, below or above, other selves are served, loved, and feel love.”

2.  “True enlightenment is found, not by retreating into the self, but by taking the highest you know and radiating it in the service of others.”

3.  “Service is a cause which alters the course of causes past.”

4.  “In order to serve, we must succeed.”

5.  “Serve and you will be given power to serve.”

6.  “In the Piscean Age sacrificial service was stressed with little or no reward on this earth.”

7.  “If you rise above the ego you will be given all you seek to successfully complete your field of service.”

8.  “If the time comes for certain events to happen then God will use whoever is available and is willing to serve.”

9.  “Let him who believes in the setting in order count the cost before he decides to serve else his strength give out.”

10.  “The beginner sees service as an act of sacrifice on his part, as if he is doing a favor for God and the Masters of Wisdom; but then after lifetimes of struggle, he begins to realize that true service is a prize and a privilege to obtain.”

11.  “When we serve with purity of heart the self is taken care of, making self-first an unnecessary step.”

12.  “True sacrifice occurs when you give up something on one level to obtain a greater good on another level.”

13.  “Through corrupt sacrifice, you give up something of value to a representative of the beast and only receive false images in return.”

14.  “Another false sacrifice demanded by many New Agers is technology. Many of them want us to give up all the benefits of technology and go back to living virtually on the level of the savage.”

15.  “Look at the landscape of the work that needs done and make the best DECISION you can about the part that you will play and move forward with all your strength.”

16.  “There are times that a person may accumulate tremendous Karma, such as being responsible for many deaths. Instead of coming back and giving his life ten times for ten lives he may pay the whole thing off in one life through loving service where he saves the lives of ten people, either physically or spiritually.”

17.  “We all understand service for pay or even praise, but only a small number understand selfless service as it relates to the good of the whole.”

18.  “Many of the martyrs in the history of the planet have been sacrificed to preserve either the money or the power of the harlot or materialistic individuals or groups.”

19.  “As some see sacrifice they see loss, but from the viewpoint of the disciple there is no such thing as loss when serving the greater good, even if you lose all you have in the material sense.”

20.  “True sacrifice is a trade off. You are trading a lower good for a higher good, a lower enjoyment for one more exquisite and a temporary possession for one with more permanence.”

21.  “It is a sad part of our history that there are more who are willing to suffer for a cause that will enslave mankind, than they who are willing to sacrifice to free the human soul. In coming ages this trend will be reversed.”

22.  “The more you serve the more negative karma is paid off.”

23.  “Service does not keep us from resolving patterns, but reveals solutions in the long run.”

24.  “Since disciples were supposed to have absorbed the lessons of sacrifice during the past 2000+ years the emphasis will shift. The emphasis on service will revolve around cause and effect or karma. Instant or more immediate karma becomes the ideal.”

25.  “The new emphasis on service is not in the sacrifice direction where we do good deeds and get paid back in some far away future, but on the idea is that we serve and in just a short time we receive a recompense for our service.”

26.  “People sacrifice and give to churches and most of the money goes to salaries rather than spiritual work.”

27.  “The prime emphasis on the spiritual teachers of this time is not sacrifice, but service with the principle of cause and effect in mind.”

28.  “The positive lessons of sacrifice will be eternally used, but will not be the focus in the coming age.”

29.  “All those who serve, whether they be spiritual teachers or brick layers, are entitled to receive a just payment for their labor or products they sell.”

30.  “The Aquarian way is to create a service of value so you can charge what you need for your physical comforts.”

31.  “How many of us have met seekers who are so caught up in their ‘vision’ or ‘dream’ that they cannot even consider that there may be a greater path of service available than the one they are on?”

32.  “There is no higher act than being anointed to deliver or taking the one seeking help and pulling him up to where you are. This represents the pure love of Christ and is love manifest.”

33.  “Of course, doing the work is what trips up the many with egos to prove. Instead of them doing the work, many want to be called and exalted, but have others do the work, recognize their greatness and serve their own little needs.”

34.  “Good and loving people should be the ones most determined to stay and assist in the triumph of the dominating good.”

35.  “To get in the top ten per cent where you share in the use of ninety percent of the world’s purpose energy, all you have to do is set conscious intelligent goals and then reach them. To get in the top one per cent you must set and attain conscious intelligent goals that go beyond self-interest and help many people.”

36.  “With an opportunity for service also comes an increase of negative force that will try and discourage you from taking the next step.”

37.  “Even helping one person makes it all worthwhile.”

38.  “Many, who are seeking greater light, yearn for a calling from God or a Master and none seems to come. After a period of time some get discouraged and feel that God does not want them or perhaps feel insignificant. What is needed is understanding, not a calling.”

39.  “Wisdom is a wonderful thing and so is knowledge but both of them would aimlessly drift along without the third aspect of understanding. Understanding gives eyes to knowledge and wisdom so the seeker is able to give completion to his service.”

40.  “As each of us fulfills the mission of Christ in us we reach out to our brothers and sisters upon the path and assist them in their journey to the presence of God. Each of us takes one more step toward completion as we effectively serve the wholeness of the creation of God by assisting the part, even if it is only one individual soul who is walking in darkness yet seeking light.”

41.  “Many preach of peace and goodwill, but who is doing anything about it? Project Peace and Goodwill is a method of putting words into action. There are many others ways to those who are willing.”

42.  “It is unfortunate in life that it is more dangerous to help others than to do nothing.”

43.  “Choose – Contemplate – Work like hell.”

44.  “Phenomenon does often distract from the needed path of service.”

45.  “The point of attention at this time is service to a discerned Purpose greater than self rather than service to a Master.”

46.  “Without help from others stretching forth their hands in service through the principle of Christ which is the name of Christ we must remain forever in the fallen state.”

47.  “Service for the sake of service to an unknown God has been the cause of great pain, destruction, suicide bombers, and almost every war that has been upon the earth.”

48.  “True service is love in action and the true servers of humanity are love incarnate.”

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The Middle Way

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From

The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  Let us follow the Middle Way and not mindlessly follow unearned appointed authorities, but lend support to elected ones and initiators who have a desire in their hearts to serve their fellow humans.

2  Now people like to think in black and white terms instead of shades of gray and if you tell them the truth is in the middle they want it to be exactly in the middle, but unfortunately following this formula also produces error.

3  One person can observe the tendency of the majority to miss the truth in the middle, as Jesus did, and yet not have a separatist attitude because of it.

4  Two extremes usually accomplish nothing, but the middle way brings the most efficient results.

5  It is interesting to see how easily the people have their focus diverted from the Middle Way.

6  Some will have a hard time seeing the Middle Way, just as they do in all matters.

7  Because circumstances are always in motion around the one who is in the middle, he must choose a different course of action as the circumstances change. Even though he may stand firm on unchanging principles, the application of those principles will be different as the group or humanity sways back and forth.

8  The handful of the enlightened who see with higher vision, by allowing contrasts to interplay, will see the truth of the Middle Way and will see the virtues of high intelligence working on both sides of the spectrum.

9  If we save a life with no thought of karma, but of service, then we have found the Middle Way.

10  If we want to find the Middle Way we must tune into that common sense which is within us all and common to us all.

11  He who finds the path in the middle learns to eliminate the blind spots and illusions, and to apply common sense to all areas of life.

12  When the wholeness of his or her life makes sense, then the Path in the Middle appears before [their] eyes.

13  The path in the middle has the illusion of movement because of the swing of the pendulum and because of our imperfection we weave on and off the path.

14  In the extreme left swing, deviating from the Middle Way, there are no rules. In the extreme right swing there are too many rules. In the middle, the eternal laws are recognized and followed.

15  He who follows the true Middle Path accepts the soul as his only infallible authority and if such a disciple appears to be following a leader, it is only because the two see as one through the eyes of the soul.

16  Buddha had two sets of teachings. One was for the inner group and the other was for the masses. A more complete presentation of his Middle Way will be revealed when his hidden teachings are revealed, but even then they must be studied under the light of the soul to be understood.

17  The Middle Way is found by understanding a principle.

18  A complete understanding of the Middle Way would involve understanding on many different levels.

19  The Middle Way I am presenting leads to a path.

20  If we follow the highest we know and act upon that which is revealed, then more light will come and the next step on the path in the middle will be revealed.

21  When a person has discovered soul he has all ready found the midway point.

22  It may be good for you to review our discussions on the Pendulum Principle and the path of the Middle Way where we point out that both extremes from the center of truth are destructive.

23  Between the extremes of “ego inflation ” and “false humility ” lies the middle way of simply being yourself.

24  The middle way takes us to the “dominating good.”

25  The midway point symbolized by the still point of the pendulum is not really a point from our perspective, but a path.

26  Great discernment and soul contact is needed to consistently choose the middle point, and then proceed from point to point along the path of dominating good.

27  The principle of freedom from the viewpoint of the pendulum principle is neither left nor right, but at the midway point.

28  Those who discover the middle way are like suns. They appear to be in motion, but in reality they make their stand at the midway point.

29  We have two extremes demonstrated in our society as far as authority goes. The disciple treading the Middle Way between the two extremes will walk neither of these paths. Instead he will use both the outside and the inside blended as one divine whole to find truth.

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The New Age

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  We are moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. We will be securely into this coming new age in about 150 years and most expect this to be an enlightened age of brotherhood and peace as well as human advancement. Right now we are in the transition phase and the division between the old age and new age thinking is coming into greater contrast.

2  We are in the twelfth hour of the labors in the vineyard and many new workers are being hired and coming forth to serve. In many ways their labors now, for this one hour, are considered as valuable as that of the older laborers over thousands of years. Why? Because many of the older laborers are expecting to be the new gurus who will be served and respected. Consequently, they are of little use in the present. The new workers will wind up performing a service of equal value to the combined value of the seasoned ones.

3  Those who are caught up in the glories of the past and sacrifice the possibilities of current joy to the authorities of the past will only enter the New Age kicking and screaming.

4  Those on the cutting edge of the age past are often left behind as the new age begins to dawn.

5  From this time to 2025-30 the seekers will embrace various stages of New Age thought and present it to their peers in an acceptable manner. Some time after 2025-30 will begin the seven years (or periods) of burning the weapons of Gog. During this time the old emotional fires which fight the new age will be consumed and Gog and his armies will find that they are void of instruments with which to fight the Christ consciousness. After the seven years burning, the fundamentalist clinging to a certain creed or dogma will be an oddity for the ignorance of old dogmas will be clearly manifest.

6  The Christ is the building stone of the New Age.

7  If the lights bringing the dawn of the Aquarian Age are to be successful, they must first and foremost survive and stand in their rightful places until the sun arises and shines forth in its strength.

8  Many call the coming age, the Age of Peace, and this will be true on the physical plane, but not on the emotional and mental planes.

9  The New Age will see conflict through debate and discussion as never before, but physical conflict will eventually be seen as primitive and beneath the dignity of the human race.

10  Think you that when Christ comes again He will be the lone teacher here on the earth? Far from it. To usher in the New Age we will need thousands of teachers and many of them need to be here before He manifests again.

11  The shift of attention by humanity from an emotional base for decision to the mind will insure the stability necessary for an age of peace to prevail.

12  Some of the philosophies that will be popular in the New Age are now permeating society to a greater extent than was even hoped for by the disciple of the mid twentieth century.

13  The Aquarian Age switches from water to air. Air is the symbol of mind. The beginnings of this age were manifest at the writing of the Constitution of the United States. We are now about half way into the full manifestation of the New Age.

14  The New Age will be ruled by mind.

15  To move to the Age of Aquarius we must free up the mind and the mind is freed up as freedom itself abounds. This is why basic democratic rights had to be established on the earth before the New Age could come in.

16  In the New Age brought by the Prince of Peace and His disciples the focus will be taken away from mean spirited competition and refocused on cooperation and the cities (polarized systems) will fall and be transformed.

17  We may be entering a new age, but let us not leave behind the basics that many souls have fought and died to preserve and demonstrate.

18  Because Pisces is such an emotional energy and Aquarius so mental the resistance to the New Age by the accepted teachers of the world will be very strong.

19  The natural resistance to the energies of the New Age must be dropped and a new understanding must come.

20  A critical mass composed of the brothers of light must be gathered together to produce the chain reaction to usher in the New Age. As with atoms, so with humans. Without the critical mass almost all the radiating energy is of minimal effect.

21  Without the law of mind, the laws of order, we will have no new age, no order, but only confusion and disorder.

22  I do not know if one can increase public involvement through law, but this certainly needs to be taught and encouraged in the new age.

23  Laws producing an orderly society will not pass away in the new age, but will be refined until they work so efficiently that the whole world will become stable and live in peace.

24  From the New Jerusalem (teachers of light) will go forth with the revelations of the New Age which will be the foundation of the new order of the ages. These revelations will also include many new scientific inventions, healing techniques, mysteries explored and New Age teachings.

25  If mankind changes not and does not shift its thinking to the higher level of the New Age, then physical destruction must come.

26  Those who make right use of sacrifice will make an easy transition into the service of the New Age.

27  One of the important teachings of the New Age will be the restoration of knowledge of the power of female energy, for it is as mysterious as gravity; no form can be held together without it.

28  Pisces is also on the mutable cross which causes a “go with the flow” attitude as far as energy goes. The funny thing is that we often hear this phrase from new age people, not realizing that this is the mantra of the passing age and not the Aquarian Age. Thus the energy of the mutable cross caused the people of the last two thousand years to go with their feelings with very little thought involved.

29  Physical presence establishes a very necessary link for the new teachings and energy to be transmitted.

30  Service in the New Age will be seen in the light of the LAW of cause and effect and karma.

31  Many other sources of energy will be opened up for us in the New Age including the application of the theories of Nicola Tesla.

32  The basic seed of the New Age Plan was presented as far back as the days of Moses and the working principle behind that plan was the gathering principle, or the synthesis of Israel into a greater working whole.

33  Nothing can hold back the establishment of the coming age of peace save our own lethargy.

34  Just as freedom and democracy had to struggle for existence in the midst of totalitarian governments, so will the principles of the New Age have to struggle for a foothold in our present society.

35  Many of the gurus and new age people we see around sway people by their personalities. The New Age Disciple must get beyond the personality and what we need to look at is the pure words and how they affect your spirit.

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