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1  Let us follow the Middle Way and not mindlessly follow unearned appointed authorities, but lend support to elected ones and initiators who have a desire in their hearts to serve their fellow humans.

2  Now people like to think in black and white terms instead of shades of gray and if you tell them the truth is in the middle they want it to be exactly in the middle, but unfortunately following this formula also produces error.

3  One person can observe the tendency of the majority to miss the truth in the middle, as Jesus did, and yet not have a separatist attitude because of it.

4  Two extremes usually accomplish nothing, but the middle way brings the most efficient results.

5  It is interesting to see how easily the people have their focus diverted from the Middle Way.

6  Some will have a hard time seeing the Middle Way, just as they do in all matters.

7  Because circumstances are always in motion around the one who is in the middle, he must choose a different course of action as the circumstances change. Even though he may stand firm on unchanging principles, the application of those principles will be different as the group or humanity sways back and forth.

8  The handful of the enlightened who see with higher vision, by allowing contrasts to interplay, will see the truth of the Middle Way and will see the virtues of high intelligence working on both sides of the spectrum.

9  If we save a life with no thought of karma, but of service, then we have found the Middle Way.

10  If we want to find the Middle Way we must tune into that common sense which is within us all and common to us all.

11  He who finds the path in the middle learns to eliminate the blind spots and illusions, and to apply common sense to all areas of life.

12  When the wholeness of his or her life makes sense, then the Path in the Middle appears before [their] eyes.

13  The path in the middle has the illusion of movement because of the swing of the pendulum and because of our imperfection we weave on and off the path.

14  In the extreme left swing, deviating from the Middle Way, there are no rules. In the extreme right swing there are too many rules. In the middle, the eternal laws are recognized and followed.

15  He who follows the true Middle Path accepts the soul as his only infallible authority and if such a disciple appears to be following a leader, it is only because the two see as one through the eyes of the soul.

16  Buddha had two sets of teachings. One was for the inner group and the other was for the masses. A more complete presentation of his Middle Way will be revealed when his hidden teachings are revealed, but even then they must be studied under the light of the soul to be understood.

17  The Middle Way is found by understanding a principle.

18  A complete understanding of the Middle Way would involve understanding on many different levels.

19  The Middle Way I am presenting leads to a path.

20  If we follow the highest we know and act upon that which is revealed, then more light will come and the next step on the path in the middle will be revealed.

21  When a person has discovered soul he has all ready found the midway point.

22  It may be good for you to review our discussions on the Pendulum Principle and the path of the Middle Way where we point out that both extremes from the center of truth are destructive.

23  Between the extremes of “ego inflation ” and “false humility ” lies the middle way of simply being yourself.

24  The middle way takes us to the “dominating good.”

25  The midway point symbolized by the still point of the pendulum is not really a point from our perspective, but a path.

26  Great discernment and soul contact is needed to consistently choose the middle point, and then proceed from point to point along the path of dominating good.

27  The principle of freedom from the viewpoint of the pendulum principle is neither left nor right, but at the midway point.

28  Those who discover the middle way are like suns. They appear to be in motion, but in reality they make their stand at the midway point.

29  We have two extremes demonstrated in our society as far as authority goes. The disciple treading the Middle Way between the two extremes will walk neither of these paths. Instead he will use both the outside and the inside blended as one divine whole to find truth.

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