McCall Gathering 2007, Part 43

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Mastering the Ego

Audience: It seems to correspond somewhat to fear or to some force that you have a weakness with and Hercules choking it is like the law of attrition where the lion cannot get air anymore and it is now deflated.
Audience: Is the lion the personality?

JJ: Very close, what part of the personality in particular do you think?

Audience: Ego?

Audience: The pride?

JJ: Right, it is the ego, the personality and the faults and imperfections that go along with it. Why was everybody so terrified of the lion?

Audience: Have you ever tried to reckon with someone else’s ego?

JJ: (Laughing) Right, and especially our own. Remember all this is an extension of Hercules so looking at it this way, as disciples, are we afraid of our egos and our own lower personalities? Are we afraid of confronting that within our selves?

Audience: I think we are afraid to let it go – we are so wrapped up and invested in that being who we really are.

JJ: Right we do not want to slay it do we? We do not want to slay it because we identify with the lower self. We think that is who we really are but the truth is that we are really sons of God. We are really not that lion and we have to slay the personality so that what we really are can shine forth. We are really sons of God rather than just animal man.

Remember one of the symbolisms behind all the animals is the lower nature which is the animal self that has to be either mastered or slain. The animal self has to be mastered or slain in all of us. So it is interesting that this ego scared everybody. Externally if a person with a big ego comes in the room – have you ever noticed that nobody challenges the guy? They almost seem afraid if him especially if he is an authority figure of some kind. Have you ever been in a class where a distinguished professor is lecturing and nobody dares challenge him? Nobody dare asks him, “what makes you think you are right on this issue,” or point or whatever. Or a religious authority is visiting or something and no one asks “what makes you think that you are right?” Nobody dares to challenge the guy.

Audience: He is intimidating.

Yes he is very intimidating. Have you ever been around someone very intimidating and you felt like you did not dare ask him a question? Especially when I was younger I encountered a number of people like that and as I get older and wiser I am more prepared to confront the lion of the ego in myself, and others. When you think back to when you were younger in school, college it is amazing how easily people of renown and respect may have intimidated you.

So the lion represents the ego. Say you are having a party and when a dominant personality enters the room. People get the impression he speaks with authority and he speaks with a lot of ego presence. Everybody just listens and if people disagree with him they will say nothing. I have been in situations where nobody was speaking up and I thought, boy does everybody in this room think exactly the same way that this guy is talking? And so I challenge the guy and have an argument with him and later people will come up to me later and say, you know I really agreed with you and disagreed with him all the time and I am really glad that you spoke up and challenged the guy. It turns out that few really did agree with him but nobody challenged him because he was the like the lion that everybody was afraid to challenge.

Audience: Dan: Sometimes there is just doesn’t seem like there is any point though.

JJ: Yes, sometimes there is not any point and I do not do that all the time because it may be seen as rude or not do any good, but I do it when I feel that the guy has a powerful ego and he needs a little humility. I am on the mental plane like Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the physical plane and if the guy deserves it then I am going to let him have it. But if he is just rambling on and not making any point then fine but when I feel that these people are following him like sheep and the guy deserves to be questioned because he has such a powerful ego, then I am going to ask him a couple of little questions that is going to upset his little applecart.

When you do this, these guys usually get very upset and insinuate, “who do you think you are questioning me?” They are like the Nemean Lion in this labor of Hercules. Like I say though, it mostly applies to us because all of us have the ego to be conquered and mastered again and again.

We are told that we not only meet the lion in this labor but we meet the lion again and again as we go throughout our discipleship. It is not just slain once and then put away for good. We slay it and then it is dormant for a while and then in another lifetime it will wind up surfacing again. So all of us have to deal with it over a period of cycles until the ego is completely mastered.

Now what did it mean when Hercules wore the skin of the lion?

Audience: Well you still have to have a personality.

JJ: Right but he discarded the old skin and put on a new skin, what does this mean?

Audience: As you change you discard the old personality and put on a new one?

JJ: Often in different types of initiations in groups like the Masons you are given a new name and in the scriptures Abraham was given a new name, Jacob was given a new name. It was changed from Jacob to Israel.

Audience: Star Wars.

JJ: Star Wars?

Audience: Yea, you know where the dark lord sith says to Anakin Skywalker “I shall call you Darth Vader”

JJ: Yes the dark side copies the light.

Audience: You have seen too many movies!

Audience: Yes, I certainly have!

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: When Hercules was young he had become an aspirant and this caused him to change his personality and to put on a new skin right there. But then when he eventually had strong soul contact he shed his old personality and put on a new one. One of the things the Tibetan says about the personality is the disciple manufactures his own personality after he advances so far.

In other words, he decides what his personality is going to be. And so his personality then becomes developed again to become a useful tool for service, where his old skin was no longer useful and he felt he had no control over it. But the new skin he puts on shows us that he still has a personality that he likes and is useful in the service of mankind. He no longer says, “I am what I am and there is nothing I can do about it.” Have you ever tried to point out a needed change in a person and they say, “Well, that is just the way that I am, that is me.”

I will tell one more story then we will continue. When was on a mission for the Mormon Church every companion I was assigned to had at least one irritating thing about them. On a mission you change people you worked with about every 3 months and I got this new guy and I really liked him and I thought this was somebody that I liked completely except he had one little fault. He sang all day long. He sang Rogers & Hammerstein and at that time I did not like them very well for I liked rock & roll. He would sing this stuff all day long and we would be walking along and he would be singing, “Some Enchanted Evening” (JJ singing the line)

Audience: Roaring with laughter!

JJ: Now I was a little bit intimidated by the Nemean Lion in this guy and I did not say anything for about six weeks and finally I could not handle it anymore for it was just about to drive me crazy. Finally, I said, elder, you are a good singer of classical songs (putting it to him as gently as I could) but your singing is driving me crazy! Could you please not sing so much? And he told me – he said, “That is just who I am, sorry.” Then he began to sing again, “some enchanted evening.” (JJ singing the line again)

Audience: Roaring with laughter!

JJ: I felt like hitting the guy and knocking him out and boy was I ever happy to get transferred away from him! Laughing!

When Hercules finally went to slay the lion he had to chase it around and this is what we have to do with the ego. We have to pursue it because the ego is very elusive and it makes a lot of noise but once it finds out that you are going to master it and destroy its power over you, you find out that all that power was just noise and it is really afraid of you.

So you have to go after the lower self because the lower self wants to remain in control. You know if you pay attention to your lower nature it is almost like it is a separate entity. For instance, have you ever noticed that if you get angry you feel those stirrings inside of you and if you silence yourself down for a moment and let those emotions continue to rumble you will notice that it is like there are little lives inside of you with a life of their own.

There are little deva and elemental lives that are giving the anger that energy and this is an interesting thing to contemplate that when you feel these emotions they really have a life of their own. We are a composite life of many other smaller lives.

The easiest life to feel is the anger and even afterwards it lingers for a period of time, even if you get yourself in the soul. If you separate yourself and be the observer then you can see that your emotions are really not you but they are a vehicle composed of smaller lives, yet very potent. When these lower lives see that you are after them as a whole to master them and dominate them then instead of them coming after you, you must go after them for they become afraid of you.

The lower parts of our selves do not want to be dominated and they will resist domination completely and change shape or do whatever is necessary. Finally the lion goes and enters into a cave and what does this cave mean? A cave is normally symbolic of consciousness and whenever you have a dream and you dream of going into a room or a cave or anything like this it is a symbol of you entering into a conscious state which is hidden from your normal vision. In other words if you dream of entering a basement it is a symbol of lower consciousness. If you are going up stairs then you are going to a higher state of consciousness but there is usually something in these rooms that is hidden from your normal state of consciousness. So if you ever dream about going into rooms or a cave pay attention to what is going there because there will be clues there to what your subconscious mind is trying to give you that you are not catching onto in your physical life.

So the ego goes into this cave and Hercules goes after it in the depths of his own consciousness to try and find the ego but he cannot find it and the ego has disappeared. So the disciple searches for the ego to master and when he goes inside of himself he concludes that maybe my ego is not here after all and maybe I am okay and everybody is okay.

Then he finds the lion roaming around outside again terrorizing the neighborhood and he finds that he does have an ego to master after all. So what he finally does is to seal an exit. He recognizes that the ego is in his consciousness and the lower self has to be dominated and he is going to find it this time and is not going to allow an exit.

He goes into his own consciousness and examines himself and comes face to face with the problems created by his own lower personality. He finally realizes and comes face to face with the fact that his lower personality is creating a lot of problems for himself, his friends, his family, his community and it terrorizes and creates difficulties and problems.

Have you ever noticed that people often want to avoid someone with a very powerful personality? People think that the guy with a strong personality is well-liked but the truth is that few really want to be around him because of a powerful personality. They may want to be around him in maybe a professional relationship that serves their need but in the private intimate relationship the lion has few true friends for himself until he dominates the personality because people are agitated, irritated or scared of the powerful ego.

So the disciple comes face to face with that in himself. You will notice that many people that do become teachers have powerful personalities and many of them are hard to bear in normal or intimate circumstances. I hope I am not too hard for you people bear for I have been accused many times of having a powerful ego myself and I am sure every teacher has, but eventually everybody must come face to face with that ego and not allow it to exit and dominate it and slay it. Then one must take its skin and make clothes for the outer personality in a way that is intelligible and usable for the disciple.

You will notice that when Hercules goes into town wearing the lion’s skin that the lion’s skin is now a usable thing and does not scare anybody because that old life that was in it does not exist anymore. The new life of the soul which is now Hercules is now covered by the skin so when the soul is covered by the personality and within the personality is the dominate soul of Hercules then the people rejoice and are happy to have the skin of the lion there where before they were afraid or they did not like the lion in their community.

Audience: Could this labor correspond to the dweller on the threshold or not?

JJ: It could. Several of the labors in here could correspond to the dweller for the ego could be part of the dweller experience. I would not say it is directly related to the dweller because the ego does not attack us, it feeds us whereas when we go after the dweller it will attack us head with in a full frontal assault. It is a little bit similar but the personality itself is not the dweller. If I remember correctly one of these other labors, maybe involving the hydra, could more correspond to that dweller.

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Soul Contact

Book Of Quotes

Soul Contact

1  [The] inner self, through the medium of the Soul, contacts and registers the Holy Spirit, which is capable of verifying all true principles. In short, this process is called “soul contact.”

2  Soul contact is THE most important thing for us all to learn for only by learning the principle can we all become as one mind yet retain our complete freewill.

3  If you are not sure you have received full soul contact, it means you have not; because when you do, you recognize it and know what has happened.

4  The only way to know if another has achieved soul contact is to achieve it yourself. One person who has received this contact can recognize another who has received it.

5  When any degree of soul contact is reached and you receive direction from the soul, keep following that instruction until more is given. If you do not, you may be cut off for a long period and wind up on an illusionary path. Always follow the highest you can perceive.

6  One with soul contact can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.

7  When we talk about soul contact, we are talking about putting our attention and consciousness on this still point within that tells Spirit, what matter is doing, and matter, what Spirit is doing.

8  How do you know you have contacted the soul? Until one makes that contact he will not know, but will assume high emotional feelings or a peaceful state is the contact.

9  Soul contact has little to do with facts, except in important circumstances, but it has much to do with principles.

10  The person who achieves permanent soul contact will be polarized on the plane of the mind yet have communion at will with the next plane up, the Buddhic plane of soul (or Christ) consciousness.

11  When one has established firm soul contact it becomes almost impossible to take offense and if offense is given it is generally by accident or because the other party is offended at simple truth.

12  There is no faster way to achieve soul contact than through the offering of a humble prayer.

13  Here is the basic problem for many self-declared spiritual people. The highest they have felt is high emotional energy and they may associate this with the spirit or voice of God. Often such an occurrence is not a direct soul contact, but a reflection of soul.

14  There is one extremely important qualification one must meet to obtain real soul contact. He must become as a little child and approach the spiritual quest with the idea that he may indeed be a child in learning and he has not found the highest possible contact.

15  The soul is strongly associated with truth and has the capacity to recognize all true principles; therefore, a search or quest for the truth is a quest for soul contact.

16  There can be no soul contact unless the person seeks truth and values truth once it is discovered.

17  Let us list what soul contact is not. Soul contact is not just feeling emotional, but it is true that soul contact will stir your emotions. Most psychic activity is done through the astral body and not soul contact. Most channeling is done through the astral body and not through soul contact. Many visions have nothing to do with the soul. Many writings which claim to be inspired have little to do with soul.

18  Teachings are always necessary in this physical existence because the soul itself does not teach, but verifies. If there is nothing to verify then the purpose of soul contact on this plane has little purpose.

19  The “I found it” delusion is the greatest obstacle there is to soul contact.

20  One cannot achieve soul contact without seeking and one will not seek if he feels there is nothing to seek. This is the biggest barrier to higher contact for the above average people of the world. Their ego has convinced them that there is no need. Their ego becomes their God and why seek that which is higher than God?

21  The illusions that keep us from soul contact are so subtle that the only way one in the soul can recognize another in the soul is through the soul.

22  In the quest for soul contact one should seek that which seems to be true from all possible sources. Then when the seeker runs them by the soul, verification of that which is true can be sensed after contact has been made.

23  The most important thing we can do is to attain soul contact for ourselves and when this is achieved the true teacher can be recognized by a soul to soul knowing or gnosis. On the other hand, the false teacher will produce a negative knowing; he who has soul contact can receive verification from within concerning darkness as well as light.

24  If soul contact on a subject is not received then one should follow the highest he can perceive and process, and be true to the highest within him.

25  Even one who has achieved soul contact can fall away from it so the use of common sense is a factor that guides us toward the truth and keeps all of us in alignment.

26  A person has to reach a degree of soul contact before there can be communication between the past and the future. When this happens the Will of God is followed and no change in that Will takes place.

27  When we develop soul contact we open the door to contacting our Solar Angels as well as the Masters and Christ and up and beyond — the doors open to all these communications.

28  Everyone gets impressions and various thoughts coming into their mind. Obviously they cannot all be from soul contact.

29  Then there are those who believe they have soul contact, but in reality have astral contact, not realizing that astral trust veils the soul.

30  How do we tell the difference then between an impression from our lower selves and the voice of the soul? There is a distinct difference. At first that difference is difficult to sense. Then the realization comes that this inner voice is different from your own thoughts and feelings. You begin to pay attention to it and you gain a sense of its origin. As you pay attention the communications become more frequent, and your inner hearing becomes more acute and reliable. Then the realization comes that you are receiving higher impressions from God, the Spirit, the Higher Self – definitely a higher intelligence than you are on your own.

31  Blind agreement does not bring soul contact, but being as agreeable as possible certainly helps.

32  Meditation does not necessarily bring soul contact. There are those who meditate all their lives and never achieve it.

33  I believe one item overlooked by the Scientologists is that high spiritual contact releases us from most of the negative influences of words, or engrams as they call them. Established soul contact produces an instant “clear”.

34  The voice of the soul has to penetrate through numerous layers of resistance and darkness before it registers on the brain.

35  Soul contact opens a door that must be swung ajar before any higher contact can be made.

36  In the end, soul contact is much more than theory; it is the end of theory and the beginning of real usefulness on this planet.

37  Soul contact is important because the soul will never give us more change than we can handle, but the personality wants the ultimate achievement right now.

38  Only when soul contact has actually been made will one be able to discern the difference between the astral within and the soul within.

39  The combination of desire, will, and pure intention, creates a point of tension that opens the door of the soul.

40  Only when soul contact has actually been made will one be able to discern the difference between the astral within and the soul within.

41  In a way we all have soul contact, but are not all conscious of it. If we are not conscious of soul then we tend to ignore its voice and direction.

42  If one is not sensitive to the inner voice he must look at patterns in his life and look for clues in the lessons being taught. A big shortcut comes with soul contact for then the seeker can listen to the inner voice and receive a direct answer.

43  So how can one without psychic vision break free and contact the soul? The answer is he cannot if he continues to be polarized in the astral or emotional body.

44  It is indeed true that the numbers of distractions to soul contact are legion.

45  Many seekers have areas of their belief system that is blocked by illusion or glamour of some kind and then have other areas where they are open. In the areas where they are open they can receive soul contact, but then in areas where they are closed no such contact will be forthcoming. Instead, contact will be made with a thoughtform which will substitute for the soul.

46  We find what we are looking for we must look in the right direction, the direction of soul contact, the direction of pure Spirit, not of the familiar spirit.

47  Ideally we can unite through soul contact, but this may be too emotional of an issue for the group to approach the soul without prejudice. The next best thing to unite two or more people is the understanding of principles. When two or more see the principle behind a concept then group soul contact becomes possible.

48  Groups with ideologies do project a cohesive energy, but this is far removed from soul contact as I have taught it.

49  As a general rule the soul only directly sends a message that is for the good of the whole.

50  The basic principle behind lies and broken promises that interferes with soul contact is deceit.

51  Many people without soul contact have been taught about this path and what it will be like. Some concentrate so much on it that they have dreams, visions, strong feelings and imaginings of what will be found upon the path.

52  The person who receives higher intelligence must do so through the soul whether it comes from his Higher Self or a Master.

53  For those who have discovered soul contact and beyond the greatest compassion they can show is to share the principles that bring it.

54  When a point of truth is revealed through your soul it is impossible to deny to yourself unless you risk taking the Dark Path.

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The Middle Way

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From

The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  Let us follow the Middle Way and not mindlessly follow unearned appointed authorities, but lend support to elected ones and initiators who have a desire in their hearts to serve their fellow humans.

2  Now people like to think in black and white terms instead of shades of gray and if you tell them the truth is in the middle they want it to be exactly in the middle, but unfortunately following this formula also produces error.

3  One person can observe the tendency of the majority to miss the truth in the middle, as Jesus did, and yet not have a separatist attitude because of it.

4  Two extremes usually accomplish nothing, but the middle way brings the most efficient results.

5  It is interesting to see how easily the people have their focus diverted from the Middle Way.

6  Some will have a hard time seeing the Middle Way, just as they do in all matters.

7  Because circumstances are always in motion around the one who is in the middle, he must choose a different course of action as the circumstances change. Even though he may stand firm on unchanging principles, the application of those principles will be different as the group or humanity sways back and forth.

8  The handful of the enlightened who see with higher vision, by allowing contrasts to interplay, will see the truth of the Middle Way and will see the virtues of high intelligence working on both sides of the spectrum.

9  If we save a life with no thought of karma, but of service, then we have found the Middle Way.

10  If we want to find the Middle Way we must tune into that common sense which is within us all and common to us all.

11  He who finds the path in the middle learns to eliminate the blind spots and illusions, and to apply common sense to all areas of life.

12  When the wholeness of his or her life makes sense, then the Path in the Middle appears before [their] eyes.

13  The path in the middle has the illusion of movement because of the swing of the pendulum and because of our imperfection we weave on and off the path.

14  In the extreme left swing, deviating from the Middle Way, there are no rules. In the extreme right swing there are too many rules. In the middle, the eternal laws are recognized and followed.

15  He who follows the true Middle Path accepts the soul as his only infallible authority and if such a disciple appears to be following a leader, it is only because the two see as one through the eyes of the soul.

16  Buddha had two sets of teachings. One was for the inner group and the other was for the masses. A more complete presentation of his Middle Way will be revealed when his hidden teachings are revealed, but even then they must be studied under the light of the soul to be understood.

17  The Middle Way is found by understanding a principle.

18  A complete understanding of the Middle Way would involve understanding on many different levels.

19  The Middle Way I am presenting leads to a path.

20  If we follow the highest we know and act upon that which is revealed, then more light will come and the next step on the path in the middle will be revealed.

21  When a person has discovered soul he has all ready found the midway point.

22  It may be good for you to review our discussions on the Pendulum Principle and the path of the Middle Way where we point out that both extremes from the center of truth are destructive.

23  Between the extremes of “ego inflation ” and “false humility ” lies the middle way of simply being yourself.

24  The middle way takes us to the “dominating good.”

25  The midway point symbolized by the still point of the pendulum is not really a point from our perspective, but a path.

26  Great discernment and soul contact is needed to consistently choose the middle point, and then proceed from point to point along the path of dominating good.

27  The principle of freedom from the viewpoint of the pendulum principle is neither left nor right, but at the midway point.

28  Those who discover the middle way are like suns. They appear to be in motion, but in reality they make their stand at the midway point.

29  We have two extremes demonstrated in our society as far as authority goes. The disciple treading the Middle Way between the two extremes will walk neither of these paths. Instead he will use both the outside and the inside blended as one divine whole to find truth.

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