Vegetarian Diet

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Posted Aug 18, 2010
Since the vegetarian diet has been discussed lately I thought I would say a few words about it. Someone quoted DK talking about the necessity of a strict vegetarian diet if the disciple wants to obtain certain results, such as reading the Akashic records. This is basically true though there are some exceptions. On the other hand, for the majority of endeavors tackled by disciples, especially in this age, the vegetarian diet is not essential.

In the rules for aspiring disciples DK admonished a vegetarian diet but when talking about the higher corresponding rule for disciples and initiates he said: “All the lesser rules are rules in time and space and cannot hold the group.”

The vegetarian diet is a lesser rule, but such a lesser rule can be bypassed if the purpose is right when one becomes a disciple.

Here are a couple other comments he made about the vegetarian diet.

No set diet could be entirely correct for a group of people on differing rays, of different temperaments and equipment and at various ages. Individuals are every one of them unlike on some points; they require to find out what it is that they, as individuals, need, in what manner their bodily requirements can best be met, and what type of substances can enable them best to serve. Each person must find this out for himself. There is no group diet. No enforced elimination of meat is required or strict vegetarian diet compulsory. There are phases of life and sometimes entire incarnations wherein an aspirant subjects himself to a discipline of food, just as there may be other phases or an entire life wherein a strict celibacy is temporarily enforced. But there are other life cycles and incarnations wherein the disciple’s interest and his service lie in other directions. There are later incarnations where there is no constant thought about the physical body, and a man works free of the diet complex and lives without concentration upon the form life, eating that food which is available and upon which he can best sustain his life efficiency. In preparation for certain initiations, a vegetable diet has in the past been deemed essential. But this may not always be the case, and many disciples prematurely regard themselves as in preparation for initiation.
Esoteric Healing, Page 334

These drastic physical disciplines are often attempted today by well-intentioned aspirants; they practice celibacy, strict vegetarianism, relaxation exercises and many kinds of physical exercises, in the hope of bringing the body under control. These forms of discipline would be very good for the undeveloped and the lowest type of human being, but they are not the methods which should be employed by the average man or the practising aspirant. Concentration upon the physical body only serves to enhance its potency and to feed its appetites and bring to the surface of consciousness that which should be securely secluded below the threshold of consciousness. The true aspirant should be occupied with emotional, not physical, control and ‘with the effort to focus himself upon the mental plane prior to achieving a stabilised contact with the soul.
Esoteric Healing, Page 578

The vegetarian diet is very important for aspirants and seekers working on the first and second initiations. It is also helpful to higher initiates if it is practical for them to be on it. Like he said the vegetarian diet is essential to all who want to work on the astral plane or read he akashic records.

The diet is important to the seeker working on the first initiation because it helps to demonstrate control over his physical body. It is important when working on the second initiation because the animal nature get less vitality and it helps him assume more control over the emotional body. The vegetarian diet doesn’t help a lot with the higher initiations.

I have been on a vegetarian diet several times in my life but for the past 20 years or so I have been impressed to be on a healthy diet but eat and drink what I please as long as it doesn’t hurt my health.

Then a few months ago, my soul told me that it was time to go not just on a vegetarian diet, but a raw foods diet. I think that the reason I am so guided is to extend my life the necessary years to accomplish all I have to do.

Now my diet basically consists of a fruit salad for lunch and a fresh vegetable salad for dinner. Then I eat a few nuts on the side and sometimes splurge on sesame blue corn chips with Artie’s healthy sesame dip. I do allow myself to go off my diet a little when we go out to eat and there is nothing on the menu that fits the diet. I also still drink wine, but have cut back some. If I want to study the akashic records I may have to give that up.

Ruth said she saw me at a future gathering and I was a lot thinner. Looks like this will be the case.

I think a lot of the weight I have gained over the past 20 years has not been due to overeating but to my strange sleeping schedule. I read somewhere that people who keep hours like me usually gain a couple pounds a year and that was what happened to me. I still keep a similar sleeping schedule but am losing weight because of the drastic change in my diet. I’m not losing it as fast as I thought I would. The last time I was on this diet my weight settled in to around 135 pounds. This time I started out at 216 pounds and am now down to 192. I doubt if I’ll get anywhere near 135 this time but should get below 180 – maybe down to 160 eventually. It’ll be interesting to see where I wind up as my metabolism has also changed.

(Note: as of Dec 28, 2010 my weight is still around 190 – a far cry from the 135 pounds the last time I was on this diet. It’s amazing what a change in metabolism over the years can do.)

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True Past Lives

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Posted Sept 6, 2010
I thought I would make a few comments on the recent round of conversations concerning past lives of famous figures and the persons identified in “Secret Places of the Lion.”

George Hunt Williamson claimed to have discovered in Peru a manuscript kept by the White Brotherhood that revealed the essential information in his book. Whether or not this is true, it is true that there is a Goodly Company of advanced souls that incarnate again and again in the service of humanity. One can surmise that a significant person in history who has accomplished a worthwhile service of value may be one of them.

The question is which one? Was Brigham Young Solomon? Was Joseph Smith, Joseph the Father of Jesus or Peter as I indicated or someone else?

Were some members of the Keys back there with Jesus and the Apostles?

It is interesting to speculate, but unless there is some message from a past life that your soul wants you to know the chances of knowing the exact truth is fairly slim.

I have had past life readings from a number of psychics and no two have told me the same thing. There has, however, been a common thread among all the readings, as I recall, and that is they all perceived me as some sort of teacher, shaman or magician that knew things that the people as a whole did not. It would make fascinating reading to reveal some of them.

What does this tell you?

It says that they tuned into the basic true vibration from the Akashic records but could not tune into the fine details with accuracy.

The most likely person to tune into his own past lives is himself. This is because he has a right to know providing his soul is in agreement. We are also the most deceived about our own past lives. Because of glamour we often see ourselves as being more important in the past than we are in the present. If a person claims to be a great one from the past yet does nothing great in the preset then you can be assured that something does not compute.

It is possible for a third party to read our past lives but accuracy is rare unless that person is a master or close to it.

It is a positive thing that we do not remember our past lives for it forces us to focus on the present. After all, the reason we die when we do is that the life has served its purpose and the soul wants to place us in a new and different situation where we will cease concentrating on the old and concentrate on the new.

In summary, Secret Places of the Lion gives us food for thought but I do not think it is 100% accurate. Past lives given by Sharón, me and others are also good food for thought but may or may not be true.

What is true is the present and our power to make something of it. What is also true are all the principles that have been covered on the Keys. These can be taken to the bank of the soul and once understood can be used for the rest of the current life as well as future ones.

A principle truly registered in the psych stays with us for not only the present life, but all future ones. Facts come and go. Therefore, seek understanding of the language of the soul, the language of everlasting principles.


Ruth writes:
I hear what you are saying JJ and I understand the fact that one must not live under a pretense or glamor about one’s past lives, however, as you have discussed past lives in your teachings, I assumed that we could still piece some things together in the present to get a bigger or better picture and understanding of ancient history etc.

It’s always good to piece together any truth you can from various pieces of information that is available.


“There is a book that comes to mind that I believe to be about 90% accurate. I found it to be one of the most interesting books I have ever read. It is called “Secret Places of the Lion: Alien Influences on Earth’s Destiny” by George Hunt Williamson.” JJ

I would say that 90% accurate is a high level, leaving only a margin of 10% error.

Was there a particular reason for you including this book in the Archives, so people could delve into past lives etc?

Just wondering……

I first read this book many years ago just as I was discovering the principle of reincarnation. It helped to open my eyes to the principle. The 90% figure was a guess. It could be less but probably not more.

JJ Quote:
The most likely person to tune into his own past lives is himself. This is because he has a right to know providing his soul is in agreement. We are also the most deceived about our own past lives. Because of glamour we often see ourselves as being more important in the past than we are in the present. If a person claims to be a great one from the past yet does nothing great in the preset then you can be assured that something does not compute.

What about if that person who had been great in a past life was now having a life of rest? This would mean that this person had spent 6 lives doing possibly great things for humanity, and then would have one lifetime of “rest” or one lifetime wherein he or she spent receiving higher teachings.

If Einstein was having his Sabbath life as John Doe, he would still have the intelligence of Einstein. When one has a Sabbath life he just doesn’t sit around and do nothing. Often he will do as great a work as ever. Instead of being boxed in with many problems to solve he is freed of many restrictions and can do whatever is fun to him. For many people work is fun. Others just want to go fishing or play golf.

If Abraham Lincoln were here among us enjoying his Sabbath life he would still be a fascinating person but instead of having a great burden of saving the union he would be free do something he liked that was less strenuous.

Quoting JJ
It is possible for a third party to read our past lives but accuracy is rare unless that person is a master or close to it.

So someone with soul contact could possibly be wrong on the past life vibration of another? (I am asking this for a particular reason.)

Many who have occasional soul contact are incorrect when trying to figure out the past lives of others. I’ve only had my soul give me a past life impression on a couple people and that was because they have been close to me for numerous lifetimes. One of them verified I was correct when I took her back and she revealed the name I was given and information she couldn’t have known from this life.

Was it correct of you to state that Susan is a walk in? Would that produce a type of Glamor in her, or within others who would think of her as someone more important now, because she is a walk in?

I didn’t state positively that she was a walk-in but that her handwriting showed a significant change in personality which could be caused by being a walk-in.

There’s not a lot of glamour over being a walk-in for a walk-in is not always a high initiate, but someone who has a strong desire to serve and pay off karma.

This is kind of confusing to me, because in one instance we are allowed to learn about past lives, and you even do past life regressions through hypnosis, but in another instance, we are told that it is more important to focus on true principles, which is understandable, but then you have stated who you were in a past life and mentioned about Susan, so I am wondering the reasons why you stated these facts?

I’m confused about why you are confused. I have never said anything to indicate that it is wrong to use means at our disposal to discover past lives. Past life regression has nothing to do with soul contact. Much investigation can occur without having soul contact. I have said that our soul will not reveal them to us unless it is important for us to know. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with using our own resources to learn whatever we want whenever we want. What we learn on our own through using regression techniques usually doesn’t usually distract that much, but it could if a person becomes over obsessed with a past identity. Putting too much attention on anything can be a distraction.

By being born with no past life memories we are freed up to concentrate on the present, but that doesn’t mean we do not incorporate the knowledge of discoveries we make along the way.

I have revealed only one past life and that was harmless because it carried with it no authority that I must be followed because of my greatness. There is nothing wrong with revealing who you think you might have been in a past life as long as you do not try to claim you must be followed because you were some great being or use it to establish beastly authority or enhance glamour.

Jesus said the first shall be last and the last first. Some of those who saw themselves as the first in past lives because they were close to Jesus, Buddha, George Washington etc may find themselves unable to deal with the next steps that now have to be taken that are different from the past. The only way out of this cycle is to stay open to new truth as a little child is.

Tom writes:
I know about walk in….but I have a question on overshadowing. I know
that Christ overshadowed Jesus. Can more than two or three souls/ or person’s occupying the exact same body at the exact same time, or overshadowing the body or only one soul overshadow one body at a time? Does it has to be a master or can if be an advanced soul?

It is obviously possible for more than two to occupy one body at one time. After all when Jesus cast the evil spirits into the swine they said their name was legion because they were many.

On the side of light there is not the need for such multiple occupations as that would be a waste of time. On the other hand, when Jesus was sharing a body with the Christ he was sharing consciousness with a great host of intelligences connected through the Oneness Principle, but only one other actual entity was dwelling in his living space.

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