Seeing Eye to Eye

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Thanks to the group for your thoughtful comments.  It always helps when I ask a question that invites group response.  Maybe I should do more of that on this site since the more activity we have here the better will be our ratings with search engines.

Even though it was a hassle to change servers and transfer information I think the extra activity here will pay off in the long run.  WordPress also keeps updated on the latest programming technology so we won’t be left behind as the web progresses.

Larry W made a comment that deserves some attention.  He surmised that third degree initiates and higher are pretty much in agreement.  So, is this a true statement and if so what is the principle involved?

The answer is that from the perspective of normal human consciousness this is true, but from a higher perspective it is not.  Let me explain.

The principle is this.  People agree consistently on that which they understand. If a subject or idea is below the level of understanding of those seeking union then there is likely to be disagreement.

It is interesting to note, however, that two can agree on a falsehood.  In this case the union of thought comes not from understanding but from either wrong mutual perception or the acceptance of an outside authority who is in illusion. If the authority changes his mind the followers will normally be united in changing their minds also.

In the days of Galileo the church members as a whole were united in the idea that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun circled around it.  They “knew” this for two reasons.  First, they could see the sun moving around the earth each day and secondly the Vatican Scientists stated that this was both scientific and spiritual fact.

Their authorities wee wrong as well as their perceptions so they were united in illusion.  The goal, however, is not to be united in illusion, but in truth.  This is only achieved consistently through a mutual understanding or shared vision of the real.

As people advance in their spiritual evolution they become united in a larger number of shared truths.

Average people can now understand that the earth circles the sun, that 2+2=4, that human slavery is undesirable, that basic freedom of speech is good, getting an education is a good thing and numerous other items.

As we move up the scale of thought there is less agreement among the masses, but agreement is still to be found among the thinkers.

The first initiation pertains to the physical plane and physical desires.  These initiates will tend to agree on diet, exercise and sex.

The second initiation is centered on mastery of the emotional nature so these individual will extend their agreement to values centered on the feeling nature.  They will agree on the importance of taking personal responsibility, the ingredients of success, love and relationships to name a few.

They will agree on physical and emotional values yet still have disagreements on the plane of the mind and have differing philosophies.

The third degree initiate masters illusion on the plane of the mind so two such initiates, even with widely different backgrounds and belief systems, can sit down and reason together and see the logic in each others’ thought. If one is able to bring forth facts, reason and logic that differs with the others’ beliefs then he will consider the new information and will not reactively reject it.

So do the higher initiates agree on everything?


Why not?

Because no matter how high you get, there are many unknowns to be discovered.  Even though they have solved illusion on the plane of the mind, there are still many things unknown to them and with such unknowns they can only theorize and guess about all the truth involved.

Not knowing an unknown is not illusion if you know you do not know.  If you do not know how many beans are in a jar you know you do not know and there is no illusion.  If you think you have some special gift to guess the correct number of beans, then that is illusion. The many are in illusion because they accept certain things as fact that are not facts and they do not know that they do not know.

When the archangel Lucifer fell from heaven he did not sink into illusion as we understand it but was part of a group seeking solutions to the advancement of humanity, a project with many un known’s to the group.  He therefore thought that he could devise a plan as good as his elder brothers.  He liked his ideas better than theirs and went with them and drew many after him.  Since there could only be one master plan for the whole of the human race a plan was accepted and he was overruled.  He has been seeking to prove he was right ever since.

As entities progress they will agree on lessons learned and truths understood, but their disagreements will become more complex as they strive to achieve their next level of understanding and expand their own ring-pass-not.

Before I comment more on yesterday’s post let us expand the search for political initiates.  The group has only mentioned people in the USA.  How about the rest of the world and political thinkers who are not politicians?
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3 thoughts on “Seeing Eye to Eye

  1. I found this man, but I have not read what he has written, but he looked interesting:

    I like the name Political Scientist. There are probably hundreds of politically minded initiates around the World. One can research them on Wikipedia to determine what they have initiated.

    Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is another interesting man and I like to now and then see what he is doing in his realm.

  2. Political initiates: Julia Eileen Gillard is the 27th and current Prime Minister of Australia since June 2010. Julia is the first female Prime Minister of Australia, which would mean that she is an initiate of some degree. She is articulate and displays an amazing memory for recall. Would probably make her a 2nd degree. Sharon

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