Qualities of the Soul

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Posted April 26, 2010

Sharón writes:
When a child I was taught that our soul resided
inside of our human body. Only tonight I had an experience that
suggested that our soul is outside our physical realm and that the
soul shape-shifts to experience our thoughts ahead of our creations.
Then I reflected on reading about the soul being the connecting point,
or the point between physical and spiritual and so my experience of
the soul outside of my physicality could make sense. My question is,
where do you see the soul residing in relationship to the body?

Good answers from the group on this and thanks Larry for your comments on my books. I’ll add my two cents.

Part of the confusion comes from the fact that, in our society, the word “soul” is used very loosely with many different applications. Often times the astral body or even the etheric double is called the soul, but these are only vehicles and not soul.

Technically soul energy is that which is created through the interplay of spirit and matter, or the formless worlds and the worlds of form.

The term “the soul’ can refer to the Solar Angel but can have wider applications. It can refer to our consciousness ascending to soul contact, meaning that the consciousness centers on soul energy which opens the door to all worlds. When this door is open then the consciousness can be outside the body as you describe – or it can be within the body.

Every living being has a consciousness that it owes to soul energy and has a certain frequency. Through soul contact any individual can tune into the frequency of any other being. Sometimes we do this without realizing it.

Many times when people think they are contacting the dead when they are merely tuning into the person’s frequency. When an entity’s frequency is contacted then one can receive from such frequency – very similar information to that which he would receive from the real person.

For instance, a psychic could tune into Napoleon’s frequency and channel him even if he is reborn in the physical and in his new identity and frequency is communicating nothing to the medium. Even so his old frequency and identity remains embedded in soul energy.

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