Gathering Attempts

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Posted May 27, 2010

Ruth Writes:
Joseph Smith failed at his mission and that changed the course of some events or prophecies for the future.

Do you believe that this “failure” of this mission will be an ongoing thing or will it truly come to pass this time around? Is this like the 3 and a half cycle, so this time, Zion will really materialize in our lifetime? This mission has failed 3 times already.

At the end of each age there is an attempted gathering. Moses was quite successful as far as numbers go but had to destroy the first set a tablets containing the higher law because he discovered the people were reverting back to worshiping the golden calf.  Raising the consciousness was not very successful.

Jesus attempted a gathering and wept outside of Jerusalem because people did not respond.

Joseph attempted a gathering and was mildly successful and then after his death people had the opportunity to establish Zion on their own piece of land in the Utah area.  Instead of Zion they created and authoritarian system resembling the Taliban, even resorting to blood atonement (murder) to keep people in line. The LDS are very ignorant of this period of their own history.

The U.S. Government did the Mormons a favor by forcing them to comply with the laws of the land as Zion was not being created.

The most successful gathering in history has been the one to the America which was not particularly religious in nature but resulted in greater freedoms for the world.

We have about 150 years or so before we are solidly into the age of Aquarius.  Additional gathering attempts will surely be made and hopefully we can have an initial one underway by 2030.

The shift of the age at this time is not only a shift of ages, but ages of ages and if the time were to come that a successful gathering has not been made then mankind could lose much of its civilization it has acquired.

If one disciple fails, another may be available but the substitute could bungle the whole thing worse than the original.  God is limited in helping us because of our free will.

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