Morya Federation

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Morya Federation
Posted June 2-3 2010
Wow, that’s quite an application Mindy. If I filled that out I think I would feel like I had already taken a college course.

I notice that donations are made to The University of the Seven Rays. I have heard of them as they have been around for some time. Are the Morya Federation and The University of the Seven Rays one and the same? If so I am wondering the reason for the two names.

A couple more questions. How long have you been a student there?

How large is their organization? Do you know how many teachers are involved?

They seem to be one of the few making a sincere effort to serve and teach esoteric studies. I will be interested in hearing more of their efforts and results.

One thing we try to do here is encourage positive learning yet not interfere even if a student seems bent on joining something very illusionary – like Creme’s organization for instance.

Two positive teachings have been brought up recently: Summum and The Morya Federation. Summum was quite simple and easy to judge whereas The Morya Federation has a lot of depth and one would have to take the course to give a full judgement. From what I see it seems to be the best esoteric school available to the public. I was enrolled in the Arcane School at Lucis trust for a few years and this sounds a lot better organized than they are.

My question to Mindy is this: Does The Morya Federation place any restrictions on students revealing the teachings or discussing what they have learned?

If not I would be interested in any students there that are on the Keys telling us of some of their learning experiences.

It sounds like Larry W is going to take the course. I would think it would be of worth if he kept a concise diary of his time and learning there and shared it with us in installments.

There are a number of sincere schools and teachers out there who follow DK’s teachings. The wise intuitive student can benefit from any of them but there are some limiting ingredients in some of which the student must be aware if he comes across them.

(1) Black and white adherence. This is a similar problem that is in Christian Fundamentalists churches. There they follow and interpret the Bible literally and ay deviation in thinking is condemned. Some Dk teachers have this same problem. They are so strictly into literal interpretation of DK that the intuition is suffocated and the bigger picture is not revealed.

(2) Just s the Christian Fundamentalists do not teach many writings outside of the Bible some DK teachers do not bring in many good teachings that are outside the AAB or HPB related writings.

(3) Some are very left wing politically and expect students to be also, even though DK had the conservative view on many issues such as nuclear energy, willingness to support an essential war, the use of atomic bombs to end WWII, the error of allowing totalitarian regimes in the UN, his attitude on freedom etc.

(4) There are a handful, like Creme’s, that evolve into a cult with beastly authority. These I recommend the student avoid.

The student cannot expect any school to fit his version of perfection, but he can benefit from any of them as long as he sands within his own soul and follows his own intuition over that any any outward teacher. If the student finds himself in a situation where he just does not know and he has a teacher who is an earned authority, he can justify following the teachers words, but then cautiously examine the results.

I see any organization who is making a sincere and effective effort to teach as being complimentary rather than competitive and will encourage each member to follow his or her soul in finding the learning they want wherever it works for them.

It never hurts my feelings when members check out other avenues of learning. If anyone finds anything of worth whether it be a class, a teacher or a book I always encourage them to share it with us.

I may not agree wit everything out there but the sincere student can learn even from teachings with some illusion in them.

If I had to guess as to which school of esoteric wisdom had the most thorough teachings available that remain true to DK I would guess that it is the Seven Rays University and Morya Foundation. My understanding of them is limited though and will be interested in hearing more feedback as it becomes available.

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  1. 8. Just imagine I read it twice. While I am not as accomplished on this topic, I concur with your closings because they make sense. Thanks and good luck to you.

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