Beatles and the Soul

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Posted May, 27, 2010

Here is another moral to this story:

The one thing JJ really wanted to do, and had his heart set on doing, was going to see the Beatles. Now this may not seem much to some people or even very important to others, but it is, because of the principle behind it.

JJ listened to the Beast of outward authority, rather than follow his heart and mind, or highest that he knew. How many times does this happen to the Aspirant and Disciple? Hundreds of times?

How many times do we doubt the Soul’s authority over the Beast’s?

I followed my soul’s authority in the decision I did make and would do it again in that same situation. My desire to see the Beatles was from my desire astral body and seeing them would have given my desire body much pleasure. Normally, that is a good thing but the importance of fulfilling desire is not as important as doing your duty or following a true soul impulse.

If any of the words or music could touch my soul it could be done by listening to their music, but seeing them in person was merely a personal desire wish.

On the other hand, there were several other times that I did get in trouble on my mission when I truly did follow my soul and several times my soul guided me toward difficult choices.

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