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Posted May 20, 2010

Dean Wrote:
It’s been good to be able to follow the list all these years and it’s become a part of my learning experience. Although the main philosophy I follow is the Summum philosophy found here I would be interested in keysters opinion of this philosophy since it’s the highest principles I know of.

I have read their original book Summum and consider it one of the best presentations on creation. It is one of the few teachings that deals with principles rather than just rattling off unproven data that cannot be verified.

It’s been some time since I read it but I cannot recall finding anything that was decisively incorrect – some explanations incomplete, however. I’m thinking of reading it again.

It is interesting that the author is not identified.

The group doesn’t seem to have much of a purpose except to present their book with the hope the reader will become enlightened.

Hope you enjoyed The Great White Chief. I read it many years ago and recently came across it again. I noticed that it wasn’t posted anywhere on the internet so I thought I would put it up.

You’ll notice that I will sometimes post or refer to books that make supernatural claims with the idea that they are 100% true. Such books and a good exercise in discernment and can actually assist in soul contact whether they are true or not.

The book Summum also claims to have supernatural origins and is a good one to test the students power of discernment.

The next assignment is to read the book and answer these questions.

Why do you think the writer, who goes by the name of Amen Ra, does not give his real identity?

Do you think he received the book from advanced human beings as he claimed or just wrote the book by himself with perhaps the aid of his soul?

Give something in the book that you believe to be true and also something that you question.

How would you rate this book in comparison to other books that inspired you?

You can download the book at:

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