Fiction or Not?

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Posted May 15, 2010

First, let me comment to Dean that I am very pleased with your more friendly and sincere approach as compared with a few years ago. I know you’ve been searching for truth for a long while and have sometimes been impatient. It seems you have settled down to a steady course. Remember that energy follows thought and when you place thought in the direction of discovery that sooner or later satisfaction will come.

You quote me here:
“I have a story to tell that is difficult to believe so I am writing it as
fiction. It is too unbelievable to present as a true story. Nevertheless, I do
maintain that the principles taught herein are true and that many readers will
have this verified by their hearts and souls.”

It sounds like you are saying it’s a real story but you are writing it as
fiction because it’s too unbelievable.

No wonder I couldn’t find that quote in the archives for it wasn’t there, but was in the book itself. It is indeed true that I have had some difficult to believe things happen in my life. That doesn’t mean that all the hard to believe things in the Immortal books published as fiction are true. Some are true, or based on true experiences, and some are fiction.

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