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Posted Nov 26, 2010
My Friends,
Today marks a fairly significant transition in approach.  I will no longer be making my major posts here in Yahoo Groups but on the freeread.com website.

There are several advantages to this.  The main one is that my regular posting there and your comments added on a regular basis will give us more credibility with search engines and our rankings should eventually go up significantly. The more activity the better.

It will therefore be helpful if you comment there rather than here on my writings.

The Keys List here will still be useful for off topic conversations, announcements and various forms of sharing.  If you therefore have something to post that is not related to my writings then post them here.

The archives are back on line but do not have a search feature added yet.  When Google gets them indexed one can search through them.

Lots of thanks goes to LWK for helping to get them back on line.

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