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Posted April 30, 2010

Tom asked about Prahlad Jani, an unusual holy man from India who claims to not eaten or even drank water since he was eight years old. Since he is now 70 to 80 years old this means that if he is telling the truth he has not eaten food or drank water for over 60 years.

An article I found on him says:

“He was examined by a group of scientists in Sterlin Hospital, in a western Indian city of Ahmedabad. During 10 days of experiment under constant observation, he didn’t consume any food and “neither did he spent urine nor stool”. Yet, he is fine in mental and physical, says doctors. And he was watched 24 hours a day, prohibited to take a bath, and was not given even a drop of water.

“Most people can live without food for several weeks, but without water, average human can survive only 3 or 4 days.

“Ahmedabad’s Association of Phisicians say that despite no water entering in his body, urine formed in his bladder, and was RE-ABSORBED by the bladder walls. Scientists checked his blood, scanned his brain, he went through almost all kinds of inner body checks, but after all there was no change to his body condition.
This article goes on to cover another guy who is 66 and hasn’t eaten in 8 years and ten a lady who hasn’t eaten in 4 years.”

The question in Tom’s mind is: Are these people masters incarnate? It would seem that only a master could accomplish such a feat.

Not necessarily. The first clue is given in the photos in the article at:

Take a look at these three people and see if you can figure out what they have in common before you read further.

Okay, did you take a look? What they have in common is that all three look their age or older. Hira Ratan Manek is about my age and in my opinion looks much older.

Prahlad Jani, who has says he has gone 60 years without eating or drinking not only looks his age but doesn’t look that bright. Evidence supporting this is he doesn’t know his age within a decade. Sounds like he is pretty out of touch with our reality.

The Masters are called Masters of Wisdom.


Because wisdom is the last thing that we humans master before we graduate and move into the fifth kingdom. It is true that a Master is capable of performing the miraculous but it takes more than this to be a Master.

There are two major indications of a Master.

Great wisdom and power to extend life indefinitely for the purpose of service to humanity.

So how do some individuals go without food and water if they are not masters?

The answer is quite simple and to find it one can look at those who experienced the wounds of Christ, commonly called the stigmata. Such individuals are often of average intelligence and show no signs of possessing any extraordinary wisdom. The supposed miracle is brought about through the principle of energy following thought.

Ordinary thought which is focused is much more powerful than is generally supposed and can give the thinker tremendous power over his body. He can not only create a stigmata (who wants to?) but can go long periods of time without food and water and even slow or almost stop his heart and revive it.

Even an average person who is not a master can do miraculous things if his attention is focused.

This can be illustrated through hypnosis. A person in a deep trance can have a lighted cigarette pressed against his skin and not suffer a burn. He can gain super strength and even lift a car. He could be told to manifest a stigmata and it would happen.

I believe a deeply hypnotized person could be trained to go long periods of time without food and water though no experiments have been performed in this direction.

What happens in many of these cases, where people perform astounding feats, is the person is so focused through meditation that he puts himself in a state of deep self hypnosis and this gives him power over his body in a focused area.

A Master of Wisdom realizes this principle and will use it with knowledge of what he is doing to accomplish certain ends as wisdom dictates.

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