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Dan was speaking about a part in the book where John demonstrated that a coin can be restored to its original idea – that everything including a coin is built on an original idea. For something to age that original idea becomes corrupted and if we can nullify the corruption and go back to that original idea in the higher sphere, then concentrate on it and use that idea as a magnetic source of energy it can actually restore and materialize a coin say from 1880 back to its original purity, that this is actually possible. This same principle applies to the human body.

We hear that the Masters live to be hundreds and thousands of years old. Now how do they do this? It is because their body is an idea and when their mind ascends to the higher worlds and connects with that idea and then they bring it down to the physical plane and their body can actually be revitalized and rejuvenated and become young again. When the Bible talks about Abraham, that he and his wife were very old and they were told they would have a child, he had a hard time believing that. In the Hebrew there is word that is connected with word “restored,” in other words, Abraham’s body was restored. Some higher life came and rejuvenated and revitalized his body so that they could have a child.

This is something that is entirely possible. But to be possible for us we first we have to believe that it is possible. If we do not believe a thing is possible then we will not even try or make an attempt at it. If we did not believe that we could have gone to the moon then we would have never tried to go the moon. First we had to believe that we could go to the moon and then we had to figure out how to do it. Then we put our attention on how to do it and eventually we get it figured out. If we believe that we can become rejuvenated then the next step is to ask the question of how can this be done?

Audience: There is quite a bit of rejuvenation going on now with cell structures and things of that nature. The liver for instance can rejuvenate itself and since that machinery is already there and wants to do this then we are on our way.

JJ: When we cut our finger and then it heals, that is one of those programs I was telling you about that is activated and works on that healing. Every time a new cell is created it is created with a slight flaw, and it is not quite as perfect as the original. If we could figure out how to tell our cells to duplicate themselves so that the duplication is just as perfect as the original cell then we could virtually live forever.

Now according to the teaching that I was explaining to Dan, the idea is not so much to concentrate on the perfect duplication but to go back to the original idea that created us. When we tune in to this then we tune into to ourselves by looking within and finding the soul, making contact with the higher worlds and making bringing the higher and the lower together. This is why Jesus could become resurrected, He gave a key statement in these words: He said “my Father and I are one.” The Father was symbolic of the Monad and He became one with this higher intelligence in this higher sphere. When they became one then He could become rejuvenated.

So this is possible and there are a handful of Masters who do this and live to be hundreds of years old. Once a person has mastered this then he can live as long as he wants. But nobody really lives forever in any particular situation. Eventually we get bored and say “I want a new situation” and then we get a new situation.

JJ: Life is a lot like the game of monopoly. We grumble when we land on somebody else’s property but when we finish the game what do we do? We say, okay well I lost this one but I want to play another one now and I am going to win this time. Who wants to play a game where you already know the outcome and there is no risk? No one makes a game like that because no game like that sells. All the games that sell come with high risk and high reward.

We are in this game of and we are participants creating this world and many ask, why is there suffering, why do we get into a bad car accident, and why does God allow this? It is not God that allows us. It us because we are the participants in this game for we put this game together. We voluntarily buy the game of Monopoly and yet it is one of the most risky games you can buy but it is one of the best sellers of all time.

People love this game because of the high risk and we love life the same way. When we are winning we are on top of the world and we think life is good and worth it. In the end of course we all wind mastering it and winning. But when we all end up winning then we get bored and get together and say, let’s create another life but let’s make it tougher this time because the last game was not tough enough and we mastered it a little bit too easy so we will make it really hard next time. Meanwhile this is hard for me right now, I have found this with everyone I have come to know well, that just about everybody has everything they can handle and they do not want any more. Almost all of us have all the difficulties that we could ask for. We have plenty keep us busy and occupied but when those difficulties are overcome then it is kind of a thrill. Okay any questions before we close?

Audience: In relation to the coin being restored, what are the principles that allow you to do that?

JJ: First, you would have to be able to contact the higher spheres where the ideas come from. There is the physical, then the emotional which is composed of emotional matter and then the next sphere up is the mental, composed of mental matter. The next sphere up is the intuitive world. This world is a conduit of the ideas. It is not where the ideas originate but rather the transmitter of the ideas. Then the next sphere up is Atmic where ideas originate, this how high the Buddha achieved in his consciousness, even though the one below it is called the Nirvana world. In this Atmic world is where ideas float around and originate. If a person can get through to that world and sustain his consciousness in it then he would be able to do miraculous creations, healings and such. The best thing we can do is to just practice on getting ideas. Be an idea person. On a practical basis that is the way to get started and it takes many lifetimes for a person to establish a line of communication between him and the higher spheres.

Audience: That is what I was wondering and does soul contact have anything to do with this?

JJ: Soul contact takes you to the intuitive world and that is where the ideas come down and are communicated to you. The atmic world is where the ideas are originated and then above this you have the monad and the monad is where the symbolic Father in heaven dwells. When Jesus said that my Father and I are one, he was saying that He had really gone that high in His consciousness. Then the next step up is called the divine world and that is a formless world where the best correspondence to describe that would be space.

Space is only one thing, but in space there are all kinds of points. Now the divine world is like one great space and each point in it is like a star in space and within each star there are many lives. Each one of the points in the divine world is a monad and from each one of these monads evolves some type of being. We evolved from a point in divine space called a monad.

Then as the monads gather they create the world of ideas. And from the world of ideas they descend down to the intuitive world and on down to the worlds of form and in the worlds of form if our consciousness reaches high enough then we can pick up these divine ideas. You pick up the divine ideas from the intuitive spheres, but if you can ascend above that and merge with the higher spheres then you could be able to do things like Jesus did and change water into wine.

Audience: then what is the practical mechanism that enables this ascension?

JJ: The first thing to do is find out where you are on the ladder if you wish to make progress. The tendency of most people is to assume they are way up on the ladder because they must be brilliant. Laughter. “I must really close to being a master or maybe I am a master or maybe I am even the second coming!” they think. You know it is interesting the way many people think. Some people are very humble and sometimes overly humble thinking that they are way down at the bottom, but it is important to figure out where we are and then taking the next step on the ladder.

Most of us are quite a distance from materializing something out of the blue for this takes a lot of practice. Very few people have mastery over the intuitive sphere. None of us in this room have mastered anything above the intuitive sphere. So the most important thing to practice on is bringing down knowledge through the soul. Read good books, concentrate on ideas. Concentrate on being a source of ideas for others.

Audience; The mechanism, how do you bring through the knowledge of the soul?

JJ: First you have to believe a higher contact is necessary and secondly I really do not have much time to answer that but I have written probably about half a million words on this subject so reading some of my writings would help. The quickest way would be to forget your own needs and focus on the service of others and your soul will start coming to you.

It is written, “the solar angel collects himself, scatters not his force but in meditation deep communicates with His reflection.” In other words, we are the reflection of the soul and when we are ready then He will actually begin to communicate with us. So it is a two way street, we attempt to communicate with our soul and our soul attempts to communicate with us.

For example, correspond a dream to where we are now. When you are dreaming you are not aware that you are a reflection of the person that is in your bed. You are not aware that you have this other life. As reflections of the soul, our soul is dreaming and not aware of us so we need to wake our souls up a little and when we do we begin to communicate we awaken on both sides really.

The soul is aware of his own world and his own projects but part of Him is asleep as to his reflection, which is you. When we reach a certain stage of evolution then we begin to awake and become aware of our soul and He of us. When you are dreaming and the dreamer realizes that there is somebody dreaming you have a short period of time where you have power over your dream and then you usually wake up before you are able to do very much. Thank you and I very much appreciate your time and you have been a good class.

End of the 2006 Gathering.

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