Harmony Through Conflict, a Principle

Harmony Through Conflict, a Principle

Thanks to Bryan for finding the interesting interview with actress Salma Hayek – one of my favorite actresses. It is at:


I was surprised when I read her words:

“I’m reading four books at the same time. Many of them are for film projects but there is also one that America (Ferrera) gave me:  “The Immortal” by JJ Dewey.”

Now what is interesting is that the person who gave her The Immortal was America Ferrera. She is the actress who plays Ugly Betty on the popular TV series.

This really makes me wonder how many others in Hollywood have had the book passed on to them.

So far I have received two inquires from Hollywood about film rights, but have not received a bite yet. Sooner or later something will happen.

The next principle is an interesting one. It has the paradoxical name of “Harmony Through Conflict.”

Use this phrase for a seed thought and see what light comes. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. What is the difference between harmony achieved through conflict and living in apparent peace where no conflict was involved?
  2. Can you have true harmony with no conflict?
  3. Can conflict backfire and produce more conflict and no harmony? How is this prevented?
  4. What is the difference between peace and harmony?

There is a principle associated with the Fourth Ray called Harmony through Conflict. When this concept is understood it will be seen that certain types of conflict, as we have had here for instance, are a good thing. Here are a few of my previous comments on this principle:

“Discovering Suppression”

When you pick up or calculate that a new storm is brewing the best thing to do is to get the small storm moving before the big storm happens. If you keep letting some air out of the tire it will never blow up. In this case, the energy of harmony through conflict is a good path and it is advisable to forcefully draw the hurt out of the person. If you sense there is hurt and he or she says, no everything is fine, and then presses the issue. If the suppresser still denies then repeat the offense.

The Old and the New

What I see from this configuration is a strong harmony through conflict situation in relation to coming changes of the new age. Those working on the side of light will become more united, empowered and committed than ever before, but those on the side of darkness and the status quo will heighten their resistance to the coming changes that herald the new age. This energy should stimulate the surfacing of conflicts on some level that will bring old and new age ideas into high visibility. If those working in the light play their part, the resistance will be futile and the new ideas will prevail.

“Earned Authority

You are right indeed about harmony through conflict. I find it interesting that some think I was complaining about the latest conflict and was not. In fact, I enjoy a certain amount of challenges to my posts. It keeps life interesting and aids me in clarifying some of the teachings.

The Group Soul

We will never know whether or not any group can achieve soul contact together until controversial issues are examined. We will not understand the principle of harmony through conflict if there is no conflict with the end purpose of harmony.

Preparations For Christ

Note the name of the Fourth Ray – the Ray of Harmony through Conflict. Another name for this Ray is Peace through War, but it was not called such for us because many have a warped definition of what peace is. Peace is not the sleep of death. Nor is it the absence of struggle. Nor is it forced silence. Nor is it lack of freedom to move or to speak.

True peace involves harmony.

True peace on earth will come when there is harmony between the differing nations, groups and peoples. Just because a tyrant has no rebellion in his kingdom does not mean that he has achieved peace. Underneath there is tremendous disharmony as the people yearn for freedom.

Harmony, which is an ingredient of true peace, can only be achieved in an atmosphere of true freedom.

If we say we have peace on the earth when there are tyrants persecuting and suppressing their people – where there are no free elections, where one cannot stand on a street corner and disagree with the leader of the country, then the people are in the sleep of death and have no chance for harmonic peace.

Master Dialog

A certain amount of group conflict is desirable and inevitable being that I have a fourth ray mind. I am not alone in this fourth ray influence here. This conflict can cause members of the group to look in directions to which they were previously blind and lead some to harmony through conflict.

The questions:

[1] What is the difference between harmony achieved through conflict and the living in apparent peace where no conflict was involved?

There is something profound and deep about the harmony achieved after going through a conflict and reaching resolution. This is different from the peace that passes all understanding. Even so, the harmony achieved through conflict can trigger the reception of this spiritual peace.

But not counting the spiritual peace the harmony through conflict is still a significant event and makes a powerful imprint on the psyche.

Perhaps the most common experience with this principle in average humanity is in their romantic relationships. Sometimes after an intense problem or disagreement is resolved the couple will experience a great desire for each other where moments ago they nearly came to blows. This will often result in some of the best lovemaking of their relationship.

Other times there is hurt and grievances persisting. Neither wants to bring up the problem for they know an argument will follow. Finally, the pressure becomes too great and words are said that forces them to enter the conflict of opposing thoughts or feelings.

To have true harmony the couple have to get their hurt feelings in the open and once this is done a greater harmony is possible.

So average people use this principle. How about the more spiritually minded then?

If we look at the master teachers of the race we see that they all had lots of conflict in their lives. Jesus was the prime example of this. Many of those attacking Jesus never achieved harmony but because Jesus confronted the conflict head on he was the great beneficiary of the principle and passed many of the benefits to humanity itself. By facing conflicts with honesty and openness he achieved the Atonement and At-One-Moment he united heaven and earth within himself and overcame the last enemy which is death.

[2] Can you have true harmony with no conflict?

The answer is yes and no. The spiritually-minded person can have harmony in the present without conflict in a relationship, but this only happens because he has been through much conflict in the past that has taught him the principles that maintain harmony.

Usually when a couple says they “never fight” what they are really saying is they never confront each other. If they would confront they would fight just as much as everyone else. In many cases they should let loose on each other once in a while to prevent unhealthy grievances from accumulating.

On the other hand, once in a while you find a couple who are very well matched and easy going. In these rare cases they do not need much conflict because of three reasons.

    * They have a lot in common.

    * They have learned the lessons of conflict in the past and do not need to repeat a lesson already learned.

    * Each does not demand his way all the time and both are willing to compromise when necessary.

[3] Can conflict backfire and produce more conflict and no harmony? How is this prevented?

Indeed, it can backfire as several of you noted. If the couple do not go through the conflict but get stuck in it then hurt feelings and anger remain only to fester and boil over again and again until the individuals involved go completely through the conflict, see the whole picture and reach a resolution.

[4] What is the difference between peace and harmony?

Peace is associated with stillness and harmony with movement. Harmony is demonstrated when the musician plays beautiful chords on the piano. There is peace when he stops and everyone just reflects on the beauty of what they have heard.

A false peace persists among many when outward unharmonious movement ceases, but a cacophony still persists in the inner spirit. A suppressed movement is like steam pressure accumulating in a pressure cooker. It may look like nothing is happening but when the pressure gets high enough the release valve is thrown open. If it is not then the cooker would explode.

With true peace there is no pressure accumulating that is heading toward an explosion of force.

True peace exists among those who have witnessed a masterpiece of harmony. After it is over, they sit back and enjoy the reflection of the experience.

Even so, after the disciple finishes a service ending in harmony, he steps back and enjoys the sublime peace of God.

The next principle is really three but from a higher vision is one. The understanding of this is essential to creating harmony through conflict.

Train yourself to let go of the things you fear to lose. George Lucas (1944 – ), Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

April 22, 2007

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The Lazarus Principle

The Lazarus Principle

The Question: Lazarus was not a master or a high initiate, but he experienced a great miracle in that his body was restored to health. What principle or principles were the cause of this?

JJ: There are a number of principles that can be gleaned from the Lazarus story, but there is one that is of paramount importance. It is very closely linked to the male-female principle itself. Whereas the male-female principle is one of the foundation principles of the universe, the Lazarus Principle is an aspect of it that uses the male-female energies to jump start creation itself.

To illustrate imagine a piece of dynamite with a fuse. Certain principles were applied to create this, but nothing happens until the fuse is lit. The principles involved in creating fire are necessary to light the fuse so the explosion can serve its purpose.

Even so it is with the male-female energy. It has unlimited potential. The Lazarus principle releases this potential.

That said let us look again at the story. Jesus is informed that Lazarus is dead. Instead of rushing to his side to revive him he continues his work for a couple days. Finally, he journeys to the gravesite and arrives four days after his death.

Martha approached him and said:

 “…Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died. But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.

“Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall rise again.

“Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.

“Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

“She saith unto him, Yea, Lord: I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world.” John 11:21-27

Notice the faith of Martha. She gave Jesus her faith three times.

[1] She and Mary sent for Jesus as Lazarus was near death. They believed he would heal their brother.

[2] After he arrived she expressed a belief to him that God would give him whatever he asked, implying she believed that Jesus could raise him from the dead.

[3] Then Jesus asked her for a final confirmation of her faith and she affirmed that he was the Christ.

Shortly thereafter he thanked God that he had been given the power to do a mighty miracle and he then uttered those great words: “Lazarus, come forth!”

Why did Jesus have this interplay with Martha? Was there a reason for it beyond something just circumstantial?

Yes, there was a great reason. Jesus understood the Lazarus principle, that the powers of creation can be manifest through the interplay of male-female energies. Martha gave Jesus a burst of female energy by giving him her complete faith in a very difficult situation. When the male receives this great faith he has a sense that he cannot let such faith go without results and he will draw from resources that are sometimes beyond human.

One of the greatest stories that illustrate this is the second Rocky movie.

Rocky’s wife does not want him to box again because she fears for his safety. He really wants to do this but the lack of faith from his wife bums him out and he is only listlessly preparing.

Then his wife takes ill and he spends days at her bedside. Finally, she comes out of her near coma. At this point he is so glad to have her back he tells her he will quit boxing for her. But then she catches his eyes and tells him there is one thing she wants him to do for him. She tells him to fight Apollo Creed and to win.

When the gong went off in Rocky’s head and the Rocky music started playing I felt very inspired just watching this. Because of the interplay of male-female energy through extreme belief you knew Rocky was going to triumph through this Lazarus Principle.

Here’s a story from the archives of my own experience with the Lazarus Principle.

This circumstance happened to me in a memorable way. Those of you who read The Immortal will remember that I first took note of my wife-to-be when I was teaching a class on handwriting analysis and looked at a sample of her handwriting and realized that she had the qualities that I had always looked for in a companion. Some time later she attended another class I was teaching. As I was preparing to give the lesson I looked down at the audience and noticed her eyes looking at me in anticipation of what I was going to say. There was something about her look that deeply impressed me. I felt from her eyes that she had great faith that I was going to feed her soul with wonderful knowledge and understanding.

I felt wonderful and terrible at the same time. It was wonderful that there was a person in the audience who expected great things of me, but it was terrible that my lesson material was just ordinary stuff and that I might disappoint her.

I paused a moment in thought and decided to trash my entire lesson and searched my mind for something better to teach. As I contemplated, a phrase came to my mind that I had not given much thought to in the past. The phrase was: “divine carelessness.” Something told me to talk on this subject and that is what I did.

As I taught the words freely came to me and as I delivered them I saw Artie’s (my wife’s real name) eyes widen and felt she was absorbing every word with joy. I felt as if there was no one else in the room but her and me. The discourse I delivered was beyond my normal ability and I found myself learning along with the students as I heard some original teachings coming from my mouth for the first time.

I have always wished I had a tape recording of that class because it was probably the most spiritual presentation I have ever made and after I finished I knew within myself that all souls were fed and were satisfied.

I won’t give all the details, but shortly after the class I took Artie outside to talk with her and she said to me a phrase I will always cherish: “You made love to our minds.”

Right around this time lightening struck us both at the same moment and we both fell instantly in love. I asked her if she felt something unusual.

She said she did, but wasn’t sure what this instant-in-love feeling meant.

I told her it meant we were going to be seeing more of each other.

Three days later I used divine carelessness and proposed to her even though we had never had one official date together. She weakly resisted, saying that things were happening too fast, but then said yes.

I was like Lazarus being revived into a new life.

Question: Why do you use the word “paramount” in describing The Lazarus Principle. Is it more important than others?

Actually, any principle can be paramount according to the situation. If you are trying to get a business going and have good investment capital, a good idea, but are not putting in the time and effort then the “paramount” thing is to put in the time and effort.

On the other hand, if you are putting in lots of effort and have a good idea, but have no money then the paramount thing is to get capital.

The reason the Lazarus Principle is paramount here is that Jesus had the Christ with him, he had faith, he had knowledge, but to activate the fullness of power he needed to light the fuse, so to speak, with female energy. This was why that after Martha showed faith that he could still help Lazarus even after he was dead for four days that Jesus asked for one more confirmation of her belief:

    “Believest thou this?”

Her affirmative answer activated the Lazarus Principle making it paramount to the situation. It is certainly not paramount of all principles for, as I said, it is a branch or aspect of the foundation principle of male-female energy itself.

In the miracle of Lazarus it appears that Jesus is thanking the Father for ‘hearing’ him (and presumably doing the ‘work’ of the miracle, as he would later do the miracle of resurrecting Jesus from the tomb after three days):

“Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me. And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me.”  John 11:41-42 (KJV)

If the Christ did the ‘work’ and accomplished the miracle then did he (the Christ) need this ‘burst of female energy’ to accomplish that work?


The Lazarus Principle is needed in all male-female relationships whether it be Jesus-Martha Jesus (female) – Father (male) disciple (female) – God (male).

Why do you suppose God asks us to have faith in him? Even though God has all this power nothing much happens until we have faith in him as Martha has faith in Jesus. When the female aspect shows faith in the male aspect then magic happens. The Lazarus Principle is thus paramount to manifesting the powers of God upon the earth.

Jesus had to play the role of Martha in relation to the Father within and give the female aspect of faith to the male energy.

What was the principle taught in the resurrection of Lazarus? The paramount one is found in the faith and acceptance of the female energy toward the male which manifests a purpose that creates miracles. The Lazarus Principle was at work with the Father and Martha in relation to Jesus. This creates a conduit that supplied the needed spiritual energy.

Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working. Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973)

April 20, 2007

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Using The Vacuum Principle

Using The Vacuum Principle

Let us expand on the Vacuum principle.

First, the principle does not need an absolute vacuum to work neither does it need 100 percent mass to fill it up. Neither of these exists.

Let us go back to the fruit jar. The space under the lid is far from an absolute vacuum, but is a partial vacuum. The air outside of the jar is far from being 100 percent pure matter but is only composed of a small amount of substance.

The vacuum principle does not depend on everything rushing into nothingness, but upon an area of greater substance moving in to fill the void of lesser substance.

Therefore, to use the vacuum principle does not mean that one has to go into a state of negative meditation and make his mind completely empty. For one thing, the mind is never perfectly empty just as there is not a perfect vacuum, even in space.

What one does have to do to apply this principle is to remove a good portion of the current thought substance thus making the symbolic atmospheric pressure of the mind lower. Then other areas which are capable of sending mental concepts (such as the higher mind, the soul, the intuitive world) are drawn to fill the partial vacuum with information or inspiration.

The partial vacuum to jump start the principle can be activated in a number of ways.

[1] Attempting to empty the mind through negative meditation and then later watching to see what comes in to fill the vacuum. This must be approached from the aspect of the observer.

[2] Contemplate what is in the mind and then withdraw attention from the quest at hand and switch attention to something enjoyable and rather effortless. This withdrawal creates a partial vacuum in the type of mental substance around the quest and pulls on other substance to fill the void.

What happens is that one puts a lot of data and previously known principles in their mind and consciously tries to make connections. After a while of not making much obvious progress with that they take a rest and put their consciousness on something else. But in the background the unconscious mind, that which is below our conscious awareness, is still mulling and sifting and working with this problem and perhaps down the road a ways after giving our conscious mind a break, the unconscious makes a real connection that our conscious mind picks up on, and “voila!,” we have an answer that seems to pop out of nowhere. Perhaps the unconscious mind even has the ability to tap into something higher, and perhaps this is what we call ‘intuition.’

In this case your mind is not blank by any means, but diverted to create a low-pressure area which brings in substance from other more intense areas.

[3] Sometimes the seeker is forced away from his study or quest and has to do other practical work. This can create a vacuum that will also draw down helpful knowledge.

I have learned to use the vacuum principle with this method, but almost had to be drawn into it kicking and screaming.

Throughout my life one of my greatest joys has come from studying, searching and filling my mind with positive information. Then around 1988 I realized that I had to develop a practical side of myself and establish a reliable means of making a living. Before this I would just start to get ahead and then go back to my spiritual quest only to find myself becoming as poor as a church mouse. I finally realized I had to create a reliable source of income to create the stability I needed. I knew this was not my gift so I realized it may take some time.

I then threw myself into my business and went over ten years studying almost nothing but the newspaper a few minutes each morning.

I thought at the time I was making a great sacrifice (nothing to do with the 4th initiation) but on hindsight I also see I received many benefits. Taking my mind off my studies and reading created a vacuum that drew many things to me over those ten years. Many of the concepts taught in the thousands of articles I have written came to me during this period when my concrete mind was taking in little or nothing of a spiritual or metaphysical nature.

Where did all this come from? Much of it was not from any book I have read. A vacuum mixed with good intent drew many interesting things to me that may have not been realized with too much study.

Now in saying this I hope it is not interpreted in the black and white mode and many give up all their studies to create a vacuum. There is a time to study and a time to withdraw and let higher things come in. Most people do not study enough to even make use of the vacuum principle.

Right now I am back in the receiving mode. I still have to work a lot but I spend quite a bit of time listening to audio books to fill my mind up again. I am looking forward to the time that I can just relax and do more regular reading, but we have to plow with the horses we have.

I move, therefore I am. Haruki Murakami

April 15, 2007

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The Vacuum Principle

The Vacuum Principle

It is said that nature abhors a vacuum. This not only applies to matter rushing to fill empty space but it also applies to a vacuum created by a seeker.

Contemplate this. The seeker is often filling his mind with facts, knowledge, images, thoughts, etc. What happens when he stops, stands still and empties himself of all these things? Think about how a vacuum on planes above the physical can assist with revelation.

The first key to understanding this principle is that a vacuum can be created in the nonphysical worlds and that the effect is similar to what happens in a physical vacuum.

To see or hear a vacuum at work just take the lid off a jar of canned fruit. You’ll instantly hear a rush of air going into the container. This is caused by a partial vacuum created when the fruit was bottled. Air was taken out at bottling so the liquid would be exposed to as little oxygen as possible to preserve its freshness. Then, when you pull off the top, the air rushes in to fill up the vacuum.

Now let us apply this to other levels. The seeker wants to know the answers to his questions so he finds all the information that he can and fills his mind with hundreds or thousands of details and facts. Pretty soon he has so many pieces of information in his mind he becomes more confused than he was before. Some of the data conflicts with other parts and information brings up questions he never had before. To solve the dilemma, he studies all the more but he seems to have reached a state of saturation and nothing seems to help.

Finally, he gives up and moves on. He fully takes his mind off his pursuit and relaxes for a while. Then after a period of time something magical happens. He is driving down the highway singing a Beatles tune when out of the blue a piece of information from the past comes into his mind. It is not books of data as he previously surrounded himself in but maybe just a single sentence from a million pieces of data. He thinks it strange that a phrase from his past comes back to him on a subject he has put aside, but he finds it interesting and contemplates it. Then an intuitive flash comes before his consciousness and he sees a principle that he has not seen before and understands the knowledge in a light he has not seen before.

Then a few days later the same thing happens again and additional intelligence is distilled upon his being.

Later, this happens a third time. This time he thinks it odd that when he was burning the midnight oil in study nothing much came to him but now, he is not even trying and he is advancing in understanding as never before.

This is the vacuum principle at work. When the seeker pushes away all the data from his mind, he creates a vacuum that seeks to be filled. The vacuum sends out magnetic forces that draw the solutions he is looking for.

As mentioned in earlier posts, other great minds used this principle. This is why many great thinkers are called absent-minded. When Einstein went for a walk, he was often so absent in normal thinking that he would come back to reality and not know where he was and had difficulty in finding his way home at times. But on the positive side it was during these periods of absent-mindedness that his greatest inspiration came.

I have found this principle to apply in my own life. I have often searched for answers and the answers never seemed to come. Then I may be driving down the road thinking of absolutely nothing and a flash of inspiration comes. It was as if thinking of nothing opened a door for higher thoughts to come in.

Now the question arises. Will the vacuum principle always bring in good stuff or can it bring forth the negative?

The answer is that either one can be invoked. It depends on where your attention and the intentions of the heart lie. If your attention is directed upward to the spiritual and the desires of your heart are pure, then a vacuum will pull into your mind that which is spiritual and good.

If your attention is on selfishness and the material worlds then you will pull into your mind knowledge on how to satisfy the lower self.

Nature knows best; she hasn’t arranged your anatomy so as to make it easy for you to pat yourself on the back. – La Rochefoucauld

April 15, 2007

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Reliable Sources

Reliable Sources

The Question: Obviously revelation through soul contact is accompanied by a very positive feeling. Why do you suppose many Mormons and other Christians are deceived by what they think is the Holy Spirit guiding them?

We received some good comments on this. Brevity dictates that I limit myself to one. Livs made an interesting post.

She wrote:

    Over the last year I have contemplated this very question. Two people I am quite close to have experienced what they consider a life changing revelation. It has led one to a sort of born again Christian revival, and another to an ‘I am a New Age Guru,’ Love and organic food, feel good revival. While they are both convinced their revelation is ‘the real deal’ they both have almost an edge of desperation around it.

    Both of these people had experienced their revelation at a very low point in their life. Both were desperate and suicidal. They desperately needed something to believe in, and they got it.

    The other common feature is that both have psychic tendencies. One now uses it to receive instruction from ‘higher beings’. The other uses prayer and ‘fellowship’ to protect herself from them.

    During my contemplation of this, I thought back to a time I feel sure I have received impression through the soul. At the time I was not in a crisis, I was indulging my hobby, looking around my local New Age book shop. I felt drawn to JJ’s free read of The Immortal. Now I have experienced what I now know to be high astral/emotional excitement before. But the ‘high’ I received from The Immortal was quite different. It was like light and love with the intensity of the sun was shining inside me. Even though it was intense, it wasn’t the same as high emotion; it was – more harmonious and uplifting.

    When I speak to my two friends about spirituality, nothing they have shared with me is anything new. It’s kind of just rehashed stuff. When I am on The Keys many times I read a post that expands my understanding of something – it’s enhanced, added to, and that’s just from my class mates!

    My final litmus test was to give them each a freeread. And you guessed it, nada, nothing!

    So, in the final analysis I guess once again, you get what you’re looking for. If you want a highly emotional ‘saviour’ to come along and rescue you, then viola. But, like that ex Mormon guy wrote, one day you wake up and realize you want to grow up.

JJ: One thing I find interesting here is that her friends received their revelation during a crisis when they were at a low point in their lives. Livs received her connection while she was at peace with herself.

It is true indeed that many emotionally based people seek some kind of sign or revelation from God when their life is not going right. If anything at all seems to come then it helps to give them enough purpose to continue.

Generally, any revelation from this point in consciousness will be very colored with glamour and delusion, but if it gives the seeker enough purpose to continue it may be worth it.

The ironic thing is that those who were depressed and listless often want to preach to others about how to live their life after getting some kind of sign or message.

Perhaps the most famous contemporary person I know that claimed to receive a sign from God after reaching the end of his rope in a depressed state is Neale Donald Walsch. As you know, he began receiving messages from what he thought was God, turned his life around success wise and wrote “Conversations with God.”

If a person wants a true revelation of a high nature he needs to put his mind in a state of peace. If he is depressed and at the end of his rope there is nothing wrong with seeking guidance through the soul, but the strong negative feelings at work will often distort any revelation that comes. Because he is influenced strongly enough by the emotions to be depressed he is likely to get his revelation from the emotional body with a strong influence of glamour.

The typical religious person will think that all revelation or answers to prayer will either come from God or from the devil. If they agree with him then it is God, and if not, then the tricky devil is whispering in the guy’s ear.

What they do not realize is that the answers, signs, feelings, etc. do not come directly from God or the devil. Instead, for most of the standard bearers of religion, they come from their emotional bodies. The higher parts of our emotional bodies can produce quite high and rapturous feelings that can make the seeker believe quite strongly that he is having direct intercourse with God.

Until he makes contact with the soul, he can only associate his highest feelings with God. Finally, the day will come that new feelings will manifest – the feelings caused by interplay of spirit and matter making soul energy. When this day comes whole new vistas open up to him.

To understand revelation it is important to review the principle called The point of tension. There is another closely related to it called The Vacuum Principle which will be discussed shortly.

Earth Changes

Question: Are we going to see abrupt earth changes in the near future?

In the past the landmasses have usually risen or sank gradually giving the inhabitants time to relocate. Even so, many of them did not take heed and sank with their country as in the case of most of Atlantis.

Then there have been other times that the earth changes have been very abrupt.

When the gathering takes place, it will catch the attention of the consciousness of the planet itself, and she will seek to nourish it and protect it as a mother does the baby in the womb. If the gathered lights are not threatened with extinction, then the earth changes could take place over a hundred years or so with slower changes following. On the other hand, if the gathered lights are mortally threatened by their enemies, then abrupt changes could take place. An abrupt change would accomplish two things.

[1] It would destroy and frustrate the enemies of light and love.

[2] A new land would come forth to create a place of refuge and gathering for the lights.

Question: Why do we never get a visitation from our past selves before this universe began?

Our memory is only capable of going back to the lives of the current extension of our monad. This encompasses only a small cycle of many cycles within this current universe. To regress beyond a few million years one must ascend in consciousness to identify with the monad. The monad provides a door to the more distant past within this universe which is many billions of years old. Only an advanced master cold open this door.

I do not want to get into time and space as it is too vast of a subject at present.

As sight is in the body; so reason in the soul. – Aristotle

April 12, 2007

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Experience and Revelation

Experience and Revelation
The Principle of Experience

The Question: What is experience and what is its purpose? Is anything more real than experience?

Actually, experience is the only thing vaguely understood by the human mind that is real. There may be things above our understanding that are real, but experience is the only thing to which we can relate which we can say is real.

All matter is composed of empty space and all form changes. Our lives are like a very structured dream and our dreams lack structure, but they both accomplish the same thing. They give us experience. It matters not that the experience is created by a mental daydream while awake, a sleeping dream or a life incarnate. Experience is experience and it is the one thing in our journey which is real.

If experience in a dream is not real, then neither is this life or even experience in a formless heaven. This thought is worthy of contemplation.

The principle behind experience is this:

It is the life force interplaying with form, motion and/or intelligence.

The quality of experience is determined by the intelligence that is behind the forms, aspects or qualities in motion.

The Principle of Revelation

Question: What is revelation and what are its three sources? How does one go about receiving a revelation?

When we speak of revelation, we speak of the seeker receiving intelligence which is beyond that gained by regular learning and reason.

It is true that reason alone can produce revelation of sorts in that the seeker puts together pieces of the whole and sees a greater picture. Many people do this to some degree. What few people do is receive true revelation from intelligence beyond the power of the concrete mind.

One could say that there is one source of revelation which is the soul, for this opens the door for all higher knowledge. Even so, let us subdivide it into three main categories.

[1] Soul contact that reaches the solar angel and the world of spirit. This would include the still small voice.

[2] Reaching the plane of Buddha, or the intuition, and downloading quantums of intelligence and principles.

[3] Contact with a Master or higher life that sends the seeker knowledge, usually through the science of impression.

DK gives some great information on the subject of revelation:

“In connection with the sixth hint, I pointed out that revelation-induced by right orientation and right thinking-is part of the training of the initiate. Many thus in training delay their progress by not recognising the revelation when it arises above the line of their spiritual horizon.

“You will note that the hints themselves frequently deal with the nature of a hint, because a hint is in reality and when properly considered, the seed or germ of an intended revelation. The Master knows well what is the next revelation which will be in order for the disciple in training; through hints He sows the seed of revelation, but it remains for the disciple to discover that which the hint is intended to produce, and to nurture the seed until it flowers forth in the beauty of revelation.

“In seeking to elucidate these hints for you I am not doing work which you should do. I am, in fact, only marshalling for your benefit the ideas, information and concepts which are already to be found in your subconscious mind-placed there through meditation, study and experimental critical living. Having done that, I leave it to you to proceed alone and unaided towards the moment of revelation. You talk of a series of initiations, but the Masters talk in terms of a series of revelations, and Their work with Their disciples is to prepare them for revelation. Bear in mind, brother of mine, that revelation is hard to take and to hold-a point oft overlooked. It is exhausting to the personality of the disciple, but it is of no service unless the personality recognises it; it is excessively stimulating and the initiate passes through three stages where a revelation is concerned: First comes the stage of ecstacy and of supreme recognition; then darkness follows and almost despair when the revelation fades and the disciple finds that he must walk again in the ordinary light of the world; he knows now what is, but it is at this point that his test lies, for he must proceed on that inner knowledge but dispense with the stimulation of revelation. Finally, he becomes so engrossed with his service, with aiding his fellowmen and with leading them towards their next revelation that the excitement and the reaction are forgotten. He then discovers to his surprise that at any time and at will-if it serves his selfless interests-the revelation is forever his. Ponder on this.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Pages 388-389

In the LDS church they are taught to pray for a confirmation as to whether a thing is true. The belief is that if the thing prayed about is true then they will get a warm feeling about it.

This method has been disappointing to many Mormons as many got a warm feeling about a romantic love only to wind up hating and divorcing them later. Others thought something was confirmed to be true only to find it to be false later.

Many fall away from the church and become fairly cynical of the warm feeling approach to truth. Here is a comment from one member of a group which largely consists of Ex-Mormons.

“The most deceiving impression is that warm fuzzy confirmation.

“Today, I call it ‘the bum’s rush.’ It can cause us to toss aside common sense, our instincts, our gut feelings. When these clash, what we think we knew from the bum’s rush is raised above all else, including common sense. Our understanding and action from it is often translated into obey your church leaders.”  Funny how that works.

“As a devout Mormon, I would not even consider the possibility that it could be misleading. My entire outlook and philosophy was based on it.

“Eventually one gets beyond it and sees that it’s a symbol… a token… a sign… that we mistook for what it symbolizes. It was a staple of the preparatory gospel that we once lived. Not bad, but not good either. It was good for us once, when we are clueless and lost, but we eventually want to grow up.”

Question:  Obviously revelation through soul contact is accompanied by a very positive feeling. Why do you suppose many Mormons and other Christians are deceived by what they think is the Holy Spirit guiding them when it obviously is not?

No man is free who cannot command himself. – Pythagoras

April 8, 2007

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Entropy and Evolution

Entropy and Evolution

The Question: What is the meaning of entropy and how does this principle prove the existence of higher intelligence or God?

Readers were headed the right direction when they told us that entropy is a tendency for a system to fall apart when there is a lack of intelligent activity added to it. The fact that there is order in the universe and not chaos indicates that there is a Divine intelligence at play.

As some pointed out God also uses entropy. When a creation has outlived its usefulness then the intelligent life force is withdrawn and the creation falls apart through entropy.

Entropy is the closest word I can find to bear the name of this principle and the meaning has evolved or changed somewhat in recent years. The best dictionary definition I can find that harmonizes with the principle is from the Wordsmyth online dictionary. It defines it as:

“The natural and irreversible tendency toward randomness and disorder in any system without an external source of energy.”

Perhaps we should redefine it slightly to harmonize with the principle under discussion:

“The natural and irreversible tendency toward randomness and disorder in any system without an external source of energy applied with intelligence.”

Energy alone is not enough to maintain order in the universe, on a planet, in a body, a cell or an atom. That energy must be applied with intelligence.

If intelligence is withdrawn from a creation, then energy also dissipates and the system begins to disintegrate and fall apart.

A great example of this is the withdrawal of an intelligent entity from his body at death. When the intelligence withdraws then energy is not supplied to sustain the body and it rapidly starts to fall apart, or disintegrate.

Jesus said to consider the lilies of the field – Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. If we look at any plant through a powerful microscope or the greater universe through the Hubble telescope, we indeed see a majesty of creation that has to be sustained by some great intelligence.

One thing that presently impresses many scientists is the study of DNA and learning of its complexity, as if it were a great computer more powerful than any that we presently have.

Recent discoveries have convinced Professor Antony Flew, a renowned atheist for 50 years, that there is indeed a great intelligence we loosely call God.

He said:

    “What I think the DNA material has done is show that intelligence must have been involved in getting these extraordinarily diverse elements together. The enormous complexity by which the results were achieved look to me like the work of intelligence.” LINK

Actually, just looking at a beautiful female sunbathing on the beach is enough to convince me, but to explore the complexity of the microcosm is even more impressive.


The fact that great order exists in the universe and entropy does not dominate proves that some great intelligence is at work.

The next principle to consider is evolution.

Forget about whether the various schools of evolution as taught by scientists are exactly true and accurate. What we are looking for is an understanding of the principle of evolution.

Question: How would you define evolution and what is the true principle behind it?

The Principle of Evolution

Science recognizes evolution as that process which takes us from a simple to a more complex state. I would add this. It is that process by which intelligence is applied to matter and form. In the beginning this intelligence organizes simple forms which combine or fuse into more complex forms. The increased complexity demonstrates intelligence in a number of ways. Among them are:

[1] Intelligent movement in form is increased and limitations are decreased.

[2] Beauty is increased.

[3] Usefulness is increased.

[4] Power to benefit the whole is increased.

[5] Power to manifest intelligence is increased.

[6] Stability is increased as long as the usefulness of the form is required.

[7] Relationship of the parts is enhanced.

We could continue here but a reader said it well when he noted it was a manifestation of the Law of Dominating Good and this points to the principle behind it.

We could describe the principle of evolution as follows:

It is a force stimulated by intelligence that leads the organization of form toward a dominating good.

The cycle of evolution and entropy repeats endlessly. Life incarnates into form and intelligently evolves and improves until all desired experience is gained. Then the life withdraws and entropy takes over. But the fruits of evolution remain and the best of it will be used in the next cycle.

The next principle we will look at is Experience.

Question: What is experience and what is its purpose? Is anything more real than experience?

The motions which the planets now have could not spring from any natural cause alone, but were impressed by an intelligent Agent. – Isaac Newton

April 4, 2007

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The Principle of Intelligence

The Principle of Intelligence
The Great Triad

I am presenting the next three principles as a group because they are interconnected. To understand one the student must understand them all.

These three principles are: [1] Intelligence; [2] Entropy, and [3] Evolution.

Let us first look at the Principle of Intelligence. As we do this the first intelligent question to ask is – what is intelligence anyway? The common definition is it is the power to reason, to be smart or something along this line. This does not give us the core meaning, however, especially as it applies to God as He, She or It manifests in the universe.

In relation to God and intelligence we often hear these statements:

    * The Mind of God.

    * Universal Intelligence.

    * Infinite Intelligence.

    * The Thoughts of God.

    * The wisdom of Nature.

All but a few hardened ideological atheists acknowledge that some great intelligence is at work in the universe. Some think that Einstein did not believe in God because he thought the idea of God sitting on a throne did not make sense, but he often acknowledged God in his musings. He definitely saw an intelligence at work that was much greater than his own. He indeed acknowledged the mind of God when he said:  “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.”

Basically, his whole life, as he saw it, was the discovery of the mind – or the thoughts – or the intelligence of God.

Another great scientist Sir Isaac Newton was a big believer in God, not because of blind faith but because his own intelligence led him in that direction. Many do not realize he had a passion for the Bible and even wrote a commentary on the Book of Daniel and Revelations. Much of his life was spent in discovering the intelligence of God.

Great minds look at the universe around us and recognize a great intelligence, but exactly what is it they are seeing? Let us make a list.

  1. Beauty.
  2. Nonrandom organization.
  3. Laws that govern.
  4. Extreme complexity in life.
  5. The vastness of creation.

Who can look upon these five things and deny there is intelligence at work? No one who uses his own intelligence. Any thoughtful person has to acknowledge the truth of these scriptures:

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” Psalms19:1

“The glory of God is intelligence.”  (D&C 93:36)

That’s all well and good, but what the seeker wants to know is the core principle behind intelligence. What makes one action or decision intelligent and the other not?

Let us find this truth by going back to some basic thoughts.

Where is the greater intelligence revealed? (A) In creation, or (B) in destruction?

Where is the greater intelligence revealed?  (A) In beauty and symmetry, or (B) in the non-symmetrical which is not pleasing to the eye?

Where is the greater intelligence revealed?  (A) In order, or (B) in randomness?

Where is the greater intelligence revealed?  (A) In cyclic repetition, or (B) in no cycles or repetition?

Where is the greater intelligence revealed?  (A) In balanced forces, or (B) in no balance?

In each case the obvious answer is (A).

As we contemplate this, we can express the Principle of Intelligence as follows:

It is revealed in that decision or action which follows the line of highest order and usefulness. That which proceeds toward greater order is intelligence. To proceed toward greater order there must be a recognition of order and disorder, or what could be called good and evil. The truth of what is must be seen for intelligence to manifest.

A simple example would be this:   Two men are given blocks. One throws them randomly aside and the other experiments and creates shapes out of them. Which one is manifesting intelligence?

Even more basic is this:   Two men are given blocks. One sees no use in them but the other sees a number of possibilities for organizing them. Which one is manifesting intelligence?

The second person sees as if a light is illuminating his mind. The first sees nothing. Obviously, the second is displaying intelligence and the first is not.

The foundation of intelligence then is found in the statement, “Let there be light.”  When light is shined upon a situation consciousness can then use intelligence. Indeed, intelligence is the “light of truth.”

In the beginning of any creation the first manifestation of intelligence is through light that reveals what is. That which is God, or an extension of God, then sees what is, what was and what can be. He then begins to create and organize energy and form into beauty and usefulness. Organization which is useful is kept, but that which is not is discarded. Then, after intelligence has made every possible use of that which was created, the intelligence withdraws and the principle of entropy dominates.

Question: What is the meaning of entropy and how does this principle prove the existence of higher intelligence or God?

Prediction made by Paul Ehrlich made in 1969

“Hundreds of millions of people will soon perish in smog disasters in New York and Los Angeles…the oceans will die of DDT poisoning by 1979…the U.S. life expectancy will drop to 42 years of age by 1980 due to cancer epidemics.”

March 31, 2007

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What To Do


What To Do

A reader basically asked the question the other day as to what we as a group or individuals can do to create positive change. Here we are gathered as a group and know a few things the average people do not know, but we have little voice except to preach to the choir of like-minded believers.

The first thing each servant of humanity needs to assess is his own limitations – what he can and cannot do. One of the biggest mistakes made by an individual who sees a little light is to sacrifice career, job and family to start some movement that goes nowhere. Many such individuals are lucky to have three followers.

Others go the other extreme and do nothing. This is even worse because they also learn nothing.

What then should the true seeker do to make a difference?

Jesus gave the example in the parable of building a tower. He said that if a person wants to build a tower, he must assess the amount of effort and ingredients it will take to finish the project. If he begins and does not have the power to finish then everyone will laugh at him for being so foolish. The wise builder will assess correctly and will not start the tower until he has the power to finish.

Some have questioned me as to why I am not proceeding with zeal to create molecules, build cities, reform civilization, etc. Yes, there are towers to build, but until we gather the power to finish what we begin then the time to begin has not yet arrived. If we have not power to finish the tower then the thing to do is to gather the materials and resources to prepare for a beginning so we can have a finish.

Right now, I have power to do one thing well and that is to write foundation materials and circulate them to a small group of people. If I should die tomorrow, however, all is not lost for many of the concepts contain eternal words that shall not pass away and would be taken up by others who are in a position to build towers.

My astrology chart tells me that I will be subject to strong discipline from Saturn until I get everything in place for my main work. When everything is in place and my will and abilities are sufficiently fine-tuned then a reservoir of power will be released to allow for a major accomplishment. I believe this time is soon, but cannot predict the exact date.

Here is what must happen to open the door for me to begin work on the tower.

[1] My hands must be free so I can work on the project full time. As it is I have a business that demands much more time than a regular full-time job.

[2] One of my works must permeate public consciousness on a fairly wide scale. This could be one of my present or future books, an idea or me in person when I am free to travel and give seminars.

[3] Sufficient finances to sustain the effort.

That’s well and good one may think, but I’d like to do something more in the present than just sit around and wait for the true beginning of the work.

There is always something more the true initiate can find to do.

Here are a few things.

[1] An idea I do not think I have suggested before, but a very powerful one is to write letters to your local paper. Letters to the editor are often the most popular part of the paper and many thousands read them.

If you write a letter to your local paper and manage to make a reference to freeread.com a lot of hits could come from it. Now your paper is not likely to publish anything about metaphysics, but current issues like global warming or nuclear energy are hot items. Then too, standard religion is a hot item in some papers.

We have a great series on nuclear energy in the archives named, Ten Deceptions about Nuclear Energy and Alternative Energy.

This can be thrown in when discussing energy, global warming or a number of other topics.

Principles of Unification and Project Peace and Good Will are also subjects of current general interest.

Religion is also popular in letters to the editor and on this subject a writer can refer to Reincarnation & the Bible, and Astrology and the Bible from the archives. These subjects will certainly press some buttons.

Keep this in mind. A letter to the editor in a major paper that gives our web page is worth 500 dollars or more in advertising.

Note from 2023: This suggestion is quite dated as the newspaper industry has greatly diminished since this post. Those wishing to promote ideas are now better off going to social media such as Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others.

[2] Many of the group are members of other forums. When appropriate you can post something from the archives there and give the reference with the suggestion to the group that many writings are available.

[3] Members can start a local study group.

Note from 2023: Local groups meeting in a physical location used to be the way to go, but now it is more practical to meet online in Zoom type meetings. We are doing this now and if anyone reading this is interested in participating please contact me.

[4] You can run a small classified ad in a local thrifty paper – or a national one. Something like this would not cost much:

Note from 2023: Newspapers are no longer a good source of advertising. Currently, the best sources are on the internet such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

[5] You can recommend Book One of The Immortal which is free at freerecad.com or listen to the audio on YouTube HERE

Members can also buy physical books and give them away.

[6] Participate on this forum. Posting here helps keep me stimulated and helps others.

God sent his singers upon earth With songs of sadness and of mirth, That they might touch the hearts of men, And bring them back to heaven again. – Longfellow: The Singers

March 28, 2007

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Real Solutions

Real Solutions

Question: How are we supposed to proceed with developing nuclear energy when waste is such a problem?

In the nuclear research plant in Arco, Idaho a breakthrough was made in breeder reactors that could use nuclear waste for fuel. The waste could essentially be used up so there would be no additional waste made and could power this country carbon free for 1000 years.

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter listened to the voices of the nuclear activists and banned research and production of the recycling of nuclear waste. His executive order mandated that we proceed with the decades old method of maximum waste production by specifying that all fissionable material can only be used once and once only.

This order was rescinded by Reagan in 1981, but the backlash by the activists and the public fear was so great that the administration was afraid to proceed with development for fear of political repercussions. Therefore from Reagan to Clinton nothing was done with nuclear recycling even though it was legal.

But then Clinton closed the loophole and cancelled all possible research into the Integral Fast Reactor as soon as he came into office in 1992.

Now the Bush administration is considering more research and development into nuclear energy and again the activists and protesters are coming out of the woodwork to bring progress to a halt, yet offering no workable solution to the many energy problems which present themselves.

Perfecting this technology has numerous advantages:

  1. Breeder reactors get about 100 times as much energy from a kilogram of uranium than do present reactors.
  2. The nuclear waste is used as fuel instead of being buried in the earth.
  3. We currently have enough waste to supply the United States with current levels of electricity for 1000 years.
  4. One of the big complaints of activists about nuclear energy is the problems created by the mining of uranium. By using Integral Fast Reactors the mining of uranium could be reduced to most any level that is desired, even to zero if necessary.
  5. We could have a use for dismantled nuclear weapons and recycle their fissionable materials.
  6. We would be unlimited in the amount of energy we could produce making us free from air pollution and paving the way for pollution free electric cars, freeing us from dependence on oil, foreign or domestic.

Below is the first part of my treatise on nuclear energy which gives some more answers for you.

Activism Then and Now

My wife and I went to see the movie Amazing Grace yesterday. It was the story of William Wilberforce and his fellow activists who fought with Parliament to end slavery in the early 18th century.

It was a great movie with a good story, great actors, and very realistic sets. It had a spiritual theme without attempting to be preachy or to shove a political agenda down our throats.

As I watched it I felt soul energy pouring through me at several points in the show. It is strange, I thought to myself how this movie of activists 200 years ago touches the soul but listening to most activists today just leaves me flat. What is the difference?

As I reflected I noted several differences. Among them are:

[1]Wilberforce and his group were not fighting an illusionary evil, but a real one. Modern activists, such as the anti nuclear groups, are not fighting a real problem, but an illusionary one. Only when the true problem is identified and tackled can the soul energies manifest.

[2] Wilberforce and his group were completely unselfish in their motive and their work. Many activists today (not all) have a selfish agenda that is not obvious, often even to themselves.

[3 ] The end product of the activism of Wilberforce and his group resulted in more freedom and prosperity for all. If many modern activists got their way there would be more laws, less freedom and more scarcity. The ironic thing is that when modern activists get their way often the results of their stated goal is diminished rather than enhanced.

Let us take the global warmers, for example. Most of them are against the two most carbon clean energy sources – hydro and nuclear energy. Many also support draconian measures that would hurt business, the economy and eventually lead to a stagnation of technology that could lead to clean energy breakthroughs. If they got their way, we could wind up in a more polluted world 50 years from now than if we just allowed technology to evolve and supply us with the tools to improve the world.

Another thing that struck me was the contrast of how different the illusion was back then compared with today. It was different on the surface but had the same foundation causes, which are ignorance and selfishness.

To end the ignorance of slave trade Wilberforce did all he could to enlighten the populace with the true facts about the sufferings of slavery and then change the conditions so selfishness could be redirected.

As the movie began Wilberforce was fighting a beastly “consensus.” Almost all his peers in Parliament as well as the people themselves accepted the slave trade with little or no questioning or investigation. Most of the few who did see slavery was wrong were afraid to speak up. Only a handful took action – and the few going against the many were the ones who created positive change.

Now we live in a different age. Never have there been so many who want to take part in activism and change the world. In the old days a person became an activist when he was awakened to an important cause and became involved – often reluctantly.

In this age there are more people looking for a cause than there are obvious causes in which to participate. I minored in journalism back in the early Sixties and students entered the profession to write. Today surveys show they enter the profession “to make a difference.”

And how can they make a difference? Not just by writing the truth of what is, but by injecting a slant in favor of their pet causes.

A great problem has arisen in our society today by the many who seek a cause. The trouble is that they do not want to embrace a cause that will be unpopular, get scathing criticism from the media, get them ostracized from their family and friends, make them unpopular, cause them sacrifice, pain and tremendous effort, etc. Instead, many are looking for a cause that will make them popular, bring praise and not require that much effort.

Those looking for an easy cause may look around and pick a battle where the main wars have already been fought. The most obvious one of these is racism in the free world.

The great battles here were fought by Wilberforce, Lincoln and Martin Luther King and associates. While it is true there is some fine tuning to be accomplished in race relations in the U.S. and other free nations, the war is basically won.

Now if one decides today that his cause is to fight racism there is no danger to life or limb but the person will get a pat on the back and be encouraged to proceed.

If another declares he will fight global warming the whole world will be on his side.

The same goes for one who generically declares he will fight poverty or many of the other current evils declared by society.

When, however, one becomes an activist for the Brotherhood of Light things are different. They are not interested in fighting illusion or causes already won, but work in the difficult area of manifesting light where before there was darkness.

For over 20 years the public has lived in darkness about the global warming issue and finally some action is being taken by various disciples to manifest light on this issue. To do so some are risking their career, their income, their prestige and some their very lives. This is the risk typical of true activism where positive change is made.

If a person is interested in race, equality and fairness then there are parts of the world greatly in need of his services. Women in many Islamic and other nations are treated about as bad as the slaves used to be. Many have no rights and can be beaten or mutilated if they complain. In many cases they can be raped with impunity.

It seems that there are only a few men or women taking up this cause. I have seen a number of Islamic women activists interviewed and have greatly admired them for putting their lives on the line. Unfortunately, they seem to get little help from men in general or even western women. They also get little help from the cowering media who are afraid of offending Islamic extremists.

How about some activism in overthrowing some of the tyrants of the earth? This is almost nonexistent because it would be dangerous.

How about some activism for more human rights in China? People are silent on this and instead fight against the United States, a harmless target that is little threat to any dissenting voice.

How about some activism demanding free and equal speech on college campuses? Few realize the difficulties and even danger faced by those who speak on any controversial issue not endorsed by the media.

How about some activism demanding free speech politically correct or not? True some speech many be inflammatory, but people should be able to speak their mind without receiving death threats or losing their government jobs.

If the activists today wish to enter the history books with the glory of the activists of yesterday then they need to take some risk and go against the grain to manifest a greater light. Picking an easy fight that has general support will bring no glory. True it may make a person feel good to fight white supremacists today, but the battle against them has already been won and their numbers are too few to be a great threat.

An activist would be better off just fighting against smug people who think they have it all together. There are lots of people living in ivory towers who need a little shaking.

Never does a man look as small as when he is trying to look big. – Anonymous

March 24, 2007

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