Harmony Through Conflict, a Principle

Harmony Through Conflict, a Principle

Thanks to Bryan for finding the interesting interview with actress Salma Hayek – one of my favorite actresses. It is at:


I was surprised when I read her words:

“I’m reading four books at the same time. Many of them are for film projects but there is also one that America (Ferrera) gave me:  “The Immortal” by JJ Dewey.”

Now what is interesting is that the person who gave her The Immortal was America Ferrera. She is the actress who plays Ugly Betty on the popular TV series.

This really makes me wonder how many others in Hollywood have had the book passed on to them.

So far I have received two inquires from Hollywood about film rights, but have not received a bite yet. Sooner or later something will happen.

The next principle is an interesting one. It has the paradoxical name of “Harmony Through Conflict.”

Use this phrase for a seed thought and see what light comes. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. What is the difference between harmony achieved through conflict and living in apparent peace where no conflict was involved?
  2. Can you have true harmony with no conflict?
  3. Can conflict backfire and produce more conflict and no harmony? How is this prevented?
  4. What is the difference between peace and harmony?

There is a principle associated with the Fourth Ray called Harmony through Conflict. When this concept is understood it will be seen that certain types of conflict, as we have had here for instance, are a good thing. Here are a few of my previous comments on this principle:

“Discovering Suppression”

When you pick up or calculate that a new storm is brewing the best thing to do is to get the small storm moving before the big storm happens. If you keep letting some air out of the tire it will never blow up. In this case, the energy of harmony through conflict is a good path and it is advisable to forcefully draw the hurt out of the person. If you sense there is hurt and he or she says, no everything is fine, and then presses the issue. If the suppresser still denies then repeat the offense.

The Old and the New

What I see from this configuration is a strong harmony through conflict situation in relation to coming changes of the new age. Those working on the side of light will become more united, empowered and committed than ever before, but those on the side of darkness and the status quo will heighten their resistance to the coming changes that herald the new age. This energy should stimulate the surfacing of conflicts on some level that will bring old and new age ideas into high visibility. If those working in the light play their part, the resistance will be futile and the new ideas will prevail.

“Earned Authority

You are right indeed about harmony through conflict. I find it interesting that some think I was complaining about the latest conflict and was not. In fact, I enjoy a certain amount of challenges to my posts. It keeps life interesting and aids me in clarifying some of the teachings.

The Group Soul

We will never know whether or not any group can achieve soul contact together until controversial issues are examined. We will not understand the principle of harmony through conflict if there is no conflict with the end purpose of harmony.

Preparations For Christ

Note the name of the Fourth Ray – the Ray of Harmony through Conflict. Another name for this Ray is Peace through War, but it was not called such for us because many have a warped definition of what peace is. Peace is not the sleep of death. Nor is it the absence of struggle. Nor is it forced silence. Nor is it lack of freedom to move or to speak.

True peace involves harmony.

True peace on earth will come when there is harmony between the differing nations, groups and peoples. Just because a tyrant has no rebellion in his kingdom does not mean that he has achieved peace. Underneath there is tremendous disharmony as the people yearn for freedom.

Harmony, which is an ingredient of true peace, can only be achieved in an atmosphere of true freedom.

If we say we have peace on the earth when there are tyrants persecuting and suppressing their people – where there are no free elections, where one cannot stand on a street corner and disagree with the leader of the country, then the people are in the sleep of death and have no chance for harmonic peace.

Master Dialog

A certain amount of group conflict is desirable and inevitable being that I have a fourth ray mind. I am not alone in this fourth ray influence here. This conflict can cause members of the group to look in directions to which they were previously blind and lead some to harmony through conflict.

The questions:

[1] What is the difference between harmony achieved through conflict and the living in apparent peace where no conflict was involved?

There is something profound and deep about the harmony achieved after going through a conflict and reaching resolution. This is different from the peace that passes all understanding. Even so, the harmony achieved through conflict can trigger the reception of this spiritual peace.

But not counting the spiritual peace the harmony through conflict is still a significant event and makes a powerful imprint on the psyche.

Perhaps the most common experience with this principle in average humanity is in their romantic relationships. Sometimes after an intense problem or disagreement is resolved the couple will experience a great desire for each other where moments ago they nearly came to blows. This will often result in some of the best lovemaking of their relationship.

Other times there is hurt and grievances persisting. Neither wants to bring up the problem for they know an argument will follow. Finally, the pressure becomes too great and words are said that forces them to enter the conflict of opposing thoughts or feelings.

To have true harmony the couple have to get their hurt feelings in the open and once this is done a greater harmony is possible.

So average people use this principle. How about the more spiritually minded then?

If we look at the master teachers of the race we see that they all had lots of conflict in their lives. Jesus was the prime example of this. Many of those attacking Jesus never achieved harmony but because Jesus confronted the conflict head on he was the great beneficiary of the principle and passed many of the benefits to humanity itself. By facing conflicts with honesty and openness he achieved the Atonement and At-One-Moment he united heaven and earth within himself and overcame the last enemy which is death.

[2] Can you have true harmony with no conflict?

The answer is yes and no. The spiritually-minded person can have harmony in the present without conflict in a relationship, but this only happens because he has been through much conflict in the past that has taught him the principles that maintain harmony.

Usually when a couple says they “never fight” what they are really saying is they never confront each other. If they would confront they would fight just as much as everyone else. In many cases they should let loose on each other once in a while to prevent unhealthy grievances from accumulating.

On the other hand, once in a while you find a couple who are very well matched and easy going. In these rare cases they do not need much conflict because of three reasons.

    * They have a lot in common.

    * They have learned the lessons of conflict in the past and do not need to repeat a lesson already learned.

    * Each does not demand his way all the time and both are willing to compromise when necessary.

[3] Can conflict backfire and produce more conflict and no harmony? How is this prevented?

Indeed, it can backfire as several of you noted. If the couple do not go through the conflict but get stuck in it then hurt feelings and anger remain only to fester and boil over again and again until the individuals involved go completely through the conflict, see the whole picture and reach a resolution.

[4] What is the difference between peace and harmony?

Peace is associated with stillness and harmony with movement. Harmony is demonstrated when the musician plays beautiful chords on the piano. There is peace when he stops and everyone just reflects on the beauty of what they have heard.

A false peace persists among many when outward unharmonious movement ceases, but a cacophony still persists in the inner spirit. A suppressed movement is like steam pressure accumulating in a pressure cooker. It may look like nothing is happening but when the pressure gets high enough the release valve is thrown open. If it is not then the cooker would explode.

With true peace there is no pressure accumulating that is heading toward an explosion of force.

True peace exists among those who have witnessed a masterpiece of harmony. After it is over, they sit back and enjoy the reflection of the experience.

Even so, after the disciple finishes a service ending in harmony, he steps back and enjoys the sublime peace of God.

The next principle is really three but from a higher vision is one. The understanding of this is essential to creating harmony through conflict.

Train yourself to let go of the things you fear to lose. George Lucas (1944 – ), Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

April 22, 2007

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