Navigating the Path

Navigating the Path

Question: It seems that everyone who claims higher contact gets something different and many either contradict each other or are proven wrong. What can we really trust?

Here’s what creates the problem. One communication through the soul does not contradict another communication through the soul, BUT over 90 percent of what people call soul or higher communications, contacting the Holy Spirit, God, receiving revelations, Jesus, the Spirit etc. are merely contacts made with the emotional self. A thoughtform may be involved, but always there is emotional feeling that makes the person positive he communed with the divine in some way.

An emotional contact disguised as a divine communication brings information that is peculiar to the person’s own thinking and feeling nature which is different than any other person. Thus, an emotional revelation will not be in harmony with either reality or other people’s emotional revelations – unless they are tapping into the same mass thoughtform.

On the other hand, soul contact brings contact with an essence that vibrates at the registration of true principles. The contact of one person will not contradict the contact of another. Neither will contact at one period of time contradict contact at another time in an individual’s life.

There is a principle that helps here. The lower cannot understand the higher, but the higher can understand the lower. The person who makes emotional contact cannot understand or relate to he who has soul contact. He who has soul contact can understand emotional contact as well as soul contact and differentiate between the two.

Visualize the path to liberation as an actual path ten miles long through a diverse landscape. True soul contact begins the journey at the zero point.

Many people without soul contact have been taught about this path and what it will be like. Some concentrate so much on it that they have dreams, visions, strong feelings and imaginings of what will be found upon the path.

The problem for them is that almost all the details they reveal about the path are not only wrong but do not even agree with each other.

On the other hand, those who have actually entered the path and traveled upon it do know what will be found at the various markers of 1, 2, and 3 miles until they get to ten.

Let us say there is a beautiful lake at the three-mile point and the traveler meets two others who claim to have knowledge of the path. The person who has not traveled the path but imagines that he knows will not describe the lake or know anything about it. But if the pilgrim meets a fellow traveler he will indeed know about the lake at the three-mile point and the two can share communion.

Now let us take a traveler who has gone to the seven-mile point who meets another who has gone only to the three-mile point. They both will have knowledge of the path up to the lake and will give the same non-conflicting revelations about it. But the seeker at the three-mile point will have no certain knowledge of what lies between the three and seven mile point.

He who is farther along on the path will understand all that has transpired behind him and his knowledge will encompass all that the second traveler has, plus four extra miles. The second traveler can understand up to the three-mile point, but he cannot completely understand the first traveler’s knowledge until he also arrives at the seven-mile point.

Even though two who are upon the path will not contradict each other their descriptions may differ just as do our descriptions in physical reality differ.

For instance, visualize two seekers arriving at the three-mile point. One looks to the right and concentrates on taking in the beautiful lake. The second sees the lake also but is captivated by the beautiful mountains on the left.

When teaching one may talk about the mountains and the other concentrate on the lake, but both will be aware that both the mountains and the lake were there. There may be a difference in their description, but no contradiction.

 Question: If I start following some inner voice that I labeled “The Spirit of God”, why in the world should I expect to be the exception? Am I so special that my Spirit of God would be the true one?

You will not be the exception. Eventually everyone finds soul contact, but we all find many illusionary paths before finding the right one.

The worst thing we can do is nothing like the two guys paralyzed in the parable of Decision. If we follow the highest we know and move ahead to the best of our ability we will indeed make many mistakes, but the pure in heart will discover their mistakes and correct them. It is only a matter of time before the true seeker enters the path as a knower.

The reader makes the point that he gives me more credibility because I make no claims rather than representing some great master. He likes my core teaching that we are to follow the highest we know.

Seriously, I’m glad you realize the significance of that phrase. It is indeed something we can all do without worrying if we are high or low on the ladder. It matters not that the highest one knows may be different than the highest seen by another. If we follow the highest we know, and correct our mistakes as we go, then the path of liberation lies ahead. Not only this, but all who do this receive an inner peace and stability even though outside forces may be aligned against their progress.

A loud voice cannot compete with a clear voice, even if it’s a whisper. Barry Neil Kaufman

March 11, 2007

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