The Principle of Intelligence

The Principle of Intelligence
The Great Triad

I am presenting the next three principles as a group because they are interconnected. To understand one the student must understand them all.

These three principles are: [1] Intelligence; [2] Entropy, and [3] Evolution.

Let us first look at the Principle of Intelligence. As we do this the first intelligent question to ask is – what is intelligence anyway? The common definition is it is the power to reason, to be smart or something along this line. This does not give us the core meaning, however, especially as it applies to God as He, She or It manifests in the universe.

In relation to God and intelligence we often hear these statements:

    * The Mind of God.

    * Universal Intelligence.

    * Infinite Intelligence.

    * The Thoughts of God.

    * The wisdom of Nature.

All but a few hardened ideological atheists acknowledge that some great intelligence is at work in the universe. Some think that Einstein did not believe in God because he thought the idea of God sitting on a throne did not make sense, but he often acknowledged God in his musings. He definitely saw an intelligence at work that was much greater than his own. He indeed acknowledged the mind of God when he said:  “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.”

Basically, his whole life, as he saw it, was the discovery of the mind – or the thoughts – or the intelligence of God.

Another great scientist Sir Isaac Newton was a big believer in God, not because of blind faith but because his own intelligence led him in that direction. Many do not realize he had a passion for the Bible and even wrote a commentary on the Book of Daniel and Revelations. Much of his life was spent in discovering the intelligence of God.

Great minds look at the universe around us and recognize a great intelligence, but exactly what is it they are seeing? Let us make a list.

  1. Beauty.
  2. Nonrandom organization.
  3. Laws that govern.
  4. Extreme complexity in life.
  5. The vastness of creation.

Who can look upon these five things and deny there is intelligence at work? No one who uses his own intelligence. Any thoughtful person has to acknowledge the truth of these scriptures:

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” Psalms19:1

“The glory of God is intelligence.”  (D&C 93:36)

That’s all well and good, but what the seeker wants to know is the core principle behind intelligence. What makes one action or decision intelligent and the other not?

Let us find this truth by going back to some basic thoughts.

Where is the greater intelligence revealed? (A) In creation, or (B) in destruction?

Where is the greater intelligence revealed?  (A) In beauty and symmetry, or (B) in the non-symmetrical which is not pleasing to the eye?

Where is the greater intelligence revealed?  (A) In order, or (B) in randomness?

Where is the greater intelligence revealed?  (A) In cyclic repetition, or (B) in no cycles or repetition?

Where is the greater intelligence revealed?  (A) In balanced forces, or (B) in no balance?

In each case the obvious answer is (A).

As we contemplate this, we can express the Principle of Intelligence as follows:

It is revealed in that decision or action which follows the line of highest order and usefulness. That which proceeds toward greater order is intelligence. To proceed toward greater order there must be a recognition of order and disorder, or what could be called good and evil. The truth of what is must be seen for intelligence to manifest.

A simple example would be this:   Two men are given blocks. One throws them randomly aside and the other experiments and creates shapes out of them. Which one is manifesting intelligence?

Even more basic is this:   Two men are given blocks. One sees no use in them but the other sees a number of possibilities for organizing them. Which one is manifesting intelligence?

The second person sees as if a light is illuminating his mind. The first sees nothing. Obviously, the second is displaying intelligence and the first is not.

The foundation of intelligence then is found in the statement, “Let there be light.”  When light is shined upon a situation consciousness can then use intelligence. Indeed, intelligence is the “light of truth.”

In the beginning of any creation the first manifestation of intelligence is through light that reveals what is. That which is God, or an extension of God, then sees what is, what was and what can be. He then begins to create and organize energy and form into beauty and usefulness. Organization which is useful is kept, but that which is not is discarded. Then, after intelligence has made every possible use of that which was created, the intelligence withdraws and the principle of entropy dominates.

Question: What is the meaning of entropy and how does this principle prove the existence of higher intelligence or God?

Prediction made by Paul Ehrlich made in 1969

“Hundreds of millions of people will soon perish in smog disasters in New York and Los Angeles…the oceans will die of DDT poisoning by 1979…the U.S. life expectancy will drop to 42 years of age by 1980 due to cancer epidemics.”

March 31, 2007

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