The House Divided, Part 4

The House Divided, Part 4

Now we look at the country and world as a whole and see the general division becoming more crystallized. Each side has its faults and is far from perfect, but one will lean more toward the light and the other toward the dark.

What are some of the qualities we need to look for to identify those who lean toward the light and the other toward the dark? Where and what are the lines in the sand for our time?

We’ve talked about the power of hindsight. We see that it is now quite easy to see who was on the side of error in the Revolutionary War, The Civil War and World War II.

But the interesting thing is that for those who lived through the experience the discernment was not so easy.

For instance, one would think that the average person in the South with a sense of morality, who did not own slaves himself, would have been repelled by the idea. The sad fact is most were not. Most of the people high and low accepted this great evil. Even many slaves were resigned to their fate. In addition, there were thousands of free blacks in the South who owned slaves themselves and seemed to have no qualms about it.

This just illustrates how powerful a group thoughtform is. We often self-righteously look on those in the past who owned slaves, believed in a flat earth, burned witches and so on as if we would never have done such a thing if we had lived back then.

Jesus had some timely words for those who so judge themselves to be holier than thou:

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, And say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets.

“Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” Matthew 23:29-33

It’s pretty obvious that this self-righteous attitude irritated even the Master himself. Sadly, this attitude still exists today. Many who are quick to criticize the faults of Lincoln, the Founding Fathers, the Pilgrims and others because they bought into some of the thoughtforms of the day would have been much worse themselves had they lived back then. In fact, most of these critics do buy into the erroneous thoughtforms and beliefs that exist today.

The question to ponder then is – how can we recognize those who are on the side supported by the Brotherhood of Light and those by the Dark Brotherhood? In examining this we must realize that neither side of an issue will be perfect in its solution, but one will always be closer to the light than the other. When an issue divides the country the Brotherhood of Light, (if they pick a side) will choose that which will move civilization, the principle of freedom and light forward.

It is oddly difficult for the general population to assess an issue accurately for a number of reasons. Therefore, if we pick one and say the Brotherhood of Light would be on this side, half or more of the readers would be offended. A question to ask is this: Is there anything black and white that will give us clues as to where the light and dark of the matter is?

The answer is yes. Like gathers to like. Those leaning to the dark side of an issue will gather in support and those on the more enlightened side will also gather.

Those on the darker side will reveal the characteristics of darkness such as:






Desire to limit freedom.

Lack of fairness.

Retribution toward those who harmlessly oppose.

Strong use of authority.

Very accusatory.

Desire to excessively punish enemies.

Desire to not allow both sides of an issue to be heard or understood.

When we look at this list on hindsight, we can see how most of them applied to the supporters of slavery before the Civil War, but such people, of course, did not realize this about themselves.

On the other hand, those on the side of light, while not perfect, lean toward the opposite qualities:

Instead of ignorance they are informed.

They are slow to anger.

Though often accused of intolerance they are the more tolerant of the two.

They rely more heavily on logic and reason thus having less distortion.

They are less selfish.

They support more freedom.

They have a sense of fairness.

They rarely seek retribution.

They give truth greater weight than authority.

They are slow to accuse.

They do not excessively punish.

They encourage both sides of an issue to be freely heard.

Now let us pick some issues and see how the two sides measure up.

Let us begin with the hot issue of Global Warming, one that I have given some attention to. Here are the two sides:

One side maintains that the earth is in an alarming state of global warming and this is close to 100 percent caused by humans polluting with CO2 emissions. They claim to have a “consensus” of scientists supporting them and severe action must be taken now, even if it causes great “inconvenience” to the economies and people of the world.

The other side maintains that the current warming trend has little to do with humans or CO2 but is mostly caused by cycles and there is little we can do about them. They maintain that there is too little evidence that CO2 emissions are the main cause of warming. Taking drastic measures on this would be comparable to taking drastic measures to prevent bad weather. No matter what we do little will change.

Examine the camps on both sides of this issue. Which group displays the qualities of light and which of darkness?

So which side of the issue is the most informed or ill informed? Here is my observation from the people I have talked to and the hundreds of debates I have heard on radio, TV and read in the newspapers.

Those who support the orthodox view seem to know an astonishing small amount about the subject. Their argument basically goes as follows.

The issue has been settled – there is a consensus.

The UN and almost every scientist in the world agrees with Al Gore. All but a few rebels and extreme right wingers agree.

Then they will cite evidence that the earth is getting warmer which is not even part of the argument. Most on both sides of the issue believe this. The issue is not that the earth is getting warmer, but are man-made emissions causing most, if not all of it?

In almost every case this is all the information they have. Because some authority told them scientists agree and scientists are probably smarter than they are they acquiesce their power to judge and discern.

On the other hand, I find that those who question the standard theory are quite well informed and know at least a few details on which to base an argument. They take their stand not because some authority tells them to but because of some investigation on their part.

Next is anger. It’s difficult to judge another person’s anger. I know some judge me to be angry at times when I am not angry at all. The problem I have when global warming comes up with an orthodox believer is that he ends the discussion the instant he sees I am informed about the subject. He gives himself no time to get angry before he makes an exit.

I have read and heard some angry tones from them though when they attack what they call global warming deniers. Some want them rounded up and tried in Nuremberg type trials.

Intolerance: The evidence is overwhelming that the orthodox believers are much more intolerant. Many scientists who have worked in global warming research have been threatened with loss of jobs, careers, and funding if their research did not support the standard belief. Some scientists are receiving death threats for speaking out.

On the other hand, the rebels seem to be quite tolerant and happy to have the data from both sides come out so it can be examined in the light of day.

Who relies heavier on logic and reason thus having less distortion?

My comments above make the answer obvious here.

Selfishness: Many on both sides of the issue just want to live life on earth in the most productive and prosperous way possible. This is normal selfishness. What goes beyond this are the billions of tax payer dollars funneled toward global warming projects and research. The amount oil companies spend to counter global warming alarmists is a drop in the bucket by comparison. Some are willing to sell their souls for a part of the billions that are at stake.

Freedom: The orthodox believer wants to suppress the free flow of alternative information on the subject. Many, including Gore himself, have attempted to get the press to not give space to opposing views. Some newspapers are not allowing any alternative views to be voiced and many are working to allow only one side to be taught in the schools.

If draconian carbon reductions were mandated it would mean less freedom for all the peoples of the earth, especially developing countries. The sad part is this would be a useless reduction of freedom.

I think the readers should get the point here. The orthodox believers stand on the dark side on every point that I mentioned earlier.

I’ll just comment on one more:

Do they give truth greater weight than authority?

The orthodox believer relies close to 100 percent on the authority of some nameless scientists he has heard mentioned. He does not check out the science for himself.

On the other hand, many rebels do check out the science, read books and study the issue to see what makes sense.

The reason the believer does not do his research is because many of them just believe that the intelligence of scientists are head and shoulders above themselves. If all the scientists but a few crackpots agree then who is he to question?

The truth is this. The average person can look at the data and use his reason just as a scientist does. No one should let someone else do all their thinking for them.

The global warming issue is a great one to see who follows beastly authority without question and who does not.

For a balanced presentation on Global Warming check out this video:

Conservation and the Environment

This is closely linked to the global warming debate. Most of those on both sides of the political spectrum support conservation of the resources we use within reason.

Both the left and the right can be faulted though. Probably about a third of those on the right seem to have the attitude that only that which they can afford should determine how much energy they use. If they can afford a private jet or a limo then some will have no concern about the amount of fuel used.

A larger percentage of those on the left voice support of conservation, but unfortunately many of them only want the little guy to cut back while they continue to use a horrendous amount of energy. At least the excessive energy consumers on the right practice what they preach in this area. They believe in using lots of energy and they follow through and do so.

The left believes in conserving, but many do not practice what they preach.

Al Gore is an example of this. He owns four mansions and in just one of them he uses 20 times the energy as the average home, leaving a giant carbon footprint and even a bigger one from often flying in a private jet.

Barbara Streisand is always preaching about conservation yet she owns a tremendous mansion that uses $22,000 worth of water annually so you can imagine her electric bill. She either drives an SUV or a motor home. She often drives the gas guzzling motor home to appointments so she can have her own bathroom wherever she goes.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. often flies on a private jet and his family has sued to have a windmill project torn down because it will ruin their yachting view. The windmills are several miles out at sea where you need binoculars to even see them from shore.

Michael Moore has owned stock in Boeing and Halliburton. When traveling he has been observed holding a press conference in a humble motel and then after it is over he moves to his real location which is often an expensive suite.

Ralph Nader claims to live in a humble apartment but has several expensive homes in the name of his siblings where he often resides.

Most of the Hollywood crowd who gave Al Gore a standing ovation at the Oscars used more energy just getting to the Oscars than you or I use in a year. If they really believe Al Gore’s message, they would have ridden bicycles or at least a Prius to the Oscars.

It really frosts me when someone preaches to me what I should do when they do not practice what they preach. It is true the right has their share of hypocrites, mostly in religion, but the difference with those on the left is that their influence has power to impact my life with restrictive laws and religious zealots do not have much power to do this.

Next let us look at education. The educational system in the United States has been going downhill for some time despite a greatly increased cost per child.

One group wants to improve our educational system by giving power to be able to hold teachers and administrators accountable as well as giving incentives to teachers. They also support the idea of making the schools more competitive with each other and giving more choice to students as to which school they can attend. They also want more power to discipline students and expel the bad ones.

All the other side seems to want is to keep things as they are with the exception of getting more money for smaller classrooms and pay raises and benefits.

It should be obvious which side is the most enlightened here so I’ll ask another question. When it is obvious that more money alone will not improve our educational system why is it then that this is the only move the majority seem to support? What can we do to turn things around?

I could write much more on the House [Kingdom] Divided Principle, but I think we have covered enough to get the idea. To apply it to modern times one must isolate the various issues and examine the camps on each side. Look at where the greatest illusion is found and you will see how the workers of darkness will use ordinary and sincere people as pawns to take the whole away from freedom and prosperity.

The seeker will also discover this trend. The person or group that is captured by one deception will be susceptible to others. If one were to pick one hundred deceptions one will find that one camp will gravitate to about eighty percent of them and the other to maybe twenty percent.

This polarization changes as the times and cycles change but the foundation deception remains which is expressed in this attitude:

“I want what I want even if I have to support limiting the freedom of others and forcing them to pay for the fulfillment of my desires.”

This person will inwardly believe that the perceived end justifies the means but will not admit it to himself.

This was the false principle that justified slavery in past eras and it is the foundation of the new slavery today.

A southern state or Roman slaveholder could have expressed his views as follows:

 “If I get what I want from a slave then it is worth it to force him to pay for my extra freedom by sacrificing his own freedom.”

The modern day slaveholder will say:

“If I get what I want from the government then it is worth it to force the ignorant to pay for my extra freedom by enslaving them with heavy taxes.”

What is the difference between the two slaveries? Nothing in principle for they are both justified by the illusion of more freedom for themselves at the expense of others.

It is true the tax slave of today has a few more freedoms than ancient slaves, but with one difference. The evils of physical slavery were headed toward liberation, but the slavery of taxation is only increasing. Unless a reversal is achieved a modern-day slavery will be complete.

The words if Isaiah come to mind:

“For thus saith the LORD, Ye have sold yourselves for nought; and ye shall be redeemed without money. For thus saith the Lord GOD, My people went down aforetime into Egypt to sojourn there; and the Assyrian oppressed them without cause.

“Now therefore, what have I here, saith the LORD, that my people is taken away for nought? they that rule over them make them to howl, saith the LORD; and my name continually every day is blasphemed. Therefore my people shall know my name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am he that doth speak: behold, it is I.

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall see eye to eye, when the LORD shall bring again Zion.” Isaiah 52:3-8

The modern-day slavery is propelled by the drive of all the advanced nations toward socialism or communism. The reason this captures the hearts of so many well-meaning people is the outward ideals of socialism seem to be in harmony with the teachings of Christ and other great teachers.

Didn’t Jesus teach to give our money to the poor and emphasize equality? Aren’t his teachings in harmony with socialistic values?

There is great illusion here and I have seen many free enterprises argue against socialism, but never seen one strike at the core difference between the teachings of Jesus and socialism.

It is quite simply this.

Jesus taught that we should help the poor through our own free will by giving money and help directly to them. Rome had various welfare programs and not once did he say to help the poor by giving money to Caesar who would in turn help a few poor after taking his cut. Jesus instead was reluctant to pay taxes and was forced to pay back taxes at one time. He was accused of being a tax rebel at His trial: “And they began to accuse Him, saying, “We found this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to pay taxes to Caesar,” Luke 23:2

Giving directly to those in need by our free will is the way of Jesus and the way of light and love.

Being forced to give to Caesar to he can assist who he wills is the way of darkness and slavery.

At the foundation of the United States, we had a short period where the Beast was wounded as if it were to death and many of those who had money gave to charity and the less fortunate through their own free will. There was no income tax to forcefully redistribute money and during this period was the greatest expansion of a nation in the history of the world. If this nation had started with the tax system and restrictive laws that we have today it would have never flourished.

We owe the abundance we have today to the foundations of yesterday plus the assistance we have received from the development of technology. However, our greatest technological achievements have been done in an atmosphere of freedom and incentives.

Let us hope the day of the next gathering is soon so maximum freedom can flourish once more. Then will the prophesy of Isaiah be fulfilled:

“Art thou not it which hath dried the sea, the waters of the great deep; that hath made the depths of the sea a way for the ransomed to pass over?” Isaiah 51:10

“Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.” Isaiah 51:11

Intellectually, as well as politically, the direction of all true progress is toward greater freedom. C.N. Bovee

March 1, 2007

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The House Divided, Part 3

The House Divided, Part 3

The question that arises is which side is the extension of the light and which of the dark?

The problem in seeing this is that humankind always has difficulty in seeing its current situation correctly… BUT when looking back on history, its vision of what is light and what is dark becomes clearer because on hindsight the good of the past is much more obvious than is the good attempting to manifest in the present. The masses are also much more programmed and brainwashed about what is good and evil in the present whereas they can look upon the past with more dispassion.

Let us briefly look at three major divisions of the not-so-distant past.

The Revolutionary War in the United States.

Here the people in early America were fiercely divided between the supporters for the king and supports for independence. The supporters of the king were called Royalists and were comprised of about a third of the people residing in America plus, of course, the British. Then there was roughly a third who supported George Washington and independence. In addition, there was approximately another third who were the moderates and claimed to not identify with either side. They didn’t care much who won as they mistakenly thought it wouldn’t make much difference.

Now which side do you think the Brotherhood of Light supported – those who were fighting for greater freedom or those who were trying to suppress it?

The answer is obvious.

And who did the Dark Forces support? That would, of course, be those who wanted to maintain the power of the Beast, the king.

 The Civil War in the United States.

It seems extremely obvious now that the Brotherhood of Light would have supported Lincoln and the Northern States who were fighting to preserve a free union and against the practice of slavery.

It seems obvious now to most, but it was not obvious at all back then. Not only was the South much more united than the North around their ideals, but the vast majority of Democrats in the North (called Copperheads) and quite a few Republicans also thought it was wrong to be at war with the South to end slavery because the slaves were not worth it. Lincoln was not only hated by most of the South and much of his own North, but by most of Europe. England and France who received cheap cotton from slave labor thought the North was extremely misguided and did their best to sabotage them and some from foreign countries were even a part of a conspiracy to assassinate the man who historians now call our greatest president.

World War II.

This was a conflict that divided the world as it had never been divided before. On hindsight, it is a no-brainer to see that Hitler’s side would have been the one having the strings pulled by the Dark Brotherhood. Before the war broke out in earnest many good and well-meaning people would have laughed at the idea that the Axis nations were pawns of the Dark Brotherhood.

Those who were sympathetic toward Hitler were great Americans such as Joseph P. Kennedy (Father of JFK), Charles Lindberg, Henry Ford (who saw them as harmless business partners), Chicago Tribune Publisher Robert McCormick and even Eleanor Roosevelt who was involved with peace movements to keep us from going to war with Hitler.

Even after the war continued in earnest, and was supported by the press, there were many who maintained that Hitler could be reasoned with and the United States was evil for participating in fighting against him.

Now, on hindsight the truth is obvious. If there was any person in history who would have been an agent of evil it would have been Hitler. Now we can see that the Allied Nations (imperfect as they were) supported the forces of freedom and light and the Axis powers represented authoritarian rule which would have taken the world backward.

Now in this age we are reaching another great worldwide point of division and again if the average guy had to pick which side was supported by the light or the dark, he would probably laugh and say neither.

The division among humanity is classified by many as being between conservatives and liberals, but these labels cloud the issue for three reasons:

That which is called a liberal action is often conservative and visa versa. For instance, one of the greatest liberal ideologies is to be an extreme conservative with the environment and CONSERVE it as is. Those who are called conservatives are more liberal about developing business and technology and in hearing and discussing opposing points of view – hence the popularity of talk radio.

Extreme liberals and conservatives often take the same side against a common enemy. For instance, extreme liberals often ally themselves with arch conservative tyrants.

Many good people get caught up in illusion that causes them to oppose freedom. There were many good Germans who lived under Hitler. Today it’s hard to find friendlier, more good-natured people than the Germans. Because there are good natured people on both sides of the issue do not be deceived into thinking some are not in illusion.

Charles Lindberg was a great guy to know, loved by all, but now, on hindsight, we see he was a well-meaning soul who was deceived and a pawn used by the Nazis.

Now we look at the country and world as a whole and see the general division becoming more crystallized. Each side has its faults and is far from perfect, but one will lean more toward the light and the other toward the dark. This contrast will increase until some resolution occurs. Let us hope it can happen peacefully and not through a World War III.

But all endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time. Mitch Albom

Feb 26, 2007

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The House Divided, Part 2

The House Divided, Part 2

Let’s identify a few of these divisions in the human kingdom.

 The most obvious one is that of conservatives against the liberals. Each side thinks they have the truth or the better path, but is one side better than the other?

 The answer is yes.

 So, which side is it?

 The answer is both, but at different times. Through different cycles liberals and conservatives take turns having the better ideas. Conservatives are right when they want to hold on to good ideas of the past and reject reckless changes. Liberals are correct when they reject ideas of the past that are outdated and want to move onward to better ones.

 The principle that determines who is on the better path is that of freedom. If conserving a past idea or plan insures freedom then this is a good thing. If changing or discarding it limits freedom then this liberal act is negative.

 On the other hand, the elimination of something that had been conserved by society that restricts freedom, such as slavery, is a good thing.

 Where freedom lies is the determining factor of who has the better way, and when the two sides differ widely enough so freedom is threatened then conflict will result. The end result will be the domination of one side or the other.

 This division plays out in many different ways among us. An unsettling one is the Islamic terrorists’ groups against Western Civilization. Their extreme conservatism limits freedom and they are threatened by the greater freedom of non believers.

 There are many other divisions that concern the people such as:

 Socialists and communists vs. free enterprise and capitalism.

 Labor unions vs. nonunion labor.

 Global warming alarmists vs. those who see no major problem.

 Intelligent Design vs creation by evolution without God.

 Environmentalists vs. those who do not support them

 If we examine any duality of a divided house, we will always discover that the core difference resides around the Principle of Freedom. For instance, the problem with the global warming issue is not global warming, but how to deal with possible climate change without destroying our freedoms in the process.

 Many have swallowed the party line about business in general being evil, especially big business and wealthy people. Is this really the evil that the media would have us believe?

 Not necessarily. There is much illusion to dispel here.

 The basic illusion is caused by the operation of this principle:

 When free will is minimized through tyranny and fear, neither the good nor the evil within the individual is allowed demonstrate themselves. The life force and vitality of the group or nation diminishes until either the soul force dies or the tyranny overthrown and freedom restored.

 When free will is maximized and the pursuit of happiness allowed then both good and evil materialize in physical reality. At first the evil seems more prominent than the good and this causes many pointing fingers and cries for force to restrict the evil. Alas, the laws that restrict the evil usually restrict the good. The true solution is to allow maximum free will and eventually the good will dominate, stability will be achieved and all aspiring individuals will joyfully pursue their dreams.

 The fall of the Soviet Empire illustrates this principle. When the tyranny existed in its full glory you rarely heard much about crime, greed, evil corporations, gangs, etc in that empire. The trouble was you never heard much that was good either. The great evil was the suppression of freedom in the name of preventing evil.

 Then after the fall of the empire the world became alarmed at all the evils that seemed to be unleashed. Suddenly, in the view of all, we saw great corruption, greed, mobsters, gangs, thievery, unrest, lack of order and more. Things became so bad that many cried for a return to the old ways. The choice did not seem clear to many because with freedom evil is manifest as well as the good. The temptation is to always overcome evil by restricting freedom. The true path is to overcome evil with the light that is exposed through the interplay of good and evil. When freedom is allowed good will eventually dominate.

 Great examples of this principle playing out are the changes that occurred in Germany, Italy and Japan after the defeat of tyranny during World War Two. Within a generation the evils that manifested after the war were held in check and much good began to dominate.

 Unfortunately, the temptation to restrict freedom again is ever present. There is much truth to the statement that the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.

 The apparent evil that many point to in a free society is that of business, particularly big business. From my experience small businesses have as many faults as big business. The only difference is that bigger businesses have a larger influence in our lives.

 So, what is the major complaint against big business?

 Most of them center around greed, but here’s the problem. Over 99% of the people of the entire world are greedier than they should be. People just have not evolved to the point where they can work with a completely altruistic motive.

 The only way to take away the effects of greed is to take away freedom. The reality is this. If we are going to be a free people, we must let greed manifest where it will and then work toward diminishing the it through our own examples and allowing the enlightened to teach the benefits of overcoming unnecessary greed.

 The most often cited example for greed is the big oil companies. Whenever the price of gas goes up they are accused of gouging the people and the average person seems to have set beliefs that the oil people are the most evil and greedy people on the earth.

 Then there are the medical businesses where the government has stepped in and attempted to restrict greed and has tried to make things fair by its various restrictions of freedom and regulation within the industry.

 Now the strange thing is that we hear many more complaints toward big oil than we do toward big medical or big hospital. When we look at the facts we see the irony here and how deceived the people are in the direction of complaints.

 In 1958, at the age of 13, I was injured by an explosion of a homemade rocket. This placed me in the hospital for a month. Over several years I had six operations and spent over three months of total hospitalization.

 My hospital room in 1958 was $8.00 a day and the price of gas was 39.9 cents a gallon.

 Today (Feb 2007) the price of gas where I live is about $2.20 a gallon and a day in the hospital is around $1400.

 Let us suppose that the government interfered with big oil as much as they have with big medical. If gas had risen in price as much as a hospital room, then we would be paying a whopping $69.83 per gallon.

 Did you hear that? That’s approximate 70 (seventy) dollars a gallon!

 I find it absolutely amazing that people complain more about big oil greed than they do about the spiraling medical costs. This is an illusion that does not have to be if a few basic facts are absorbed by the brain.

 The truth is that big oil should receive a pat on the back for not being greedier and holding the price as low as it is.

 Just imagine how much easier life would be for those who need medical attention if hospital costs only increased as much as gasoline. This would mean you could get a hospital room as cheap as $50 a day. Wow!

The seekers of the world must learn the Lost Key of the Buddha to discern and judge which of two approaches registers more beneficial with the soul, or the inner God.

Feb 25, 2007

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The House Divided, Part 1

The Principle of Division – or The House Divided, Part 1

This principle was illustrated by Jesus in the following scripture:

“Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw. And all the people were amazed, and said, Is not this the son of David?

“But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.

“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?” Matthew 12:22-26

Lincoln used this principle in his famous “House Divided” speech June 16, 1858 when he ran for the Senate.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.

“I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.

“I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided.

“It will become all one thing or all the other.”

Lincoln was not able to make such an accurate statement because he was psychic, but because he understood the principle of the house divided. Where others thought such two extremes could peacefully co-exist within the same house, Lincoln knew better. He knew it was a problem that would demand a solution. He probably didn’t realize at the time that he would be an instrument of that solution.

The interesting thing about principles is that they can lead us to knowledge and understanding. Let us see what we can glean by applying this one to our own time.

Throughout the free world we always have two major divisions in political power which are basically those called conservatives and those who are liberal. Are such systems destined to collapse then because they create a divided house?

Not necessarily. A nation, state or even family can co-exist in relative peace with different opinions as long as those differences do not divide them from the important ideals that bring bonding. But when a group becomes divided on major themes, then the principle comes into play and the house or nation starts heading toward collapse.

For instance, after the creation of the United States the nation existed in relative stability as a body until there began be to a major division between the free states and the slave states. Freedom is the most basic of ideals and a prime division in this area definitely brings the principle into play. If there is a division in how the major ideals are to be worked out then the kingdom is in danger.

Just as freedom was an issue in the days of Jesus and later Abraham Lincoln even so does it continue to be the issue in the house divided of today. There are, of course, hundreds of issues that seem to divide people but when examined closely the issue of freedom is always an ingredient.

For instance, this principle was expressed by Jesus after he was accused of casting out devils by the power of the devil. Why did he have to cast out an adversarial entity to begin with? Apparently, some negative intelligence sought to take away the freedom of one person to enhance his own. Jesus did not buy into this idea and cast him out. These two, Jesus, and the possessing entity (real or imagined) were thus enemies because their two opposing ideas made compromise impossible.

This same idea was carried forward in the American Civil War. Slaveholders enslaved their brethren to enhance their own freedom until Lincoln came along and cast them out, or took away their power.

Today we live again in a situation where not just a country, but the whole world is heading toward a showdown on freedom. The house [kingdom], which is the world, is becoming more divided, especially on the emotional plane and must either be healed or fight until one side or the other gains the victory.

We all have a number of different opinions and few tow the party line 100 percent in either the conservative or liberal arena. Because of this many fail to see the line that divides the various political houses.

Part of the problem is that words blur perception. For instance, you can ask the people on both sides of an issue a question like:

Are you in favor of personal freedom?

Generally, every person will proudly proclaim: “Definitely! Freedom is what it is all about. I’d support it to my last breath.”

Then if you change the subject to politics, it will only be minutes before half the group will give themselves away and talk of their support for measures which may give them what they want, but will take away the freedom of many others. If such people were honest, they would rephrase their answer to something like this:

 “Yes, I believe in freedom for myself, even if it comes at the expense of freedom for others.”

The most popular form of this freedom for self comes through the support of unessential tax and spend policies. If we increase taxes for what we want then we force the money out of someone else’s hands. This gives the person who supports the taxation more freedom at the expense of another just as the slaveholder had more freedom at the expense of the slave.

Generally, when one sees a strong political division where one side is bitterly attacking another this issue of freedom lies somewhere under the surface creating the house divided. When the issue is not seen clearly and the lines are blurred then the house can hold together. But when the fog lifts and the issue is clearly seen then civil war begins in earnest and a victory must be obtained by one side or the other.

One interesting place to apply the principle of the House Divided is in the understanding of the conspiracy theories. They have been around forever, but never so prevalent as today. I remember back in the Sixties there were only a handful of people that seemed to be aware of the great hidden conspiracy to bring in a New World Order. I must admit that I felt a little special for being in on the inside knowledge myself.

Presently the tables are turned. The conspiracy believer is no longer an oddity. Now it seems that the person who doesn’t believe in a conspiracy under every rock is the contrarian. In fact, the conspiracy people are so prevalent that if there is a conspiracy to control the world it’s quite possible that they are sheep that are used by the true manipulators.

As I have said before, there is a conspiracy to control the world and to take away the free will of mankind, but the headquarters are not centered here in the physical world. The Apostle Paul saw correctly when he stated:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph 6:12

The conspiracy people think they need to wrestle against flesh and blood. They point fingers at the current President (whoever that may be), the CFR, The Illuminati, the Masons, the Jews, Mormons or others.

The real conspirators are shape shifters and move their focus from body to body. Right after the move takes place few can see the new focus of evil. When Hitler gained a foothold of power few were concerned or saw any threat. Then even before he was defeated the true conspirators moved their focus and the world continued to see Nazism as the main threat when the foundations of the Soviet Empire were being laid. Then when this empire fell few saw the next shift.

The true spiritual wickedness in high places will continue to have power, even if their center of focus falls a hundred times, as long as people do not think for themselves and fail to perceive what should be obvious.

Even though the focus of evil will be in a particular group or movement the branches will stretch forth and touch every family in the civilized world. One can look at the various divisions we see about us and use this principle to identify which side would be supported by spiritual wickedness and which by the Brotherhood of Light. A key to finding the dark side is a characteristic of the adversary given in the Book of Revelations. It tells us that Satan is “the accuser of the brethren.”

While it is true that there is a time and place for all things, even accusations, it is my observation that those on the side of illusion make many more accusations, including many that are baseless, than the pure in heart. Many not only accuse, but do so with much hatred and vitriolic emotion.

The next step is to look at the two sides of the various divisions. In doing this we need to ask:

Which side represents the greater freedom for the individual and the whole?

 Which side makes the most unjust accusations and has the lowest tolerance for the expression of the opposing point of view?

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler. Albert Einstein

Feb 24, 2007

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DK & Jesus Problems

DK & Jesus Problems

A reader was complaining to me that the DK writings were dry like a boring school textbook and he didn’t get much from them.

I had the same complaint about textbooks in school, as you, but I think there is no comparison between DK’s writings and boring textbooks. A book is only boring if you are not leaning anything useful. From the time I began studying DK I found myself learning very much and being stimulated with numerous concepts on each page. If you do not see the principles he is referring to then you will just be reading dry words and it will indeed seem like boring text.

You’re not going to find scientific breakthroughs or National Enquirer type headlines in DK’s works but if you are ready, you will receive periodic flashes to the intuition which I find much more exciting than any scientific breakthrough I read of in the news.

Another thing I find fascinating about his works is that when I receive an independent revelation through the intuition, I often later find a subtle reference to it in DK’s writings.

DK clearly states that his writings are not for everyone. They may be invaluable to me and others, but then there are many who find him way too difficult. Most New Agers do not like him and prefer the more astral channeled works where they are promised a quick fix or a journey to the 7th dimension.

Next he tells me of his concern that he will offend me because of his view on DK.

I don’t think anyone here is offended at the few here who do not like DK. It does sound like you may be offended that he is held in such high esteem here. In fact, I find it amazing that you continue on here when you disagree with me most the time and are bored stiff by DK who is a widely quoted authority here. If I was in a class that was painful for me to sit through, I would get out of there as soon as possible.

So what if a reader here does not like DK, what should he read? There are many works that are good reading and easy to understand. Teachings of the Masters of the Far East is a great series that is stimulating and easy to understand. Lobsang Rampa is another good author. I also like Neville.

Here are three groups that DK says will study his works:

[1] Those open minded investigators who are willing to accept its fundamentals as a working hypothesis until these are demonstrated to be erroneous. They will be frankly agnostic, but willing temporarily, in their search for truth, to try out the methods and follow the suggestions laid down for their consideration.

[2] Aspirants and disciples. They will study this treatise in order to understand themselves better and because they seek to help their brother man. They will not accept its dicta blindly but will experiment, check and corroborate with care the stages and steps laid down for them in this section of the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom.

[3] Initiates. These persons will arrive at a meaning which will not be apparent to those in the first group and which will only be suspected by the more advanced members of the second. Within themselves they know the truth of many of its statements and will realise the subjective working out of many of the laws. These laws of nature have effects in three distinct realms:

  1. Physically, where they demonstrate as effects in the dense form.
  2. Etherically, where they demonstrate as the energy lying back of those effects.
  3. Mentally, where they concern the impulses which produce the other two. From Treatise on White Magic, Pages 6-7

The Jesus Tomb

You have probably heard that James Cameron is going to release a film that he thinks will prove he found the actual tomb of Jesus as well as his family.

If you have not read the story yet it can be found HERE

If this story proves to have any traction it will be quite upsetting to Christians who believe in a literal resurrection. Why? Because if Jesus was resurrected the way most Christians believe then he would need no tomb for he was supposed to have raised his body from the tomb and not returned.

Fortunately, a true seeker is not caught in the chains of dogma to the extent that he will refuse to look at possibilities outside of his dogma. For the true seeker the only thing that matters is the truth. Whatever the truth is that is what he will go with.

Of course, there is no way of telling if the tombs found are really those of the family of Jesus, but let’s suppose they were. Does this prove that Jesus was not resurrected and did not overcome death?

No, it would not. It would, however, prove that the orthodox way of looking at the resurrection is incorrect for obviously Jesus would not have had an immortal body.

Actually, if the story were proven true there would be no conflict with either my teachings of those of DK. DK has told us that Jesus has had several bodies since living the life of Jesus.

When one becomes a Master he gains the ability to extend his life as well as heal his body. He will do this until he feels the time is right to move on and gain another body in a new circumstance.

Thus it is quite possible that a few years after the resurrection that Jesus laid his body down and was either reborn or was a walk-in using someone else’s body.

The truth is that no form is eternal. It is only the life essence behind the form that continues.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. Walter Bagehot (1826 – 1877)

Feb 23, 2007

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The Pendulum Principle

The Pendulum Principle (Principle 46)

This principle is covered in my book, The Lost Key of the Buddha and the Principles of Discovery. Excepts are below:

From The Lost Key of the Buddha, Chapter 28:

 After I laid several sheets of paper and a pen in front of him he quickly drew five images. “What do you see here?” he asked.

 “It looks like five pendulums,” I replied.

 “And how are they different?” he asked.

 “Their swing is each in a different position,” I noted.

 “Name the positions.”

 I looked at the drawings and replied, “The drawings seem to depict the swing of a pendulum. The first image appears to represent the pendulum at the midway point as it would be if stationary. Then we have a swing at the far right, the center right, the center left and then the far left.”

 “Now what would you say is the desired result of making a judgment?” “I would say that it is an attempt to find the most perfect course of action or purest truth,” I replied.

 “Yes,” he stated. “For instance, as you attempt to steer your car a block down the road you use your best judgment to guide it as correctly as possible. But what happens when you let go of the steering wheel?”

 “You run off the road,” I noted.

 “So no matter how closely you fine tune your steering, it is never good enough to reach the goal without correction. Is this not true?” “You are correct,” I agreed. “I don’t think that I could even go one block without correcting my steering.”

 “Now imagine this,” John said, with a knowing look in his eyes. “Visualize the possibility of creating a perfect aim with your steering so you could let go and travel, not only a block but for miles, in a straight line with no correction. We will call this perfect aim the point of purest truth. This point is represented by my first drawing of the pendulum still at the midway point between the two extremes. Now when the pendulum is not in motion the point of truth is obvious. But this is not the case when it is in motion.

 “To illustrate, visualize the still pendulum growing in size until it is as large as a ride at the carnival. You note there is a seat for you right at the midway point attached to the blade of the large pendulum. Now see yourself taking a seat there. You have a red highlighter in your hand, and you reach down and draw an X in the middle of the blade right at the midway point of rest under your seat. Now, in this existence of stillness the midway point of truth is black and white. All you have to do is look under your seat and X marks the spot.”

 “OK so far,” I said.

 “Now here is where it gets interesting,” he added. “You see the pendulum ride beginning to move until it has a large swing back and forth. You are now way over to the far right or at the point in my second drawing. Where is the point of truth now that was marked with the X?”

 “Well…even though I have moved, the X is still under my chair marked on the blade of the pendulum,” I said, not sure of myself. “But where is the point of truth which was marked by the X?” “I marked the middle of the blade under the chair. Are you saying it is no longer there?”

 “I am telling you to reflect on my words. Now, where is the point of truth?” From this I concluded that the point was not at the obvious place where the X was marked. I reflected a moment and answered, “The only other place it could be would be the point which is now empty space where the pendulum rested when it was still.”

 “Correct,” he said. “When the pendulum moved, you assumed the point moved with you because the X that marked the spot seemed to be in the same location as before. Now, relative to your body, it was in the same location, but relative to the whole, the midway point did not move, but was left behind. From an upside down point of view, the midway point seemed to move, but what really moved?”

 “I moved away from the midway point. This is getting interesting,” I said. “This is an extremely important point in understanding the Second Key,” he said. “All points of truth are consistent and unchanging. All that really changes is our location in relation to the truth. The truth thus seems to be relative and changing, but instead, it is the observer who changes. Now for another important point. You marked the X on a physical object in the world of form, but when the material pendulum swung away, the real point was still there. Where does this point really exist?”

 I reflected and replied, “By one reckoning, the point is between the two extremes of the swing of the pendulum, but by another it merely exists as a point with no dimensions.”

 “Yes, in reality the point is formless, with a true existence outside of time and space. This is why Jesus identified the path to the truth as narrow, for to arrive at the point of truth without dimension requires a narrow path indeed.

 “Now see yourself swinging to all the four locations in my drawing. First the far right, then the center right, then over the point of truth to the center left and then to the far left. Is the midway point moving or are you moving?”

 “I am moving,” I replied.

 “But when you look back on your originating point, does this point seem to be moving or standing still?”

 “I think I see what you are getting at,” I said. “I have read a little about relativity, and from that teaching the question would be, am I moving away from the point or is it moving away from me? The answer is that it depends on how you look at it.”

 “Exactly right,” said John, looking pleased. “And this is what keeps the true power of judgment away from the grasp of the many. The many see the point of truth as being in motion when, instead, it is them swinging back and forth away from reality. True judgment can only come to the individual when he realizes that it is he who is moving away from truth, and, until he perceives this motion and adjusts for it, the truth can never be found or even approximated.”

 “Could you give us a real world example?” asked Elizabeth. “My head is starting to spin.”

 “Perhaps the best example is in the world of politics,” he said. “Let us say that the conservative view is represented by the swing of the pendulum to the right and the liberal view is the swing to the left. However, both the swings to the left and the right are far away from the midway point of truth. For instance, after World War II, the world, particularly the United States, went through a conservative period. Censorship was everywhere and overdone. On TV and in the movies actors had to have twin beds and not show any passion or scenes that would even indicate the existence of sex. Words spoken, pictures printed, and articles written were censored and often very sterile. Conservative politics acquiesced to the dominant religions of the time and did not challenge them nor offer any criticism. Women, blacks and minorities were judged by the conservative values of the past, civil rights were suppressed, and many were denied civil rights. It was my country right or wrong epitomized by the McCarthy era. The thought of going to the moon seemed like fantasy and science fiction. The music was dull and unimaginative. Then a change occurred, and the pendulum shifted from the right to the left, achieving its greatest momentum in the Sixties and Seventies. Both of you witnessed the changes that took place. How about naming a few?”

 Elizabeth replied, “I’ll take a stab at it. For one thing, music became much more exciting with the advent of rock-and-roll. Censorship was all but eliminated–to the point that almost anything goes. Few movies are complete without explicit sex today. We’ve given minorities so many rights that the civil rights of the majority are at risk. It seems strange today that we females are called a minority when we are greater in number than the male, and control more wealth. It seems that instead of my country right or wrong, the motto of today is my country is always wrong. Instead of supporting traditional religion it seems to be attacked at every opportunity. In my youth a minister or priest was often the good guy in the movie or book. It seems that today every religious person who appears in a movie is either the villain or is crazy as a loon.”

 “Great observations,” said John. “Now, have you noticed a change in the liberals since the swing of the Sixties and Seventies?”

 “I certainly have,” I said. “I have great respect for the liberals who worked for change in the early days like JFK and his brother Bobby, Martin Luther King, all the great musicians who changed the world of music, NASA and supporters who took us to the moon, the innovative movie makers who challenged censorship, and the liberal comics who loosened us up. The trouble is that they did not leave good enough alone. They seemed to think that if some liberalism is good, more is better, and today the admonitions of the liberals seem to be extreme in most areas, and the conservatives seem to be the voice of reason. The tables are now reversed from the early Fifties. Does this mean that the conservative pull will cause the pendulum to swing the other direction?”

 “Yes,” he replied. “The pendulum always returns to center and then swings to an opposing extreme again. But here is an important Key to enhancing your power of judgment. When the pendulum swings back again to the right, we will not have an exact repetition of the last conservative cycle. With each swing of the pendulum, the force to the left or right is slightly reduced by the friction of the times. This means that the next conservative cycle will not be as oppressive as the one before, and the future liberal cycle will not be as unrestrained as the one we are in now.”

From Principles of Discovery, Number 15:

Understanding the Pendulum Principle is a powerful key to aid in the discovery of truth. It can basically be stated as follows:

 Average humanity swings back and forth in their beliefs from one extreme to the other. The reason for this is an extreme belief requires little thought or judgment. One can be lazy and not use the mind, but rely completely on feeling which swings to the extreme without check. In other words, everything is viewed through a black and white mode. All is good or evil, right or wrong with no shades of gray.

The reason this principle is important is that in most cases the extreme position is filled with error. If the seeker understands that some widely accepted beliefs are really an extreme position taken by the lazy in thought, then he can look at the middle, use judgment and discover much truth.

Let’s go through some popular beliefs and see how this plays out.

Extreme Belief Side One: Jesus is the God of the universe, is all powerful, all knowing and created all the billions of galaxies.

Extreme Belief Side Two: Jesus was just a regular man if he existed at all.

 It is most likely the truth is between these two popular extremes. Good judgment can find it.

Extreme Belief Side One: Global Warming is caused by man and threatens our very existence within the next few years.

Extreme Belief Side Two: Global warming has not been proven so ignore what they say.

The most likely truth is that we will successfully adapt to any warming or cooling that may come just has man has done in the past.

On the other hand, we cannot just take it for granted that we are not creating a problem for the future and should work toward a reasonable understanding of our possible effect on nature.

Extreme Belief Side One: There is a conspiracy behind every major tragedy that happens.

Extreme Belief Side Two: All conspiracy theories are silly and to be ignored.

Again, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Obviously, not all disasters are caused by government conspiracies, but then we know from history that sometimes there are true conspiracies. However, these often involve assassinations rather than some very complex plot that would involve thousands of people.

On a side note, here is part of a humorous spoof I made about Bush shortly after the Tsunami in Indonesia.

 I could go on and on about the genius of this mastermind conspirator who has been behind conspiracy after conspiracy with impunity.

The most famous of them all was 911. Again he (Bush) was the mastermind who arranged for the planes to fly into the buildings and the cover-up. Since conspiracy buffs know about this I will not go into details. Instead, I will tell you about Bush’s latest exploit of which Michael Moore is not even aware.

Too much attention has been placed on the problems in Iraq lately and Bush needed a diversion. He thought he would kill a few Islamic terrorists in Indonesia at the same time as creating diversion so he dropped a 100-megaton atomic bomb in the Indian Ocean on a fault line. This created the largest earthquake in recent memory causing the giant Tsunami which killed over 150,000 Muslims and left millions homeless. This sent an underground message to the terrorists to not mess with Texas.

I found it amusing that a few days after I made this post that conspiracy theories started to arise that a nuclear bomb on a fault line had indeed caused the disaster.

This was predictable because of the permeation of the extreme beliefs held by general humanity.

Extreme Belief Side One: We must cease from drilling for new oil for we are running out of resources and destroying the environment.

Extreme Belief Side Two: We must drill for all the oil we can for the foreseeable future.

Truth: Oil needs are increasing so we will need new domestic oil production, but if we are wise we can switch to alternative fuels within the next 30-50 years. Then we will need very little oil.

Extreme Belief Side One: Bush is totally evil and I hate him.

Extreme Belief Side Two: Bush is totally good and I love him.

Truth: Bush is a man with flaws just as were the past presidents. He should be judged as a brother doing his best, not as a Hitler or a saint.

 We could go on and on but the sad truth is that many of the popular beliefs and positions of average humanity are extreme and lacking judgment. Some of these extremes are accepted as being moderate if popularized by the mainstream media. The true seeker will see where the true extremes lie and avoid taking a blind unthinking position on that extreme as he would a plague.

We live in a world where lemonade is made from artificial flavoring and furniture polish is made from real lemons. Alfred E. Neuman, MAD magazine

Feb 24, 2007

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Opening The Door

Opening The Door

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” Rev 3:20-22

It is interesting that the greatest promise is made after the harshest admonitions. This is because the seeker is on the threshold of discipleship and, if he succeeds in making the crossing, great spiritual rewards await him.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door…” The voice of the master, the Christ, the God Within, stands at the door and knocks. What is the door? It is our consciousness and the key to that door is directed attention. The inner voice is always there awaiting us right on the other side of normal consciousness. When the seeker uses the key of attention and shifts focus from the lower self to the higher, the consciousness expands into the world of spirit and the door is open. He then hears the voice that has always been there waiting behind the door.

This door is not available to a select few but to any who will make the quest.

If the seeker is successful in opening the door the Master says “I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

This has several layers of interpretation. The first is that Christ is already in him, but he is not aware of it because his lower consciousness seals the door. Then, when he raises his consciousness and communes with the inner Christ, it is as if Christ came into him.

This is fulfilled on another level. When the door is open the actual entity who is the Christ becomes aware of a new disciple entering the fold. When this happens, a communion becomes possible with Him and higher lives with Him on the outside. Because the communion takes place within it will seem that such communications are happening on the inside as with the inner voice. Communion with the outer masters will be very similar to communion with the inner master with a subtle difference of vibration, for each entity has a different spiritual signature. Just as one beautiful melody differs from another, even so do each of the higher lives have a different vibration.

We are told the disciple “will sup (dine) with him, and he with me.”

Why doesn’t it say that they will just dine together? It is because when communion is established there will be times when the disciple approaches the Master, and then times when the Master approaches the disciple.

Why is the symbology of eating or feeding each other used? Part of the answer is obvious as the Christ within certainly feeds the disciple.

Jesus told his disciples that he was fed by an unseen source:

“In the mean while his disciples prayed him, saying, Master, eat. But he said unto them, I have meat to eat that ye know not of. Therefore said the disciples one to another, Hath any man brought him ought to eat? Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.” John 4:31-33

In doing the will of God, Jesus was fed by the “Father” (God) within.

Then Jesus offered to feed the disciples from his own essence:

“Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you. Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.” John 6:53-54

This is symbolic on several layers, but one meaning of drinking the blood is to share the one Spirit with him: to eat the flesh is to tread the path of Christ and follow in his footsteps. This gives nourishment to the disciple.

An interesting and overlooked statement here is that not only does Christ feed the disciple, the Master also dines with the disciple and is fed by him. We often think that Christ does not need us – that it is only us that needs Him. If the higher lives do not need us, why do you suppose they go to such extreme efforts to nourish us? It is because we are the “body of Christ,” just as the scriptures teach, and when we assist that body we feed the Christ and all the elevated beings in his presence.

“To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.” Rev 3:21

This is a great promise. We are to become a master just as is the Christ. We shall “overcome” just as he did and sit upon the very throne that he does.

A profound truth is revealed when the seeker contemplates the placement of this statement. It is made just before a door is open in heaven and the seeker, turned disciple, sees into the mysteries of heaven. This is the point where he treads the same path as did the Christ before him and the roadmap to overcoming is given.

The Ray of the Laodiceans

At Stage Seven in Laodicea the seeker is governed by Ray Seven, The Ray of Ceremonial Law, Magic, Order and Synthesis.

Here the aspirant approaches discipleship and opens the door to higher consciousness through clothing himself with divine order and synthesizing all he has learned.

In the vision that follows, we see the unveiling of the Christ and discover how the servant becomes as his master and the son of man becomes the Son of God.

Feb 18, 2007

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Agency and Obedience

Agency and Obedience

I found a post from another group on free agency to be interesting. What caught my attention was a statement that the Mormon church has changed its direction on free agency and has downplayed it to the point of calling it dangerous in recent times. Apparently, the authorities are using the term agency leaving the word “free” out of it.

Since I left the church in 1978 I have not paid much attention to its progress in doctrine. I find the services so boring that it takes a special occasion from a family member to cause me to enter its doors. This happens maybe one every two years on the average.

Every once in a while, I may flip on General Conference on TV to see what I have been missing, but after about ten minutes of monotone repetition of admonitions a primary kid should know, I can’t take it anymore and change the channel. If I’m seeking for knowledge my time would be better spent reading the National Enquirer.

When I was in the church in the old days, they put some attention on free agency and my biggest gripe about it was how they put it into practice. Indeed, they did teach about it and emphasized that the difference between Satan’s plan and God’s plan was that God promoted free agency and Satan sought to destroy it and control the lives of all.

This was well and good, but I noticed a number of inroads in church doctrine and practice that ran counter to this fundamental teaching. Here are three:

[1] A subversive saying started to circulate round about the church and permeate the consciousness of the whole. It went something like this. “It is true we always have our agency, but to obtain exaltation in heaven we must give up part of that agency.” The implication was that we must use our free agency to give up our agency. And who were we to give our agency to? The church leaders of course – the arm of flesh.

[2] The church’s refusal to allow any thinking or speaking outside the box. And what was the box? The box was what the current crop of authorities said it was. This could be different from what it was yesterday or will be tomorrow. The box was what is accepted today and is not to be questioned, written or spoken contrary to, or one will lose his membership, and in the eyes of authorities, eternal salvation.

[3] The emphasis on blind obedience. I saw the attitude in many of the faithful that they would do whatever the Prophet or General Authorities said without question, no matter what it was. Fortunately, they were not commanded to do anything really outrageous, but who knew what the future would hold? The present conditioning could lay the foundation for a future inquisition where the obedient may do great harm to their fellow men.

This lack of respect for free agency, more than any other, made the church indigestible to me and doomed my membership.

And what do I hear almost thirty years later? Now the church is not even pretending to emphasize free agency but has replaced it with emphasis on blind obedience. Why am I not surprised?

Unfortunately, this trend is not restricted to the Mormon church. It seems that many of the peoples throughout the world are blindly obeying their authorities wherever they may be lurking.

We have a major problem with extreme Islamists who blindly obey their leaders to the extent they will strap on bombs and kill themselves to murder the innocent because some authority promises them virgins and great rewards in heaven.

We have two parties in the U.S. and other countries who vote in lockstep with their party authorities. This is happening as never before.

We have a media that filters its news to force predetermined conclusions. Some see through the deception but many blindly accept the “consensus” point of view.

The idea that most global warming is an apocalyptic threat is a perfect example. Because the major media only presents one side, it is accepted without question by the majority who blindly accept what they are told.

We have an educational system that is leaning more toward indoctrination than teaching unbiased facts. One thing I liked about the sixties was that there was a questioning of authority, especially by the young people. A popular bumper sticker said, “Question Authority.” Today few students question what they are taught and seem unaware when indoctrination is taking place.

This blind obedience has also crept into the scientific world. This should be the last place we find it, as a scientist is supposed to be trained to look at the facts and examine what is. Instead, many are taking predetermined notions and doing with it the same thing the media does with news. They filter the facts, leave out what does not agree with their mindset and present many erroneous conclusions. This problem is more prevailing now than any other in my lifetime.

One of the problems that exacerbates this is most scientists are dependent on funding in order to do their research and often to keep their jobs. They know that if their science does not agree with the source of the funding they may be out of a job. The result is often biased, unscientific and wrong conclusions that seem to be supported by science.

Because authorities then present conclusions that seem to be supported by science the majority believe without question.

The point here is there is a trend toward unquestioning blind obedience in all areas of life by all the peoples of the world. This trend is much bigger than the Mormon church or religion. It seems that many are approaching non religious parts of life as if they are set in a religious dogma.

So, are we doomed to continue to slip into an unending spiral of blindly accepting authority without question?

There are glimmers of hope. Fortunately, there are always a handful of intelligent voices in the media. Also, for the first time in history, we have the internet where every opinion one can imagine is available. This still doesn’t help the dogmatic person for he will ignore sites that do not agree with his preconceived notions. On the other hand, it is a boon to those on the fence and the curious. Many of these are reading both sides to the various issues and are being persuaded by the truth – wherever it may lie.

All cycles end and this cycle that is drifting toward blind obedience will one day shift toward a more questioning attitude. Let us hope that day is in the near future.

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. -Ayn Rand

Feb 17, 2007

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Reincarnation Mysteries

Reincarnation Mysteries

Concerning my comment of the verse from Revelation that tells the righteous that they shall go no more out I was asked if I was teaching about reincarnation and if some come back for the love of the work of God

I’ve taught about reincarnation many times here. I am assuming that most here already believe the principle. It is interesting though how many scriptures allude to it.

All have to come back many times but near the end of their sojourn here a good percentage do come back for the love of the work and humanity.

Question: Are you trying to say that after people have attained level of perfection, they could still be entangled in the affairs of this dying world if the come back to earth?

Yes, because of free agency this can happen. Think of a great athlete who has seemingly perfected his art. Then after a rest from the sport he allows himself to get out of shape and after a time he loses his edge. If he wants to be a champion, he has to go through the training all over again, but because of his experience it will be easier to acquire the skill again.

Question: Can people retrogress?

Yes, just like the athlete attained and then went back to his old ways.

Question: The scripture that says they shall go no more out sounds like these will never incarnate again, yet you say they can. Please explain.

First, remember that this scripture has several layers of interpretation. It refers not only to leaving the temple and going back into incarnation but also attaining such a spiritual state that the consciousness of the disciple is in the New Jerusalem whether he be in the body or out of the body. When the disciple attains the ability to always stay in spiritual shape then he remains a pillar in the temple even when he is incarnated into mortality.

The disciples have two stages that must eventually be reached. They must overcome to the point where that can stay focused in higher consciousness. After they are out of the world, they then have the ability to stay in that consciousness indefinitely. In this case they are free of karma and go no more out unless they decide to. We always have the power to decide to take any path we want.

According to the scriptures Lucifer was an archangel who was a pillar in the temple and did not have to go out, but because of the freedom we all have he made decisions that took him out.

In addition, the Bible tells us of great souls such as David and Solomon who fell from their high calling. The scripture says that David was a man after God’s own heart even before he had any power. But even this man with a heart like God, who was probably a pillar in the temple before birth, made foolish mistakes and was captivated by his lower nature.

However, there is a greater ability that the few and the brave seek to attain and that is to be able to go in and out of incarnation and serve humanity without being sucked back into the lower nature. Eventually servants learn to attain this immunity and after the evolution of humanity is complete their service is done and they move on to higher work where they ever retain their higher consciousness and truly go no more out. Eventually a point is reached where any decision to return to mortality is unlikely for the higher realms have their full attention.

For those seeking Biblical confirmation of reincarnation check out my treatise HERE:

Feb 13, 2007

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The Great Decision

Laodiceans: The Great Decision

We arrive at seventh or the last letter:

“And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;” Rev 3:14

In each of these letters, or stages of revelation, the seeker learns something new about the God Within. He learns of qualities, which are essential for crossing the hurdle of the particular step he is about to take.

Here the inner Master reveals three qualities about himself:

(1) He is the Amen.

This is said to be the most universally recognized word in the world and is written AMEN in the Hebrew, Greek and English equivalents.

It is more universally used than realized, for it is the word translated “verily” that Jesus used so much when teaching. Time and time again he said “verily, I say unto you…” and then he would teach a true principle.

If we translated the word consistently it would read “Amen, I say unto you…”

The question that must be asked is what could be the meaning of this word that could apply to the three situations in which it is used? First, it is a title for God; second, it is a statement preceding the declaration of truth; and third, it is the consummation of a prayer.

The word in its Hebrew roots is described by scholars with these three words: truth, faithfulness and firmness. These convey the idea that what is said and affixed to this word can be trusted to be true and real.

In other words, when Jesus said “Verily (AMEN), I say unto you” he was stating that the listener can rely one hundred percent on the truth of the teaching.

When Amen is used at the end of a prayer it is an affirmation that what is said is either currently true or will surely come to pass.

When the inner God calls himself the Amen, he is saying that what is revealed from the true inner voice is solid truth that can be relied upon. All the seeker has to do is listen. This is why he is told again and again in each letter to “let him hear what the Spirit saith…”

If the seeker does not listen correctly he may be deceived by a false voice. But if he listens with no self-deception, he will discern a voice that is true and reliable in every way.

(2) He is “the faithful and true witness.”

This seems to be a reiteration of the meaning of Amen, but the word “witness” adds a new dimension. It is true that the inner voice is reliable, but many things that are true and reliable get overlooked or are not trusted. The seeker receives an inner knowing because of the aspect of the witness that comes from the kingdom within. When communion within is achieved, a powerful witness comes to the seeker that what is received is true.

How does this witness come? It comes from the connection and oneness each of us has to the One Great Life we call God. When the disciple truly listens and receives, it is as if he were receiving from himself. He knows he would not consciously lie to himself, and thus learns to trust the Inner Voice as if it were his own.

(3) He is “the beginning of the creation of God.”

When the seeker hears the Voice and realizes he can depend on it and has a firm faith in it, the beginning of the creation of God manifests through him. He no longer is attracted to lower creations that satisfy the lower nature, but is driven to manifest upon the earth truths from the mind of God.

Now, finally, after many cycles of existence the pilgrim has a chance to create the good, the beautiful and the true.

That said, it is interesting indeed that this is the only set of instructions wherein no praise is given to the seeker. You would think that after traversing six previous hurdles he would receive a pat on the back with some encouragement.

He is probably expecting to hear something like “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Now you just have one more little step to take to arrive at discipleship.”

Instead, he receives a stern wakeup call:

“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” Rev 3:15-16

Indeed, no pat on the back here. Instead, he is reprimanded for being indecisive and lukewarm. He achieved some progress, yes, but now he is just coasting along, making no new decisions in relation to the great work.

What the seeker does not realize until he receives this seemingly rude awakening is that he has arrived at a great point of tension and a tremendous crisis.

It is at this point in his progress that he must decide to be either hot or cold. In other words, he must choose the light or the dark, the right or the left-hand path. The voice awakens him to his responsibility to decide. He can sleep no longer. He can drift no longer. He can delay no longer.

He has clearly seen the inner and the outer kingdoms and can no longer be allowed to waffle in allegiance between the two. Either he must commit to the inner voice or yield to the praise and pleasures of the outer world as his motivating power.

If he chooses the light he will experience the initiation of transfiguration and become an accepted disciple. If he feels negative, because of the starkness of the latest message, and chooses the darkness of the world, he will become a disciple to the adversary of truth and tread the path of a dark brother.

He faces the greatest choice of his existence. Will he tread the same path as Hitler, or seek to become as Jesus?

The communication does not get any easier for him:

“Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:” Rev 3:17

The seeker responds and says “I am rich in spiritual gifts. I am surely on my last life and have need of nothing. I am on the path of light and am increasing in knowledge. All of God’s gifts are manifest in me and there is nothing else to seek. I have abundance of all there is.”

To this delusion the Voice replies:

“You know not that you are ‘wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.”

He contemplates and hears in a language he can understand: “You think you have achieved a fullness in spirituality, but you have only taken a first step. You think you have achieved liberation, but you are still imprisoned. You think you see all truth, but you are still blind. You think you are rich in spiritual gifts but you have nothing compared to what is to come if you are faithful.”

Does this not describe the situation of many we meet who seek to follow the path of liberation? It not only fits the advanced seeker in Laodicea but the vast majority of all seekers high and low. Only when the seeker reaches the seventh stage in Laodicea is he close to being prepared to hear how little he actually knows and applies. Before this his ego is too fragile to hear the truth, and he must believe he is making great strides when he is in reality only taking baby steps.

He is told how to turn things around:

“I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.” Rev 3:18

First he is to buy “gold tried in fire.” This is a symbol of great spiritual struggle. He was deceived into thinking he could relax, go with the flow and receive liberation. Instead, he must motivate himself to continue the quest which will take great effort.

Note that he must “buy of me.” He must commit to a struggle toward the purpose of God, or the whole, above the satisfaction of the lower self.

Second, he must obtain “white rainment.” White is a symbol of synthesis as well as purity. Not only must he remember the importance of living up to the highest of standards recognized by humanity, but he must see the whole picture rather than the part. There are many others who may seem much different than himself, but who are also performing divine service; they should be seen as fellow workers rather than adversaries.

In addition, the wholeness of the work needs to be seen. The work not only includes religion and spirituality, but all the good endeavors of humanity in education, science, the arts, politics, philosophy and others.

Finally, he must anoint his eyes with eyesalve that he may see.

Before one can see he must first realize that his vision is impaired. The seeker thought he was seeing fine and is at first disappointed at how blind he has been. Now he must purchase eyesalve from God to really see. Eyesalve sooths the eyes and is a symbol of the inner peace that comes with true vision. If the seeker follows the direction of the peace that passes understanding he will be led to true vision.

“As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.” Rev 3:19

The Master applies tough love, not because he rejects the seeker, but because he loves him. The inner voice is speaking plainly to the seeker in words that cannot be misunderstood.

Feb 15, 2007

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