Using The Vacuum Principle

Using The Vacuum Principle

Let us expand on the Vacuum principle.

First, the principle does not need an absolute vacuum to work neither does it need 100 percent mass to fill it up. Neither of these exists.

Let us go back to the fruit jar. The space under the lid is far from an absolute vacuum, but is a partial vacuum. The air outside of the jar is far from being 100 percent pure matter but is only composed of a small amount of substance.

The vacuum principle does not depend on everything rushing into nothingness, but upon an area of greater substance moving in to fill the void of lesser substance.

Therefore, to use the vacuum principle does not mean that one has to go into a state of negative meditation and make his mind completely empty. For one thing, the mind is never perfectly empty just as there is not a perfect vacuum, even in space.

What one does have to do to apply this principle is to remove a good portion of the current thought substance thus making the symbolic atmospheric pressure of the mind lower. Then other areas which are capable of sending mental concepts (such as the higher mind, the soul, the intuitive world) are drawn to fill the partial vacuum with information or inspiration.

The partial vacuum to jump start the principle can be activated in a number of ways.

[1] Attempting to empty the mind through negative meditation and then later watching to see what comes in to fill the vacuum. This must be approached from the aspect of the observer.

[2] Contemplate what is in the mind and then withdraw attention from the quest at hand and switch attention to something enjoyable and rather effortless. This withdrawal creates a partial vacuum in the type of mental substance around the quest and pulls on other substance to fill the void.

What happens is that one puts a lot of data and previously known principles in their mind and consciously tries to make connections. After a while of not making much obvious progress with that they take a rest and put their consciousness on something else. But in the background the unconscious mind, that which is below our conscious awareness, is still mulling and sifting and working with this problem and perhaps down the road a ways after giving our conscious mind a break, the unconscious makes a real connection that our conscious mind picks up on, and “voila!,” we have an answer that seems to pop out of nowhere. Perhaps the unconscious mind even has the ability to tap into something higher, and perhaps this is what we call ‘intuition.’

In this case your mind is not blank by any means, but diverted to create a low-pressure area which brings in substance from other more intense areas.

[3] Sometimes the seeker is forced away from his study or quest and has to do other practical work. This can create a vacuum that will also draw down helpful knowledge.

I have learned to use the vacuum principle with this method, but almost had to be drawn into it kicking and screaming.

Throughout my life one of my greatest joys has come from studying, searching and filling my mind with positive information. Then around 1988 I realized that I had to develop a practical side of myself and establish a reliable means of making a living. Before this I would just start to get ahead and then go back to my spiritual quest only to find myself becoming as poor as a church mouse. I finally realized I had to create a reliable source of income to create the stability I needed. I knew this was not my gift so I realized it may take some time.

I then threw myself into my business and went over ten years studying almost nothing but the newspaper a few minutes each morning.

I thought at the time I was making a great sacrifice (nothing to do with the 4th initiation) but on hindsight I also see I received many benefits. Taking my mind off my studies and reading created a vacuum that drew many things to me over those ten years. Many of the concepts taught in the thousands of articles I have written came to me during this period when my concrete mind was taking in little or nothing of a spiritual or metaphysical nature.

Where did all this come from? Much of it was not from any book I have read. A vacuum mixed with good intent drew many interesting things to me that may have not been realized with too much study.

Now in saying this I hope it is not interpreted in the black and white mode and many give up all their studies to create a vacuum. There is a time to study and a time to withdraw and let higher things come in. Most people do not study enough to even make use of the vacuum principle.

Right now I am back in the receiving mode. I still have to work a lot but I spend quite a bit of time listening to audio books to fill my mind up again. I am looking forward to the time that I can just relax and do more regular reading, but we have to plow with the horses we have.

I move, therefore I am. Haruki Murakami

April 15, 2007

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