What To Do


What To Do

A reader basically asked the question the other day as to what we as a group or individuals can do to create positive change. Here we are gathered as a group and know a few things the average people do not know, but we have little voice except to preach to the choir of like-minded believers.

The first thing each servant of humanity needs to assess is his own limitations – what he can and cannot do. One of the biggest mistakes made by an individual who sees a little light is to sacrifice career, job and family to start some movement that goes nowhere. Many such individuals are lucky to have three followers.

Others go the other extreme and do nothing. This is even worse because they also learn nothing.

What then should the true seeker do to make a difference?

Jesus gave the example in the parable of building a tower. He said that if a person wants to build a tower, he must assess the amount of effort and ingredients it will take to finish the project. If he begins and does not have the power to finish then everyone will laugh at him for being so foolish. The wise builder will assess correctly and will not start the tower until he has the power to finish.

Some have questioned me as to why I am not proceeding with zeal to create molecules, build cities, reform civilization, etc. Yes, there are towers to build, but until we gather the power to finish what we begin then the time to begin has not yet arrived. If we have not power to finish the tower then the thing to do is to gather the materials and resources to prepare for a beginning so we can have a finish.

Right now, I have power to do one thing well and that is to write foundation materials and circulate them to a small group of people. If I should die tomorrow, however, all is not lost for many of the concepts contain eternal words that shall not pass away and would be taken up by others who are in a position to build towers.

My astrology chart tells me that I will be subject to strong discipline from Saturn until I get everything in place for my main work. When everything is in place and my will and abilities are sufficiently fine-tuned then a reservoir of power will be released to allow for a major accomplishment. I believe this time is soon, but cannot predict the exact date.

Here is what must happen to open the door for me to begin work on the tower.

[1] My hands must be free so I can work on the project full time. As it is I have a business that demands much more time than a regular full-time job.

[2] One of my works must permeate public consciousness on a fairly wide scale. This could be one of my present or future books, an idea or me in person when I am free to travel and give seminars.

[3] Sufficient finances to sustain the effort.

That’s well and good one may think, but I’d like to do something more in the present than just sit around and wait for the true beginning of the work.

There is always something more the true initiate can find to do.

Here are a few things.

[1] An idea I do not think I have suggested before, but a very powerful one is to write letters to your local paper. Letters to the editor are often the most popular part of the paper and many thousands read them.

If you write a letter to your local paper and manage to make a reference to freeread.com a lot of hits could come from it. Now your paper is not likely to publish anything about metaphysics, but current issues like global warming or nuclear energy are hot items. Then too, standard religion is a hot item in some papers.

We have a great series on nuclear energy in the archives named, Ten Deceptions about Nuclear Energy and Alternative Energy.

This can be thrown in when discussing energy, global warming or a number of other topics.

Principles of Unification and Project Peace and Good Will are also subjects of current general interest.

Religion is also popular in letters to the editor and on this subject a writer can refer to Reincarnation & the Bible, and Astrology and the Bible from the archives. These subjects will certainly press some buttons.

Keep this in mind. A letter to the editor in a major paper that gives our web page is worth 500 dollars or more in advertising.

Note from 2023: This suggestion is quite dated as the newspaper industry has greatly diminished since this post. Those wishing to promote ideas are now better off going to social media such as Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others.

[2] Many of the group are members of other forums. When appropriate you can post something from the archives there and give the reference with the suggestion to the group that many writings are available.

[3] Members can start a local study group.

Note from 2023: Local groups meeting in a physical location used to be the way to go, but now it is more practical to meet online in Zoom type meetings. We are doing this now and if anyone reading this is interested in participating please contact me.

[4] You can run a small classified ad in a local thrifty paper – or a national one. Something like this would not cost much:

Note from 2023: Newspapers are no longer a good source of advertising. Currently, the best sources are on the internet such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

[5] You can recommend Book One of The Immortal which is free at freerecad.com or listen to the audio on YouTube HERE

Members can also buy physical books and give them away.

[6] Participate on this forum. Posting here helps keep me stimulated and helps others.

God sent his singers upon earth With songs of sadness and of mirth, That they might touch the hearts of men, And bring them back to heaven again. – Longfellow: The Singers

March 28, 2007

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