Suppression, Principles and Causes

Suppression, Principles and Causes

We will first examine this principle by extracting important points that has already been written about suppression in the archives.

“Back to the Basics”

Many are deceived into thinking that the avoidance of conflict is the least harmful path, but this is often not the case. This avoidance of conflict in individual lives often causes a suppression of emotion, and such suppression often results in depletion of energy and life-threatening disease. Sometimes such suppression will result in eventual emotional explosion where the guy walks into a McDonalds and shoots everyone in sight.

“Correct Use of Energy”

Keep in mind that we admonish control of the desire nature and not suppression. Suppression of desire is very dangerous, for a desire suppressed will always surface again with greater strength. When desire is controlled and directed by the mind under direction of the soul, it is not suppressed. Often desire will be less inhibited than ever, for the mind is wise enough to always find an outlet for desire and recognizes that desires should be fulfilled according to law, but they must be directed so their expression is constructive and harmless. To become harmless, the desire nature must be checked periodically by the mind and then redirected in paths of greater fulfillment.

The key to emotional fulfillment is to avoid suppression. Suppression is a form of avoiding communication. This is especially dangerous when the negative emotions are suppressed for this can lead to disease. Just like steam pressure in a tea kettle can cause it to blow its lid, if it has no release valve, so can suppressed emotion cause a person to explode unpredictably. An unpredictable moody person is usually one who suppressed emotion.


A good family environment and support can minimize the effect of negative emotional and character repetitions from past incarnations; however, it is essential that the negative emanations a child displays should be controlled and directed until they are dissipated. They should not be suppressed. The parents must work with their children so they can honestly communicate even their most negative feelings with them. Many of the difficulties children have as they are growing up are caused by suppression. They often feel that they would be evil if they were to express all their feelings, and they think parents would think badly of them for their hidden thoughts. Thus, they create within themselves a great building pressure when they repress to gain parental approval. The time must come when the pressure of suppression becomes too great and the child rebels and explosively releases all the negativity he has been holding in.


A negative physical effect of suppression may result in cancer. The suppression of negative emotion and the lie of pretending that all is well, when all is not well is a much greater threat to health than any pesticides we get in the grocery store. The people who suppress and deny emotion often come as a surprise to their close friends for they are usually known as the cheerful positive one that nothing seems to faze or bother. The cancer people seem to be the “good that die young” as almost all of them are very nice people who just “want to get along” in peace.

There are two major areas where the problem lies. The first is suppression of negative emotion. This negative emotion is what A Course in Miracles calls a “grievance.”  Someone hurts your feelings and you think that it would be petty to respond so you suppress, bottle up the emotion, and hope that it will never see the light of day. The trouble is that emotion is a type of living energy and even when it is bottled up it is still in existence and must manifest in some way on the physical plane.

“Discovering Suppression”

 “What is the solution to suppression and denial? How do we help one who suppresses to express their true feelings? How do we help one who is in denial to admit that they are harboring negativity?”

Most people with the problem of suppression are basically nice people. Casual acquaintances will see them as very balanced emotionally, one who never flies off the handle. But those in close relationship know better.

It is important that we each learn whether we or our associates suppress, and the easiest way to discover it is through handwriting analysis. Suppression is revealed in handwriting through the retracing of strokes, particularly in the letters M and N, but can also be revealed to a lesser degree in other letters.

If you discover through handwriting that you have suppression or denial what should you do?

The most important thing with suppression is to PAY ATTENTION at all times to the emotions you feel within you, no matter how silly, unenlightened or insignificant they seem. When you feel them, acknowledge them and seek a way to release them.

“The Flow of the Soul”

Thus either conscious or unconscious acts that restrict the flow of soul energy cause disease. We have just discussed one of the major causes of soul obstruction and that is suppression and denial of negativity. From my research with handwriting analysis about half the population has this problem to some degree. About twenty percent have suppression to a dangerous degree.

“Emotional Release”

The hurt or anger generated in relationships is our own responsibility in normal circumstances. The only ones that can put us in a situation where suppression is dangerous are those with whom we are close enough to establish a bond of trust.

As a general rule, people outside of this circle do not have power to cause a grievance in the life of an aspiring disciple. The closer you are to another human being the easier it is to negatively affect their emotions. The reason for this is that close relationships create a greater personality life that links the group on an emotional level. (The Molecular Relationship creates a greater life on the soul level.) When two or more people share emotional energies as one life, then there is not only opportunity for great fulfillment but also for hurt, suppression and grievance.


It is of extreme importance for optimum health to discover any suppressed grievances; and to know the difference between general irritations, and hurt that comes from close relationship. I would guess that about a third of the health problems that all of us have are either caused by or aggravated by suppression or denial.

“Seeking the Good”

Those caught in the loop of denial and suppression are usually sincere people who are deceived into thinking that not facing friction and life’s problems head on is for the best at the moment. This lessens the soul energy, but the person usually turns around after enough pain if caused by this error.

“Facing Fears”

I’ve never suggested that anyone “wallow” in fear, but those who have no fear often seem fearless because of illusionary vision, suppression or life in an alternate reality.

A little fear can be a constructive force to wake us to reality. The dismissal and suppression of fear by many in this country today has put the world to sleep concerning the real perils, which we face.

The key here is to not allow ourselves to be paralyzed, but neither should we allow ourselves to suffer the glamour of “being beyond the touch of fear” and end up suppressing it. Suppression and denial merely plant a seed and adds nourishment. One of the most fearful things we can do is to honestly face our fears, acknowledge them and work through them.


Possible account of one dealing with the effects of suppression: You began to discover that you could only ignore or suppress feelings so long and then they began to build up until the energy became so strong that it had to be released. When you did release them you did so with great force that seemed unlike your normal self. This began a period of suppression, followed by overpowering buildup of emotion and finally followed by near violent release of anger or feeling. This initiated a period of about a dozen lives of ill health for you. During two lives of intense suppression, you died of cancer. This is followed by two lives of emotional release, anger and over reaction. In one of these lives, you died of a brain tumor and in another of stomach problems.

“Controlling Grievance with Mind”

Suppression causes all kind of problems, but so does release, if it not done in harmlessness.

One of the troubles is, as we evolve, we tend to think we’re beyond effects of negative emotion. “I’m beyond feeling this.”  We enter a relationship and one person is letting their energies flow out to another person which may not be reciprocated and leaves you feeling possessive and jealous. Then the thought comes to you, “I’m an evolved person. I’m just as evolved as the next person and evolved people don’t feel this. They don’t feel jealousy.” And thus, the problem lingers…

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882)

April 26, 2007

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