Color, Sound, Humor & the Sun

Color, Sound, Humor & the Sun

The Question: Three influences that can have a positive effect on health are color, music/sound and humor. How do you suppose these three things can affect health?

Also, how can we best utilize the sun for health?

In past ages when the Fourth Ray was in cycle sound was a very potent healer. Sound, color and movement were powerful healing forces used in the ancient temples in Atlantis and this knowledge shall be restored at the right time in the future.

Sound and color can be used to harmonize chords within our own makeup.

The form side of our nature is made up of a chord of four notes which correspond to our rays. The first note is that of the physical body, the second the astral the third mental and the fourth the personality as a whole. Illness will often surface when one of these notes are unable to sound in fullness and when this happens the sounding needs to be reinforced

Through meditation and contemplation you can discover which notes and colors that need to be stimulated within you. You can compensate by sounding this note in meditation and saying the OM on that note. Another way is to just sound the OM throughout the scale until you hit a note that strikes a need within you. Then if you sound it periodically you can reap much benefit.

The same goes with colors. Look through or visualize the spectrum of colors and wait for your attention to fall upon one that seems most healing to you. Once this is discovered you can make a conscious attempt to bring as much of this color into your life as possible.

Let us say that you sense that you lack red. This is a color that enhances physical vitality. You can start by eating more red food such as raspberries, strawberries, cherries radishes, rare red meat and cayenne pepper.

The second thing you can do is to make a trip to the store and get a red light and let it shine on you while you sleep, work or relax.

The third thing is that you can in meditation visualize yourself being surrounded by a beautiful rainbow of colors with red being in extra prominence. Then see yourself breathing in this red color and it vitalizing your whole body. Make sure you visualize a very bright and vital looking red.

Here are the bare bones meanings of the basic colors.

White: This is a synthesis of all the colors and is a symbol of purity and completeness.

Red: Physical Energy; physically-based person personality or sensuality. Harsh reds tend to indicate emotionally charged physical animation, usually anger. Warm reds, sensuous, or physically charged and healthy. It stimulates the solar plexus.

Orange: Friendly, open, approachable. A strong orange also shows physical vitality. A good color to balance the mind and body. Orange aids with focusing in the head.

Yellow: This is a good color to overcome depression and heighten spirits. It stimulates thinking, creativity imagination.

Green: This has often been called the healing color. This is because it is the midway color and can be used to balance the other notes within you. If you sense that your illness or discomfort is caused by being out of balance or “out of sorts” this is a good color for you.

Concentration on this color aids in deva/angel contact.

Blue: This color is most strongly associated with the mind and is known as the calming color. The reason for this is that it takes attention away from the emotional body to the mind and thus allows the emotions to quiet down and recharge.

Indigo: A good color to stimulate the heart and the spiritual love necessary to heal. This color absorbs negativity.

Violet: Known as the spiritual color. A good general color to raise vibrations and center yourself on higher work. This color is associated with the Seventh Ray and is a good color to stimulate the body to improve its own defenses and building energies.

Gold: This is a strong healing color that will always tone the body and spirit. The etheric body is called the “golden bowl” in the Bible.

Humor and Sun

If health enthusiasts were aware of the benefits of humor they’d go for a good laugh before they would wolf down the wheat germ oil.

Humor has been known to cure even the so-called incurable diseases to just making it a little easier to get through that winter flue.

For instance, I read a while back about a guy who had cancer and after reaching some dead ends he decided to try the humor cure and rented every comedic film he could get his hands on, read joke books and did everything he could to make himself laugh. It wasn’t long before the cancer was reversed and completely eliminated.

Part of what makes us ill is our tendency to focus too much in one direction at the expense of others and if this wrong focus opens a window for disease then a diverting of attention is a positive thing.

Humor diverts our attention to a very light and frivolous but necessary place which is an opposite polarity to the serious world we often find ourselves tapped in. Humor thus “lifts our spirits” and in this lifting of energy comes a healing force.

Look around you at your circle of friends and associates. Divide them into those who are overly serious and seen to have little humor in their lives and then separate others who are light hearted and seem to enjoy a good laugh. Which group is the healthier?

I would guess that in almost every case the ones with a good sense of humor are the healthier. I know this is the case with my friends and associates.

Humor is also a necessary ingredient to keep us healthy spiritually as we are told that one of the strongest differentiations between the Light and Dark Brothers is a sense of humor. The Dark Brothers take themselves way too seriously because they are always focusing on themselves. Within themselves there is only darkness and there is little there to be lighthearted about. The Brother of Light is full of Light within and looks upon the whole in the light and sees much to smile about.

There is a dark side to humor just as there is in all things. Negative humor gets a laugh at the expense of someone’s hurt feelings. A person on the path does not usually laugh at this type of humor but lower level humans enjoy it. A person on the path will not knowingly seek a laugh at the expense of an innocent person’s feelings.

I say innocent because there are exceptions in all things. For instance, during World War II the Allies put out a film clip about Hitler that made him look like a stupid buffoon. I think Hitler deserved whatever he got in this case, but overall we should always seek the path of harmlessness even with the bad guys.

Another difference between light and dark is that it is difficult to offend a person on the Path and he will never be offended where no offense was intended.

He who is not on the path will not only be offended when offense was intended but will often take offense when no offense was intentional.

The much maligned Sun is a great health stimulant that is often overlooked. While it is true that you do not want to overdo sun exposure it is also true that the Sun is the ultimate source of prana which is the essential nutrient for the etheric bodies of all living things.

Prana circulates through the spleen which in turn takes it in connection with a center between the shoulder blades and another above the diaphragm. This is one reason that health conscious people have a natural instinct to sun bathe.

DK says something interesting in this regard. He says that our attitude toward the sun has a lot to do with how beneficial are its rays to us. An adept who has learned to work with the devas that assist in transmuting solar prana can spend any amount of time in the sun without harm. For those of us who have not attained this mastery the best thing to do is just see the solar rays as being friendly to us rather than something that causes cancer. Could it be that part of the reason that skin cancer is on the increase is because of the media’s proclamation that the sun is dangerous thereby influencing thoughts about it?

Of course, we should all use common sense, but it is wise to get small amounts of sunlight daily if possible.

Question: Have you ever noticed that many people who seem to be very health conscious and are always sacrificing to eat the right things seem to be in poor health where as some of the healthiest people you know seem to have a devil-may-care attitude about it and seem to do nothing out of the ordinary for their health?

What do you suppose is the explanation for this.

Attention and Health

Whereas I do maintain that quite a few of the teachings presented here are original or old ideas presented in a fresh way, most (perhaps all) of what I am writing on health has been covered many times before. The trouble with health philosophy is that there are so many presentations that seekers are often not sure which is the correct choice for them. If we can steer each other here in making better choices then all will be worthwhile.

Fasting is indeed a great healer, perhaps the most powerful that is readily available to all. Fasting for a week on purified water or lemon juice-honey-cayenne pepper will bring great relief from almost any problem. If one is new to fasting start with a short one and increase it until a week or ten days is comfortable.

Always end a long fast on fruit and later salad material. Never eat meat or starchy food the first day after a fast

One time a friend and I decided to fast for ten days and break it at the full moon. Right around the tenth day we discovered we miscalculated the full moon by two days and if we wanted to carry out our goal we had to fast for two extra days. I’ll tell you those two extra days were the most difficult fasting days of my life. Because we were mentally prepared to end the fast after ten days, those extra two were torture.

But what made it much worse on the eleventh day we visited my nephew Curtis, and his wife made the most beautiful cinnamon rolls I had ever seen in my life and the aroma filled the room with the most heavenly odor. I made her promise to make me those exact same rolls again when I was not fasting.

Well, I believe she made rolls again but I guarantee you they were not the same quality as the masterpiece she made that day. Even writing this I wish I could go back in time and taste them.

Not only does fasting help you physically, but it makes you more sensitive spiritually and aids in the control necessary to pass the first two initiations.

One time the apostles brought a sick person to Jesus and told him they could not heal him. Jesus then healed the man. The apostles then asked why they could not heal him.

Jesus answered: “This kind cometh not out but by fasting and prayer.”

By adding fasting to any healing technique your spiritual power will be amplified.

We noted earlier that many who put a lot of attention on diet seem to be plagued with health problems.

The key word here is “attention” and the key phrase is that “energy follows thought.”

Health conscious people with health problems have those problems not because good health practices do not work, but because of a wrong direction of a flow of energy.

It’s a little like a scab. If you’re always picking it, it takes longer to heal than if you just leave it alone and let nature do its job.

If you have a problem and take every herb and natural food in the world it will do you little good if you are continually putting your attention in the direction of the discomfort. Your attention, even if fear is not present, will create a magnetic effect that will draw energy to the place of distress and this will often result in feeding the disease and increasing its power. Then if fear is also present the problem will be even worse.

The body is set up to fight off all disease if we just give it what it needs and let it do its job. We aid the body in doing this by focusing our attention outside the body and concentrate on other things.

Have you noticed, for instance, that when you go to sleep you may have some physical problem, but then when you wake up after a good sleep the problem is much improved? One of the reasons for this is that sleep helps you take your attention off the problem for a few hours which allows the body to do its job of rejuvenation.

If we learn to focus our attention away from the body during waking hours we then give the body a similar healing power while awake as it has when asleep.

March 23, 2000

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 8

This entry is part 8 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

JJ: A few things about the full moon… DK states that during the exact moment of the full moon it is like a door is opened and this makes it easier for mankind to communicate with the hierarchy. He recommends you begin initial contact in communicating about two days before the full moon and continue to contemplate a few days after but right during the full moon is really the time of meditation to contemplate and receive messages from higher beings.

We are going to go through some various sounds that are connected with the chakras and as we make these sounds I want you to sound them as a group and then feel the vibration in the chakra itself. The first one affects the base chakra at the base of the spine and is called the life chakra because that is the source of life and it is where the life energy flows in every life form from the most primitive to the most enlightened being they have energy going through the base chakra. When you say this sound feel the vibration on the base of the spine.

There is a saying in the east that each man has so many breaths to breathe in a lifetime so the slower you breathe the longer your life is. I heard this when I was young so I thought well I better start breathing slower while I am young and maybe this will help me live longer but who knows because there is no scientific data on it but if you breathe deep you are going to get more oxygen.

(Transcriber: JJ and the audience making the sound and feeling the vibration at the base of the spine.)

The next sound governs the sacral energy, which governs the sexual energy, and the sacral energy is found just below the navel so concentrate on feeling it there.

We can do variations of this by putting emotion into it and when you put emotion into it, it amplifies it. Just like when they put emotion into the sound of the ocean waves and it amplifies its effect. Experiment with the sound until you find where it vibrates the most and when it vibrates the most then you are in the most harmony with that chakra.

The next sound is connected to the solar plexus and this governs the emotional world and the sound connected to the solar plexus is hope. It is interesting that “no” is the most popular word connected with this sound and the solar plexus does kind of block a lot of things because it reverses things. If a person is governed by the emotional self then the emotional self will reverse almost everything that is true. It is like the Bible says, the heart, and what that really means is the emotional self, is the most deceptive of all things. The pure heart energy is not deceptive but it is true that the lower emotions are the most deceptive of all things.

When you are arguing with somebody and you are on an intellectual level and they are on the emotional level then there is no way that they will listen to reason. They are sure they are right and truth and logic means nothing to them and no matter what you tell them they are bound by what they feel because if they feel that way then that is their reality and they just cannot shift to anything on a higher level.

So “no” is an interesting sound connected with the solar plexus chakra. By saying this sound correctly we can amplify it. It is important as we journey through life to understand when this chakra center is vibrating because often times the person will be on the mental plane or the spiritual plane or the spiritual heart and then shift right back down to where they are centered on the solar plexus.

Now the solar plexus is good as long as you recognize that your feelings are coming from there. Then you can guide your feelings and use them appropriately. The lower feelings have a use but if we let them be in charge they will almost always steer us in a wrong direction. So it is important that the disciple understand when he is being governed by his solar plexus. When he finds that he is then he has to stop and check himself and say wait I am being governed by my solar plexus and I need to switch upward and be governed by the higher purpose.

So if you know that the animal in you is not under control and you are really letting it out then it is in charge – that is your solar plexus and you need to bring it back under the control of that which is higher within you. Like when you find yourself cursing instead of saying ouch or darn that hurt. Use that part of you which is higher to say these words instead of saying all the curse words that you really feel like saying.

The audience and JJ are sounding the AUM.

When there is a catastrophe in our life our solar plexus really jumps in to the feeling nature and then registers it, whenever you have that oh no feeling that is your solar plexus and especially if it is accompanied by a feeling.

The next one is the heart chakra and that is the Ahh sound.

The audience and JJ are sounding the AHH using the throat.

There is a difference between the heart and the solar plexus; the solar plexus governs fear, state of happiness and pleasure and normal positive and negative emotions. The heart governs more spiritual love, the type of energy where the person loves not because he wants to possess but because it wants to serve.

Next is the throat chakra and throat says I, I am becoming and it identifies who you are. We will go a little bit higher this time.

(The audience is saying I-I-I in a little bit higher tone.)

The next chakra is the third eye and this is sounded in the A and we will go yet higher still for the pitch, you go a little bit higher as you progress to each chakra.

The last chakra is the top of the head or the crown chakra and is sounded in the E with a high pitch.

(The audience is sounding the E in a nice high pitch.)

Visualize the petals in the top of the head opening and lighting up when you say this sound.

The audience is sounding the E in a high pitch.

Visualize you are in the midst of a fire that does not burn like Moses was on the mount.

All the negativity is going up from the spine on up into this flame and into nothingness and all that is left is the purity of the spirit.

We are going to something a little different, the most beautiful sound in the world to each individual is the sound of what?

Audience: Their own name!

JJ: Boy, you people are sharp! I did not think anyone would get that. There are quite a few sounds within your name and you hear name probably more than any other sound out there so your name is something that what? What is it about your name that is different than other sounds?

It is the fact that all of us like to hear it, don’t we?

Audience: Yes

Yes, we like to hear our name. Now there are certain named sounds that we do not like to hear; for instance the IRS. We do not like it, we do not want to hear it, we do not want to speak it.

Audience: Chuckling

JJ Most of us have an emotional attachment to our name unless you are a macho guy and then you probably are not too emotionally attached to it. I named one of my daughters Ishmaella Elizabeth. I thought Ishmaella was a pretty name but it turned out she didn’t like it. When she went to school everybody started to call her Ishy. She did not like this so she changed her first name to Elizabeth. Artie is a somewhat unusual female name and she was not really excited about using it in the Immortal books so I used Elizabeth, my daughter’s name instead.

Now we need a volunteer for sounding their name – any takers? Okay Val come on up here and we will put you in this chair here. Now Val is a good name because it is easy to say.

Let’s look at Val and think positive thoughts while we just say his name. We are going to concentrate on healing energies. Almost everybody has something wrong with him or her and if you check with most anyone you will find this out.

Yes I have this thyroid thing and a few other things not working right!

Audience: Chuckling!

Anyway all of us are open to a charge of life force, even if we are relatively healthy we want more energy. Does anybody have more energy than they want?

Suzi: I have plenty!

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: Outside of Suzi all of us need more energy. No matter we could always use a little bit more energy and a little bit less sleep and get up bouncing and ready to go. And if nothing else everybody could use a charge of energy and even though Val looks pretty healthy he would probably be happier if he were even healthier with more vitality. So if we just send vital energy it will help with physical problems and if he is healthy then he will have even more health and vital energy. This is what we are looking for.

So we want to send to the person in the middle the most positive energy we can drum up. First of all just say his name and think positive thoughts for him.

(Audience is saying his name (VAL) energetically, sounding and thinking positive thoughts for him.)

Okay now we break down the letters. Now Val needs to feel the charge that is coming through us saying his name.

Okay now sound the V

Okay now AL.


What do you think of and what is the energy behind your sounds? It sounds like some of the heart energy there.

(Audience continues to sound Val’s name in different ways and different pitches.)

One more time, charging.

Okay he is ready to go! Who is next? Rob has an easy name.

Audience is now sounding Rob’s name with charging energy.

It is a little bit like a cheerleader and every time Rob hears his name he should think they are cheering him on.

Okay now there are three sounds in this, one with each letter.

The audience is sounding out the letters individually with energy.

Okay one more time to charge him up.

Audience complies.

JJ: Okay that should last him for a year!

Joshua is next and the audience repeats the process.

JJ: We have three basic sounds with Joshua. Josh-U-A. The Josh gets the energy going and the U stands for passion so once he gets his motor going watch out he could be a real Romeo. Now josh has a lot of action behind so he should be a quarterback and throw that pass and really impress the girls.

When I first met Josh I thought he was a bit of a mystery and he does not reveal too much of himself.

Josh-who-ahh interesting name action with pleasure and that is quite a name and this was the native name of Jesus so to speak because he was called Joshua in Hebrew. And after all He did have a company of women following Him as it says in the Bible. Do you have a company of women following you Josh?

Josh: Not yet!

JJ: Ah is a building sound, Jesus certainly built the most successful organization even though those who followed Him built it and He still initiated it. So it would show that this name of Joshua has tremendous power of energy and building and creating. Do you see yourself as a creator a creative person?

Josh: Sort of but it is mostly in my own consciousness right now.

JJ: So you have not manifested that yet. Okay Josh-U-A. Lets say this several times.

Audience: Josh-U-A (Saying this several times)

JJ: Emphasize the last syllable.

Audience: Josh-U-A

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 7

This entry is part 7 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

JJ: Jesus does not say this in the regular Bible but in the Aquarian Gospel He said the body is like a harpsichord and when it is out of the tune the body will become ill. The master musician is the master tuner who will tune the sounds to harmonize with each other.

There is an interesting story that Jonathan tells in one of his books and that is he mentions that sound is kind of neutral in a way and in a way it is not. It is neutral in the fact that our consciousness can make of a sound what it wants to make of it. We have many sounds that can bother us, for instance the barking of a dog, but it is possible to tune out that sound. Listen to that sound and go with the sound. Many people just can’t sleep with any sound in the background and others can sleep and not be disturbed by anything in the background. Now what is the difference?

The person that is not disturbed lets the sound go through him. He accepts it and lets it pass through. The other person resists the sound and when you resist the sound it will bother you. My mom hated the Beatles and she would say where did you get that crap, it just sounds horrible and it is just a bunch of noise. She was resisting the sound – almost every adult I knew resisted the sound of the Beatles, which of course is hard to believe today because the Beatles did produce beautiful music. The older people all resisted the music of the day and we all accepted it. The difference is acceptance because Elvis, the Beatles and rock and roll was different than what the older generation was used to and they did not like it. Now the same thing can be true with real noise. You can resist it and it will bother you or you can just let it pass through you. I have learned to accept almost every background noise except for dripping water. I have not figured out how to accept this yet.

So when a sound occurs you can accept it or you can reject it. Jonathan talked about an interesting experiment. These guys recorded the sound of a seashore. You have heard this before where they have the sounds of the waves and such. But they recorded this in three different circumstances. The first they just recorded the sounds and did not have anybody there and recorded the sound as is. During the second they had one group of people listening to the waves and thinking very positive thoughts giving as much positive energy to the recording as they could. In the third recording they had the group send out anger and hateful feelings as it was being recorded. The question was, is there a difference in the recordings – because when you listened to them they sound exactly the same.

The result of muscle testing during the first recording showed no change in muscle strength. The second time when they played the recording with the positive thought from the group the muscles seemed to be much stronger than normal. But on the third one, where the people were thinking angry and negative thoughts as it was being recorded, the muscles became very weak.

Jonathan came up with the idea that the intention behind sound produced different effects. When they were enjoying the sound this produced a positive effect and that sound they were listening to became a greater sound. But when they added the negative thoughts and energy it became a negative force. The sound by itself was pleasant. Lets use Angelina Jolie again. If we see her we see the physical beauty of the form but what if she paid attention to you and you happened to fall in love with her? Then you have much more higher view of her and she would probably become even more beautiful to you than the average fan. This is the way it is with sound once you fall love with a sound it becomes greater to you than what it was, the sound becomes amplified.

Jonathan Goldman has an interesting selection of sounds and I am going to play just a few for you. I will play this CD called Frequencies and it is a collection of his best sounds.

The following sound is the sound to meditate on when you are contemplating the first chakra. The first chakra represents the life force.

Samples of Jonathan Goldman CD’s playing.

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 6

This entry is part 6 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

JJ: One of the initiates in the sphere of sound is a man called Jonathon Goldman, has anyone ever heard of this guy?

Audience: Yes, he is awesome and you have got to go to his website and read up on him and some of his CD’s will blow you away!

JJ: I have checked out a lot of CD’s on sound and this guy is way above anybody else and I believe he is one of the initiates and disciples working on the planet. When you listen to this you can tell and the interesting thing about the sounds I am going to play you is that he got them through a revelation. Revelation always comes through a point of tension when you put a lot of attention on something and learn everything you can about it and then start putting things together and then all of a sudden you will get a flash – and this is what happened to him.

He studied every aspect of sound and then after he did all the studying and thinking he got this flash that came to him about putting two types of sound together which are tuning forks and vocals. I recommend you check out his CD’s. He has not produced a bad CD and his worst one is better than the next guy up on the tracks. So this is a great one to listen to and I will provide a commentary as we go along. Holy Harmony is the name of this particular CD. You can buy this through Amazon or through a dealer or right off his website.

(The music begins to play and we hear beautiful voices harmonizing with each other and singing along with tuning forks. Words are not sung but we hear just the sound of the voices and the tuning forks.)

JJ: The effect of the two sounds together produces the harmony and he calls it Holy Harmony because it harmonizes your body. Because your body is made of sound according to the revelation that he got they are made to harmonize the body.

Close your eyes and feel your body actually vibrate to this sound and do this for a minute or two.

Light is a higher form of sound and now visualize the lights with these sounds.

Now watch the lights move.

Visualize these lights as living sound and see them wrapping around you like living water. The light is moving around you and gently embracing you revitalizing your body and soul.

Now feel yourself being lifted up to your higher body and you are able to look down on your physical body and see the beautiful lights healing and caressing your body. You see yourself being lifted up and you see others in this group being lifted up with you. You see us forming a circle overhanging over our physical bodies sending down energy to our physical bodies. You turn your consciousness upward and you see the Great Spiritual Sun the source of all light vibrating sending light and life energy through us back to the physical plane.

You have this sense that anything you want to know or have from God will be given you. Because you are willing to perform whatever service you are supposed to perform.

Now you look upward and you see a point of light, the light descends and you become aware that this is the Master of Spirit, this is The Christ descending in our midst, and He descends in the middle of our circle and as He descends we enter back into our bodies and He stands in our midst in the middle of us and looks at each one of us. He looks at you and He says, “Peace be unto you my fellow servant, I have a message for you.” Now listen for that message over the next few minutes.

A period of silence passes.

Did anybody have any interesting experiences or communications? Yes Adam.

Adam: The feeling I always get when I attend these Gathering’s is one of incredible sharing of love and it is an easy place to cast off all the baggage we carry around with us. It just such a wonderful experience and I always feel empowered when I come here. The impression I got was to take this experience home with me and share it with my wife, kids, family and friends and they need to feel this from you and I think that is hard to do sometimes. You come here and you have the great experience and then you go back to the everyday life. So the message was to connect and share with others and realize that many are on different paths.

Rob: I saw a lot of different geometrical patterns along with colors, reds, blues and greens during the meditation. It was kind of like a scene playing out in my mind and how I felt at that moment transcended all these boundaries and I needed a reminder of that. Because in the day-to-day world it is hard to see all your brothers and sisters as souls traveling along the path as you are.

Audience: The experience reminded me of the tuning forks sounding in rhythm to the northern lights.

Larry Woods: First I felt like I was dizzy and then like I was almost lifting out of my body and then I was seeing colors and it was green geometric shapes with a blue back round and then for some reason about half way through my mind kind of rejected all that and I saw darkness and it actually started to give me a headache so I for some reason I was no longer able to flow with it.

JJ: Jonathon Goldman points out that about 20% of people are allergic to penicillin and he says the only reason for this is that some people just do not like the sound of penicillin and they are allergic to it, there body rejects it, so some people will resonate with him and others will have different experiences and just not like him. And basically he says it is that way with everything and he points out that there is no one song that everybody likes. He plays one song like we just played that is very popular and when he gets the audience reaction there is always some that do not like it no matter how much everyone else likes it. He says one man’s cure is another man’s poison so you have to go by what feels right for you and if you feel negative about it then tune it out and do some meditation about it. Overall these sounds are harmless but some people will benefit more than others.

Larry: That was like the book, A Course on Miracles everybody was telling me how good a book it was but for some reason it did not connect with me.

JJ: Maybe in another life things will be different or maybe you are just seeing head and shoulders above what everybody else is seeing so you just never know.

Martha: I saw a very intense bright green and there were waves of this color and I could actually see them and then was a blue kind of coming in and the waves of blue were going in a different way and the waves of these two colors were quite incredible.

JJ: How many here saw colors come in waves?

Audience Member: I did not see strong colors but I did have some words come to my mind. Let your light so shine and a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid, I got the sense that I should share greater light and truth with all that I come in contact with whether it be little things and what ever people can accept.

Audience Member: Maybe it was too late for me because about half through all I got was silence but I did feel the group energy.

Audience: When you said gather together and join hands I saw where we actually did draw together and join hands and the center of light was with us during the meditation and felt the healing energy permeate the group.

Audience: I felt the vibration of the music and it is hard differentiate between the creative mind and what can be a spiritual experience and it is hard to put into words.

JJ: Do you feel it has an effect on your physical body?

Audience: Absolutely and when I added the AUM pitch to it you just cannot deny that feeling and I could see everybody’s spirit and I got the message to shoot from the heart with love, joy and peace.

Audience: It was awesome for me, I saw a lot of geometric shapes and I also saw everybody in the circle of light and when the Christ came down basically I just asked for validation on the path and I also asked specifically that my wife Chris could see and hear her mom and dad because they have passed over so we talked about that she would be able to do that should she choose to open up. And I was able to play with the energy back and forth between my hands.

Audience: I saw the blue and green and I could feel the energy rising up and it just right here in my chest and I could feel the energy flowing through my hands.

Audience: I really enjoyed the two sounds together and I believe that we tune into frequencies and along the way we hear a frequency that opens us up to something higher. It seems like I always carry that same pitch that I heard here and my first visual was standing in air looking into like 3D effect with points of light that were green, light blue and white. I could only think well they were stars and from there I went to our circle and the Christ figure came down and the message was quiet thy self and this had a lot to do with what you were saying regarding baggage and how much we carry around and sometimes because of this we cannot quiet our self and keep our focus long enough to hear the still small voice within. I will take this message that I do need to take the time and meditate and visualize more.

JJ: First of all I will relate the message I got which was, I am getting a little older now, I am 63 and the message I got was if you want to continue and have the power to do everything you want to do, help others to find their power and help others to get healed and you will be healed and revitalized. The key words here are restored and revitalized and this is a good principle for all of us to take into consideration.

It is kind of funny – last night when I was going through some of these sounds trying to figure out what I was going to use. I had the Olympics on a fairly big screen TV and the sound turned all the way down because I was listening to these Goldman sounds and I was looking at the TV watching the gymnasts twirling around doing their thing. These mystical sounds went so good with it reminded me of the movie Chariots of fire and I thought this is really great! They should use these sounds for the Olympics.

JJ: The really interesting thing about sound is that sounds by themselves do very little. They are kind of neutral but not entirely because a pleasant sound has a different stimulus than an unpleasant sound but part of the reason it is pleasant is because of our makeup of who we are. Some people find beauty in one thing and others do not.

But there are certain types of beauty that receive close to universal acceptance. For instance, it is hard to find anyone who does not think Angelina Jolie is not beautiful. Beauty is not entirely in the eye of the beholder, for they have found that if the person is symmetrical – when one side of the face is similar to the other side of the face – people will find this pleasing. The ugly guy will have one side of his face look one way and the other side looks quite a bit different and there a lot of other things factored in like keeping in shape and getting rid of that belly and so on. Scientists are a little perplexed as to how to put beauty in a box so to speak, but being symmetrical is a part of it.

I first became aware of the interchange between sound and form when Artie and I were up in British Colombia and there was a science fair going on so we stopped there and they had all kinds of scientific exhibits. They had one on sound – they had this big plate and they would play different notes and the notes would vibrate this plate with iron filings on it and the plate would vibrate in very interesting and beautiful patterns would appear. This was one of the things that stimulated my interest in sound. As soon as I saw these patterns I began to think about the word, the word vibrated and all these forms began to manifest from this wave.

Just think of how complex it is to make just one sound that manifests this beautiful wave and then to combine the complexities of many vibrations and that makes up us as a human beings. We are a very large number of harmonious vibrations. What produces beauty in the human being are these sounds, these vibrations are sounding and complementing each other and what produces ill health is when these sounds are out of harmony with each other. If you go to a piano and play a chord and if you play the wrong note then you cringe. It is almost like scratching your fingernail on a blackboard; it sounds really bad. When a piano is really out of tune it also sounds really bad.

There are tremendous amount of ways to produce disharmony and there is much more potential in the universe to produce disharmony. For instance, you send a child to a piano and say just go ahead and pound out some notes – the sound will not be harmonious at all. The only time you get a harmonious sound is when you apply intelligence. The little kid does not know what he is doing so he cannot play harmonious notes and any time he plays two or more notes it sounds terrible. So it takes intelligence to produce harmony and the fact that there is harmony within us as human beings tells us that there is intelligence at work behind our creation.

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 5

This entry is part 5 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

After we were ex-communicated we thought now we are free at least to go enlighten these Mormons for we no longer had to be under the cover of darkness. Now we could say anything we wanted. We figured we’d go to the Mormons and we would just enlighten them. The scripture says that a lot people want to know the truth but they just do not know where to find it. They will know where to find it now, we thought.

I went to a lot of my old friends that I thought were seeking the truth and when I gave them my stuff they did not just throw it away they burned it! Almost everybody I gave my writings to said they burned it. I would say did you read that stuff that I gave you? They would reply, I read the first three sentences and then I took it to the fireplace and I burned it!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I said, why would you burn it? And they replied that if they threw it in the garbage then there was a slim possibility that somebody may retrieve it so I burned the material so that nobody could ever read that stuff. I thought boy what is the matter with these people? We spent a year and half trying to enlighten the Mormons. We ran national ads and the people that replied that were interested in the teachings were non-Mormons and ex-communicated Mormons. The few faithful Mormons who listened to us were terrified about looking deeper.

Their response to us went something like this: “If you are right that there is reincarnation and continued progression then I am going to get another chance. Therefore, I can be in the church and play it safe and if you are right then I will come back and I will get another chance to accept but if the church is right and I am ex-communicated I will be like a son of perdition and I will go and dwell with the devil and his angels where a worm die not and the thirst is not quenched for all eternity.”

It is a punishment so horrible that it is said that a seer cannot even stand to look upon it in a vision and if there is one chance in a million that the church is right then they feel they cannot afford to take that chance. And I thought wow, I was once affected by that reasoning and it kind of made me keep a big toe in the church for much longer than I should of perhaps but where are the guts in these people and where is the ability to trust in the soul? The church teaches that the glory of the lowest kingdom in the afterlife is so great that we would commit suicide to go there if we could see it. But there is this special place for there apostates that is really, really bad even worse than the fire and brimstone of the Christian hell and that is where you go to if you are ex-communicated and this scares the living daylights out of these people and really keeps them in line.

So anyway we tried for all this time to enlighten them and we convinced one guy that was really into the church to investigate us and he got ex-communicated for it. Shortly after this he went back to church and kissed everybody’s feet and got re-baptized. It turned out that most who showed interest in the teachings were not connected to the church.

The next time I started teaching I decided the Mormons were a waste of time and effort because they did not want to learn anything they were all like mindless robots so I started teaching to anyone who would listen and just taught interesting material. Amazingly I found that about half the people who showed up were Mormons! This about blew my mind.

Around the time I met Artie I was taking a stab at being a professional astrologer and half the people that came to the astrology meetings were Mormons and I thought wow they don’t believe in astrology but here they were coming for astrology readings. I found that really interesting. What was the difference?

The difference was that when they saw us as being apostates and that they could possibly get ex-communicated, they were worried about themselves becoming a son of perdition and going to that terrible hell. But when I just taught and I did not give them any reason to be ex-communicated there was no risk in loosing their salvation, so they came and I had quite a few Mormons attend my classes. This revived my faith in Mormons as well as people in other religions for there are people out there looking but they do not want to take the big chance. Even my friend Wayne stayed in the church clear to the end. As a matter of fact after we testified at Curtis’s trial he got out of being ex-communicated. I should have thought of this but when they told him that they were going to have a trial for him he told them that if they ex-communicated him that he would sue the church. And so they left him alone.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I should have thought of that and I asked him how come he was staying in the church and he said that his mother would be upset if he got ex-communicated.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I always wondered about Wayne as to the possibility that he did want to keep one toe in there just in case, you never know.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I think near the end that he did not care but maybe when he was younger he wanted to keep one toe in the door. This does not have much to do with sound but I do find this story interesting and revealing of our human nature to protect ourselves.

Audience: What ever happened to Wayne?

JJ: He eventually died from a heart problem that he suffered from. He passed about a year and a half ago.

Audience: And what about Curtis?

JJ: He is at a family reunion right now or else he would be here. He is doing fine and living in New Plymouth and he has a little oasis over there and he does a little bit of teaching and a few other things.

Back to the subject of sound. Everything we do including what I just did creates a certain sound. Playing music creates a certain sound and creates a certain mood for us and sound is a very interesting thing to contemplate for the scriptures say, “In the beginning was the word and the word was God and without the word there was nothing made that was made.” Now what is the word? Scientists say that the background radiation left over from the Big Bang is actually the left over remnant from explosion and they can pick this up as sound. It is the back round noise of the universe.

Even the scientists are concluding that the big bang began with a tremendous sound of some kind that exploded and created everything there is in this world of form. So it is interesting how science, religion and metaphysics are all combining at this time.

We have quantum physics that observe sub-atomic particles and sometimes they behave like a wave and sometimes they behave like a particle and the scientists cannot explain why this is. The only explanation some give as to why this happens is that particles change their behavior as we change our expectation. They think that the sub-atomic particles change from a particle to a wave when we look at it, like when we expect a wave we see a wave and when we expect a particle we see a particle. This is the only explanation they can come up with.

Scientists admit that is not a very good scientific explanation but they say they do not have a scientific explanation for why these sub-atomic particles behave the way that they do. All kinds of theories have surfaced about this and new age people have taken this to the extreme by saying whatever we think we are going to create but it does not quite work that way here in the physical world. Let us say an orchestra is playing a symphony and you want to create a rolling stones song to replaces it. Well, if you are in the audience and you start mumbling, I can’t get no satisfaction is anybody going to pay attention to you? No they are going to say shut up we want to listen to the symphony.

The guy is trying to make his own reality by replacing the symphony with the song “Can’t get no satisfaction” and he finds that it is really hard to do. Even so, new age people will often over simplify making their own reality. The book “The Secret” was a big seller and it makes it sound like all you have to do is think something and you can make it happen instantly. Now energy does follow thought but as your energy follows your thought there is all kinds of other sounds and all kinds of other thoughts that are intermixing and interplaying that is competing against your sound. If you want to create then you have to take into consideration all the other sounds that are out there and incorporate their existence into what you want to create. For instance, if you want a new car and you do not have the money you just can’t think and it will appear because there are all kinds of other people out there competing for the money to buy that car.

One of the best sales teachers I ever had said this to us in a sales training class, He said, “Those people out there have your money, now go and get your money from them!” Curtis and I were in this class together and we thought that was a great line. We used to say to each other when we went out on a sales call, “I am going to go and get my money from this guy. This guy has my money and I am going to get it from him” – by selling whatever it was at the time.

But it is not quite that simple yet many of the new age philosophies teach that you can get a million dollars or a beautiful home just by changing our thoughts. Well you know it says in the secret you just apply this thought and a check will come in the mail. I applied all these things and never got a check in the mail and the same with the tithing in the church. People used to get up and say yes I paid my tithing and maybe their aunt died or something and left them $10,000 and they were really blessed. I thought boy this never happens to me. I had often been down to the wire and it was really tough to pay the 10% plus all the other money they want for missionary work, building and all kinds of other things. So it was really tough paying that and I never did get that check in the mail.

Every time I paid tithing it was just a big sacrifice. So I do not understand where all these people come from in these stories saying things like, yes I applied this principle and I just received this check in the mail. I found in my life that this did not work for me or most other people either. And I also noticed that the people that say that they have this system that is going to make them millions are usually poor all of his life.

Take someone like the Bill Gates type. He has probably never approached a friend and said, hey we are going to get rich by meditating on this. As a matter of fact when he did get his big idea to get rich he probably did not share it with anybody. He probably thought I can get rich on this and I am going to keep it to myself and buy the DOS system from IBM and make it on my own ingenuity. He never got the big unexpected check in the mail but he was just enterprising and he incorporated what was going on out there and he just did not expect the check to arrive in the mail by thinking about it but he incorporated the principle with the competing sounds that were out there. He knew all the competition and he played the competition one against the other until things worked to his end. And this is what we have to do, we have to take in accordance all the different notes and sounds that are being played and realize that people are just not going to stop playing them.

JJ: Now getting back to money, which is easy to understand; if you want money for a new car and if it is going take $20,000 then how many people out there want that $20,000 dollars? A whole bunch of them and a whole bunch of them want it before you do and do they want it more than you and are they willing to put in more than you are to get it. If they are then you have to outsmart them or put in more effort or do something different. It is true that energy follows thought but the thought is the first step and the thought has to be followed.

JJ: I heard this story about this particular author and he created this mantra because he wanted $5,000 so he created this mantra to get the money so he started saying it over and over and over and finally he was in a serious accident and the insurance company gave him $5,000!

Audience: Laughing!

So the guy was not willing to pay for it by working in the normal way so the only way his soul could give him the $5,000 was to put him in an accident because he was not willing to go through the normal course of creating the hard work and the effort necessary to get the money. When you get something you should give the equivalent value in some way and the value does not have be in like. For instance if a person receives $10,000 then he may give $10,000 in teaching or helping other people who are in need or consoling people when they are depressed. All these things create good karma and they have value from the view point of the soul. The soul does not see value in just money but it sees value in full filling human need.

When we receive something that seems to be free the truth is this – it is never really free. I found this out when people try to help me or I try to help others. I have found that the most dangerous thing you can do in life is to try to help somebody. As soon as you try to help somebody for some reason that person is often a person that has a lot of negative karma for some reason and it kind of spills over on you when try to help them. Often times you really have to pay through the nose for helping that person.

I will give you an example; in my previous marriage my wife had this half sister that lived down in Oklahoma and she was in a stable circumstance. She worked as a maid in a motel and the motel furnished her with living quarters and everything was going along fairly good for her. Then my wife says, “What my sister needs is for somebody to put their arm around her and help her out because I think she could really go somewhere with a little assistance. The family has never really helped her out a bit.”

I thought that we were just asking for trouble here because she was in a fairly stable circumstance but my wife at the time said she wanted to help her out. I said are you sure about this and she was very adamant about this and the more we talked about it the more I believed she would have divorced me if I would have said no, so I said okay. So she drives all the way to Oklahoma and gets her and brings he back. She was with us about two weeks and my wife was just about tearing her hair out and she finally says to me, “Get her out of here or I am leaving you!” I thought wow!

Audience: Laughing!

So I took her and got her a motel room and this gal was always calling me when she needed help. She was really a pain and my ex-wife just ruled her out, I mean she just did not want anything to do with her because she really had some serious mental issues. She wound up having two little kids so she was raising these kids and this made it difficult to say no to her when she needed extra groceries or other help. So I helped her for a couple of years and then finally after pulling all kinds of shenanigans all my friends suggested I just drop her.

Finally, one day she asked me for a loan and I said no I gave you enough for this month and she just sat there in the car beside me as I was driving. There was a school bus coming toward us and she grabbed the steering wheel and tried to steer me into the school bus! All because she was mad at me because I would not give her more money.

So finally I said okay that is it and as difficult as it was with the two kids and everything I just had to tune her out of my life so I just let her go. For a couple years after that when I was married to Artie we had to put a call rejection on the phone and then she would go to phone booths and call. She called like crazy for about six months and then I never heard from her again. That really woke me up to the fact that when you help somebody you have to be really careful who you help. Jesus gave the principle behind helping He said help those that ask for your help. The problem we had with her is that she never asked for help at the beginning. My ex-wife just had the bright idea one day that we could help this gal and she just wanted to do some good in the world. Her sister was not asking for any help but boy she sure asked for it later on but in the beginning she did not ask. The key here is to help those that come to you and ask but even here you have to use common sense of course; because you can’t look on any rule as black and white, there is a time and season for everything that happens under heaven.

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

Hidden Sounds

JJ: We are going to discuss a number of interesting things and the core subject is healing through sound. This is a subject that has not been covered a lot by various teachers until recently and now in recent years people have started to get interested in it. They are realizing that sound is a very potent healer and sound is potent for what reason? And what is everything made of?
Audience: Vibrations

JJ: And sound is what?

Audience: Vibration

JJ: Everything is made of sound and this means that for you to be in good health, good stability and good vitality you need to have the sound which is you, be in harmony with all other sounds and all the sounds which is in you need to be in harmony with all of the sounds which is in you. Now the interesting thing about sound is that there are many sounds that are beyond the normal hearing and there are many sounds that are in the background that we do not pay attention to and we just tune them out. There are many sounds and vibrations in this universe that are beyond anything that we have perceived or conceived or seen or felt in our hearts before. Now the first thing that I am going to have you do is to concentrate on sounds that you hear right now that other people in the room may not be hearing. Please take about a minute or so and concentrate on the highest vibration of sound that you can hear.

Audience is Concentrating on the sounds

JJ: Can you hear yourself breathe? Think of the different things going on that you should be able to hear.

Audience is concentrating on the there breathing and listening to the sounds around them.

JJ: It is funny that when I had the accident when I was thirteen and the rocket that I was making blew up in my hand and it made an extremely loud noise. My Mom was walking in the kitchen close by and fortunately she was not hurt but her hearing was affected for a while because of the explosion. But the funny thing about me is that when I woke up in the hospital after my operation it must have cleaned the wax out of my ears because I could hear better than I ever could before. I could hear my heart beat and as a matter of fact my heartbeat even kept me awake for a while as my hearing was very intense for about a week or so after that explosion and I do not know why. With most like with my mom the explosion damaged her hearing for a period of time and in her older age her hearing was not very good and I do not know if that had anything to do with it or not, but I was laying there in bed and I could hear my heartbeat and it about drove me crazy. Fortunately this subsided and my hearing returned to normal after a while

JJ: Okay, Rob what sounds did you hear?

Rob from the audience: The air conditioner, somebody outside closing the door, people shifting in their seat, chairs creaking, I am not sure but maybe the lights making sounds.

JJ: Lights making sound, pretty good! Anybody hear any sounds that Rob did not hear?

Audience: There seems to be a very high sound almost like a harmonic that be a piece of ductwork where air is rushing through it.

Audience: I call it white noise, there is a noise over and above the air conditioning that you can really tune into and either my ears are not that great or I am hearing something unusual but if I concentrate then I can hear it.

Audience: Ditto on the white noise and I can always hear it no matter what the circumstance.

Audience: I hear almost like a deep drum beat, does anybody else hear that?

Audience: There is a rhythm coming from the AC.

Audience: I heard faint music.

JJ: Did anybody hear them selves breathing? Is there anymore to hear or did we hear everything there is to hear?

Audience: There is probably a lot more to hear.

JJ: Okay what else is to hear?

Audience: The colors of the waves moving through the room.

Audience: There is the sound that is in between sound and I think that if you work on it then you would probably be able to hear that space in between which is a sound beyond what we consider normal sound.

JJ: Okay are there any other sounds for us to hear?

Audience: I think there is a very tiny snick in this room and it may be the sounds that bounce off the walls and it seems that part of what we hear is being cancelled out.

Audience: What is a snick?

Audience: It is like a mini echo and it happens in every room where you have parallel walls.

JJ: There is a principle that says energy follows thought and where you put your attention is where you gain your knowledge and perception and for hearing where do we normally put our attention?

Audience: Do we normally put our attention on our ears?

JJ: Yes but what do we focus our ears on?

Audience: Just out side of our selves?

JJ: Yes but there is a lot outside of ourselves and inside of our selves.

All of us are putting our attention on the physical plane and is there anything else besides the physical plane?

Audience: Yes

JJ: What else?

Audience: The spiritual plane.

JJ: Okay how come nobody heard anything outside the physical plane? I asked you to put your attention on the highest sound you can perceive and everybody in the room heard things on the physical plane. Can we hear things beyond the physical plane?

Audience: Yes

JJ: How do we do that?

Audience: Practice

JJ: Practice by doing what?

Audience: Meditating

Audience: Listening

JJ: Meditating and listening to what?

Audience: Silence

JJ: Okay you hear on the physical plane by listening on the physical plane, correct. So to hear on other planes you do what?

Audience: Listen on that plane.

JJ: Right! You listen on the other planes, now how do we do that?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: What makes it seemingly difficult is the fact that we are in a physical body and it is a little bit like when you are in a room with a bunch of machinery running and it is extremely noisy and you are trying talk to somebody and the sound is there but it is difficult to hear what the other person is saying with all that noisy machinery going. So you have to do one of two things – either talk louder or listen with great intent so you can hear what the person is saying.

Now the physical plane is a very noisy plane and our ears are not really even that good for listening on the physical plane. If someone in the back of the room speaks with a whisper I can hardly hear them even from here and I can’t hear the person or sounds from two blocks away but on other planes you can hear somebody thousands of miles away. So the ability to hear on the other planes is heightened but because of the noise on this plane we have to tune out the background.

My first wife really got aggravated at me because I would often tune her out and then I would read the Tibetan Books! This got me in big trouble and we eventually divorced, but fortunately I do not tune out Artie, she is impossible to tune out and she makes sure she gets heard.

You have to tune out certain sounds so that you can hear other sounds. Now on this physical plane we have a big problem with a lot of unwanted sounds. Have you ever had a neighbor that has a barking dog? You have a hard time going to sleep don’t you? How do you over come that?

Well one thing you can do is yell at your neighbor and threaten him. The other thing you can do is to tune out the barking dog. Some noises are easier to tune out than others and I have found that I can tune out almost anything and take a nap. I can sleep a few feet away from Artie when she is doing the dishes and clanging away because it is like music to my ears because I am not doing them! Laughter

I am able to tune a lot of things and I can take a nap in almost any circumstance like when the TV is on and I could probably take a nap standing on my head. I did have a tough time when I was much younger but I learned how to take a nap in almost any circumstance due to religious boredom. The church had certain elements in it that bored me so much that it taught me to tune everything out and take a nap so now I can take a nap in almost any circumstance – except for dripping water. If a faucet is dripping – for some reason I have not been able to master that yet, but I can tune out almost any noise except for dripping water and I don’t know maybe, I was tortured by the Chinese in a past life with water torture or something similar.

How do we tune in to sounds beyond the physical and what is there to tune into? Well there is quite a bit above this plane. What is the next level up above the physical plane?

Audience: The etheric level is the next level up.

JJ: Okay you have the etheric levels and then the astral level that is more permanent because the etheric level is intertwined with the physical and does not exist with form without the physical except for short periods of time. Then we have the astral and there are a number of levels in the astral world and we can tune into that by listening with our feelings because the astral world is composed of feelings. So what happens when you hear something on the astral world? How do you hear it?

Audience: The sound registers with your emotions.

JJ: Right you do not hear actual words but you pick up feelings. Have you ever had a sense that someone you are close to was really upset or in danger when there was no physical communication involved? You had a feeling about it and you had a feeling that something is wrong, the feeling that something is wrong is the easiest thing to pick up on the astral level because negative feelings are actually easier to pick up than positive feelings especially feelings of danger and things like that for concerned love ones. How many have felt like that in their life, raise your hands.

Okay about half of you here. When you pick that up what you are picking up is a sound and it is not like a sound on the physical plane such as words – it is entirely different. But it is still sound and it is just as valid of a form of communication as picking up sounds on the physical plane.

Larry you like a pretty sensitive guy. Do you pick up any emotional sounds from anyone in the room?

Larry from the audience: No

JJ: Okay you have not tried yet today have you?

Larry: No

JJ: Okay so lets try Larry, look at Jana over there and tune into her eyes for the eyes are the mirror to the soul as well as the emotions. What are you hearing from your feeling nature from her?

Larry: I have a sense of genuineness and that when she tells you something it is what she is thinking and she is not making false constructs.

JJ: I would say that would be true about her and it feels right to me as I look at her. Looking at her focuses my attention on her and my feelings on her and makes me more capable of picking up things about her. It is all right to look at the other person because that helps to focus the energies and the eyes help to focus the energies so yes I sense sincerity about her as well.

Look at Joshua over there, he looks like somebody needs to wake him up. Laughter. What sounds do you hear coming from him on the emotional level?

Jana from the audience: He looks like a nice guy and happy to be here even though he looks a little tired.

JJ: Okay now look at Lorraine she is just bubbling over with emotional energy.

Jana: She seems like a really nice person too.

JJ: Do you get impressions that are difficult to put into words?

Jana: Yes

JJ: You do get feelings about her right?

Jana: Yes

JJ: Okay all of our feelings are difficult to put into words because feelings are not words so you get emotional impressions about them. Have you ever met somebody and right away you have a wave of negative energy come over you and you think boy I need to stay away from this person. I have met a few people like that in my life and it is usually pretty accurate. Sometimes it is just because a person has just really had a bad day and he is ready to release some negative energy but other times your inner self is communicating to you that you need to stay out of this person’s way.

JJ: What is the next level up from the emotional?

Audience: The mental.

JJ: How do we hear on the mental level?

Audience: Good question and I hope you are going to tell us!

JJ: The highest hearing on the mental level is telepathy and telepathy is very difficult to achieve. The Masters can do it using the power of the mind and pick up and communicate actual words through the power of the mind and that is the highest level there. The Alice A. Bailey books were given by mental telepathy and Alice A. Bailey received the first books by receiving the actual words of the Tibetan. Then when she learned to go higher than the mental level He sent the later books through the power of impression. When she used the power of impression they argued more about how to put the words down because she was a greater participant in forming the actual sentences. So in the beginning the actual sentences were already pretty much composed and sent to her and she kind of doctored them up a little bit but then as she rose to master the science of impression they argued a bit more about how the wording was to be presented because she had more of a say.

The Tibetan would often grumble about Alice A. Bailey and He would say he wish she was more learned in the scientific world because she did not understand science very well and if she did then we could make the books a little more accurate.

On the mental level we can look at people and size them up. You can look at somebody and get feelings about him or her by putting attention on them but you can also look at someone and size them up mentally – if they have a certain type of face like Adam here. He just looks like an athlete doesn’t he and by looking at him you can form a mental conclusion that he just looks like he is into sports. Now what does a person into sports look like and why do we get that impression? There is really no short answer on that and it is just that he reminds us of a lot of people that are into sports and you do like sports don’t you Adam?

Adam: This is the profiling we need at the airport!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: You look at Larry and he looks like a real social guy!

Audience: He looks like a big teddy bear!

JJ: Yes he looks harmless doesn’t he and he has his baritone voice so you mentally conclude that he must be a good singer and this is one of the first things I asked him.

Larry from the Audience: By the way there was one thing I was going to say was that I have the skill to sing and that was one thing I did want to do but that was not my purpose in this life so I have not been allowed to use that.

JJ: I think I would have been quite musical if I had not blown some of my fingers off and that pretty much put an end to that but that freed me up so my attention could put elsewhere without being a rock star and having that distracting me.

Larry: Yes it would be worth seeing JJ with long hair and tie-dye t-shirts rocking out! Laughing!

JJ: Yes that would have been funny wouldn’t it?

Copyright 2011 By J J Dewey

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