Boise Gathering 2008, Part 5

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After we were ex-communicated we thought now we are free at least to go enlighten these Mormons for we no longer had to be under the cover of darkness. Now we could say anything we wanted. We figured we’d go to the Mormons and we would just enlighten them. The scripture says that a lot people want to know the truth but they just do not know where to find it. They will know where to find it now, we thought.

I went to a lot of my old friends that I thought were seeking the truth and when I gave them my stuff they did not just throw it away they burned it! Almost everybody I gave my writings to said they burned it. I would say did you read that stuff that I gave you? They would reply, I read the first three sentences and then I took it to the fireplace and I burned it!

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JJ: I said, why would you burn it? And they replied that if they threw it in the garbage then there was a slim possibility that somebody may retrieve it so I burned the material so that nobody could ever read that stuff. I thought boy what is the matter with these people? We spent a year and half trying to enlighten the Mormons. We ran national ads and the people that replied that were interested in the teachings were non-Mormons and ex-communicated Mormons. The few faithful Mormons who listened to us were terrified about looking deeper.

Their response to us went something like this: “If you are right that there is reincarnation and continued progression then I am going to get another chance. Therefore, I can be in the church and play it safe and if you are right then I will come back and I will get another chance to accept but if the church is right and I am ex-communicated I will be like a son of perdition and I will go and dwell with the devil and his angels where a worm die not and the thirst is not quenched for all eternity.”

It is a punishment so horrible that it is said that a seer cannot even stand to look upon it in a vision and if there is one chance in a million that the church is right then they feel they cannot afford to take that chance. And I thought wow, I was once affected by that reasoning and it kind of made me keep a big toe in the church for much longer than I should of perhaps but where are the guts in these people and where is the ability to trust in the soul? The church teaches that the glory of the lowest kingdom in the afterlife is so great that we would commit suicide to go there if we could see it. But there is this special place for there apostates that is really, really bad even worse than the fire and brimstone of the Christian hell and that is where you go to if you are ex-communicated and this scares the living daylights out of these people and really keeps them in line.

So anyway we tried for all this time to enlighten them and we convinced one guy that was really into the church to investigate us and he got ex-communicated for it. Shortly after this he went back to church and kissed everybody’s feet and got re-baptized. It turned out that most who showed interest in the teachings were not connected to the church.

The next time I started teaching I decided the Mormons were a waste of time and effort because they did not want to learn anything they were all like mindless robots so I started teaching to anyone who would listen and just taught interesting material. Amazingly I found that about half the people who showed up were Mormons! This about blew my mind.

Around the time I met Artie I was taking a stab at being a professional astrologer and half the people that came to the astrology meetings were Mormons and I thought wow they don’t believe in astrology but here they were coming for astrology readings. I found that really interesting. What was the difference?

The difference was that when they saw us as being apostates and that they could possibly get ex-communicated, they were worried about themselves becoming a son of perdition and going to that terrible hell. But when I just taught and I did not give them any reason to be ex-communicated there was no risk in loosing their salvation, so they came and I had quite a few Mormons attend my classes. This revived my faith in Mormons as well as people in other religions for there are people out there looking but they do not want to take the big chance. Even my friend Wayne stayed in the church clear to the end. As a matter of fact after we testified at Curtis’s trial he got out of being ex-communicated. I should have thought of this but when they told him that they were going to have a trial for him he told them that if they ex-communicated him that he would sue the church. And so they left him alone.

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JJ: I should have thought of that and I asked him how come he was staying in the church and he said that his mother would be upset if he got ex-communicated.

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JJ: I always wondered about Wayne as to the possibility that he did want to keep one toe in there just in case, you never know.

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JJ: I think near the end that he did not care but maybe when he was younger he wanted to keep one toe in the door. This does not have much to do with sound but I do find this story interesting and revealing of our human nature to protect ourselves.

Audience: What ever happened to Wayne?

JJ: He eventually died from a heart problem that he suffered from. He passed about a year and a half ago.

Audience: And what about Curtis?

JJ: He is at a family reunion right now or else he would be here. He is doing fine and living in New Plymouth and he has a little oasis over there and he does a little bit of teaching and a few other things.

Back to the subject of sound. Everything we do including what I just did creates a certain sound. Playing music creates a certain sound and creates a certain mood for us and sound is a very interesting thing to contemplate for the scriptures say, “In the beginning was the word and the word was God and without the word there was nothing made that was made.” Now what is the word? Scientists say that the background radiation left over from the Big Bang is actually the left over remnant from explosion and they can pick this up as sound. It is the back round noise of the universe.

Even the scientists are concluding that the big bang began with a tremendous sound of some kind that exploded and created everything there is in this world of form. So it is interesting how science, religion and metaphysics are all combining at this time.

We have quantum physics that observe sub-atomic particles and sometimes they behave like a wave and sometimes they behave like a particle and the scientists cannot explain why this is. The only explanation some give as to why this happens is that particles change their behavior as we change our expectation. They think that the sub-atomic particles change from a particle to a wave when we look at it, like when we expect a wave we see a wave and when we expect a particle we see a particle. This is the only explanation they can come up with.

Scientists admit that is not a very good scientific explanation but they say they do not have a scientific explanation for why these sub-atomic particles behave the way that they do. All kinds of theories have surfaced about this and new age people have taken this to the extreme by saying whatever we think we are going to create but it does not quite work that way here in the physical world. Let us say an orchestra is playing a symphony and you want to create a rolling stones song to replaces it. Well, if you are in the audience and you start mumbling, I can’t get no satisfaction is anybody going to pay attention to you? No they are going to say shut up we want to listen to the symphony.

The guy is trying to make his own reality by replacing the symphony with the song “Can’t get no satisfaction” and he finds that it is really hard to do. Even so, new age people will often over simplify making their own reality. The book “The Secret” was a big seller and it makes it sound like all you have to do is think something and you can make it happen instantly. Now energy does follow thought but as your energy follows your thought there is all kinds of other sounds and all kinds of other thoughts that are intermixing and interplaying that is competing against your sound. If you want to create then you have to take into consideration all the other sounds that are out there and incorporate their existence into what you want to create. For instance, if you want a new car and you do not have the money you just can’t think and it will appear because there are all kinds of other people out there competing for the money to buy that car.

One of the best sales teachers I ever had said this to us in a sales training class, He said, “Those people out there have your money, now go and get your money from them!” Curtis and I were in this class together and we thought that was a great line. We used to say to each other when we went out on a sales call, “I am going to go and get my money from this guy. This guy has my money and I am going to get it from him” – by selling whatever it was at the time.

But it is not quite that simple yet many of the new age philosophies teach that you can get a million dollars or a beautiful home just by changing our thoughts. Well you know it says in the secret you just apply this thought and a check will come in the mail. I applied all these things and never got a check in the mail and the same with the tithing in the church. People used to get up and say yes I paid my tithing and maybe their aunt died or something and left them $10,000 and they were really blessed. I thought boy this never happens to me. I had often been down to the wire and it was really tough to pay the 10% plus all the other money they want for missionary work, building and all kinds of other things. So it was really tough paying that and I never did get that check in the mail.

Every time I paid tithing it was just a big sacrifice. So I do not understand where all these people come from in these stories saying things like, yes I applied this principle and I just received this check in the mail. I found in my life that this did not work for me or most other people either. And I also noticed that the people that say that they have this system that is going to make them millions are usually poor all of his life.

Take someone like the Bill Gates type. He has probably never approached a friend and said, hey we are going to get rich by meditating on this. As a matter of fact when he did get his big idea to get rich he probably did not share it with anybody. He probably thought I can get rich on this and I am going to keep it to myself and buy the DOS system from IBM and make it on my own ingenuity. He never got the big unexpected check in the mail but he was just enterprising and he incorporated what was going on out there and he just did not expect the check to arrive in the mail by thinking about it but he incorporated the principle with the competing sounds that were out there. He knew all the competition and he played the competition one against the other until things worked to his end. And this is what we have to do, we have to take in accordance all the different notes and sounds that are being played and realize that people are just not going to stop playing them.

JJ: Now getting back to money, which is easy to understand; if you want money for a new car and if it is going take $20,000 then how many people out there want that $20,000 dollars? A whole bunch of them and a whole bunch of them want it before you do and do they want it more than you and are they willing to put in more than you are to get it. If they are then you have to outsmart them or put in more effort or do something different. It is true that energy follows thought but the thought is the first step and the thought has to be followed.

JJ: I heard this story about this particular author and he created this mantra because he wanted $5,000 so he created this mantra to get the money so he started saying it over and over and over and finally he was in a serious accident and the insurance company gave him $5,000!

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So the guy was not willing to pay for it by working in the normal way so the only way his soul could give him the $5,000 was to put him in an accident because he was not willing to go through the normal course of creating the hard work and the effort necessary to get the money. When you get something you should give the equivalent value in some way and the value does not have be in like. For instance if a person receives $10,000 then he may give $10,000 in teaching or helping other people who are in need or consoling people when they are depressed. All these things create good karma and they have value from the view point of the soul. The soul does not see value in just money but it sees value in full filling human need.

When we receive something that seems to be free the truth is this – it is never really free. I found this out when people try to help me or I try to help others. I have found that the most dangerous thing you can do in life is to try to help somebody. As soon as you try to help somebody for some reason that person is often a person that has a lot of negative karma for some reason and it kind of spills over on you when try to help them. Often times you really have to pay through the nose for helping that person.

I will give you an example; in my previous marriage my wife had this half sister that lived down in Oklahoma and she was in a stable circumstance. She worked as a maid in a motel and the motel furnished her with living quarters and everything was going along fairly good for her. Then my wife says, “What my sister needs is for somebody to put their arm around her and help her out because I think she could really go somewhere with a little assistance. The family has never really helped her out a bit.”

I thought that we were just asking for trouble here because she was in a fairly stable circumstance but my wife at the time said she wanted to help her out. I said are you sure about this and she was very adamant about this and the more we talked about it the more I believed she would have divorced me if I would have said no, so I said okay. So she drives all the way to Oklahoma and gets her and brings he back. She was with us about two weeks and my wife was just about tearing her hair out and she finally says to me, “Get her out of here or I am leaving you!” I thought wow!

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So I took her and got her a motel room and this gal was always calling me when she needed help. She was really a pain and my ex-wife just ruled her out, I mean she just did not want anything to do with her because she really had some serious mental issues. She wound up having two little kids so she was raising these kids and this made it difficult to say no to her when she needed extra groceries or other help. So I helped her for a couple of years and then finally after pulling all kinds of shenanigans all my friends suggested I just drop her.

Finally, one day she asked me for a loan and I said no I gave you enough for this month and she just sat there in the car beside me as I was driving. There was a school bus coming toward us and she grabbed the steering wheel and tried to steer me into the school bus! All because she was mad at me because I would not give her more money.

So finally I said okay that is it and as difficult as it was with the two kids and everything I just had to tune her out of my life so I just let her go. For a couple years after that when I was married to Artie we had to put a call rejection on the phone and then she would go to phone booths and call. She called like crazy for about six months and then I never heard from her again. That really woke me up to the fact that when you help somebody you have to be really careful who you help. Jesus gave the principle behind helping He said help those that ask for your help. The problem we had with her is that she never asked for help at the beginning. My ex-wife just had the bright idea one day that we could help this gal and she just wanted to do some good in the world. Her sister was not asking for any help but boy she sure asked for it later on but in the beginning she did not ask. The key here is to help those that come to you and ask but even here you have to use common sense of course; because you can’t look on any rule as black and white, there is a time and season for everything that happens under heaven.

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  1. JJ

    “In the beginning was the word and the word was God and without the word there was nothing made that was made.” Now what is the word? Scientists say that the background radiation left over from the Big Bang is actually the left over remnant from explosion and they can pick this up as sound. It is the back round noise of the universe.
    Even the scientists are concluding that the big bang began with a tremendous sound of some kind that exploded and created everything there is in this world of form. So it is interesting how science, religion and metaphysics are all combining at this time.

    Do you think that sound really caused the big bang?

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    “When we make a great effort to progress upon the path a vacuum is created
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    force does not pull us backward it will create an attack when our guard is down
    at our most vulnerable point.”

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